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This has been going on ever since my school started to learn about The Holocaust.
[857 words]
Wanderer Bass
[July 2007]
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Wanderer Bass

Everybody just loves reading about other peoples' nationality
during World History class. Oh yeah, totally, and after the
first week and into two days of actual school starting for a
new year, we do The Holocaust. At first, people were calling
everyone a Nazi. Calling people a Nazi as if it were a joke or
doing the "Heil Hitler" sign. But after a week, people started
to do it more harshly, and especially on me, a half jew. I don't
appreciate it, me being called a Nazi.

Wanna know why? Well I'll tell you why, it's because the Nazis
have tortured, killed, murdered, and almost wiped out my
people! Take your stupid Ipods out of your ears and turn off
your money wasted phones and actually learn something
during class. This has been going on for now a semester,
and we're in the 2nd semester now! How much longer must
you all incessant children torture me with your un-developed

You don't even deserve to be in this school with your attitude
toward people. The only reason you're calling me a Nazi is
because we're all studying The Holocaust. First of all, I don't
have blonde hair. Also, my eyes aren't blue, I'm not a full
blooded German, and I'm not a Nazi or a Neo-Nazi. All of you,
even some of you people that are actually smart, should all
be ashamed of yourselves.

There's a policy of why we don't allow Ipods during class or
when you're sharing stuff about each other as a part of an
activity. The nationality of someone can tell a LOT about
that persons' life, legacy, and who they are. Me, if I was in
The Holocaust, I'd be killed no matter what. First of all, I'm
50% Jewish, 49% Italian, and 1% Russian. Now, incase you
didn't hear, or didn't even care, MOST of the Jews during that
time came from Russia.

I may be sounding like a broken record player and possibly
be acting like our beloved history teacher, Alexis, but at least
I'm defending my nationality and actually standing up against
all you ingrates. I don't just beat somebody up and use a bunch
of slurs like all of you do, course not. I fight with a speech,
a speech that shows how mature I am and how much I care
about my nationality. Maybe I should tell you why I care so much.
First of all, when we were reading Night by Elie Wiesel and all
of you were calling me a Nazi and a Neo-Nazi, I tried very hard
to tell everyone that I'm Jewish, and that really hurts. Maybe
you haven't heard, but Elie Wiesel is Jewish, I'm Jewish, all of
you are deaf or don't care about anybody but yourselves
because you're all self centered, but you're learning about my
legacy. Show me just a little bit of respect like I did to you. But
I'm starting to think and have decided that you don't deserve
my respect. In fact, you don't deserve ANY respect.

want me to act stupid and not care about your history? Do YOU
want me to say stuff like, "Oh wow, mexicans at the time in
El Salvador are total idiots, they should've just used their 'steal
car and everyone's money' technique and high-tailed out of there!'"
Or say something like, "You African Americans or Blacks should've
fought back against us at the time when you were enslaved,
black people have a racial ability of having a body with more
well-built muscle."

But no, I don't say any of that, because I'm smart, mature,
and very kind. I've been kind to all of you for this what,
practically a year now? And all I get back from you immature
little brats is hate and negativity. Want to know what the Nazis
did to my people? Well I'll tell you. They burned us, injected
acids into our bloodstream, ripped the tissue from our women's
breasts, sawed off body parts while we were still alive, draw
and quartered us, hanged us, murdered us, made us run for
miles days on end, starved us, killed us for their own sick
amusement, gased us, degraded us, treated us like
trash, chopped off our sexual organs, broke us, they did ALL

Now, when I was in Washington D.C to see my cousins'
Barmitzvah, my mom and I went to The United States
Holocaust Museum. Want to know what they had in there?
All the Holocausts that had ever ocurred in the world. Want
to know how depressing it was to walk through The Holocaust
section there? VERY depressing. The main room is built like
the inside of Auschwitz. The walls to fill up spaces were pictures
of Jews, Jewish families, all of them that were killed. Etched
in the glass was all the towns and cities that the Nazis destroyed
and killed and enslaved the Jews in there. Videos of during
The Holocaust, the actual clothes that the prisoners wore,
interviews of survivors from The Holocaust. And that, is only
just a small section of the museum. It'll probably take at least
4-6 hours to see everything there.

So, do you want me to be nasty to you? All of you are weak,
hiding behind your shields of verbal language and lies, feeding
lies to your friends about other people. That's how weak you are,
even a 4 year old is stronger than you. So tell me now, who's
the real Nazi?

Me? Or you?



"I totally agree with you ... I see the way people look down on us because were Hispanic...It aint cool it cool to be made fun of either because of what nationality you are...Stick up for youself man...Only god can judge you not the losers you meet in high school or in college" -- Janisa, San Piedra, Puerto Rico.
"This is some powerful stuff right there. I agree with Janisa, stick up for yourself. You just totally rock. " -- Matt.
"Apparently you are addressing your classmates with this anger- motivated diatribe. Why post such a piece on this site? Who gives a fuck about the rantings of a paranoid dork like yourself? You act like you're the last remaining Jewish descendent of ancestors persecuted during the Holocaust? Give us all a break. Try to write something we never heard before. " -- Lester.
"I've glanced at all your essays and you seem to really loathe your classmates. Iím sure you have your reasons but I believe you should focus on more important issues. Forget the people from your school, donítí be bothered about them. After all itís not like they give you anything moreover you should write stuff that really goes deep. I'm sure your really talented so donít' pay attention to them and try to be a little more objective when you write." -- Tanya, Puerto .


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