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The British Are Crying! The British Are Crying?
Editorial on the treatment of the 'detainees' at Camp X-Ray, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
[1,239 words]
Branson Storm
37 year old TEXAN. Desert recluse. Lover of vast space with no people to fuck it up, certain tobacco products, single malt scotch, politics, literature, beautiful women and all animals. My best friend is God. Please drive to the window...
[June 2003]
[email protected]
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The British Are Crying! The British Are Crying?
Branson Storm

Once again the left-winged British press has stabbed us right in the back, ironically, the same place upon us, which their government has always ridden. First of all, you’re welcome for everything we’ve ever done for you since telling the king that his fat ass would be a perfect place for his throne. Second, you’re lucky you’re not wearing swastikas on your arms and drinking black beer instead of brown tea. I’ll refrain from commenting on the Netherlanders and the French, we already know how and when to expect too little too late. The British press expressing concern for the treatment of the Taliban/Al Qaeda ‘detainees’ held by the American armed forces at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba is about as refreshing as a glimmering English smile.

Is the treatment of these people humane? Who gives a rat’s ass? I don’t, I don’t know anyone who does and I’m positive the uncovered American corpses decaying beneath the ruins of the World Trade Center don’t and I’m most certain the loved ones they left behind aren’t too concerned either. What I am certain of is this; instead of concerning ourselves with the ‘Humane Treatment’ of these slimy, cowardice, chickenshit murderers, let us pour down upon them the great fury of our grieving, angry, united nation and put a bullet between the eyes of each and every one of them, then bury them in a mass grave, which by the way, there are now plenty of in Afghanistan that were once referred to as terrorists training camps and caves, and fill them with the broken concrete and twisted steel of the World Trade Center buildings and the wreckage of the Pentagon.
After the attacks of September 11th I actually applied for a volunteer position with the Red Cross, hoping, in that some way, I could help my fellow countrymen or the families of the victims as the eternal weeping for their lost loved ones was just beginning. “Honey, daddy went to work this morning and now he’s dead. I’ve lost him, you’ve lost him, everyone has lost him.” This must have been said several thousand times that day. If you didn’t say it or hear it, you were lucky. Feel free to interchange ‘daddy’ with mommy, my son, my daughter, my wife, my husband, my best friend, my neighbor, my girlfriend, my grandfather, my granddaughter, etc. It goes on forever and still does. How can people push aside the pain and grief suffered by so many, to bring to the front the treatment of those who committed acts of terror so gruesome and so cowardly that it forced our entire nation to grieve for those lost in the flames and rubble and even more so for those left behind, living forever with the tears and pain caused by an unwarranted amputation of the heart. Nothing hurts more than the loss of someone you loved, especially when they die in cold blood at the hands of the devil himself.

I am an American, therefore these detainees and still others, uncaptured who slither about the planet in hiding, believe I must die. If you are my fellow countryman, than you too have a target on your back. We must never forget exactly what these third world fanatical slime have done to us, and more importantly, what more they still wish to do. Fair treatment? How are those Americans still rotting under the Trade Towers being treated? As an American, I am embarrassed that this is even an issue, but unsurprisingly find it quite expected by followers such as the ignorant, radical left-warped press of Great Britain, the Netherlands and even a few lost souls here in America.

This is a fight for our lives and our freedom fought for, and by, our founding fathers and all those millions of heroes who’ve followed; from the American foot soldiers of WWI, to the blood-strewn beaches of Normandy, to General MacArthur and the landings at Inchon, through the sickening jungles of Vietnam, and the might and precision which we used to wipe out the invading forces of Iraq’s dictator, Saddam Hussein, from its defenseless neighbor, Kuwait. We must remember all of this, for it is our history and therefore our freedom, a freedom so long assumed granted, now understood as freedom for which our countrymen fought and died. We had to take our freedom. We now have to keep our freedom. Again, we must fight for it. It stands vulnerable at all times and we must not dishonor the memory of those who fought to take it and keep it by allowing the ill-mannered influence of overly tolerant outsiders to control the massive task of maintaining our freedom.

