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Same-Sex Marriage
A persuasive essay arguing for the rights of couples to have same-sex marriages.
[620 words]
Gay & Lesbian
Robbie Malcolm
An emerging young writer with a passion for fighting for equality with moving words and an assignment from his English Teacher.
[May 2005]
[email protected]
Same-Sex Marriage
Robbie Malcolm

     Imagine a country that banned certain people from falling in love with each other. It’s happening in the United States right now. Same-sex couples are being denied the right to marry. They are being wrongfully discriminated against only because of their sexual orientation. Constitutionally and philosophically, same-sex marriage should be allowed.(http://www.religioustolerance.org)
     Opponents of same-sex marriage use the argument that “Historically, the definition of marriage has rested on bedrock of tradition, legal precedent, theology and the overwhelming support of the people.”(nogaymarriage.com/tenarguments.asp). This argument is completely inaccurate. The definition of marriage has changed several times over the years. African-Americans were only allowed to marry in the US after the Civil War and mixed race couples could only marry after 1967. (http://www.religioustolerance.org) Allowing same-sex couples to marry is the same concept. Also, they argue that allowing same-sex marriages will have devastating effects on the American Nation. However, Holland, Belgium, and most of Canada allow same-sex marriage, and they haven’t brought ruin to themselves. The idea that same-sex marriage will bring ruin to the United States is a ridiculous, groundless claim. Lastly, they argue using the Bible. “The apostle Paul described a similar society in Romans 1, which addressed the epidemic of homosexuality that was rampant in the ancient world and especially in Rome at that time. He wrote, "They have become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed and depravity. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit and malice. They are gossips, slanderers, God-haters, insolent, arrogant and boastful; they invent ways of doing evil; they disobey their parents; they are senseless, faithless, heartless, ruthless" (v. 29-31, NIV).” (www.nogaymarriage.com). This argument is the weakest. It relies on a religious text to prove that it should be illegal. That is a direct violation of the principal or the separation of church and state. Using this argument is basically showing that the opposition has no good arguments and is resorting to name-calling.
     The United States is denying these people their Constitutional Rights based on their sexual orientation. America aspires to allow all people the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Not allowing same-sex marriages denies people these rights to freedom. The Constitution also guarantees all citizens equal protection under the law (The 14th Amendment). The term “all citizens” includes homosexual couples. They deserve the same rights and powers as heterosexuals. They don’t deny others their rights by marrying; it would be no big change in the day-to-day lives to most people. (www.dontamend.com)
     If for no other reason, same-sex couples should be allowed to marry because marriage is a basic human right that should be available to people who are in love. Same-sex couples fall in love just like heterosexual couples. They can’t help loving someone of their own gender. The idea that people could “choose” or “learn” to be homosexual is ridiculous. Nobody would choose to be ridiculed and hated for being homosexual. They cannot change their sexual orientation any more than anybody can change their race. Disallowing same-sex marriages is saying that love can only legally exist between a man and woman. Love cannot be measured or defined by things like gender or sexual orientation.(www.religioustolerance.org)
     We live in a rapidly changing world. In this progressive day and age, we should be embracing more freedoms and liberties, not limiting them. Same-sex marriage has been shown to be harmless in other countries. Yet still America has qualms about living up to its Constitution and doing the right thing. Accepting homosexual couples into our society is a sign that we are truly ready to let go of past traditions such as marriages between only a man and a woman and enter a more free, accepting future.



