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Governmental Fiasco
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Governmental Fiasco
This government is going to hell if we do not get rid of BUSH!!!!! Say what you will about this piece, but the fact remains that he, like Reagan, were the worst we have seen in years. BUSH, OUT!!
[781 words]
Skyler Drevan
I am Jeff, writer, dreamer, realist.
[July 2006]
[email protected]
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Governmental Fiasco
Skyler Drevan

I woke up this morning, as I do every morning, and turned on the Howard Stern morning show. I was barely out of sleep when I heard some very distressing news. Apparently the scum sucking leeches that run this otherwise fine country of ours have nothing better to do than harass Mr. Stern.

A complete jerk-off Senator named Sam Brownback who represents the fine state of Kentucky, (as if being from that state doesn’t present its own problems) wrote several letters to the United States Government requesting the immediate fining of Howard Stern a total of three million dollars for every indecent word that comes out of his mouth. My question to him is: As a member of this United States Senate, is there nothing that is more important than what comes out of Stern’s mouth? Have the people who are in control completely lost their minds? Is it the republican agenda to completely turn this country into a latter-day American dictatorship? Howard Stern has entertained me for years and now his reign just may be over and that very thought angers and disgusts me to a great deal.

Ladies and gentlemen who agree with this lunatic named Brownback; I try to appeal to your better judgment. We are living in a world where American citizens are being beheaded in Iraq by masked religious fanatics. Their religiously fanatical rhetoric is not unlike the kind of hate that is floating around the Bush administration today.

No, Bush hasn’t beheaded anyone ever, however, like those cowards, he is using his power and indirectly placing American soldiers in danger everyday we are in Iraq for purposes only known to Bush himself. There are no weapons of mass destruction. Why still occupy their land? Baby Bush’s every move is being dictated by what “Jesus” wants and not what’s best for this country. We are living in a world where the religious right is taking over this society. Need I remind you that there is a distinct separation between church and state? Any leader basing his decisions on the word and will of God should immediately be taken to court for breaking what I consider a major law.

While we are on the topic of fining those so-called indecent radio and television personalities, how about fining Baby Bush himself for stealing the God-damned presidency when he so clearly lost to the people’s chosen president Al Gore? Why not fine the governmental officials who gave citizenship papers to the 9/11 terrorists just after 9/11? Why not fine the governmental officials who are allowing illegal Middle Eastern citizens to enter this country and pose a significant threat to this nation? Why not fine those officials who are not properly guarding our borders? Why, oh why are we focusing on Mr. Stern when there are so many other problems in this country? We are under constant attack from enemies abroad and who are we concerned with, Howard Stern’s mouth and Janet Jackson’s nipple? Has the United States finally gone mad? This is ridiculous!

This country is destined for hell if all we are concerned with is the frivolous things that make other countries like Canada and France laugh at is. Do you think that the Europeans would give a damn about Janet’s nipple? I must say I believe that Tony Blair, even though he has his head up Bush’s ass, would not have reacted to Janet’s boob the way Bush and his administration has.

President Bush and his FCC head, Michael Powell, Colin Powell’s son, are so concerned with Howard Stern that they have a distinct inability to efficiently do their jobs. Michael, a black man on the outside but white man on the inside; and ass kisser like his daddy, have started a war with Mr. Stern that even his daddy can’t protect him from. Sometimes I feel terribly sorry for Michael as I am sure he is unaware that Bush only appointed him and his father to their respected positions because he didn’t want to appear a certain way. I believe you know what way I am talking about. Michael Powell is a puppet for the Bush administration just like his daddy. I am sorry to say but I must state what is so obviously true to everyone but the Powell’s themselves.

I beg all the readers of this piece to go and support John Kerry and Michael Moore and his film Fahrenheit 9/11. It is indeed an accurate assessment of Bush and his band of thugs disguised as religious political leaders. If we do not succeed in relieving Bush of his presidential duties, we will all fail each other as a nation and as a people.



