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The Runaways: Escaping Tyler Chapter One
After the shocking fact that Tyler [Jessica's step brother] is diagnossed with brain cancer, Jessica freaks out. He has months to live but Jessica's step dad cant even pay for half the treatment. Jessica takes mattters into her own hands. She needs Jack to kill her. Years later after conflicts and some thing that not-be-mentioned [at this point] Jack's friend Spencer [with her beautiful blonde hair] betrays a past secret about him to a killer. But it is Spencer's exact plan to get rim of the figure in their lives. It all starts with her daring plan for the two of them [meaning Jack and Spencer] to runaway. They are...indeed...The Runaways...
[660 words]
Jake Gries
His brownish blonde hair only reaches the top of his forhead, his gray and blue, and green eyes change constantly, he lives a normal life of art, writing, and reading, he is.....

to be continued.
[February 2008]
[email protected]
The Runaways: Escaping Tyler Chapter One
Jake Gries

The Runaways: escaping tyler

*The reader should know that Jessica's step brother is dying at this piont from brain cancer. She figures that with her out of the picture, her step Dad would hae enough insurance. That's why she asks Jack for her "little favor"...

Part One: jack's secret

the mistakes we've made, the secrets we've kept and told...they all have to be faced in some way...even in the darkest hours

Chapter One: a horrible secret

Crossfire forest came into a foggy view as Jack pulled over his seat belt. An officer had been in the area and Jack knew he was speeding, it was perhaps obvious.

The rubber of the tires hit puddles of nearby rain continuously falling. Metal of the bumbers glisened in the moonlight. And mist of waters sprayed the cold glass windows.

Jessica's spotless Mustang sat black as ever in the rain with the convertable top down- as always. Rain poured into it even without hesitation.

It was strange to Jack. That he would be killing Jessica as she asked him to do so at the exact place they had met, and on the exact date they met. Jessica, perhaps, planned it this way. So he, Jack, could always remember the horrible secret he would have to keep. Jessica wanted Jack to remember always what a horrible secret it was on the stormy night of April 27th.

Jack stepped out of his navy Civic-with grace- and pulled over a black hood, protecting his chocolate brown hair from the rain. But even it would not hesitate to play in the rain, as flips of the ends of Jack's hair had certain personalities and characters.

Blue eyes-Jack's obviously, no other has had ever so quite blue-stared at Jessica. She did not move. He moved toward her, she did not move.

Jessica's face came into Jack's sight as he pivited to see her. Her flushed face showed runny mascara and washed out Covergirl- not to mention her matted, wet hair, unkept from the rain. She continued to sit there in the freezing rain as Jack stared and watched her every move- if she had one.

Jack stood in a 45 dregree angle of Jessica, his shadow castiong onto her from the Civic's head lights.

His musk filled Jessica's stormy scene, along with his "Jake" colonge from Hollister that Jack always wore. Her body shivered. Not only from the cold, but from Jack and the saddness that packaged with him. She realized...she loved him.

"What am I going to do Jay?" Jack asked. "I don't want to do this, and what if I am caught?"

"Do you remember that tree we met at over there?" Jessica pointed right and Jack looked.

"I remember the day! What about it?"

"There's a tarp on a trash can," she continued. " that I set up before you got here. Also, there is gasoline and matches next to it- don't worry, the matches are water proof. Burn the gun after you shoot, then leave."

"BURN the gun?!"

"It will staralize it, would it not?"

"I 'suposse."

"Well, I SUPOSSE-" Jessica said jumping over the side of the door, "that we get this damn thing over with!"

Jack was handed the gun he was to use for the crime of his life, the metal cold and as black as ebeny. The glacierized metal stung.

Jessica surprised heself as much as she did Jack, but their lips indeed pressed together with thier bodies, creativing a new warmth in the devlish cold. Each time they parted for breath, mist came from their heated mouths. Jessica hugged tighter onto Jack and let go. Jack had started to cry. Not quivering, but he had a serious and still face with tears running down his chissled face by Jessica's actions. He loved her back...

"I'm ready." Jessica said.

Jack held up the gun, Jessica positioned herself, turned and not looking.

As Jack had his finger-tip pull down on the trigger, Jessica turned around, "Wait, I lov-" But she was too late to save Jack from the Horrible Secret.



"Jake did an amazing job and there is nothing to b critical about!" -- Katie .


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February 2008

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