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Do The Deed, Legalize Weed
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Do The Deed, Legalize Weed
[656 words]
Dylan Barbour
[October 2006]
[email protected]
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Do The Deed, Legalize Weed
Dylan Barbour

Can you imagine a world where there would be no suffering for cancer, AIDS and terminally ill victims? How about a reduction of the nation’s crime rate by 35%? Most states also wouldn’t mind paying less taxes and receiving a boost to their individual economy. There’s only one thing that will make this happen; the legalization of marijuana. Marijuana should be legalized because it will reduce the crime rate, boost the economy, and ease the suffering of terminally ill victims.

Each year the police waste more and more time and tax payer’s money on fighting the nation’s drug problem. Marijuana has shown no side effects of being a violent drug when being used by itself. Nor is it directly related to the increase of the nation’s crime rate. Even doctors that are opposed to legalizing marijuana agree that when used by itself it is essentially a passive drug that sedates users. The legalization of marijuana would put drug dealers out business and would also reduce the prison population.

Each year the police force spends over $12 billion dollars trying to fight the drug rate. By legalizing marijuana the government would not have to put as much effort and tax payers money in trying to fight a drug that does no harm. By legalizing the drug it will reduce the use of alcohol, which is far more damaging than any popular illegal drug and will also contribute money that is used in civil courts and alcohol related incidents. By taxing marijuana it would also off set the social costs of abuse and contribute money to the national economy. It is also a proven fact that when something is legalized, it is not abused as much, because the psychological temptation level decreases drastically, and in a sense, the drug loses it’s enticement factor. This being said, a decrease in the percentage of the number of people who abuse marijuana will drop 92%.

The plants, from which the fiber hemp and the drug Marijuana come from, have been grown all over the world. Numerous countries, including America, have found many uses for the plant. It is a natural healer, and a medicinal pain killer. It is a non-addictive “drug” that when used in moderation, can cause no harm, so why not legalize Marijuana so that the world can reap its benefits?

Countries such as the Netherlands have successfully legalized drugs, and although some people may feel that selling marijuana over the counter is ethically wrong; the police in the Netherlands seldom arrest cocaine, heroin, and other various drug users. Other countries such as the Middle East which demand a high price for drug trafficking, enjoy relative freedom from drug abuse and other crime associated sales. However, legalization committees never mention this factor.

Smoked marijuana contains about the same amount of chemicals as tobacco. It should be remembered, however, that a heavy tobacco smoker consumes much more tobacco than a heavy marijuana smoker who consumes marijuana. This is because smoked tobacco has a 90% addiction rate, and is the most addictive of all drugs while marijuana is less addictive than caffeine. Coffee has over 800 harmful chemicals in it, and it is still legal, so why not legalize Marijuana, when it is a natural plant, and does not contain any other processed chemicals? When all of these facts are taken together, it can be clearly seen that the reverse is true: marijuana is much SAFER than tobacco and coffee.

It should be obvious that people should not go to jail for things they choose to do themselves, such as marijuana. Especially when Marijuana seems to be more beneficial than detrimental to the society and the economy. Marijuana should be legalized because it will reduce the crime rate, boost the economy, and reduce the suffering of the terminally ill. Many great things can be derived from Marijuana, and society is only short changing themselves by not legalizing it.




"Dylan's telling it like it is!!!! Fuck yeah" -- kwilt.
"I not sure where I stand on issue but I do think adults should be responsible for their own choose. like if the drug turns you into thief and you break in someone house and owner shots you then I don't think the owner should be lieable for injury." -- Bug off.
"I’m walking with Charlize Theron at an International Film Festival in Cape Town. “I’m so glad to be back home,” she says, “it seems like no one understands my accent wherever else I go.” I understand. She grabs me by the hand. “I read your LiveJournal,” she continues, hushed. Oh. “I thought, maybe I could be the one to show you what it’s like with a girl.” Oh…I… “I have some time before I have to go on stage. I know a place…” Ok. Suddenly I feel my body pressed against hers, hands flickering each way, she kisses my lips I kiss hers. I open my eyes and we are in a small, wooden confessional box. Charlize has transformed into a middle-aged man with coke-bottle glasses, a grey five o’clock shadow, and messy hair. I give him a long, passionate kiss goodbye, and I discretely exit the box and go off to find Cyril. * I wake up at 10.53 AM in an empty apartment with the computer on. I look out the window and there is fresh snow. I write." -- Aimee Friedland.
"Hey airhead, I'm going to speak to you in your language. Out side of the small amount of users for true, ligitimate medical reasons, the remaining vast majority smoke it to get high. No shit_- right? Think of all the stupid parents who would be sitting there stoned while there kids were being scalded in a hot bathtup or drowning in a swimming pool. Think of the increased potential for car accidents caused by stoned drivers driving the wrong way on one-way streets, speeding, killing thousands of people, some who are also stoned on grass. People smoke to GET HIGH? When people are high they do STUPID THINGS like commit crimes, kill people, kill themselves, etc. I have a compromise solution. Let's legalize marujuana but let's also pass a simultaneous law that any person under the influence of marijuana who is convicted of a felony shall receive the death sentence, no prison time, no parole, nothing else. Blow his fucking brains out - period. " -- Lester.


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October 2006

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