"mr. malcom is hard for me to agree with you on this. marriage is a sacred covenant created by God between a man and a waoman. marriage is not based on what any constitution of any country says. to allow same-sex marriages would be morally wrong. but i'm am very impressed in the ways you made your points." -- Bryan King.
"Malcom, marriage has little or nothing to do with religion at all. People who are married in a church are no more married than those on a beach or in a bar. Once we distant ourselves from the "sacred institution" theory, we will be more accepting. Morals are a personal ideology. What is moral to one may not be to another BUT that does not DEmoralize anything in anyway. " -- Jeffrey.
"Excuse me, but marriage DOES have alot to do with religion. THE MARRIAGE VOWS ARE BASED FROM THE BIBLE." -- Bryan King.
"You guys are idiots. Get a freaking life. Gay people are people too. It's about time Mr. King came out of the closet and stopped bashing gay people. Love, *Robbie*" -- Robbie Malcolm, Homo City, UT, USA.
"Your last paragraph is ironically, an indictment of our decadent culture. The freedom to wallow in amorality was not one of the freedoms the framers of our constitution envisioned. The demands of a small minority of the population to accept gay marriage is only another attempt by the gay community to give even more undeserving credibility to their abberant lifestyle. Take a look at our culture and that of the rest of the Western world. A culture that embraces hedonistic behavior - pornography, drugs, the degradation of women and an arrogant mockery of God and religion. We are on a cultural downslope and the inevitable wrath of God may sound like a joke to all you atheists out there, but HE will have the last laugh. I guarantee it. " -- Richard.
"Richard, Living in UT, I see this mindset often. You use the word "amorality" as if it was a defined term. And, granted, your religion likely does define it. However, any religion that condemns other people as "undeserving" cannot be correct. I know a man who is a hardcore Mormon, a man who has never tasted Coke or coffee. And he is an advocate of same-sex marriage, marijuana legalization, and pornography. Of course, he is morally opposed to these things, but what is more important to him is his value of respecting others and not using the power of the majority (Mormons) to tell the minority what is okay to do. If you hurt someone, then of course the action is amoral. But same-sex marriage does not harm you, it doesn't harm them, and it doesn't harm the state. You never stopped to think that maybe when Jesus said "Love thy neighbor," that he didn't mean "Love thy neighbor...unless he's a fag." As a Buddhist, I don't know if God exists or who He is. What I do know is that if God is just, He would not approve of you trying to oppress ANYBODY. Lastly, you said that same-sex marriage "was not one of the freedoms the framers of our constitution envisioned." Contary to popular belief, Thomas Jefferson, along with many of the writers of the Constitution, were no Christians! They were DIESTS! They believed in a watchmaker God, a God that set the world in motion yet takes no further part in it. At the time, I doubt they even considered the issue of same-sex marriage. They did consider that these kinds of issues would exist, however, and they set in place a wonderful system for incorporating such laws into the legal system. It's called the power of the minority. It doesn't mean that the majority can overpower the minority. The minority, no matter how small, has a Constitutional RIGHT to express itself, and, more importantly, receive equal rights and priveleges as the majority. While the issue of gay marriage is certainly a tricky issue and is very complicated, your simple "I hate fags" harangue is neither constructive, nor enlightened, nor meaningful. In fact, your review has no possible positive outcome other than to show me the growing blight of ignorance in our country, threatening our country's diversity and changing us into an "Idiocracy."" -- Robbie Malcolm, UT, USA.
"Quite frankly, Mr. Malcom, I don't hate homosexuals, I pity them as I do all freaks of nature. As far as the issue of same sex marriage is concerned, there is no logical argument to support any constitutional right to such a union. In my opinion, you are a just another homosexual who desparately seeks assurance and reinforcement from the heterosexual community that your behavior is merely another acceptable "alternative lifestyle." Do you think you can "dress" up the same sex unions of gay and lesbian couples by blaspheming religious doctrine and mocking civil tradition. There is no culture past or present that has ever recognized marriage as anything but a union between a man and a woman - period. Even in polygamous cultures, the unions are always heterosexual. Whether you like it or not, the basis for marriage has been and always will be, to procreate. Like so many young people both gay and straight, you think traditions are corny and there must always be change even if only a minority desires it. There is nothing wrong with sound, fundmental, tradition based upon a belief in God and a respect for His teachings. There is something wrong however, with those who worship the god of change - because a need for change is the only thing that can justify immoral, amoral, and aberrant behavior. Legalizing marriage for homosexual couples will do no more for them than giving a Cadillac to a lazy bum will do for him. It might make him feel equal to the affluent people around him for awhile, but everyone else will know he's still a bum. " -- Richard.


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