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Today Is Not A Good Day
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Today Is Not A Good Day
A letter to friend recounting the drama of a routine day gone bad.
[1,376 words]
Sarin is a Programmer by profession and an Adventurer on weekends. He is into Adventure sports like rock climbing, trekking and the like. Quiet, unassuming, observant, yet sharply intelligent, he writes rarely. His writing reflects his keen sense of humour and his enjoyment of life.
[March 2004]
[email protected]
Today Is Not A Good Day

Let me tell you about the day I had today (Thursday)...
It started out like any other day. Left for work at around 9:45 (Late as usual! So what's new?).
Managed to get half a seat1 in the rickshaw. We're chugging along quite nicely, managing to hit every ditch and pothole in the way, when suddenly one of the tyres explode.
I think the bugger did it deliberately, leaving us 4 hapless passengers stranded in the middle of nowhere. Today is not a good day!
I carefully weigh the options - walk up to the nearest bus stop and wait for the bus (which I should have probably done in the first place), or fix up a ride with my other companions in misery.
I immidiately hop into another richshaw and zip of to the station, leaving the others to fend for themselves.
"I should make it by around 10:45", I said to myself. It is a good thing that my bosses are not too demanding when it comes to punctuality.
They've grown to accept certain facts in life - the Sun always rises in the East, sets in the West, and Sarin usually shows sometime between 10 and 11!
I'm at the railway station. All I have to do is board the first train that comes along (piece of cake - all you have to do is stand in the right place, and they actually carry you into the train.)
and within half an hour, I'll be at the office.
The moment I set foot in the train, I realized that it was unusually crowded. Today is not a good day!
My deliberation of the morning rickshaw ride, along with whatever little life I had left in me, was promptly squeezed out.
When I reached Vile Parle, I felt like I had been given a new lease of life. They say cats have nine lives, if this keeps up, I'll need a lot more to get by.
I boot up my machine. Messenger signs in, Glancy3 is online.
Yesterday, she called me a dreamer in conversation.
That really surprised me, since I had never mentioned anything to her about it, and more so because it was true. I was dying to know how she knew.
However, the discussion ended abruptly as she had to go for a show.
She had invited me for it, though reluctantly.
She said she would be nervous if I was there.
I ask her about last night's show. She seemed mighty thrilled about it. Couldn't stop beaming! So I told her I was there for the show - You see, she's never seen me before.
There was no way she could tell.
Now that wiped the smiles off her face instantly, leaving disbelief and shock in it's place! I, on the other side was doubling up with laughter.
I kept up the facade for a short while and then put her out of her misery. I had other questions to ask - How on earth did she know ??...
But girls will be girls and she starts talking about the mail that I sent her that morning. Sigh! She complains that I never write anything.
My gameplan was simple - read her mail, take it apart and send it back. She caught on pretty quick.
So I magnanimously offered to send her another mail. I'm all set to pop my question, but she's not through yet.
She imposes a wierd condition that irrespective of when I finish writing my mail, I should only send it after I receive hers and read her mail only after I had sent mine !!?
"By Mercury, these Romans are crazy!".
I try to make some sense out of it and quickly give up. She suggests it would be better if she clarified on the phone.
I agree. BIG MISTAKE !!! My conversational skills are legendary.
Today is not a good day!
Moments later, the phone conversation is over. We're chatting again, but I sense extreme bitterness. Something, somewhere has gone horribly wrong and somehow I'm to blame for it.
Minutes ago, she was happy and cheerful, now she's as friendly as a tigress protecting her cubs. I feel really rotten. I don't know what to do, or say.
Warily, I type in a few words hoping to lighten the sombre atmoshpere.
Then she did the Periya Toopaki2 on me.
"Did you just say what I think you said?" ...I had no clue what she was talking about, and what she thought I was talking about.
I hardly had a clue what I was talking about!
I wisely decide not to contest and throw in a blanket denial.
My mind was as steady as a kayak in Class IV rapids. Today is not good day!
Now, even my component refuses to work. The fact that I'm still trying to make head or tail out of the earlier episode doesn't make it any easier.
The button failed to raise a postback event on the server.
All documentation on the topic that I find is incomplete.
I find varied descriptions on the Internet to achieve what I wanted. None of them worked. ....what? Oh, you're not interested in the details.
OK, So after struggling for a couple of hours, I assume that a game would do me good.
Not to be. The guys are killing me like I was an amateur. I end up with miserable scores. Today is not a good day!
Late in the evening, I manage to get the component working - only silver lining amongst the dark clouds. ...I know you're least interested, but remember:
Rendered controls in ASP.Net will only generate postback events on the server if you use the Page.
RegisterForPostback method. Once I got the component working, I pack up and head for home. Only to find that there is no electricity supply.
I look out of the window to see that all but a few nieghbouring buildings have electricity.
Today is definitely not a good day!
P.S. She called up late tonight. We had a loooong conversation about a lot of things. Guess she's not mad anymore. She's really sweet you know, it's just that... never mind.
P.P.S : You and the dictionary both differ in your explanations of romance. I like the dictionary one better.
1Where I stay, You can share a rickshaw from the bus-stop to the railway station with three other passengers, each contributing Rs. 4 for the ride.
Now, 3 lucky passengers get the comfortable backseat while an unfortunate fourth has to sit with the driver in front (hence, half a seat).
Most people are reluctant to sit in front - don't blame them. It's not the most comfortable ride you can ever experience.
And the rickshaw drivers refuse to set off until all 4 seats are filled.
So whenever I arrive at the bus-stop, there is usually a rickshaw with 3 passengers waiting for a sucker to fill up the fourth seat. I readily oblige.
2Periya Toopaki (pronounced pe-ree-yuh too-paa-kie): Friendly name for the Redeemer - a super weapon in Unreal Tournament (that killing game we play at the office).
Effective mode of use is to sneak up on an opponent and discharge the Redeemer from a safe location.
The Redeemer lets out a devastating blast of energy that instantly vapourizes any opponents within 30 meters of it's blast radius,
however leaving structures like pillars and walls undamaged.
Hence, catching a person unawares and discharging an imaginary Redeemer on him would be "doing the Periya Toopaki" on him.
3I helped her out with an Access database once and since then we've been chatting each other up. For some reason, she believes that I'm a brilliant genius.
Hah! That's a laugh. She's interested in me. Now, now, don't you be getting wrong ideas! She's interested in people and animals... No, she doesn't think I'm an interesting animal.
I clarified that long ago. The point is, she's trying to sort me out: understand how I function, what makes me tick, etc. She also believes that I'm doing the same with her.
She has a very sweet voice and she sings at shows and that kind of stuff. Is that cool, or what !?




"This was a lovely letter. very very amusing and great fun to read. the author has a fast/gripping style and also seems to be in love! Great work. Do post some more of your efforts. " -- jane, Indiana.
"Casually written and funny yet with a serious edge. Makes the reader want to know more about the author and the special person mentioned therein. Wonder about this cyber relationship. You should continue writing....ciao " -- Suz, Sharjah, UAE.
"If this is a true life story then I think Sarin you must meet this girl Glancy and work things out probably that would make your day..trust me it will!! :)" -- Jits.
"super. can u please post ur other letters. what happens next?? This makes a great love story." -- Caitlin, Provence.


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