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The Quest For Corel Amir Yaara (Introduction)
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The Quest For Corel Amir Yaara (Introduction)
The Quest for Corel Amir Yaara.
[704 words]
[March 2001]
The Quest For Corel Amir Yaara (Introduction)

The Quest for Corel Amir Yaara Chapter 1: Introduction

Off in the mountains, the elven race lived and spawned deep in the valleys of the evergreen forests. The water of the streams sprinkled a crystal sparkle. There were several tribes that lived amongst the planet always at odds against each other. The world seemed different in the past and now in the present. The race of man lived in the a number of areas of the planet. The kingdom of Udane led by King Darwin and his Queen with their daughter Lucresia was located in the north. To the east another kingdom of the name of Musela led by the young prince Swaje, a warrior general turned to a leader after the king fell. Amongst these two big kingdoms, there were other kingdoms of man that lived upon the planet. Then there were the rangers who lived unified with nature. Independent and lively these rangers lived amongst the trees. They traveled along the lands helping those that needed a hand. The elven tribes consisted of 6, the Kunits Tribe, Tel'go, Elandili, Mith, Simrun, Ithil tribes. Some tribes small like villages and some big and some legendary. The three biggest tribes were the Mith, the Ithil, and the Tel'go. The Shadow Elves were the Mith who lurked in the shadows of the caves and only went out at night. The Moon Elves were the Ithil who worshipped the moon and held its power. They lived near the waters in the highest lands close to the moon. The Drow were Tel'go. They were the high magic, high skilled elves. They were aggressive and skilled. Then last but not least were the Orcs. Orcs were the most aggressive and fiercest of all. They lived in the mountains and the hills in the dark caves. The leading powers though of the world were the Kingdoms of Udane, the Tel�go and Musela were always the three kingdoms everyone looked upon for some order. The many divisions between the elves made them impossible to co-exist except for the time of war against the Orcs their wretched enemy. There were also many other races not yet known to the modern world. These races of creatures were described in stories and legends of adventurers that journeyed to the outside world. One of the most famous adventurer stood by the name of Dwade. Dwade was looked upon as a model of hero-ism. Stories was told of him throughout the land of his bravery and adventurous soul. His most famous tale spoke of how he got his famous sword the Hrade. The Hrade was a jagged edge sword with a dragon-designed hilt. It killed many and many were afraid of it.

The present brings a new time. A time of trade also a time of old age coming together into one. New forts spring up as barbaric raids are on a rise. The year is unknown as usual but many call it the time of the golden star. A golden star has appeared over the world for 75 years and yet no one has any clue why it�s there. The moon elves call it the Elen Malda and tell tales of it bringing good luck to the elves. The kingdoms of men call it the golden star and state it will bring forth a rapid rise of gold in the regions. The Orcs simply call the star a star since they can only see black and white. Whatever the star is, it has not given any clues of what it is. It just stays up in the sky in the night shining a golden shimmer.

The evils of the world still linger though throughout the lands. The kingdom of Megma holds true to the word evil. Killing thousands of innocent lives on their rampage assaults on cities and villages. The tower seems to watch all who ever crosses the kingdom�s path.

Many other kingdoms have evil in them. One of them known as the Ksh Ksa. A clan known for its evil plans and terrorist attacks against the major towns of the planet. An exclusive group of the most skilled fighters who have turned their hearts to evil.



"wow great detail, can't wait for the rest man" -- Bobby Vega, westpoint, vi, uniited states.
"Hey Nelson hun, I think you did a very good job on your story. Sorry about last time i was looking carefully trying 2 find it and it wasnt added in the story mania. I love your story you should become a writer ur story is good an i bet if u published it it would be a famous book some day. I love U hun always an forever *Muah!* remember this, anything you want to do in life it will happen for you because you have a special talent thats hidden, and i've always admired that in your because you are smart, dont listen to what anyone tells you, jus because ur sister thinks shes good in memorizing books or whatever doesnt mean she has the same talents that you have. <3 Everyone is different and you are special to me. I love you :)" -- Rose, Medinah, IL, USA.
"I wish that as the story progresses the "modern world" becomes clearer (maybe with orcs battling right in Times Square)" -- Roy J Lores Maldonado, Ponce, Puerto Rico.


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