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Days Of Darkness
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Days Of Darkness
[777 words]
Egwuda Joan U Jewann
[February 2013]
[email protected]
Days Of Darkness
Egwuda Joan U Jewann

 Krystal hated plenty things in her life. But taking her baby brother on walks was a chore she detested. He wasn't a stubborn child neither was he noisy, nosy or annoying. He was the most well behavced 4 year old she had come across. He was always happy, smiling, seeing the world in bright colours not like the black and grey she saw it in.
She held his hand tighter as they crossed a busy street. He tugged on her hand and she looked down. He was smilin at her in total adoration, green eyes sparkling. She wondered how sharp a contrast could be. She had recently stopped looking into mirrors or reflective sufraces because the sight of her dead and blank eyes scared even her. Her face was constantly drained of colour and it seemed the muscles of her face had forgotten how to make a smile and her vocal chords could not comprehend how to make a joyful sound anylonger. For her, the world had ended a long time ago.
"Can we get some balloons please?" He asked all polite
And that was the problem. She hated him for being so happy in the midst of the darkness that was her life. She hated him 4 seeing only the good things in life. But in a perverse way, she found joy in the way his lips tilted to form his adorable four year old smile. She loved the sparkle in his eyes compared to hers, the way he laughed with no holding back. And because of this conflicting emotions, she found herself either wanting to wrap her hands around his neck and squeeze the life out or she wanted to give him all he wanted.
"Offcourse" she said and shuddered at the sound of her voice. It was flat and monotonous and she wondered why Damon did not run screaming.
She stirred him towards a stall that had brightly coloured balloons.
Urgh!!...yellow, yed, bright blue.
The merchant smiled wide as he saw them approaching. She sighed and sighed again
Another happy person. What was worth smiling about in this world? Nothing! Everything that mattered ended up being destroyed and taken away. The world was just a big bad place were the carefree dayz of childhood and the fun craziness of teenage years did not exist any longer.
"Hello ma'am" he reached down and ruffled Damons blond curls " what colour do ya want?"
"Red! Yellow! Blue!" Damon squealed happily obviously confused. "Watcha think Krystie?"
Krystie...she almost burst out crying. That name was one of her three weaknesses. It carried more power than anything.
Bracing up...she looked at the array of balloons billowing in the wind and shook her head.
"Do you have any black ones?"
His smile faded.
"No, ma'am. But we have dark grey"
"Perfect" she said smiling but only managing to smirk
"But I don't like grey. Its not pretty"
"Damon...its perfectly beautiful. It fits the world" she said kneeling beside him
His bottom lips started quivering.
Oh-oh...she thought. Not a good sign. She quickly stood up
"We ll have the red one please"
The merchant smiled wide and untied it from the bunch. Handing over his money, she collected it and gave Damon. He smiled so wide she almost smiled in return.
"Won't you take one ma'am. On the house" the merchant said making her turn back
"Go ahead Krystie. Take one too, so we can both have" Damon said pleadingly
"Alright then. Give me the grey one"
He shook his head and handed it over to her
"Have a nice day miss"
She walked away, not answering. Damon skipped happily beside her.
Just then a strong wind blew and she held him tighter. Tendrils of her thick blonde hair escaped from the tight bun she had wound them into and ticked her face
She lifted her hand and arranged them, realising too late she had let go of the ballon she just brought
Stopping to watch it rise up in the air she held back tears.
What an irony. That was exactly how people left. Never looking back. Not caring if they took your whole world with them. Not caring that they took all your light and left you in the dark to grope your way through out
 the remainder of your life
Damon realising what had happened...squealed thinking it was a game.
" My balloon will catch yours" he said and let go of hiz
And at the sight of that bright red balloon giving chase to the grey one, undulating with the wind. She couldn't hold it anyt longer.
She knelt down in the middle of the street, wrapped her hands around Damon and burst into huge, racking sobs.
The wind blew more fiercly and she hugged him tighter.
She felt his tiny hands come round her and she cried harder.
Life wasn't fair.


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February 2013

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