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Writing And Those Cute White Shoes: Confessions From A Renaissance Teenager
An essay asking myself if I am an old fashion type or a new generation type.
[925 words]
Victoria Lmuth
I am a fifteen year old girl who is going to be a junior at Fontana High School and is writing stories and screenplays.
[August 2004]
Writing And Those Cute White Shoes: Confessions From A Renaissance Teenager
Victoria Lmuth

Everybody always ask themselves who am I? Why I am I here? What will I do when I grow up? After a while they suddenly jump themselves off from a twenty story building! I used to ask those questions myself also but now I know what I wanted myself for life. I also get more in depth of what teenagers these days are doing. Some of the things I like and some of the things I think something of it as a whole different prospective to me.

First the things that I am keen that is of my age. Some of the normal things are that I like watching TV, loved to watch movies, eat a lot, play some sports for high school, involved in clubs, etc. The other thing is that I enjoyed listening to music and like to go to places every couple of weeks.
Of course those are the normal things but a lot of other things about me are not as convincing as those normal teenage stuff.
I have a lot of examples that will make the teenage girls say “ What a freak!” but I do not care because this is who I am.

The first example that will shock the teenagers at my high school is that I am very serious about high school. I am serious about the tests, tennis games, homework, class work, school events, etc. Most of the high school kids that I knew are not really serious about school. A lot of the teenagers are usually missing work or not doing their homework. What I saw is that the high school students are choosing the less challenging classes and are still stuck in their Algebra 1 and Earth Science classes. The other shocker is that I really loved math and history while a lot of teenagers hate those subjects. Hell, those are actually the two subjects I am a rising star at.
Another thing is that I am not such a fashion girl. I HATE MAKEUP AND THOSE REALVEALING NEW FASHION CLOTHES! I do not believe in makeup because makeup seems to me, like an imposter inside you. Its like a lie to yourself who you really are. Also, I am wondering if the girls who wear makeup hated the way their parents look! I am not assame of my looks.
The next thing is those stupid gossips. I do not care who Jasmine is sleeping with or who Tiffany kissed or if Josh is gay or not. I do not like gossips because gossips are bad and that it can hurt people. I know because I heard a lot of gossips about me and it had hurted me very much. There was this gossip that I am gay but I’m not. Seriously, I am not gay.
The other thing is boys. I am not ready for a boy yet because I want to be independent for a while and also that it will distract me. The other thing is that I do not want to loose my virginity until I get married. A lot of the girls in my school keep asking if I have a boyfriend or not and I answered no. The girls were very shock because they think that at my age that I should have a boyfriend right now. Well, I am not ready to have one yet because I am not ready to be serious in a relationship, the gossips that I am dating that person, neither ready for touchie touchie with another guy. Sorry guys, but I won’t date ya for a while.
The last thing is that I already know what I want to do in my life. Unlike some other lazy teenagers who are thinking about the future, I already know some things I wanted to do in my life. I want to go to UC Riverside and take in business administration.
The other thing is that I wanted to be a writer.

A writer? But why?” That is what some of the teenagers will ask. I loved those literature quality type literature and not the crappy diet books or memoirs from a bad president of some sort. Also there are more spy and crime, kid level, TV secret books and not much literature books like Les Miserable or To Kill a Mockingbird. Those kind of books inspires me in becoming a writer.
So far I wrote a novel that is loosely kind of like how Les Misearbles is written. I really loved the story that I had written because the story aims to touch you on how the human spirit is always very powerful. Not only have I begun to write novels but I also am writing poetry and even did a few screenplays.
I feel that screenwriters should be more recognize more often then before because without screenwriters writing a good screenplay, movies will become crap and will be like an unscripted dumb reality show. I hope that the directors will like my screenplays.
Well, that is all I have to say what I think on how society is today. I believe that our society now is going for more simple stuff then challenging stuff like before in the old times. If I put it that way, then you can call me a renaissance girl.



"Loved it. You sound like a very interesting person." -- >_<.


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© 2004 Victoria Lmuth
August 2004

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