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Alone With Others
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Alone With Others
A story about one lady's life which makes others feel sorry...
[603 words]
Elena Kravtsova
A university teacher finds her real satisfaction in associating with different people calling them TRUE PEOPLE,and wants them being known by means of her stories...
[January 2008]
[email protected]
Dedicated To The Best Teacher In My Life (Essays) This is an ode to a university teacher who influenced the author's personality and taught to value not the subject he is still teaching but the country he ios teaching in... [326 words] [Movies]
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True Stories About True People Story 3--'the Power Of Love.Mother's.' (Essays) We love our mothers and sometimes are shy to tell them about our feeling.They don't expect this,they just fo their job-the most difficult job in the world-to be mom.Here is an ode to my mom who did th... [702 words] [Self-Help]
Alone With Others
Elena Kravtsova

We are always interested in the life of others.Perhaps,it is the only reason we watch endless soap operas and read biographies.We like sneaking and staring at the others' lives.Somebody might argue and say it is wrong.But if you analyse TV news,for instance,you will understand I have some right points.News from hot countriesof the world-with wars,tears and hunger,presidents' randevours with pretty and silly girls,movie stars' affairs...Everything we see there attracts us more than the grass in our own gardens...The woman I am going to tell about is not so interesting for the media,but you might find your own being in her person.The reason is that she is lone in her life/And she knows that all the rest will never be interested in her much more than in her lonely existance in this life.She is poor.Poor and lonely.She achieved many things in her life-studied at university,got married,had children and a successful career.The problem i that everything she had many years ago she lost very fast.Her husband drank much so that she had to break up with him.She worked very hard in order to provide her sons with everything neccessary.Her sons grew up very fast ,had their own families and left their mom's nest.The sooner they left the house,the faster they forgot their mother- the dearest person the the life of any kid.But they never thought about it-they were successful with their jobs and families....Only she was alone.Always alone with her thoughts.Alone among lots of other people around.She was pretty and had to quit her job.The money she got after being fired was not enough to pay bills.Her children never helped her.Instead,they took a house from her and sent their mom to distant relatives...Now she is left in the street.With no money,with no friends and the dearest people in the world-her sons.She is alone among all...For many decades mankind has been asking the question what happiness is.The answers are more than different-somebody says it is happiness having shoes mended,the other says it is happiness being loved-no matter you don't love the person who loves you.A blind girl can see lots of things which a congressman cannot see with all his official ceremonies and endless acceptions,coctail parties and afterparties...Because the blind girl paints so incredibly that you will never say she is blind.She is happy that someone can see her paintings!A kid is happy when his/her mom smiles or kisess their noses and cheeks.You are happy having time for movies at weekends,they are happy that have met each other after 60 years of silence...My hero is happy too.She is poor but her heart is reach in love to others.She didn't forget how to smile.That's why she does smile any time she sees a person in the street.Her eyes are young in spite of her being old enough.She hasn't lost her inner charm and beauty.She is always clean and tidy.She has no money,but never asks for it!God never leaves her.She knows what Christmas spirit is and goes out when all people celebrate holidays.They do not notice this old lady because they are hostages of rush hours and gtaffic jams.But there is one thing I notice every time I meet her in the street.She feeds birds.Any day,any season,any weather she is sorrounded by many doves.It reminds me of a well-known movie 'Home Alone'.But this lady is always smiling.Alone with the rest of her life,alone with her thoughts,alone among the others.But with the love of doves.If you ask me right now what makes ME happy,I will answer that this smile which makes me discover myself in this life and understand that only I can do everything for my happiness.Alone.Among others...


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