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No Title Just Bs
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No Title Just Bs
A line of BS that is sure to confuse. There is about 1000 pages of this random crap. Should I let more out or stop right there.
[1,204 words]
Sheridan Pickett
Just a guy confused by life and stuggling to find himself in a world that never changes.
[January 2008]
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No Title Just Bs
Sheridan Pickett

Someone once told me that, “Dreams are what inspire great minds”. If that’s the case, I’m screwed. You see, I am something of an oddity, I don’t sleep (Insomniac), and I find it to much work, to really think about things (Lazy).
If I could find a word for it, I think I would label it Lazomniac.
Definition: Lazomniac- N. an individual to lazy to think sleep or dream.
 I never used to be this way. I had the world at my finger tips and success was a stones throw away. Problem is I could never quite find the right stone to throw. Always finding a glitch as to why something couldn’t be done and excuses would pour down like piss in an outhouse. (Procrastinator) Ah yes, a new word is born. Prolazomniac!

Definition: Prolazomniac- N. stemming from the word Lazomniac, an individual who tells themselves they are to lazy to think sleep or dream.

Now I know what you’re thinking he’s really contradicting himself by the fact it takes thinking to make excuses to get out of doing shit. Well, you are in fact entitled to your own opinion but this is my story so shut the hell up.

Do you here the excitement of me wanting to gain your opinion? Probably not, so we’ll just continue on then.
You will soon find out that my views on things are about the same as being ninety-nine cents away from becoming a dollar. We’re talking reality here folks. I’m probably far from it.

“Being Good at What You Do”

You have probably heard someone say something on the lines of, “He’s so passionate at what he does” or my personal favorite “He’s the best at what he does!”
Ok. And I say that with a giggle. The reason for my sarcasm, he’s only the best at what he does because he probably isn’t good at anything else.
I’m probably pissing in the hands that created me but if God intended us to be good at everything then what separates us as individuals. What I mean is, we all can’t be the best at everything we can only admire those who do things we can’t.
Take for instance a homeless man. I know you’ve seen him. He’s the one that plays the guitar in the park. Everyone talks of this man as if no one else in the world plays guitar. Everyone admires this man as he strums the strings into an orchestrated masterpiece. He brings laughter sometimes tears, and applause from the passerby’s are not uncommon. As he is playing his tune he sings of a time when he was married, had a good job and of a time when he stood among some of the most important men of his era.
What the hell? If there were a record player in the room it defiantly made a scratching jump from beginning to end. I mean if this guy was good at all these things then why the hell is he sitting in the park just getting by on the pocket change of others handed to him from a toss into a guitar case as if to say, “gee bud sorry about your luck”.
Now I’ll give this man credit at being the best guitar player there ever was and may be a good story teller. But he was never a great husband (wife left him for losing a good job as a politician.
 My point being, he never did much with the things he had and some would even say he failed to become great but he did find one thing and they give this a term. No it’s not one of my made up words. They call this a niche. Some find there niche right away and I have talked with people well into the larger part of their years who say they are still looking for theirs. So if you want to be the best at something find your niche be passionate about it and fail at everything else.
Now on to the next phase of my misuse of story telling and inappropriate use of terms you’re sure to be confused by.

P.S. I would have used something like, on to the next line of toilet paper break through (that’s shit for those of you who didn’t catch it) to end this chapter but I wanted to sound all growed up. Ah forget it just read the next chapter.


First off I would ask that you please forgive me for what I have said previous to this chapter and any future things your going to read that may confuse or offend you.

Disclaimer: I do not take any responsibility for your dumb ass believing any thing I have said or am about to say. Please feel free at anytime to contact your nearest living relative and have them commence slapping the hell out of you for getting this far into my book.

Great! Now we can move on.


Have you ever done something or said something to someone that needed a touch of the old “swallow your pride say that your sorry hope they forget one, two, three.”
If it’s forgiveness you’re looking for forget about it. Saying your sorry gets you about as far as a cockroach on a corn flake (that’s not very far there Genius) and forgiveness, that’s just a made up word to make you feel better about your dumb ass mistake.
Story time! This is the part I love because most of this is based on the stupid shit I’ve done in my life. And here we go.

Picture a guy not so laid back with some very colorful perennial verbiage.

Definition of term: Colorful Perennial Verbiage a constant and excess use of foul language that has little or no value to the meaning.

Bad: What the blank were you thinking?
Good: What were you thinking?

Anyways, this guy is upset at not having some time away to hang with some buddies from back in high school. Words are flying like mail in a wind storm. Suddenly the C word drops like a bomb on Hiroshima. It’s quiet. Some may say that words are just words but this word is not a word it’s a knife. Ok, so the nights coming to a close and still there’s not a sound no argument and no fighting, everything is just quiet. The next couple of days this guy pleads and pleads saying sorry buying flowers doing everything he can to take back those four little letters. Eventually the make-up begins and he thinks that all is forgiven. Not the case for this guy, every argument every sniffle of confrontation he is reminded of the day the C word fell.
     I use this story to back up my words that forgiveness does not exist. Every mistake we make or word we use, it affects someone else no matter how insignificant we think it may be. We as humans are unique in the fact that emotion is what drives us and we have the ability to use the mistakes of others to gain leverage in an argument or future need. But then again what the hell do I know? I am an uneducated social retard with the learning comprehension of a cat on crack.



"Your last two sentences pretty much say it all. You're a bit short on writing talent but your self-perception is honest and this is good because it may lead you to pursue a different "niche" in life. " -- Lester.
"Funny thing is I know it's crap but you read the entire thing. Thanks for the input though" -- sheridan.
"Came across this while going over some of the late Lester's reviews. (I really loved to read his reviews) This piece has some potential if it were cleaned up a bit. You know most of the contributors to this site have deficiencies in grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Among the most common, as in this piece of yours, is the failure to use TOO (meaning also) when required, instead of TO. Believe it or not, this can make a big difference. Then there are careless mistakes like HERE when you mean HEAR; Or YOUR when you want to say YOU'RE (YOU ARE) or vice-versa; or THERE instead of THEIR (same thing again); also, failure to show possession like simply omitting the apostrophe and just plain poor diction (choice of words). The fact is, you don't have to be an English major to overcome these mistakes because most of them stem from just plain carelessness and failure to edit you own work. If you want a challenge, try re-writing this piece, keeping in mind primarily, the grammatical and punctuation mistakes. Don't change your theme or content in any other way. Then re-post your work. You will begin to enjoy writing more. P.S. But don't quit your day job. " -- Richard.


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