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Kylie - Prologue
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Kylie - Prologue
A teenage story.
[1,303 words]
Hanan Al Kindi
Hanan Al Kindi. 16 years old and lives in Oman (Middle East).
[March 2003]
[email protected]
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Kylie - Prologue
Hanan Al Kindi


  Kylie woke up as soon as she heard the bell. Her brown hair, usually neat and stylish, was now flying everywhere. She was wearing a big dull gray t-shirt, along with a pair of crumpled blue jeans. It was no surprise though, because she had been waiting for her dad all night. He had promised he’d be back to help her with her English presentation, but he never turned up. 
  The bell rang again, followed with a couple of loud knocks on the door. Kylie jumped off her messy bed, and grabbed for the door. The house was in a pathetic state, everything was misplaced and there was a funny smell. As Kylie thumped her way down the staircase, she had a funny feeling something was wrong, but she wasn’t really sure what it was. The bell rang again, this time three rings followed with a real heavy knock. 
 “I’m coming!” Kylie screamed, finally laying her left foot on the ground floor. She ran her hand through her hair, and arranged herself before she reached for the door knob. As she opened the door, she heard a woman’s voice whispering outside. Kylie hesitated for a moment, but continued to open the door. 
 “Hello darling” Her father said, with a false smile. She could clearly say he was annoyed by the long time she had taken to open the door. He was wearing his normal work suit but something was different. Oh yeah Kylie thought It’s his hair cut! Yes his hair was shorter than usual and had a glossy appearance. 
 “Honey.. this is Monica” 
  Monica? She thought, as she turned to the other side of the entrance. A young woman dressed in what looked like an expensive fur coat along with a black leather skirt, gave her a full smile. She had black straight hair, which was short but not too short. The short that made her look smart and sophisticated. Her eyes were dark green, the evil green. Her lips were colored in a dark shade of red, and her teeth were as white as.. well as something very white. Like those woman you’d see in advertisements as they opened their mouths in these “big smiles” and showed off their “extra white teeth”. Well, that’s what she was doing – showing off. 
  “Hi Sylvie. Your dad has told me so much about you..” She said in a loud voice, as she fluttered her eyes. 
  “Oh that’s funny… because he’s been calling me Kylie for about all my life” Kylie said, sarcastically. Her father gave her a stern look, but she showed no notice. 
  “Is it? Well forgive me.. I’m not very good at memorizing names!” She said, as she gave Kylie her phony smile. The same teeth appeared again, but this time Kylie found them disgusting. There was a pause for a couple of minutes, then her father finally said something. 
  “How about a cup of coffee?” He asked Monica, in a kind manner. 
  “Certainly, I can always do with a cup of coffee” She said, smiling. 
  “Kylie, where’s Dorian?” Kylies dad asked her, now in a serious tone. 
  “Ah, he’s asleep. Well then, I’ll go up and call him” Kylie said, happy she had found an excuse to leave. She turned around, but to her annoyance her father stopped her from escaping. 
  “Kylie.. wait. I’ll go and call him. You go and make Monica feel at home” He said as he turned and gave Monica a wink. How un-featherlike Kylie thought. Her father entered the house, followed by Monica. Kylie closed the front door and followed them. 
  “Well then, I’m going up” He said “Make yourself at home Monnie” 
  He started up the stairs, leaving Kylie with Monica. He called her Monnie! Kylie thought I hope that’s it, because anything more and I’ll puke. Kylie turned to look at Monica. She was pretending to be looking around the hall, which didn’t have anything except a photograph of Kylies mother, which she soon noticed. She stared at the picture in a weird way. After a whole minute of staring, she turned and gave me a smile. 
  “That’s my mom” Kylie said, feeling kind of silly. She never asked me she thought. 
  “Oh, ok” She said, her smile somewhat fading “So are you going to make me feel home, or am I going to have to do all the work” 
  Kylie felt her heart fall. Had she actually said that? Feeling the sting in her throat, she allowed Monica to follow her to the living room. The living room was the best room in the house, it was the place most visitors praised. Kylies mother had arranged the whole thing years ago – when she was alive. She had died in an accident 2 years ago, and the living room was never changed. It was one of the things that reminded them of her. 
  “I like this room” Monica said, sitting on one of the comfy sofas “Although its plain and simple” 
  Plain and simple? Kylie thought. She felt like yelling “this was designed by my mother and it’s the best” but she held herself back. She slowly walked towards the farthest couch. They stayed in silence, as the clock made a “tick-tock” noise. Tick … tock .. tick .. tock .. ti- 
  “Oh there you are!” Her father said, as he popped his head in the room. Like you didn’t know Kylie thought. Monica smiled immediately. Dorian stepped in the room, wearing his new clothes on. What did he have to do that for? Kylie thought I sure hope dad didn’t tell him to put that on in order to impress this cow. 
  “This is Dorian” Kylies father, Mr. Smith said, as he pushed Dorian ahead. 
  “Hi.. miss..” Dorian said, in a sleepy way. 
  “Call me Monica” she said, her smile still plastered on her face. 
  “Uh-uh.. ok Monica” Dorian said, as he turned and gave Kylie a who-the-hell-is-she? Look. Kylie replied by the don’t-ask-me look. 
  “Well then kids.. I’ve been wanting you to meet Monica for ages” Mr. Smith said, sitting next to her. His arm slowly moved around her shoulders, and stayed there. Kylie swallowed, feeling a little shiver up her spine. 
  “Well, I’ve got some stuff for school to get finished with so I’ll see you…” 
  “No Kylie. This is an announcement I’ve been wanting to make for ages” He said, harshly. God, please have mercy Kylie thought I hope its not what I’m expecting. 
  “What is it dad?” Dorian asked, clearly put on suspense since the whole thing had started.
  “Well Monica and I…” Mr. Smith began. 
  “Erm, dad. Do I have to hear this… ? It’s probably not even important” Kylie said, as she felt her stomach churn around. 
  “Could you just be quiet for a second?!” Mr. Smith said, clearly frustrated by now. 
  “Well, what your father is trying to say is.. that we’re..” Monica said, slowly
  No no no .. this can’t be happening Kylie thought. 
  “We’re getting married kids” Mr. Smith said, loud and clear. Kylie felt the whole world rotate and turn and spin. This can’t be happening .. She thought, on and on. Her head felt heavy and her body was motionless. She could not even doubt what her father had said. He’d said it loud and clear. Kylie turned to look at her brother, he was surprised, but not as much as her. Her father was now closer to Monica, and she looked as happy as a two-year-old with a candy bar. Kylie stood up ready to leave, only to be interrupted by her father, again.
  “And now Kylie.. just before you go.. could you get a sandwich for Monica and me” 
  The only thing she needs is a knuckle sandwich… Kylie thought, as she stormed out of the room. 


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