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The Loner (Chapter Two)
Same as Chapter One
[423 words]
Weird Willychuck
a funny boy who is challenged with writing such material as this
[May 2008]
[email protected]
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The Loner (Chapter Two)
Weird Willychuck

Chapter Two

We now turn to James Farhold's school years...

"Jamie, have you washed your face yet? I'll be checking!"


"If you do as i tell you, i will buy us some pizza tonight."

"Uh-huh. Sure."

James' mother peered in ocassionally as James bathed in his bathtub. That was one of the thigs that he could do on his own.

"Good job, James! It looks like we'll be having pizza, after all! I'll give Pizza Pizza a call!"

"Fine, mom. I hear you."

"Remember to get yourself dried off. I will be in the kitchen if you need me!"

"Sure. Thanks!"

James has autism, but he can be dependant on himself in many ways. He has just shown that in a simple conversation with his mother.

Suddenly, James hears a noise. It was a noise coming from the tap, a screeching noise; screeching at such a high frequency that James could not hold it in any longer. He had to do something, and fast!


"What is it, Jamie?"

"The-the-the-the-the ta-ta-ta-tah-ta-tap wa-wa-wa-wa-was- making a FUNNY NOISE!!!!!"

It was at this moment that James' mother realized what all the commotion was. She tried to help him, bu no matter what she did, James just kept on screaming. He was shocked at the moment, and he could not come out of the trance.

Days later, James would recall the same moment, at the time of the occurance of a friend's entrance.

"Hey, James. How's it going?"

"Hey, James. How's it going?"

"Sorry. You have to say, "It's going fine, Josh. How about you?"

"Oops. It's going fine, Josh. How about you?"

"It's going fine, James. What have you been up to? Must have been something fun, I bet."

"Oh, uh, nothing really. You know that horrible sound that comes out of the bathtub tap sometimes?"

"Yeah, I heard that can be pretty loud at times, can't it?"

"You-You're telling me."

"Hey, James, do you wanna hang out sometime? I've got a big house, and it can surely fit you. I'm gonna bring some other people with me. Is that fine with you?"

"I guess, uh, when should we meet?"

"Oh, any time, James. You are always welcome at my house. Maybe i could teach you some social skills while i'm at it!"

"That would be much appreciated. I could benefit very much for that type of thing!"

"Well, see you later, James."

"See you later, Josh!"

Josh turned away, feeling sorry for what life had done to James. He knew that they were beginning to form a friendship, but he also wanted to tell people, people that James didn't know existed. Once again, young James stood in the corner, waiting for Josh to return.


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