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Why We Should Not Invade Iraq
This is just an essay I wrote, that I thought was particularly well written. I liked it, and thought it presented the facts well. So here it is. Also note that while pasting it from Word, it became messed up, so if there are any problems, I'll attempt to fix them.
[725 words]
James Cartwright
[April 2003]
[email protected]
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Why We Should Not Invade Iraq
James Cartwright

President Bush should not invade Iraq. He is attempting to accomplish his own goals, under the guise of the safety of America. We will alienate our allies, and further destroy ties with Iraq because of this. Bush is making his case for the invasion of Iraq based on lies, half truths, and illogical statements. He is trying to win over the public, and the only way he sees in doing that is by starting a war.

In Bush�s address to the UN on September 12, 2002, he included numerous falsities, defending the original invasion of Iraq, and defending his wishes to invade Iraq again. He stated that Iraq led an unprovoked attack against Kuwait, when in reality it was Kuwait who was slant drilling Iraq�s Rumallah oil field, and driving down the price of oil, when Iraq was in desperate need of funds. Also, Bush stated, �the UN Commission on Human Rights found that Iraq continues to commit extremely grave violations of human rights and that the regime's repression is all-pervasive." Yet at the same time, UN organizations have also repeatedly stated the devastating effects of US-led sanctions on the people of Iraq. Does that mean that Iraq should call on the international community to attack the United States?

Another one of his reasons is that when ordinary citizens are arbitrarily arrested, they are subject to execution or torture, including beating, burning, electric shock, starvation, rape, and mutilation. This is, unfortunately, common practice in the Middle East. If Bush was going to use this as a reason to invade Iraq, why not include the fact that American allies such as Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Pakistan do the exact same things? Also, Bush stated that in 1993, Iraq attempted to assassinate a former American president. He failed to mention the fact that in retaliation, the Clinton administration launched 24 cruise missiles at Baghdad, killing 6 citizens, including artist Laila al-Attar. By this standard, Iraq could launch missiles at Washington DC, as their leader has been subject to numerous assassination attempts by the United States.

Bush also defends the original attack on Iraq by stating that it helped to prevent Iraq from having nuclear weapons. If they hadn�t attacked, Iraq would be armed with nuclear weapons by 1993. They would only be the second country in the region to be armed with such a weapon. Israel, of course, bombed an Iraqi nuclear reactor in 1981 to maintain it�s regional monopoly of nuclear weapons. This action was condemned by the United States to show support for our new ally at that time, Saddam Hussein. Bush states that if Iraq wants peace, they need to immediately stop support for all terrorist groups, as required by the UN Security Council resolutions. It�s strange that these words are coming out of the mouth of the leader of the only country to be condemned by the World Court for terrorism, namely the United States terrorist war against Nicaragua.

In one of Bush�s more nonsensical remarks, he says, �Free societies do not intimidate through cruelty and conquest. And open societies do not threaten the world with mass murder.� This applies to everyone except the United States, of course, who have been intimidating the entire world with destruction for decades, thinking that billions of people were better dead than Red.

Bush�s policy seems simple: Iraq cannot have nuclear weapons. This makes sense for all of about two seconds, when you realize that this is the leader of the only country to ever use a nuclear weapon out of anger. This is an act that the United States still remains unapologetic for, and Hussein isn�t even allowed to contemplate such an act. If Bush refuses to allow enemy countries to have nuclear weapons, he must hold his own country, and his allies, to the same standard. If Bush wants to go in and look for chemical weapons, he should do so. He should not start a war with a country that he believes to have nuclear and chemical weapons, while at the same time, refusing an offer to unconditionally search for these weapons. There is a viable alternative in front of Bush, but he wants to go to war for his own personal reasons. If Bush cared about the welfare of the American people, he would concentrate on the economy, instead of a foreign threat.



"Good points... I agree entirely, If only all our government officals had the same views of common sense as you..." -- Miles Tugman.
"Your essay is well written, well thought out, and well supported. Too late now, though." -- Peter Wiggin.


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