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When I Tried To Run Away From My Fears...
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When I Tried To Run Away From My Fears...
Can't I ever run away from this world and my fears?
[698 words]
Innovant Deis
an author with many dreams
one of my dreams is to be an author...
[March 2006]
My Granny (Short Stories) My granmother, a totally cool grandma with funny ideas... [1,681 words] [Cooking]
The Dog And The Mynah (Essays) The famed story of a dog and a mynah... a story of trickery and tit for tat. [494 words] [Fable]
When I Tried To Run Away From My Fears...
Innovant Deis

Two years ago, when I was in Primary Two, I had attempted to run away. I still remembered that day, that day when I received my SA1 results…
“Joan! Joan! Please come and take your paper and results document!” My heart was beating furiously. Pumping adrenaline burned into me and made me sweat profusely. I walked jerkily and after what seem like eternity, I finally reached the teacher’s desk. Looking straight into Ms. Ng’s eyes for the first time since she entered the classroom, I noticed that she wore a dejected look on her wrinkle-free face. Still, that did not dishearten my high and exited spirits. Finally, after three days of waiting…
“What!” I had gotten a mere sixty- percent for my test! I angrily stomped back to my seat, wanting to crush my paper into smithereens. I was finally awoken from my tantrum by the whir, whir, whir of the arriving school buses. My decision made, I hurriedly jumped of my seat. I did not head for the blue-and-red-roofed school bus drop-off point, but the main gate, which led to a nearby bus stop. It was obvious that I did not want to arrive home with such dismal marks.
On the bus, I thought about the various punishments that I would get if I turned up on the doorstop with such a report document. Worse of them all were the chores at home… breaking my train of thought, the bus lurched forward and came to a halt in front of the Marine Parade Library. I hopped of the musty seat and was on my way to pure freedom.
Reaching the yellowish-gold library, I looked up to the sky, thanking the heavens for this wondrous gift of freedom. I was, at last, in control of my own life! Never again would I be tormented by nagging mothers and fathers that acted like teachers. I had never known such addictive ecstasy. It was not just because of avoiding the endless lectures that I was feeling giddy with euphoria, but the joy of learning that at last, I was set free from a locked bird’s cage! Swaggering into the front doors of the library as though I had triumphed over the universe, I banged my nose against a passer-by (which I later found out was the library manager).
“Where are you going? If it’s the library, then sorry, young lass, the library is not open today. It’s the 70th birthday of the library.” I stopped short in my tracks as the full meaning of his words hit me square in the face. I was ultimately flabbergasted. Of all days, why must it be closed today? It was the most unfathomable experience I ever had. I had hardly turned around to head back when a large voice boomed out, “There’s the kid! You little naughty girl, we have been searching all over for you!” Dread poured into my heart like ice sliding down my throat. Stuffing my hands deep into my pockets, I whirled around as slowly as possible. That face was unmistakable. Those chestnut eyes, the coconut-sized mouth and the blue Spanish jeans told me wordlessly, without any doubt, that my father was standing right in front of me.
From what I heard from my parents, they were worried sick about where I had gone when the bus driver Uncle Tan telephoned my house to inform my parents that I had been missing for fifteen minutes after school was dismissed, so he left without me. My parents had cruised around Singapore in search for me, which meant that they left unfinished business at their office. And now, instead of heaving a sigh of relief upon seeing me safe and in one piece, they blew up and me and scolded me for all they were worth. This obviously included the horrible chores that I had vainly tried to evade.
I always keep this lesson in my heart whenever I feel like running away. It has taught me many lessons of life, but there was one thing that I always kept in mind and never forgotten: That you can never, ever, try to run away from your obstacles.



"The story is interesting and allowed me to learn a lesson without experiencing it myself." -- Vivien Lim, Woodlands, Singapore, -NIL-.
"Ooooh... definatly wouldn't want to be in your shoes. But I'm glad you shared that little lesson. " -- Briana Willhoite, Flagstaff, Arizona, USA.


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