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Zaparatus Son Of The Key Holder
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Zaparatus Son Of The Key Holder
The 365 gods of the Universe has chosen a Zaparatian kid named Bayou.To go to earth and save the planet from annulation. Zeus feels enough is enough, its time to destroy and rebuild, for there is no hope for his creation within Planet Earth. However, the god of Zaparatus Disagree and is willing sacrifice his own for one last shot of hope.
[1,077 words]
Paris Cooks
(non fiction)this is a brief description of chapter 3. between 1-365 are the narrators will mostly appear in a chapter (N254)this is also a representation of a god telling his part of the story( if your interested in chapter 1-2 please respond email [email protected]
[August 2014]
[email protected]
Zaparatus Son Of The Key Holder
Paris Cooks

Nov 8, 2013
         Chapter 3

Narrator-363(after Bayou received the message from this cloud.
the 30 foot cloud ascended into thin air. Suddenly
everything that stood still moved again. And from
the top of the cliff ,3000feet down into the
rivers, at the bottom, where the water falls
A shaped figure appeared bursting out of
the rivers where the waters rested. Running up
the waterfall...60 feet...100 feet...2300feet.
by the time this moving unrecognized image reached
2590feet, it was clear to bayou that this unrecognizable
image was a man like creature on a 3 headed bull like
The creature appeared to be wearing 18 horns,
6 on each head. And the man appeared as black as the
earthly color onyx. His eyes was as dark as space,
but his hair was identical to silver which resemble
tree branches sprouting away from its roots.
And 3 horns on his head sat like bull horns,
and these horns was black as well but they was like
3 feet tall roots that curved to the back of his neck.

And when he spoke his words, it was like breathing hell
fire rolled off his black tongue followed after the
smoke. But when he shut his mouth, he grind his
black teach because he loved the taste. He also
whore a necklace with 2 horns hooked towards the
ground. these horns was half the size of the man's
body, and it appeared to be used as blow horns.
(Finally as this man and his 3 headed creature
reach the top of the cliff. approximately 20 feet
away from where bayou stood. The man and his creature
suddenly disappeared, but within that split second,
before bayou could even begin to think The thought
of what had just happened.

The man reappeared standing, alone, but face to face
with bayou holding a chain as big as those a human would
use to drop an anchor in the ocean. He grip this
chain tight in his left hand, as this chain continuously
tug his arm where it ended nowhere, or a place appearing
invisible to the naked eye. This chain tugged and continue
to tug at this man's arm when suddenly the man yanked
the chain out of anger that followed mass force shouting
(man beast-Comply)pulling the 3headed creature attached to the chain
out of thin air.

And as this creature came forth, contained like a
slave to it's master.It roared a thousand times
louder then the loudest Earthly lion(Creature-RoOOAAARRRRR)immediately
with this man beast remaining hand. He pressed
his palm against bayou's throat, wrapping each finger
around his neck. The man beast voice tone became very low
but you could hear every word as clear as the morning sky.

As he lift bayou offed the ground, Quickly closing
his wind pipe, saying (Man beast- so its you! You
are the one the gods are descending!)smoke followed
behind every lite word!)suddenly his voice begun to
rise like the beast itself as he shouted as loud
as he could (man beast- you ruined everything!)
Fire poured from his mouth as he slammed bayou's
fragile body to the ground.
While the man beast turned his back(pasting around)
from bayou ,he spoke(man beast- now what should I do
with your corpse?) as Bayou lied on the ground in
excruciating pain. HE crawled up in a ball while feeling dazed
gasping for air. Bayou couldn't help but try to
an speak(bayou- who-who-who you are?)the beast man
replied (Beast Man-who you are? oh every thing is
so backwards on Planet Zaparatus.
but even the the thought of me explaining myself to you makes me want to kill you
again and again.(man beast- now what should I do with your

As Bayou lied on the ground in excruciating pain
the beast man replied- in a more relaxed tone
(man beast-O do you mean who am I?)lightly giggling
(man beast- well I am thee other god! I will be Your
Devil)as he kick bayou closer to the cliff chanting
(beast man-fall, fall already)

the man desperately lift the dangling horns around his neck pressing them against his lips
at once and blown a horrifying sound. even Though
it did not appear to make a sound that could be heard
at a distance. Mountains begun to crumble. Voices
begun to cry. Trees begun to die. Food begun to rot. Rivers begun to bleed.
Animals begun to grow ill, and Zaparatians begun to fear.
this man Beast was destroying the planet right before
Bayou's eyes. All with this single tune from these horns.

Though bayou could only see what was happening in front
of him, he still wondered how could this be happening?
Suddenly the cloud that ascended a while ago begun to
slowly re emerge. But before it could fully approach
the man beast spoke(man beast- oh so daddies come to
save his little boy uh? Why do you even care about them?)
in a angry voice as it slowly rose to its highest peak
(YOU MADE ME FIRST!)it was like the man beast and
the gods was having a telepathic conversation.
At that moment, the man beast and his 3 headed creature
vanished only to leave his voice behind.
(Man beast -I will see you in my world)then another
voice appeared only to speak to bayou, saying Go!
At that very moment a powerful force lift bayou to his feet
placing him directly in front of the cliff. And at
that very moment , bayou knew exactly what he had
to do.something never existed on planet zaparatus.
Bayou had to jump to his death.
He begun to feel like a hero, like the battle was already won. Bayou
he also felt at eased and surprised as tears poured
down his cheeks like rain drops. Bayou took a deep
breath, looked down at the deep drop, and leaped off
the cliff.crushing his scull on the grand canyon
like rocks near the earthly like water fall dying
seconds before he actually hit the ground.

It was almost like the gods took his life instantly
only so he could be reborn and complete his transformation
of a hero to save billions of other lives. (Scene4)
Bayou was now on the journey to earth, as a baby floating
threw a bright vortex of spinning dark and high volume
beams of light.
Bayou was aware but defenseless upon the matter.
It appears as the further he goes down this vortex,
the more younger he becomes, and as he grew younger,
the more his memory of who he was and what he was slowly diminished.
Finally his confused facial impressions is born as he lie in a womb of a mother,
restless in a quiet place. When suddenly he's force out into the world,
and greeted by a slap on his rear end, following a voice yelling
Doctor- its a beautiful Baby Boy.


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