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Meredith by Striderhunter A vampiress continues her ages-old search, driven by memories of her past. Along the way are mortals t... [4,420 words]
My Artificial Heart by Joshua B Ramirez Dreeve Rytl worships women. He's got the shrine to prove it. A coward and a loser Dreeve ha... [65,368 words]
Adria by Rita Brian A writing in progress.... Adria is an obscure 18 year old from a rural town in Idaho who lives with her n... [12,402 words]
The Hacker by Naomi Reid The story of a boy who saw something he wasn't supposed to see and now the government is after him. ... [6,515 words]
Farscape Black Ghost by Rick Mantilla Black Ghost is based on the FARSCAPE television series that is currently on the SCIFI chan... [14,748 words]
Scars by Kerry L. Schofield A fictional biography of troubled rock band frontman John Jevons, for whom time stopped in 1979. Since t... [5,503 words]
On Daimons by Ian McLachlan Modern life is dull for Thompson. The school, the friends, the pubs and night-clubs, none of these r... [4,501 words]
Arabia by J C Morigawa A story of the rebirth of a civilization in the 21st century and the people who made it happen. [1,950 words]
The Rosselli Cantata by Anthony S Maulucci A southern Italian vows to get revenge for his father's murder, chases the killer to Naple... [3,024 words]
Tradegy Of Crows: Chapter 2 by Scott W. Hazzard Hazzard goes to Hell. 'nuff said. [16,121 words]
Touched By The Hand Of Love by Sosa A boy who starts knowing the beauty of being I love. [1,800 words]
Confronted With Death by B J Bloch A tender story about Beth Stuyvesant, a young school teacher haunted by her past and thre... [2,490 words]
Tragedy Of Crows: Chapter 1 by Scott W. Hazzard A bitter college student falls into celestial turmoil when a lowly angel makes a bo... [17,696 words]
The Fear by David Rama About five school friends who are hounded by older kids, and later a pack of wild dogs. (This is only... [12,614 words]
Keep Your Head Still by Jennifer Marie Hendy You can only be lonely for a certain amount of time. You can only take the abuse for a ce... [1,684 words]
Falls Street by Scott W. Hazzard A young man deals with sexual desire in a small town by turning commercial. [61,211 words]
Loser by David Rama Just a sample from my first (pathetic) attempt at writing. Kelly Myburgh thought about it. She dreamed o... [868 words]
Hans Boche My Story by Peter Perkins Fictionalised account of the wartime exploits of Hans Boche a german soldier in the second ... [35,510 words]
Crime Of The Millennia by Daemon Toles Crime of the Millennia chronicles scientific exploration, providing an insight into the ... [14,766 words]
Cosmic Joke by Charles Cotterman A funny little (Unfinished, as of now) story about life, and death, and life and death again. [9,781 words]
No Shoes Required by Anthony Dean Capotosto Kafka eats a naked lunch. [15,560 words]
For The Love Of Auntie by John G Gorman This is chapter one of "For The Love of Auntie". Bobby Thornton, a month from his thirti... [4,801 words]
Omega by Bradley Stoke Omega. Omega returns the adult reader to the world of childhood imagination: a world populated by the fan... [157,958 words]
Alif by Bradley Stoke Alif is a country quite unlike any you may have visited but a great deal like all of them. It is a land wh... [98,661 words]
Only Seven Remain by Janae D Anthony Completed novel, (only 3 chapter submitted at a time). A child is born under bitter circumst... [5,417 words]
Air Force One, Conclusion by Michael Goulish This is the final installment of the novel. (The download includes the complete novel... [24,271 words]
Planetoids (Incomplete) by Ann Durden This is the beginnings of an epic story about eight kids raised to be perfect CIA agent... [5,192 words]
Logged On Forever (Incomplete) by Ann Durden This is the beginning of an unrealistic story about what the Internet could beco... [1,678 words]
Galaxy (Incomplete) by Ann Durden This is the beginning of a science-fiction story about what wars have become in a some gala... [4,900 words]
Expressives (Incomplete) by Ann Durden This is the short beginning of a story about what Earth, humans and life in general mi... [858 words]
Doubt (Incomplete) by Ann Durden This is the beginning of a science-fiction book about two different ways for people to live ... [2,234 words]