These ‘detainees’ have no mercy for us, we’ve seen this ourselves as we watched their leaders sit around like a bunch of Cro-Magnons and laugh and eat with their hands from the same bowl of shit, chit-chatting about the poison they poured into our great country on September 11th. My solution for the treatment of these cowards; keep the Red Cross out of it. It seems to me they have plenty of good deeds to do here at home. Release no more photos of kneeling ‘detainees’ to be open for unjust interpretation by outsiders and others who hold no memory of the past. Release nothing more, especially any potential threats to our freedom and our people such as John Walker or any other members of his clan. We were attacked. Innocent American blood was shed on our own soil by foreign forces for the first time since December the 7th, the day I was born, 1941. This is our battle. An attack on innocent Americans and the retaliation for such has nothing to do with those beyond our borders or those whose views could threaten our national security. To those of you who display concern for these evil people, I say to you “Tough shit. Mind your own fucking business and be grateful that the United States of America exists, otherwise, you most likely would not”.

I feel the general sense in America is that ‘We the People’ don’t really care how these murderers are being treated, whether it be three squares a day, a shave, haircut and a much needed shower, or a bullet in the head, it doesn’t really matter. What does matter is that the world knows how much we cherish our liberty and our freedom, and that should you attempt to destroy either, you must know that the mighty wrath of our love of liberty and freedom will be thrust upon you, diminishing you into nonexistence.

Let our military treat these ill-evolved murderers as they see fit. They understand the importance of there being no room for error in dealing with these evil animals. Personally, I consider them lucky to still be breathing, for I am well aware that they, as life takers, are undeserving of life itself, much less ‘Humane Treatment’. God bless America, my home sweet home.

Oh, by the way, Tom Daschle reminds me of the last night crawler in the box and Dick Gephardt is a fucking Communist. Have these people no self-respect? Look, you’ve made the money. You’ve had the power. Now get the fuck out of the way and let some people in who actually care about our great country. (Damn that felt good to get off my chest). Good day and may America decisively triumph in its war on terrorism.



