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Syndicated World-Exclusive Interview: Mario-Max Prince Schaumburg-Lippe - Never Stop Moving
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Syndicated World-Exclusive Interview: Mario-Max Prince Schaumburg-Lippe - Never Stop Moving
To really get to know Mario-Max Prince Schaumburg-Lippe, you have to hear his tales from travel, luck and life. Like about his support for New Orleans, the winning of a Microwave oven or the life with his parents - his father is the cousin of the Danish Queen Margareth II.
[1,120 words]
Mario-Max Prince Schaumburg-Lippe

Dr. Mario-Max Prince Schaumburg-Lippe was interviews by Syndicated wired news and is the son of His Highness Prince Waldemar zu Schaumburg-Lippe, the son of Danish Queen Margarethe II.
[May 2009]
Syndicated World-Exclusive Interview: Mario-Max Prince Schaumburg-Lippe - Never Stop Moving
Mario-Max Prince Schaumburg-Lippe

It is 8 am on a cloudy saturday. A SUV arrives in a remote park cafe next to the walking trails of the Berlin Grunewald Park. On the black glossy driver�s door is written NSM, that stands for Never Stop Moving. Mario-Max Prince Schaumburg-Lippe sits next to the driver�s seat, wearing a blue Ralph Lauren styled shirt and chewing a ginger-cinnamon cookie. He wears a dark casual suit, white shirt and a silver-and-black House of Ska designer tie from Florida. He seems to love the nature, even if he has glamorous setups, like the family residences in germany or austria or the friends superyacht in the mediterrenean sea cruising from the posh village of Saint Tropez to the Principality of Monaco. With his family visiting back in Copenhagen, his father Waldemar is the cousin of Danish Queen Margarethe II. and son of Princess Feodora of Denmark himself, he is riding solo with a friend this trip. "I simply love Berlin. I plan to be there as much as any possible. You get started on planning Berlin stays, then you get busy, and then you say, oh no, I was gonna do that back in January." Therefore he goes to Berlin sponteanously, even if it is just for a weekend.

In Berlin he spents most of his time with work. And work reflects his personality. "I am always busy, but I also try to only work with people I am also friends with. Most of your day you spend with work, so why having a horrid time? This would not make any sense, does it? Find out which people you like and then work in that field!". Every other minute, he is entering little notes into his webbook. "When ideas pop-up I write them down immediately, and realize them whenever I find time to do so!". Some times rest and get picked after years, some are being realized the same evening.

In addition to his legal work as media law expert, he has several other things going on, acting, hosting, singing and dancing. And not to forget his plans of starting a new superclub once, as he is a trained chef and hotelier but has not had the chance to use his skills in an own restaurant-club yet. "Everything is a lot of planning up-front, but I only want to do things good, meaning successful and therefore they need time, some time (laughs), no honestly lots of time, too much time!". And he confesses that he is not a patient character at all.

On patience, only the ones can call, who want Schaumburg-Lippe�s help for charity. Meaning supporting others. When Katrina happened in New Orleans, he was one of the first to head there to help: "I felt so responsible, after having been given all the good times by the musicians of New Orleans and listening to their music all my life, I just could not say that I didn�t care a lot. I flew there to help." And back in europe he even organized that an instrument dealer called Key-Wi Music of Salzburg donated an electric guitar. "I would ask everyone, any time for a favor - not for me but for helping others, I am like their amplifier because i am heard and listened to." That is what he thinks of spare time. "Spare time is charity time, its time for others, you don�t need to chill, damn, nothing makes you more comfortable then helping others!".

He seems to be happy with his life these day. Happy and in balance. "Everyday is a good day but sometimes crazy things happen to me. For example did I win a luxury microwave oven. So I had to find out who could need such a fancy-schmanzy tool for their kitchen. And the fun thing was it ended up at my mother as we never had a microwave oven ourselves, I started to realize. Not that she really used it a lot (laughs)."

Schaumburg-Lippe�s mother Antonia is married with His Highness Prince Waldemar zu Schaumburg-Lippe-Nachod. His lineage is more then one thousand years no single non royal- or princely-ranked ancestor. Born in the Klein-Glienicke Palace in Berlin, his fathers appearance is truly regal: "My Papili is such an elegant and graceful man, he is always proper, so perfectly mannered and kind, he is treating my mum wonderful and is the perfect family father. Someone I truly look up to." With his mom the relation is a very special too: "My mother is just the most caring, supporting and also energy driven woman ever. She acchieves everything she wants and has the strong will of my grandmother and greatgrandmother, both over-the-tops successful industrial-businesswomen". And the drive has to continue as there is always a good idea from mum. "We always laugh about the unwanted advice. I get that all the time and refuse listening but after two minutes realize, woow what a real splendid idea!".

The day in such kind of a family is packed usually. "Normally we have a lot of work, travel, charity obligations and then I keep up with my stuff." His stuff is singing, hosting and dancing. "I was trained by Luigi for years and years, he is the one who put Liza Minnelli back on the table, she intrudoced me to him by the way, and he worked with Madonna, Frank Sinatra, Ben Vareen, John Travolta and many more, just to name a few." Luigi is the inventor of the "Never Stop Moving" philosophy. "When you stand still you lost", Schaumburg-Lippe states, "cause its a loss of time and skills!" He devoleped his shirtless exercise style recently. "As years go by, I realized I can either go the chubby business man style, being well dressed over a fat body, or go for the Matthew McConaughey shirtless excercise style and look like a triathlon guy and still buy nice cloth. Honestly, that was not a hard decision!". Now an extense training session is part of his daily routine. "Now matter where I am or what I do, I will never go to bed before I excercise, sing and train a bit".

"Happy", Schaumburg-Lippe says, "to be in great places with great people". And his advice for a happy and energetic life: "Do what you want to do and try to find a way to make a business out of it and trust the ones who know better. If you work with professionals you always can learn. People who are oversmart don�t know anything. I am most greatful for any advice, listen and follow if it feels right to me."

After the netbook is used for another quick note, he switches it to the sleep-mode and is off to another appointment.


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