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The Hidden Sin V1: Lies & Confession - Prologue
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The Hidden Sin V1: Lies & Confession - Prologue
The Hidden Sin is a supernatural thriller which involves the disappearances of the townsfolk of Greensburg and a troubled high school graduate looking for answers not only to these incidents, but to his own past as well.
[1,108 words]
R J Levesque

R.J. Levesque lives in New Brunswick, Canada. He is a fan of fictional works such as Stephen King, Clive Barker, and Tom Clancy.
[June 2011]
[email protected]
The Hidden Sin 1 - Chapter 4 (Novels) The Hidden Sin V1: Chapter 4 of the Supernatural thriller series [6,475 words] [Thriller]
The Hidden Sin V1 - Chapter 1 (Novels) Chapter 1 of the supernatural thriller series [3,880 words] [Thriller]
The Hidden Sin V1: Chapter 2 (Novels) Chapter 2 of the supernatural thriller series [3,401 words] [Thriller]
The Hidden Sin Volume 1 : Chapter 3 (Novels) Chapter 3 of the supernatural thriller series [3,169 words] [Thriller]
The Hidden Sin V1: Lies & Confession - Prologue
R J Levesque

�I can't believe you!� Carol shouted. �You are actually gonna do that?�

�I'm sorry, Carol.� Karen replied with tears in her eyes. �But I feel that it is the right thing to do.�

�After all these years, I helped you getting to this point in your school life and now your gonna throw it all away because your conscious tells you?�

�I've already written the speech. I will tell everyone the truth and I don't care if I have to redo school all over again.�

Carol looked into Karen's eyes and let out a big sigh. She slowly shook her head and looked away with disappointment. She could not believe that she would be betrayed by her longtime and childhood friend. She had helped her several times throughout her life and when Karen had told her about what was she gonna do at their graduation, she felt like receiving a huge slap in the face.

�I'm sorry, Carol.� Karen repeated under more tears.

Her friend raised a finger. �Don't, Karen. If you're gonna go down, I'm not going down with you. Consider that as my final word.�

Karen said nothing. She already felt the bond that those girls had was severed the minute she told Carol the plan. And it was finally confirmed when little friendship ring that Karen had given her had been taken off and thrown right at her face, bounced off her left cheek.

�And consider that as you and I are no longer friends.� Carol spoke sneeringly. �Now, get out of my house and out of my sight.�

Karen slowly turned toward the front door and slowly opened it. She only stood in the doorway for about a few seconds hoping to get another glance at her former friend, but Carol was too angry and Karen did not want to see that expression again since she already saw it before. And without saying goodbye, nor a sign of departure, Karen had exited Carol's house and into the evening streets.

Karen started walking, heading toward home. But along the way, another one of her friends was already in view by the street lamps that illuminated the darkened roads. The a warm smile on her face glittering the light and that cutesy wave had already given Karen the clue that it was Alice Craig.

�Hey, Karen.� she said as she was able to get closer.

�Hi, Alice.� Karen spoke softly, wiping the tears and tried to hide the crying.

Alice noticed that Karen was upset about something. She didn't asked why nor that she wanted to, but she was happy enough to see her classmate out in the streets at night.

�Did you came from Carol's?� Alice asked.

�Yeah,� Karen replied. �I just told her that I've finished the valedictory speech.�

�That's good. I can't wait to hear it at the graduation. I have a funny feeling that it's gonna be a good one.�

Karen slightly nodded. �Yeah, it will be something to think about.�

�Well, I'm heading to the church to see Pastor Mayne. I'll see you tomorrow. Goodnight, Karen.�

Alice walked away and disappeared into the darkness as Karen continued walking home.

Karen arrived home and spotted her mother and father in the living room watching TV. The mother was busy knitting a blanket for a friend she knew at the nearby supermarket and she was the first person who heard the front door opening and closing. But her father was too interested in watching a stand-up comedy program, he couldn't care less about who walked into the house. His eyes were glued to the screen and had laughed to whatever joke the stand-up comedian threw at him.

�Hey, honey.� her mother said. �How's your time with Carol?�

Karen did not want to talk about it because of the fight her and her former friend had.

�It was fine.� she said as she kept on walking toward the staircase that lead straight to the her room, trying to avoid any further conversations with her mother.

�Is something wrong?� her mother asked as she noticed her daughter's expression was showing that she was upset and had cried recently.

�No, I'm alright.� Karen quickly responded. �I'm going to bed.�

�Okay. Night, dear.�

Karen arrived in her bedroom and closed the door fast. She then sat in front of her desk for a minute and her head had finally landed on her folded arms which were quickly lifted onto the desk and bawled her tears away. She knew this would be hard on her, and to tell her friend, who she had quickly severed their friendship, it was worse. After all the years she had been in school, all the effort she had put in, and she was gonna throw it all away. It was the right thing to do.

Before she was well enough to go directly to bed, she took out her pink-coloured diary and began to write down her newest entry. Even writing it was hard for her, since she recently lost her best friend. But her diary was her only salvation to let her true feelings come alive. Her secrets, her desires and her passion were written across several pages, several dates and several months. But the one she wrote under heavy sadness took her longer than ones that she had written before.

Back downstairs, Karen's mother was a little concerned about her daughter nearly rushing up the stairs and into her bedroom. But since it was already getting late, she thought it would be best to let her be until the next morning. She had put away her knitting needles and was about to get off from her rocking chair until she heard a loud tumbling noise from directly above, where Karen's bedroom was. The sound had nearly made his father jumped and nearly snapped out of the trance he was on from watching the television.

Both of her parents went upstairs to see if their daughter was alright but when they got to her bedroom, she was nowhere to be seen. The chair in which she sat had fallen backwards and right in front of their feet, was a large, black body print that shaped and resembled like their daughter.

The father checked the window outside and the mother checked under the bed, Karen was no where to be found. They went back downstairs and out of the house to see if she had gone out but there was no one there except one person who appeared to be an old man who had fallen off a tall tree standing nearby with its branches reaching out toward the left side of the house.

With their daughter vanished, and with no trace of her in sight and a black print was left in her wake, they had no choice but to call the police.


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