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Oakclaw's Struggle Part 3
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Oakclaw's Struggle Part 3
Oakclaw's fury may have settled, but the bitterness he felt when Rabbitstar, his father, betrayed him, was still there. When he notices that Skyclan, now Iceclan, is still alive, he is angry. He is forced to join and falls in love with a fellow apprentice, Emberpaw. Can their feelings for each other stop Oakclaw's destructive path, or is there no way for Oakclaw to forgive?
[1,032 words]
Fan Fiction
[July 2015]
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Calm Before The Storm (Children) A great battle is on it's way, but does any bear know? The battle of the Forest Thieves is over, and every bear has settled to live temporarily on the Snowy Mountain's slope. But the leader of the For... [649 words] [Animal]
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Oakclaw's Struggle Part 1 (Novels) Oakclaw's fury may have settled, but the bitterness he felt when Rabbitstar, his father, betrayed him, was still there. When he notices that Skyclan, now Iceclan, is still alive, he is angry. He is fo... [938 words] [Fan Fiction]
Oakclaw's Struggle Part 2 (Children) Oakclaw's fury may have settled, but the bitterness he felt when Rabbitstar, his father, betrayed him, was still there. When he notices that Skyclan, now Iceclan, is still alive, he is angry. He is fo... [1,205 words] [Fan Fiction]
Oakclaw's Struggle Part 4 (Novels) Oakclaw's fury may have settled, but the bitterness he felt when Rabbitstar, his father, betrayed him, was still there. When he notices that Skyclan, now Iceclan, is still alive, he is angry. He is fo... [1,351 words] [Fan Fiction]
Open Your Eyes (Warrior Cats) (Children) What if Jayfeather wasn't blind? What if he had a greater destiny than the prophecy? What if the Dark Forest wasn't going to attack? What if Jayfeather and his littermates were Ashfur's and Squirrelfl... [2,085 words] [Fan Fiction]
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Oakclaw's Struggle Part 3

Sparrowtail looked up in shock. Surprise was clear in Cherrytail's eyes and Bramblepaw tipped his head in confusion. "But why? It was you who decided to stay here." He questioned. Sharpclaw nodded in reply. "But now I have decided to leave. Look at Rabbitleap." He angled his ears in the direction of our fallen clanmate. "We cannot stay here. The badgers have stolen our home and the twolegs have poisoned all the prey. We must leave. Now."

Waspwhisker growled in fury. "We must bury my son somewhere else first." He hissed. "I will not leave him to be picked over like crowfood!" Sharpclaw blinked slowly, acknowledging his words. "Very well. Carry him beyond the twolegplace and we will bury him there," With a flick of his tail, he signalled to the pawful of ragged, fatigued cats to follow.

The exhausted cats padded unsteadily towards the twolegplace. Suddenly Sparrowtail lashed his tail, yowling. "I stepped on a thorn!" I rolled my eyes. "Grow up!" Cherrytail teased, resting her tail on his flank. Starpaw, Frecklewish's apprentice, called to Sparrowtail, stifling mrrows of laughter. "Show me the thorn." Sparrowtail obediently hobbled on three legs as Starpaw examined his paw. She licked at the thorn for a few heartbeats before securing it in her jaws and pulling it out. She spat the thorn out and turned around. She picked a marigold leaf and chewed it. Spreading it across Sparrowpelt's bad paw, she wound cobweb tightly around the wound. "Avoid using it." She instructed. They disappeared beyond the twolegplace and into the nearby forest.

Cat scent flooded my scent glands. I recognized the smell of Shrewtooth and Petalnose. My heart skipped a beat as I remembered my true father, Rabbitstar. I ignored the vision of blood. Iceclan scent marks were on a bramble thicket. The group of tired but hopeful cats pelted through the trees. They burst through a bracken and fern tunnel and scented many clanmates, including Leafstar, Patchtail, Echosong, and many more. Shrewtooth turned from building a den of beech, oak, and sycamore twigs. "Sharpclaw!" He raced to the entrance, Leafstar on his heels.

I purred in total bliss as Emberpaw, a fellow apprentice, shot out of a cave and pelted toward me. Her beautiful auburn and russet pelt wove around me. "Are you okay, my love? Are you hurt?" She sniffed warily, nosing through my pelt. I just stared blankly at her, drinking in her warm scent. Then I shook my head. "I had a broken paw." Starpaw spun around in shock. " You didn't mention it during the journey!" She padded closer and sniffed my golden paw. "It healed cleanly. Did you apply comfrey? I need to wrap it with bulrushes and cobweb. I'll be back!" She rushed hastily out of the fern tunnel. I gave licked my chest fur embarrassingly as Emberpaw licked my cheek. I was vaguely aware that my tail had twined with her's. "I love you." I murmured. She didn't reply.

Suddenly, Emberpaw purred. "I love you, too." We casually walked into a den, whiskers brushing, pelts touching, and tails twined. I fell asleep beside her, my breathing slowing down. I felt a dream sweeping through my slumber. Rabbitstar was speaking to me. "I am sorry for the way I treated you. When you were born, your mother, Sunheart, died. I loved her, and that is why I raged against you. You were a scar on my life, until the day I died. I realized you were lost. The reason for your rage was my fault. I am sorry." I gazed at him, the anger in my mind bubbling fiercely. But my heart's fury had settled. "I forgive you." I murmured as the dream slipped away with ease. The next day, I awoke and heard a faint but strong yowl. "Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather beneath the Silver Oak for a clan meeting." I licked Emberpaw's muzzle to wake her. As I brushed the brambles that held up the apprentice den, I noticed a silver tree in the center of the clearing. The tree must be the Silver Oak. I lay down below the safety of the gnarled branches. A heartbeat later Emberpaw joined me. Leafstar sat royally on the lowest branch.

"Today we are gathered for one of the most important ceremonies in the life of a clan. The making of warriors. Bramblepaw, Oakpaw, Finchpaw, Emberpaw, Badgerpaw, Clawpaw, and Adderpaw come forth." She began. My friends and I rose, our trembling paws betraying our excitement. We leapt onto a branching limb from the arm that Leafstar was standing on. "Bramblepaw, Oakpaw, Finchpaw, Emberpaw, Badgerpaw, Clawpaw, and Adderpaw," She addressed formally. "Do you promise to uphold the warrior code and defend you clan, even at the cost of you life?" "I do." We chorused strongly. "Then by the powers of Starclan I give you your warrior names. Bramblepaw, from this moment on you shall be known as Bramblepelt. Starclan honours your speed and courage, and I proclaim you as a full warrior of Iceclan." She stooped down to touch her nose to his forehead.

She repeated this with all of us, and our clan cheered for us. "Bramblepelt! Oakclaw! Finchwing! Emberfur! Badgertail! Claweye! Adderjaw!" They yowled. After the meeting, Sharpclaw called us. He announced that Leafstar wished to see them in her den. What could she possibly want? We padded to her den, murmuring excitedly about our vigil and how we would live from then on. We gasped as we saw a most horrifying scene in front of us.

Leafstar was lying in her den, and as we rushed worriedly forward, she merely glanced up at us. "Starclan has spoken," She wheezed. "It... Is my turn... To join them." With that, she fell limp, her small, wretched body lying dead at our paws. Claweye gasped in shock, Badgertail, Adderjaw, Bramblepelt and I dipped our heads, and Emberfur and Finchwing dragged their shocked brother, Claweye, to the medicine den. Sharpclaw entered moments later. His eyes widened in grief and he collapsed, digging his nose deep into Leafstar's sodden fur, drenched in sweat. I merely stood, shaken, and then collapsed. How could this happen?


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