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Picture Perfect (1-2)
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Picture Perfect (1-2)
Mother Hilltop left two envelopes before she died. One contained a picture of ten family members. Who were, and still are, in a brother hood to protect a secret, so powerful, they had to hide it from the world. But one had greed control this one's life and wanted the treasuring secret from them self. Each family in the picture of ten has a piece of a document that holds the secret's position. The killer will kill everyone to get the remaining pieces. Can the killer accomplish such a thing? It is up to the Hilltop orphans, Spencer, Cameron, and their new friend Daniel. Can they save a brotherhood protecting an ancient secret?
[1,163 words]
Jacob Gries
Jacob is growing up in Katy, Texas, he is five foot tall, and he has blue eyes with light-brown hair. He began to write in 2007 from an inspiration from his grandmother's novel, Before You Miss Me. He also hopes to continue writing, finishing thousands of stories for the world to read and love.
[July 2007]
[email protected]
Picture Perfect (1-2)
Jacob Gries

 Chapter One: Close Call

After five helpings of homemade waffles, bacon, eggs, and orange juice, the Hilltop children went to their rooms. As they dressed for the day ahead of them, Spencer, being the oldest, banged on her brother’s door. No answer. Another bang struck the door. Still, no answer. She turned around in shock. Her brother, Cameron, had been behind her all along. “Well, were are the twins?” She asked. Spencer saw them at breakfast, but after that, it was as if they had disappeared. She was wrong, for others would disappear soon and tragedy would fall upon them. How sad it is that they didn’t know what lay ahead. “I thought I heard them go down and ask Mom to go to the movies.” Cameron spoke the truth. The twins, Jack and Jesse, were begging their mother to go to the movies. The two went downstairs to listen in. “Fine! Alright! Alright! But first I have to stop by the office.” The twins paraded. Mother worked for a company that imported artifacts from all around the world to museums. But the reason she had to go to the office, was to get a letter, containing a portion of a picture, a secret passed down from generations, and the children’s very futures. As the family loaded into the SUV, Spencer turned to the twins. “Are you two excited about your birthday?” “Can’t Wait!” The twins supported. The twins, were going to be teenagers tomorrow. Spencer was fifteen and Cameron was fourteen. The two, wanted their brothers’ birthday to be as fun as theirs when they were turning thirteen. That said, Cameron began to think about what to get the twins. He thought of buying them ipod nanos and star bucks cards, but instead, he decided to buy them Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It came out the day before their birthday. Minutes passed and the family finally reached the freeway. “What are we going to see at the movies?” Cameron broke out, breaking the silence in the car. He was probably too eager. Jesse even stared at him because he was being a bit twitchy. “ Well, since it’s your birthday tomorrow, you and Jesse can choose.” Mother replied. She really didn’t care, but to sound more nice, she let the twins pick. Driving into the parking lot of Mother Hilltop’s work place, a car veered into the rear bumper. The car shook forward, sending Cameron into the wind shield. “Oh my God! Cameron, are you alright?” Mother Hilltop turned behind her. “You damn jerk!” Cameron lifted his head up. As he sat back in his seat, he reached for the seatbelt and pulled it tight once it was locked into place. After Mother Hilltop checked the others for injuries, she walked into the offices. Once Mrs. Hilltop got to her office she gracefully merged over to her desk, opening the bottom drawer. She pulled out three things; an envelope labeled “First to go”, another envelope labeled “ Pictures” that contained a letter to the Hilltop-soon to be-orphans.

Chapter Two: Going To The Movies

In the car, there waited four happy children, with there desire of the movies. The twins, Jesse and Jack, were quietly choosing the movie they wanted on Spencer's laptop. Spencer and Cameron, were hoping the twins had the right minds to pick a good movie."A Walk With Death!" Spencer thought. Oh, how she loved romance murders."City Damage Two!" Cameron wanted. He liked more movies with, well... movies with things that blow up. But he also, accationally, romance murders. Like, A Walk With Death. Jesse and Jack had another idea. Unlike the other ideas of mass destruction to their house and siblings, they wanted what they wanted. And there was only one movie that could do that. "Blood and Chocolate." The twins thought. That would make everyone happy. Spencer's romance cravings would be satisfied. Cameron's hobby of watching high definition explotons would be done. And the twins would like every minute of every partg of the movie; from figuring out the murder, to enjoying the exploton sound effectrs. All was planned. Once the Hilltop children had soon drifted off into their hopes for the future, Mother Hilltop arrived at the door. There was a knock at the window. It starteled the children so much, Spencer hit the emergency alarm button Mother Hilltop had installed. When Mrs.Hilltop finally got into the car after stoping the ANNOYING alarm, she hid the letters in her jacket pocket. She started to think up a lie, knowing Jesse would ask were the "something" was that she had to get before the movies. "What did you have to get Mom?" Jesse asked. He did it righton time too. Mother Hilltop had the perfect lie. "Oh, paper work...but since i ran ito my boss, i didn't have to bring them home ton fax to him." Hoping the lie was beliveable, Mrs.Hilltop gave her children a smiling glance and then returned her focus infront of her, ready to leave for the movies. "Have the twins picked the movie out yet?" Mrs.Hilltop asked Cameron. "Ask them, they haven't said a word to us, scince you decided they were to pick." cameron replied. That's when all rejoyced. "Mom," Jesse said, nudging Jack to continue. "Yeah, we picked 'Blood and Chocolate', is that ok?" Jack finished. "Sure! Cameron? Spencer? Are you two ok with that movie, because if your not, you can go see the movie you want and..." "No! its ok, we love it, it's accully just like we wanted it." Spencer said, agreeing with the twins' pick. The only sound they heard in the car next was the victory hums of Cameron and Spencer and the rolling sound of the car's wheels on the freeway. Once Mrs. Hilltop drove into the theaters' parking lot, she began to think of the money she would have to spend. "Mom! Can i have some pop-corn?! Mom! Some candy would be nice! Mom! Spencer got a soda, can i get one?!" She thought. But, Mother Hilltop was in for a big surprise. The children didn't say anything. Minutes passed and the previews started rolling. Spencer saw a CUTE guy in the front row. She didn't know who he was. Through out the movie, Mother Hilltop was astonished by her children's behaviors. They didn't asked for one bit of food! After the movie ended, the Hilltops were on there way home. As the car rolled into the nweighbor hood, a car drove right infront of the Hilltops and stopped dead then. They were lucky thre wasn't a crash, the imbesal. Cameron in the back, was praising the Lord for helping him remember his seatbelt. And when he looked at the car that almost rammed them, he could have sworn it was the same one in the parking lot at his Mother's office. Finally, they family returned to the house in which they retired from work and watched television untill dinner. They were having Spegettei.



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July 2007

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