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Apples Is Fall
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Apples Is Fall
This is a reflection by a Floridian longing for signs of autumn in a year around heat wave.
[569 words]
Glendora Rider
[October 2004]
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Apples Is Fall
Glendora Rider

Fall comes to Florida (and the rest of our world) late in September. Fall, or the autumnal equinox date is a heavenly day/moment when night and day are nearly the same length; it is the moment the sun crosses the celestial equator, moving southward. From then on the nights grow longer than days, and the sun sinks lower in the sky. This happens about the 23rd of September each year but in Florida it is imperceptible except for an ache in your senses for relief from the incessant heat and an apprehension of the hurricanes boiling up in Africa and headed toward your home on the east coast. Then I buy a bag of store apples and reflect on days gone past and the swing of the seasons in progress in the north where I grew up.

For me, the equinox is the moment sweated through a long, hot summer that started in April which we have patiently endured waiting for “the fall.” And for me, apples is fall. Having lived in the North, I hear the thud of yellow and red Delicious falling to the ground in the late September sun, I smell the fragrance of ripened fruit, I gorge, as do the sweet summer, late fall wasps sucking on the “falls,” crisp and juicy and sweet. I do this sitting under the tree or lying in the long, soft grasses turning yellow and golden while a prairie breeze puffs and drops more fruit in my lap. All in my mind’s eye, while swatting mosquitoes and Florida’s lovebugs and cursing the humidity.

Back in my Indiana farm house……

The apple crop picked for the kitchen and for winter storage in the cellar becomes apple pie spiced with cinnamon, apple dumplings, apple pan dowdy, apple sauce, apple juice, apple butter, candied apples with caramel, jelly, dried apples baked in the sun, cold apple cider! In my delicious state of applehood, all of these wonderful apple concoctions were served on the table in the fall, and the cooking of them, especially the apple butter, was an aroma to draw you indoors to lick pans and spoons. The peelings of hundreds of apples went to the pigs, the cows, the chickens who all became faintly drunk from the abundance of the orchards and the season of the harvest.

Today, I buy supermarket apples that have no smell. They are red shiny with wax. I try to find out from the produce manager if these bagged apples are this year’s crop or have they been shipped from cold storage and may be two or three years old. They don’t know, or they don’t want to say. At the Farmer’s Market, it is the same story. I see the empty shipping cartons, and the apples may be years old, but preserved to perfection. I bite into them, and there’s no taste.

There’s only one way to preserve and use an apple. That’s to eat it off the tree, cook it in a pie, make it into a jelly, drink it in a cider, inhale the apple environment fashioned to perfection by the summer sun, rain and wind and falling into your lap at the time called autumn ……crisp and juicy, the crop of the summer harvested, the fruit to carry you through the winter. The kind of apple that keeps the doctor away – and an antidote for hurricanes and heat. .



"Hi, nice piece, would it not have been better to say APPLES ARE FALL? as it is plural,just a thought.Kind regards keep writing. Diana Venditti" -- Diana Venditti, Italy.
"hate to butt in, i think apples is fall works great as does your tale, too close to lunch time though and made me hungry. always wondered how they got the fruits and veggies to look so good and taste like paper." -- echo.
"Very nicely written! I tryuly enjoyed reading that, I'm sure you could send that out somewhere. Nicely done, reminded me of Little House on the prairie, will be looking out for more of your work." -- kavya.
"A nice story that transported me to past memories. Your descriptions made me feel like I was there. Success is when you have been able to convey a feeling of having been there also. Keep writing. Lew" -- Lew, Ocoee, USA, FL.


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October 2004

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