Dead Lucky by Karen Miller Read an extract from what I hope will be my first novel... [1,021 words]
Change Order by Kevin Kenny A divorced engineer suffering from the loss of a son is flung into a strange new existence after k... [7,316 words]
An Island Unto Himself, The Novel by Tony Mossor Novel version of the Screenplay, also on Storymania. An Island Unto Himself ... [52,864 words]
Free Period
Bower House by H E Gurlitt The ghost, Charlie is too likable a character to let her wander in infinity. Ten years later she wi... [1,836 words]
Air Force One, Part Four by Michael Goulish Fourth in a series. [14,872 words]
Death In The Common Room by Hildebrande K Reynolds A shy, naive young American, Danforth Watson, arrives to study law at Oxford Universit... [14,552 words]
The Blood-Rage by L Clayton Bennett Of all the female warriors on Agon, Sulamith was reputed to be the ugliest. It was difficult for... [134,203 words]
Air Force One, Part Three by Michael Goulish Sequel to Air Force One, Part Two. [18,375 words]
The Spare Tenant by H E Gurlitt If you like ghosts, this is for you. Charlotte and her husband, Gilliard emigrate from Paris,... [5,419 words]
Air Force One, Part Two by Michael Goulish Sequel to Air Force One. Also published with Storymania. [14,045 words]
Murder Considered As One Of The Fine Arts by Angel Obregon A novella. The title says it all. I wanted to call it Lesbian Vampire... [22,607 words]
Russian Front by Aidan Steer 'Russian Front' is a wartime thriller, an historical adventure based on carefully researched hist... [59,301 words]
Air Force One, Part One by Michael Goulish "Air Force One" is a science fiction novel that will be issued in four or five parts. ... [13,704 words]
Johnny Reb by Michael Goulish There isn't much of a country left after the Wars. But this is America, right? There are still highw... [28,007 words]
The Retirement Plan by Steven Prowse With an election looming the United States has been rocked by the brutal assassination of t... [12,000 words, first four chapters]
Revolt of the Innocent
Serene Sarah
Five Fingers
Taming Sophie
The Radcliffe File

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Free Period
Six teenagers must deal with some out-of-the-ordinary problems at school.
[2,588 words]
Kathleen Quigley
I'm 15 years old and my interests are Drama, reading,writing, and hanging out with my friends.
[August 2000]
[email protected]
A Story Problem (Short Stories) A story written for Literature class that was almost true, but greatly exaggerated. [1,070 words] [Teenage]

"Oooohh that sucked. Take your caps off." -- Meg.
"Hey, I thought it was cool! :)" -- Emily, Rhode Island.
"That was by far the most odious pile of gay to have ever pried open my eyes and leapt into my brain. When I read the first paragraph, I knew it would suck, but I continued anyway, thinking (hoping) you would at least present something half-way decent in the plot department. What do I get? I get an ooooooold plot ripped straight from Tin Soldiers with characters so flat and lines so contrived and pointless that I wonder if it was written be a braindead teen-ager...and then I read your profile, and I was RIGHT! Every "one-liner" you probably stole from Saved by the Bell! *Shudders* Why?! Why do they leave campus and go to Home Depot?! It's so gay! Why do two terrorists decide, "Derr, terrorism isn't fun anymore...let's help out these kids!"?! It's beyond gay! Why did the principal even bring in the terrorists in the first place?! You never explained it! It's not even gay...it's Vanilla Ice Gay! The original Godzilla scripts deliver better dialogue, my writing in third grade could equal, if not succeed, your description, and the last scene...was by far....the worst scene in the history of literature. Please...for the good of humanity, show this to no one else. Burn it. Scatter the ashes into the Bermuda Triangle. But pretend this was never written and start over." -- Tyrant.
"I respect the opinions of others and accept criticism from other persons, but I ask that if you are going to criticize that you do so constructively and that you pay attention when reading the story. (by the way, my entire class liked the story.)" -- Kathleen Quigley ( the author).