"I think you're brave to express your thoughts so openly in here. Bravo!!!! I'm not an American, you know, just in my heart,I wish I could tell you more. " -- Dri.
"hey, I like your profile and I agree with you. You seem to be very straightforward and this makes all the difference sometimes....." -- Dri.
"Thank you so much Dri. I really appreciated your words and I cannot express how good it feels to finally read a review from someone who has a brain. You are a rare breed and we need more like you. Thanks again!" -- The Author.
"you're welcome, my dear. I do understand you. It seems I could "see" myself in your profile and trust me: always be yourself, no matter how much people criticize you. Never give up on your ideas just because you may hurt people's feelings. This is all b___. Not even Jesus Christ pleased the whole world and what a man He was and still is. Hugs." -- Dri.
"dang it all, saw your piece on bill cosby and for the first time found myself in agreement with you, now this. where to begin, maybe with the fact brownback is from kansas, not kentucky. only bring this up so we can establish everything you say isn't to be taken for gospel, especially to those from foreign soils. it's quite fine for you to feel howard stern is the great authority on all that is wrong or right with the U.S. some of us happen to feel he's just a loud mouth, ranting entertainer who happens to be more than a little crass but each of us is entitled to an opinion aren't we? or is it only the learned people of NY city are smart enoungh to understand the world. your comment on being from kentucky being a problem is downright laughable. i've lived in several states including ny and also lived in ny city for awhile. hate to break the news, all the smart people don't live in ny city, they just think they do. btw, i don't agree with censoring, i much prefer to do it myself. as for Bush not being duly elected, sorry buddy, that's been put to rest over and over and over again. even the combine put together by the leading liberal newspapers to do the recound couldn't find the votes in florida to make gore the winner, you really must get over it, it's not healthy to keep living a lie. france and canada laugh at us, gee isn't that a surprise. perhaps we should model ourselves after all the other countries in the world so they would love us, yeah right. wealth and power breeds jealousy and we have them. curious jeffrey, been to canada lately for some socialized health care? other than draft dodgers you won’t find many people leaving the U.S. to go to canada, can’t say the same in reverse. you have the right to hate our country, criticize it when you feel it's wrong and isn’t that great. i’ve probably run on too long but i really can’t let the powell comment go with out a rebuttal - a black man on the outside but white man on the inside - this is insidious, the race card comes flying out whenever a black man has a thought that doesn’t agree with the majority of blacks. Couldn’t possibaly be they are thinking for themselves. to me that sounds as racist as the n word. why can’t he have thoughts that differ without being painted as an Uncle Tom? does it scare you? should all whites, hispanics, europeans have the same thoughts? sounds a bit like '1984' to me." -- just a guy.
"WOW! First of all let me say that I am pleased and honored that you have taken so much time to review my piece. I had no idea it enraged you so. Let's begin. First off, Bush did lose the popular vote to Gore. The Florida recount is more complicated than you can imagine. Many votes were tossed out for "unknown or silly" reasons. That, my dear, is a fact. The mix-up over Kansas and Kentucky, well, honest mistake. Not unlike ones our president haven't made in the past. If he can, why can't I? In any event, moving on. I do believe that The Powell’s are "uncle Toms" though I do not agree with that term. I believe that they are smart men; however they are still puppets for the right; which makes them all together, ignorant. As for Howard Stern, well, he has been around for 20 years and the 20 million who listen to his disagree with your comments on his career. Yes he is a loud mouth; however he cannot and shall not be silenced because of a dictator like Bush. Neither will I. Say what you will about me but I will continue to bash Baby Bush as long as he is our "leader." Bashing Canada and France will not make my point any less true. With major issues upon us, are Howard Stern and Janet Jackson all that need to be addressed? Once again, thank you Dri. I very much appreciate your comments. Anyway, Just a Guy, if I had the time or concern right now, I would address, in more detail, your comments. Alas, I do not" -- Jeffrey, The Author.
