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So Much For Summer Love Part 1
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So Much For Summer Love Part 1
This is a story about a girl named Chloe who starts dating a boy named kyle, but then he cheats on her and breaks her heart, but then she finds a different guy...
[1,162 words]
Nicky C Carlson
[July 2007]
[email protected]
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So Much For Summer Love Part 1
Nicky C Carlson

When he first met her, he knew that she was different than most girls, she didn’t seem to follow the crowd and she didn’t get involved in gossipy situations most girls in the 9th grade got involved in. He even remembers the first conversation they had and everything about it, where it was and how he felt. One day in their ninth grade class they were working on an art project, he asked her if she would pass the markers and she said yes. OK, so its not exactly what most people would call a conversation, but considering the fact that he just met her that was a start. Her name was Chloe, Chloe Winters. Everyday she would come to school with her dark red hair perfectly straightened, how he longed to run my fingers through it. She was just so beautiful and he had never met a girl who acted like her. The way he talked about her, it sounded like he knew her very well, as much as he wished that was the case that’s not his story. He knew a lot more about her than she knew about him. He thought of Chloe as a beautiful princess and she thought of him as the boy who sits next to her in Homeroom, if she did even think about him at all. As a matter of fact, if a random stranger were to walk up to her and say,
“What do you think of that Kyle kid?”
She would say, “Kyle who?”
So I think I made my point, Kyle wasn’t invisible or anything, actually in his grade he was friends with all the boys. At school he had that bad boy image, the boy who all the girls want to date even though they know that he would brake their heart one day or another. Chloe just didn’t seem to have any interest in Kyle, she didn’t even know his name for that matter. He was a skate board riding, party crashing, bad boy kind of boy when Chloe was a girl who loved to write stories, loved to read Charles Dickens and she wouldn’t let people tell her who she was. Mainly the reason Kyle wanted to have Chloe as his girlfriend was because all the other girls in his grade wanted to date him and they were easy to get and with the “welcome back” dance coming up in a week Kyle really wanted to ask Chloe, he just didn’t know how yet.
“Class take your seats.” Mrs. Gordon said the next day in Homeroom. Kyle happily took his seat next to Chloe. So many thoughts were running threw his head on what to say to Chloe. He looked at her for a second but then he quickly looked away. Then all of a sudden he just spilled it out and said,
“You…you just…you look really pretty.”
“Um…Thank you, wow, I never thought you’d say that to me, well, I never thought anyone at this school would say that to me.” Chloe said shocked
“well…I’m not like the boys at this school.”
“huh…what’s your name again, is it like Dave or…”
“excuse me what’s rule number one in this class?” Mrs. Gordon interrupted
“Um…No Slacking.” Kyle said looking at the “list of rules” right above Mrs. Gordon’s desk.
“Nice try, young man, the first rule is….well…um…what’s the second rule I mean.”
“Oh, the second rule, that would be don’t talk during class, well, um, actually class hasn’t started yet, class starts at 8:15 everyday, and strangely enough it is 8:14.”
“Getting smart with me are you son.” Mrs. Gordon said as she started to raise her voice.
“Getting smart, being honest…either way you put it, it’s telling the truth.” Kyle smirked.
Chloe was trying really hard not to laugh, it was pretty clear that Kyle was trying really hard to impress her. After that 10 to 15 minute show down between Kyle, a rebellious 9th grader and Mrs. Gordon an experienced educator, everyone knew that Kyle’s come backs were way better than Mrs. Gordons. When Mrs. Gordon finally walked away, Chloe turned to Kyle and said,
“Hey, what was your name again.”
“Kyle, that’s a cool name…unique, I like it, my name is Chloe, not very original, but that doesn’t mean I’m not.”
Chloe really liked Kyle, she thought he was original, fun and a bad boy. Three things Chloe had always wanted in a boy. He was original because he had his own style, he was fun because he loved to talk and he was a bad boy because he always tells off teachers.
As soon as homeroom and first period were over, Chloe went to her locker to put all her books away and she noticed the usual guy who was above her wasn’t their and instead someone new was their…Kyle. Guess playing hard to get wasn’t something he did.
“Hi Chloe”
“Hi?” Chloe said looking confused
“Oh… just in case your wondering Tyler and I switched lockers for the rest of the trimester, pretty sick huh?” Kyle said referring to the boy who used to be above Chloe’s locker
“Cool…so you sit next to me in homeroom, you stare at me all the time, and now you and Tyler switched lockers, is something going on.” Chloe asked playfully.
“No…it’s just, I don’t know, you’re just really cool and…”
“Kyle!!! You have a crush on me huh?”
“What can I say.”
After that the 2nd period bell rang so Kyle and Chloe rushed to their Spanish class. The whole class was overjoyed when they found out that their was going to be a sub! When she walked in she put her coat and purse down and she walked up to the white board and wrote down Mrs. Fulco on the board.
“Good Morning class, I’m going to be your sub today and my name is Mrs. Fulco, I’m going to take roll and when I call your name I want you to say, “Good morning Mrs. Fulco.” As she started going down the list no one said what they were told, I mean after all this was the 9th grade. No one that is except this awful, preppy, suck up, teachers pet, police officer wannabee named Haley, she was a girl with curly brown hair and she wore knee socks and no make-up. When Mrs. Fulco called Kyle’s name he said,
“Good morning…Mrs. Fucko.”
“KYLE, she said looking at the roll clipboard, I’m surprised at you.”
He shrugged
“Why do you think I’m mad at you.”
Kyle thought for a second then he said,
“I might have missed the “L””
The class burst into laughter and Mrs. Fulco said,
“Do you want to sit out side.”
“Well it depends what I sit on, I mean, if I sit on the ground hell no, but if I sit in a message chair, count me in.” Kyle snapped.
“well, I’m sorry but now you have just lost you’re privilege of sitting, now you will stand out side in the hall.”



"This is such a good story! I know right..." -- nicole.
"Ohhh! I liked this story! Can't wait for part 2!" -- Bekah.
"wers part 2?!" -- Michelle, subic, Zambales, Philippines.
"it's nice but wers the 2nd part" -- cath, castillejos, zambales, philippines.


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