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Maramusame: The Sword Of Darkness (Prologue)
Zeke's village been destroyed by the evil king, Giovanni, all for the sake of one sword. Now he sets out to find Giovanni...
[765 words]
I love writing adventure stories and such. It's fun to let your imagination fly. Please review, comment and rate my first novel! Thanks!
[March 2006]
Maramusame: The Sword Of Darkness (Prologue)



            It was another bloody night, where Giovanni, king of the Etachi people, ordered them to eradicate the last of the surviving ninjas, the people who opposed him for too long. His legions of deadly samurais went out into the four corners of the world, seeking for the hidden villages of the ninjas…


A cry rang out in the depths of the forest, an anguish cry. Thousands and thousands of bodies lay scattered across the forest clearing, all dead, except one. The figure have strange garments, his entire body is wrapped in long strings of bandages, all except for his hands, which have gloves on and half of his face, from the forehead down to the eyes. Besides the bandages, his dark blue shirt comes half way down his body, so it stops at the midriff and his shorts went all the way down to his knee cap. The only other noticeable thing about him is that his right arm has a shoulder pad that reaches to his elbow, a strap that runs from his shoulder and comes down across his body, where it is connected to a sword holder carrying a huge sword. One that is impossible to wield with normal human strength. The width of the sword is twice, maybe thrice the normal width of the sword and extremely heavy to carry.

The figure stood up and roared to the sky, “I will come one day, Giovanni! When that day comes, you will pay for what you did to my village!” Having sworn his oath, he went into the forest, and left his massacred village behind.


            Unbeknownst to the survivor of the massacre, there remains one, who also did not die, yet. “Zeke… don’t go… you are not ready yet…” coughed an old man, “You will need wisdom… guidance… along with your skills in the blade you carry… to defeat Giovanni…” With his dying breathe, he mumbled one final prayer, “Oh dear God, please help Zeke…” He lay back on the ground, never to wake up again…


            The rivers of the forest ran ever so clearly, it cools one’s spirit and refresh the body, Zeke, who journeyed through the forest for a night already, was tired and hungry. He was about to go hunting when he heard faint footsteps coming his way.

            “I’m sure he headed this way.” one bumbled along the forest path clumsily.

            “You blockhead, now what are we going to do?! Giovanni will have our heads if we don’t find him!” yelled another.

            Zeke instantly knew that the voices belong to those responsible for his village’s massacre. He quickly hid in one of the bushes, gripping his sword hilt tightly; he waited until his enemies to appear. Two samurais walked out of the trail and stood where Zeke was moments before.

            The samurais were caught off guard, Zeke, along with his gigantic sword rushed out of the bush and cleaved the first samurai in half. His second opponent drew his katana and made a quick slash at Zeke, but he wasn’t there anymore, Zeke sidestepped and rammed his sword hilt down on the samurai’s sword hand, an audible crack came from the hand, next purple bruises and swelling came from it. The samurai clutch his hand and dropped to the damp mossy forest ground screaming in pain.

            “Where is your master?” asked Zeke in a clam voice.

            The samurai laughed, pain and mockery mingled together.

            “What’s so funny?”

            The samurai pointed at something behind Zeke.

            Zeke turned sideways, keeping a close guard on the samurai and also starred at where the samurai is pointing. There, Giovanni, his enemy, sat on a horse, with legions of his samurais swarming around him. “A ninja eh?” said Giovanni in a gruff voice, “looks like someone didn’t do their job correctly.” A couple of the samurais began to shift around nervously, but most focused their bows on Zeke.

            Wrath boiled inside him, Zeke forgot everything else, blinded with rage, focusing on his only target. He launched himself from the ground and aimed his sword towards the center of Giovanni. Arrows flew, but only few hit Zeke, pain was nothing now, his rage sustain him for his assault. Another blade, in the hand of Giovanni, intercepted Zeke’s when he was about to strike him. Zeke’s eyes went wide, “Maramusame!?”

            A dark aura began to glow around Maramusame, the energy channeling from that sword threw Zeke back a few feet, where he crashed into one of the rivers and knocked unconscious.

            The last thing that Zeke heard is Giovanni’s voice “Search for him…”



"That was a great story! You don't suppose that there will be a sequel coming out any time soon, do you? Good job!" -- GraceS.
"I really liked the description of what he was wearing; it was very vivid. Yeah, definitely write the next chapter!" -- A Reader Passing By.
"This is a really good story, Nathan. You did a good job with action and description! " -- MadelineR .


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