"Who do you think can run this country better than Bush. Your so thick headed that you even realize people like Howard Stern and Michael Moore are the reason for our problems in society. I say we send people like you to a little island and let you defend yourself againist terroist. By te way how in the world do you think Bush lost to Gore. Look who supports Bush(respectable politcans wiht morals) and Kerry(celebrities). Your so ignorant you don't even realize what your supporting. your a coward american and it is a shame our troops even defend you." -- bill.
"Your anger and sheer ignorance at my piece is laughable at best. Have a nice day!" -- The Author.
"So you wouldn't mind if we sent you John and Michael Moore to an island and let them bomb. You are such and idiot can't you realize with people like Howard Stern on the radio and tv are societies morals are deprived. Your simple can't link morals with entertainment. Howard Stern is a trash and no wonder we have such a corrupt society cause of peoplelike you supporting him. This country was based on morlity but with liberal pushing gay marraige and banning the ten commandments no wonder we have problems. I can't wait til your kids come on tell you there Gay maybe then you will see how important President Bush is. " -- bill.
"Laugh Out Loud!" -- The Author.
"Ofcourse you are laughing out loud your intelligence is mystifying." -- bill.
"YAWN! " -- The Author.
"Your own stupidity has finally tuckered you out." -- Bill.
"Dude, get a LIFE!!" -- The Author.
"As long as it's not as pathetic as yours its a good one." -- Bill.
"I am officially bored with you. Any further comments will be deleted as I ALWAYS have the last laugh. Bye. " -- The Author.
"Sounds like a sore loser is in the house. Well know wonder your you are a liberal cause you like to lose. Just like Gore lost and just like Kerry is going to lose to Bush. Go ahead claim to have the last laugh but if anything in life is certain, if history has taught us anything it is I will not be the one standing when the music stops." -- Bill.
"I must inform you I will be away for a while but just remeber the greatest trick the devil every pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist." -- Bill.
"Thank God he's gone. Some people have NO life what-so-ever." -- The Author.
"you michael moore would make a good couple" -- bill.
"I like your article-the one about Bill Cosby. But this one-no, it sucked. You don't even have half your info right, and the info that is right is put across in the ususal liberal way. If you don't support Bush, who do you support: John Kerry?-the man that supports partial birth abortion? (that means that when the baby is born, the doctors suck their brains out) Or maybe Howard Dean-the man thaty has no control of his anger. the man that has called our great prsident Dissrespectful names in public? You are agreat writer Mr.Dreaven, but your liberal ideas are the same that said 9/11 was Bush's fault, and the proffesor that said the people that died in 9/11 deserved it. thanks for the Bill Cosby article, i really enjoyed it. But by the end of this article, i was bored. GO BUSH!!!!!!! " -- Bryan King.
"I must say, Bryan, that I thank you for your comments on my pieces. Both of them. They are very old but I thank you anyway. Living in this great country of ours--Bush in office or not--gives you and I both the right to disagree. I choose to exercise that right. I did support John Kerry and I DO NOT support this ridiculous war. I understand your boredom of this piece as a Bush supporter. But unlike Mr. Ward Churchill, the professor to which you refer, I do not believe that the events of 9/11 had anything to do with those innocent. We did not deserve it but things are not getting better. If you can't see that, then you are just as blind as Bush." -- The Author.
"No thank you. I don't agree with your opinion, but i will respect your rights. I would like you to read what i've written about racism, and tell me what you think. Could you do that? I would like to have a professional opinion. thank you very much " -- Bryan King.
"Will do." -- Jeff.
"I forced myself to read (skim) some of your other postings to see if there was anything else you might have written even by accident, that had some objectivity or redeeming quality. It was all the same drivel and garbage. Never have I seen a writer (I'm being kind) display such self-centered, egomaniacal arrogance while having so little that is worthwhile to say. You are one sad, sick, little homosexual. If you live long enough, you will become an old, pathetic, even more disgusting homosexual. Quite a future to look forward to. " -- Richard.
"I just stumbled across this writer because someone familiar with him told me what a creep he is. I had to see for myself so I read a couple of his pieces including this one. I can imagine how this guy Bill must have cracked up the author when he said "I can't wait till your kids tell you their gay" The only way Skyler will ever have kids is if science finds a way to implant ovaries in his rectum." -- Chester.


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