"I didn't finish reading it...it was stupid aftr a few paragraphs. Your story is overall okay, but it doesn't bring out much talent. All of your sentences were literal and to the point. Ever heard of figurative language? It might make your story more intresting and more detailed. I say keep the story but add more connotative language, simile, metaphor, etc...then come back and submit it and see what we have to say." -- christy mack.
"Tyrant- MY GOD, CALM DOWN. WHAT ARE YOU LIKE YOU FREAK???? You make it sound as though the survival of the human race depends on her story??? by the way, what are you? a he or a she? judging from the review you gave her you're more an IT than anything else. A slim-like disgusting IT.The kind that sits in the corner of the classroom with no friends, then goes home looking for people to insult on the web to boost his own fragile confidence (OH, SORRY. I DON'T KNOW YOU'RE AGE, BUT GUESSING FROM YOU'RE REVIEW, I'D SAY YOU'RE ABOUT...TEN???)Get a life you JERK!! Kathleen, although I didn't think you're story was any good, I still think it's great that you're writing at such a young age! on the bright side- you can only get better in time. As long as you have the imagination, and enjoy writing- who gives a damn what that thing (OH SORRY, TYRANT) thinks. KEEP ON WRITING!!!!!" -- ROB, LONDON, UK.
"Tyrant...the next time you feel like insulting someone who has bravely stepped foreward and exerted skills beyond your comprehension (merely imagination and courage) try saying how you feel WITHOUT using the word "gay" as though it's some sort of a put down. You sound as though you might be the writer of ,"Living with Sexual Disfunctions". Be more open and understanding to ALL people, first time writers, homosexuals, whatever. Nice effort Kathleen, keep up your skills and learning new things. Oh, and Tyrant... what exactly is "Vanilla Ice Gay", you abomination to the human race! Cheers! " -- CaraLyn, london, Uk.
"find it interesting" -- ashish.
"What a stupid British fag(Rob, London). What a piece of stupid Euro Trash, "Get a life you JERK!!", what a dipshit. You know what's funny, You make fun of him for going on the internet and making fun of people and yet you do the same thing. You fucking British prick. It's also funny that you seem like the type that sits around Friday night with a porno and some paper towels and yet can make fun of people who have no life. Brush your fucking teeth, take a shower Euro dipshit, (that goes for Caralyn also). You better learn to keep your mouth shut or your going to get beat someday(soon I hope). Go drink some tea arrogant asshole (Caralyn also). Hey Tyrant, that was a little over the top. If you ever write something better than maybe you can say the things you said. That part said, I thought the story was not very good but, I also think that one story will not dictate how you write for the rest of your life, even the best writers could be better. Just because you wrote one bad story does not mean you can do better, and I think you will, for you are pretty young and will have the time to improve. It's also very brave of you to post your story for everyone to read (and make fun of in Tyrant's case,(What exactly is Vanilla Ice Gay anyway?)). Keep Writing. " -- USC sucks, Pittsburgh, PA, The United States of America.
"Damn! That really stank! It soundz similar to another dumb story about high school wizards being held hostage by their principal who was really an evil magician who took their power one by one, until some crazy kid ruined the whole story by killin him! Same dumb plot! Originalty, plz! (in a whining voice)" -- Sarah.
"Well I want to be as fair as possible and objective, considering you age, although I am two years your junior. (If you would also like to criticize me I have other works published under that name) but, um why was the story idea like that. It could do with some revising. The realism is not there, although I'm sure you must have had fun with the story idea, the little statistics like what you got didn't make sense, and what happened in the gang up on mcinery or whatever the principal's name was, it kind of defeated the purpose for going to home depot. And i kinda didn't understand why Justin fell in love with you, He wasn't particularly focused on before why now? Dialogue could use some work and er...um...you could improve your work if you probably mapped out a basic skeleton of a plot. And some things didn't make sense. But you still have time to get better and that's what counts. Also teh effort. So good luck in the future. Smile!" -- Julissa Gayle Raven, Benbrook, TX, USA.


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August 2000

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