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Socialism Supported
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Socialism Supported
I, as a regular citizen of the United States, believe that socialism is a good idea (in theory). Read this controversial essay before you judge me.
[551 words]
[March 2001]
Dosvidanya (Short Stories) A short story about a mutiny aboard a Russian K-159 submarine. [1,134 words]
Socialism Supported

“I envision a world in which all people, rich and poor, will be of the same economic class.” In the preceding excerpt from his journal, Karl Marx shows support for his eighteenth century concept, Socialism. And I, thinking of my own country’s economy, feel compelled to agree with Mr. Marx.
One reason why I do support socialism is because of the economic advantage it offers. Consider the following: During the Cold War, the key factor was nuclear weapons, and simultaneously the money to buy them. At the beginning of the war, the Soviet Union had just over half of the money in their government that the US had in its treasury. Toward the end of the war, however, the USSR had an amount barely under the total that our government had. How? The obvious answer is the economic advantages provided by socialism. In addition, the by the end of the Cold War, the US had millions of its citizens starving because of the incredible amount of money spent on bombs. Had, however, the US adapted socialism, they would have had excess money to buy provisions for over half of those who were hungry in their nation.
A second advantage to socialism that the US should consider is the free services that conveniently come to citizens of a socialistic country. Free medicine, education, and numerous other services are provided to the constituents of a socialist nation. In protest, one may say, “If education is the same for everyone, than how do doctors and teachers exist?” The answer is simple. Upon spotting exceptionally bright students, teachers recommend them for higher training, from which they are trained to be doctors, teachers, of government officials. In addition to that, teachers are paid considerably more in the socialist nation China than they are here.
One may further argue that socialism teaches that all capitalistic nations must be forced to become socialist ones, or else to join a socialist nation. This, however, is not true. Communism, not socialism, teaches this. Socialism, developed by Karl Marx, is an economic approach, not a form of government. Communism, a variation of socialism developed by Vladimir Lenin, says that war is inevitable among capitalistic nations, that all capitalism must be eliminated, and that all communist nations should scourge themselves of all those “unfit” to live there. Even so, not all communist nations abide by this. China, for example, a communist nation, has never invaded a capitalist nation in the name of communism. And if a communistic nation does not follow these ways, why should a socialist nation?
Still, you may say that never in the history of the world has there existed a solely socialistic, not communist, country. However, to our immediate north is a nation under British control has adapted socialistic medicine, education, and several other important services that socialism has to offer. Canada, which, as I have previously stated, is controlled by the British, is the sole nation currently using any form of Socialism (not including communism). We in the US have always been more governmentally advanced than the British have. Why, then, do we now hesitate? The United States must convert to socialism in order to maintain its high status among the nations of the world.
Authors note- I am not guilty of treason for writing this essay which supports an idea



"i agree that for being such an advanced nation we are so consumed by money instead of shaping our future and helping out the generations who are to take control of this country in the coming years. education is emphasized a great deal today, which is a wonderful thing because there's not much that is more important than a good education. however, with the expense that it takes to go to a good university, there are thousands of really intelligent people who won't be able to help others in the future because they can't afford it. On top of that, there are brilliant people who could be teaching these future generations but they have to take up other careers/several jobs just so they can keep their house (if they're lucky enough to have their own house in the first place). i could go on.. but i think this is a well-written piece and you supported your idea well. the only suggestion i have would be to take off the Author's note at the end. i don't find that you need to justify yourself for your opinions.. but that's just my thinking :) great work. " -- rae.
"Your philosophy has more holes than Swiss cheese. First of all, socialism encourages the redistribution of wealth, which means you have to find ways to take property, cash, investments, etc. away from many, which is against the very principles of our founding fathers. Congress has attempted to do this through excessive taxation, but the majority of Americans oppose this and will continue to do so. Millions of people starving to death? There is absolutely no one in this country starving to death. If there is,it is because of parental abuse or choice. Every country who has espoused communism or socialism has fought wars on ther own native soil. We, except for "911," have never incurred this hardship since the civil war. We fight wars on foreign soil to make sure we never have to fight a war to defend our homeland. Capitalism creates opportunity for anyone, yes anyone, to benefit economically. Get off your ass and make something happen instead of insisting that we punish those who have become successful, which is what socialism does. " -- Richard.
"Religion may in most of its forms be defined as the belief that the gods are on the side of the Government. (Bertrand Russell) Religion is excellent stuff for keeping common people quiet. (Napoleon Bonaparte) In religion and politics, people's beliefs and convictions are in almost every case gotten at second hand, and without examination. (Mark Twain) Those are some "other" responses. Now mine: "First of all, socialism encourages the redistribution of wealth, which means you have to find ways to take property, cash, investments, etc. away from many, which is against the very principles of our founding fathers." wrong. wrong. and wrong again. ANY economic system encourages the "redistribution of wealth." and what does THAT mean? in the final analysis it is the balance between the liquid assets of the sword against the intangible assets of tomorrow's grain harvest. which (to grossly oversimplify) is to take the assets of the singular (few) in exchange for the posterity of the collective. the "very principles" had nothing to do with ANY of this, but rather the balance of POWER between the small group or individual and the large group or nation. "Richard's" response parrots a hybrid dogma that is basically the warmed-over "divine right of kings," which has been repeated for millennia by the kings' stooges who rob with the sword the harvest of many for the benefit of the singular and the salary of the stooges because "deus lo vult"-- "god" wills it. and the fuzzy "history" that distorts hunter-gatherer culture from the beginning of time right up through some fantasy second-hand interpretation of "9-11" is the squawking of parrots in the absence of eagles and deserves only the pointed hat in the corner and a pause for reflection of which "pretty bird" is totally incapable. the stooges always change their tune when they are "job-eliminated" because the heads have been cut and the harvest is in. they will then "get off their ass" wherin resides their tiny avian brains. that's what i think. gb" -- Jeb Waldshmidt, Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States.
"I think some of the points you made are valid but no one complete governmental system works...capitalism in it's pure form leads to monopolies and huge gaps between the half and half-nots but pure socialism leaves a country without incentives to grow. Everyone receives the exact no matter what one does! I do think a proper mixture of sorts of the two works...in Canada I agree theie socialized medicine program is something our country needs to adapt and housing in some form too! The rich needs to start paying their aggregated share of taxes to help alleivate the tax budren off of plain working folks! If the rich paid their fair share so much more could be done for others in this country! (But this is where the argument lays isn't it?) " -- e. rocco caldwell.
"To Mr.Waldschmidt: Please save your pseudo-intellectual, ego-maniacal ramblings for your students because they're wasted on people like myself who live in the real world where you have to work for a living. Balance of power? Sure, there's always a smaller group of the wealthy and powerful in a capitalistic society just as there is under socialism. The difference is that under capitalism there exists (and always has) a window of opportunity for those willing to compete and excel to move upwardly from one group to another. Under socialism, there is no need to compete or excel; only to hope for more. To Rocco: For Christ's sake, why don't you confine your comments to subjects you know something about. I've been a CPA for over thirty years and I'm not rich but I do know one thing - The rich clients I have serviced in my career have paid much more than their fair share of taxes. The problem is that there are too many people who pay NO taxes. This is not Republican propaganda - it is a FACT! Jobs are created primarily by rich and successful people, not by governments or taxes collected by governments. You're listening to too many uninformed, unqualified, and biased media journalists and news readers who are more than happy to distort facts to further the agendas of those they would like to see in power. By the way, the expression is "have nots." A half is 1/2 of something. Comprende'? " -- Richard.


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