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Expressives (Incomplete)
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Expressives (Incomplete)
This is the short beginning of a story about what Earth, humans and life in general might actually be. It's pretty wierd and crazy... doesn't really make sense because it's not near done.
[858 words]
Ann Durden
[November 2000]
[email protected]
Doubt (Incomplete) (Novels) This is the beginning of a science-fiction book about two different ways for people to live their lives. It takes place on another planet, apart from anything Earth related and is an unconventional l... [2,234 words] [Science Fiction]
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Planetoids (Incomplete) (Novels) This is the beginnings of an epic story about eight kids raised to be perfect CIA agents of the future. It's mostly about their relationships and the psychology of the team. It's set in Earth's futu... [5,192 words] [Psychology]
Expressives (Incomplete)
Ann Durden

The lifeforce calling its self Darryl reached out for Timmis across a thousand
galaxies; an infinite distance, but at the same time, they were close enough to whisper in
each other’s ears. The lifeforces existed everywhere and nowhere at the same time.
Location only mattered to the extent that they allowed it to. Time was also everchanging
but at somtime, somewhere, amid the turbulent nothingness, Darryl asked Timmis for help.
Timmis exerted his power over Darryl’s dwindling lifeforce and pulled them both
down towards Earth. They fell slowly, and as they went, the two beings became “real” in
the sense that we know it. Their thoughts clumped together instead of floating omniscently
across the void of everything. Their bodies formed; assuming coordinates in both location
and time. From every direction the rules of Earth pressed down on them, molding and
squeezing them into existence.
Darryl felt his feet touch the ground and his body tingled with the thrill of
sensation. The rules of Earth pushed harder and forced an image infront of his eyes. He
was standing in a hall. It smelled sweetly of vacuuming and carpet cleaner. Timmis was
beside him, dressed in the usual black suit. Darryl wore the same outfit. The lifeforces
had allowed Earth to cloth them the way it saw fit and apparently Earth took it for granted
that mysterious visitors should dress in black.
Timmis glanced at Darryl and then opened the door infront of them. The two
stepped into a bedroom decorated in cheerful pastels. A rectangle of light, coming through
the open window, fell across the bedspread and illuminated the flowered pattern. The rules
of Earth made Darryl feel out of place wearing his black trenchcoat in such a flourscent,
feminine room. Bad sign... He was weak enough that Earth was changing the essence of
his lifeforce and forcing emotions onto him. Darryl would go below zero soon if Timmis
didn’t have something spectacular in store.
There was a girl sitting at the desk in the corner of the sunny room. Her head
turned quickly as she heard them enter and her eyes focused on the intruders with shock at
“Hello Gena,” Timmis said formally. Darryl looked to examine Timmis’ Earth
appearance. He had blonde hair in tight ringlets against his head and attractively sharp
facial expressions. Darryl then saw himself in the mirror above the girl’s desk. His suit
hung crisply against his body and his hair was a sun bleached brown. Earth almost always
gave the lifeforces a healthy and attractive physical appearance when they came to visit.
Gena’s eyes ran over Timmis in recognition and her expression switched to one of
anger. She waited and said nothing.
Darryl was holding his lifeforce together with difficulty. The walls around his mind
seemed to be missing. All his thoughts were bouncing around and as the walls dissipated,
the thoughts seemed to ricketshay away. As zero came closer, it became less likely that
Darryl would ever recover.
Darryl was weak to the point that Timmis had no difficulty exerting his power over
him and making him move towards the girl. Darryl was slipping away. He was at the
mercy of The Reality. He couldn’t control his own actions or existence.
Timmis began the draining process but it was harder than usual. Gena was glaring
stubbornly into his eyes and resisting the exchange. Without Darryl to tip the scales in their
favor, Gena was almost as strong as them. Fortunately, the girl was completely imprisoned
by Earth’s rules whereas Timmis was only slightly influenced by them. She didn’t know
that resisting the things her mysterious visitors did to her was an option, therefore she
couldn’t stop them. Gradually, her lifeforce drained into Darryl.
Once Timmis could convince Gena she was being drained, she did all the work.
She believed her lifeforce was going into Darryl, therefore it was.
Darryl pushed away the pressure of Earth’s lifeforce and the other lifeforces of
Reality. His essence solidified. He was Darryl rather than a helpless pawn of other forces.
His lifeforce level skyrocketed away from zero and he was strong enough to keep hold of
his own being.
Darryl looked at Timmis and nodded. They turned around simotanously and
walked out of the room, leaving Gena still seated at her desk.
She remembered almost nothing of the last few minutes. She only knew something
strange had happened and now an illogical sadness crept into her heart.
Her face distorted with pain as tears seeped out of her eyes and sobs heaved out of
her lips. She was nothing and no one. Every random thought changed her being like
waves flowing over a sandcastle.
She hated herself. She loved herself. She hated herself for being so conceited as
to love herself. Her thoughts chased themselves around in circles with no point or
destinaiton because the influence of Earth was leading them astray with a thousand
different ideas from a thousand different people.
She cried, long and hard, for everything and nothing.
The mirror could save her. She watched the pain in her shimmering auburn eyes
and the puffy red sorrow in her cheeks. She pushed her golden blond hair out of her face
and released a sob. The mirror could help her remember who she was in both appearance
and personality. It could help her rebuild the lifeforce that Darryl had stolen.



"Very...imaginative!? A good start. " -- Christy Mack.


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