"Amen brother! Amen!" -- Carl E., New Orleans, LA, USA.
"For those who consider themselves "humanitarians" it needs to be remembered that these groups who follow a perverse version of Islam, are worse than Fascists or Communists, who only wanted to conquer your land and change your life, for they feel that anyone who isn't them should die. Besides, the prisoners down in Castro-land, probably think they've died and gone to be with Allah, since there present conditions are "better" than their lives back home." -- The Advisor, Marietta, OH, USA.
"My father and brother both arrived in Manhatten on the 10th September. It was unbelievable, and I dug down in my heart to hope that they were still alive, as they were sight-seeing, and going to visit the towers on the 11th. I felt the horror of that day, and saw as thousands of people lost their lives. However, responding with the attitude that you seem to be showing is not one that I can see as appropriate. War is never an answer, and I can't see how you can lower yourself to such a standard. The treatment of prisoners should never be inhuman, otherwise we could descend to the depths which were seen in concentration camps. If you want to beat an enemy, you better them, and not squabble at the same level, otherwise there are no winners. Plus, do not stereotype the English, or anyone for that matter as it is crude and presents an unreliable representation of a people you no nothing about." -- Jack Brown, Isle of Wight, England.
"Actually, Mr. Branson Storm is being down right kind in comparison to say Jeffrey Lee William Junior's "Osama Bin Laden." As for Mr. Branson, I have addressed your question within the Advisor Column, so be sure to look there. As for citizens of all countries that have fought to have their freedoms, rights and priveledges, especially America with the Declaration of Independence and England with the Magna Charta, remember that you don't have to agree with any of the opinions stated herein, but you should defend the right for them to be said." -- The Advisor.
"'Chickenshit murderers'? If carpet bombing mostly innocent people from a great height isn't 'chickenshit' then I don't know what is... I should think that what the Taliban have done is distinctly un-'chickenshit'. The murderers did give their lives for that particular disgusting act of terrorism after all. And thanks for saving us during the Second World War. The swastikka would only clash with my antique English coffee table what, what. Tally ho for now... " -- manintheshack.
"My Reply to Rowan Davies (aka - manintheshack): I deeply appreciate your taking the time to read my piece, “The British are Crying! The British are Crying?”. I find it quite condign that only Brits seem to find some offense here, yet I have no qualms with the British people, only the distortion of reality portrayed by a certain segment of the British press. Let it be known that I hold the utmost respect for the British military, post-Red Coat era, of course. My view of these soldiers are paralleled only by the words of your finest Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, as he spoke of the British airmen who fought in the Battle of Britain during the summer and fall of 1940, “Never in the field of human conflict was SO MUCH OWED BY SO MANY TO SO FEW.” Before taking-off with your degree in creative writing, please check into some classes on world history. At the age of eighteen, you’re still just, for lack of a more perfect word, a punk without the wisdom to appreciate your own blessings. On behalf of my dead grandfather, I will say, “You’re welcome for our saving you during the “Second World War”.” Also, swastika is spelled with one ‘K’. You might be well aware of this fact had Eisenhower decided to postpone D-Day due to bad weather, allowing Adolf’s depredation to broaden. The blaring ignorance in your comments shines with the intensity of a July 4th afternoon in Crawford. I sincerely hope your personal commendation for terror against the U.S. is not an overall reflection of the entire English youth, if so, you may want to brush-up on your Arabic and worry less about your “English coffee table clashing with a swastikka” and spend more of your mental might on how it might look in your new cave, should you be lucky enough to survive. Saddam Hussein is much closer to you than us and once he has the capability to strike beyond the Mediterranean, he’ll bypass the Israelis and cross the North Sea, targeting you instead, since after all, you were the ones who carved Israel out of Palestine. As we say in Texas, “Wake up son!” As for your piece entitled “Oomph”, I suggest writing harder. Don’t end a piece because you’re tired or timeless or have met the minimum criteria, it’s much too obvious. I suggest either beginning with the final paragraph and scratching everything prior, or scratching the final paragraph, as it only retells the preceding story in its entirety, then continuing on. There’s a story somewhere in the mix - write it. This is only acceptable because you are young and ignorant and preoccupied with other things in life – believe it or not, myself and many others on this site know this feeling all too well. Luckily, we didn’t have the Internet to help us so easily display our juvenile naivety to the entire free world (the key word here being “free”). In time, your stance will endulcorate and you will hopefully find some sense in it all, if not, good luck with your ever-deepening precipice. " -- STORM, TEXAS, USA.
"Dear Mr Storm, Thank you for taking the time to read my piece of work (‘Oomph’) thoroughly as I have done with yours. Although your comments weren’t overly encouraging, you have helped me come to my senses and realise that in order to re-write this as a more involving and entertaining story I perhaps need to remove the beginning, middle and end. As you are undoubtedly aware, such wisdom is like gold dust in this more degenerate part of the world and I feel honoured that you could find it in you to bestow it upon me. Moving swiftly on. I’m afraid I have a confession to make. I was, in fact, extremely drunk when I wrote your review. My apologies. I still, however, in a less rambling, beer-fuelled way, believe that what you wrote in your piece ‘The British are crying! The British are crying?’ is complete, utter crap. There is no easy way to put this, but I feel it has to be said. I have seen and read a few of your written articles previously and thought them to be written by a highly intelligent, thoughtful individual. This belief, however, was entirely contradicted as soon as I began reading ‘The British…’. ‘Who gives a rat’s ass?’. Excuse me if I’m being overtly naïve, but is that really the way for an intelligent, thoughtful human being to get his point across? No, I believe not. Although I aspire to your standards of in-depth criticism, I think probing this particular work of genius would only be giving you the reaction you are so clearly looking for. This ‘editorial’ was only written to provoke such respoonses as you have received by other reviewers so far and, if that is your wish then so be it, you are succeeding. I just thought I’d better defend myself while I’m still sober (us kids, eh?). You are clearly of superior intellect to me and I respect that but, in future, please refrain from dirtying my story pages with your own self-justifying clap-trap. The world would be a better place without it, and indeed people like you, but I fear I may just have to wait for natural selection of the human species to continue for a while before that happens. I also despise the fact that you have stated that I commended the act of terrorism against the good old US of A. I think the word ‘disgusting’ preceding that particular part of my writing shows that you have irresponsibly taken my words out of context. Oh, and I hate to nit-pick (in the same way that you so obviously don’t) but, as a side-note, precipices don’t deepen, they get higher. Happy writing! " -- manintheshack.
"Here Here!" -- Jack Brown, England.
"Mr. Davies, I respect your opinion, your work efforts and your youthful tenacity, but I must disagree with you somewhat on your restricted corral of word definitions. I was referring to the secondary, or alternative, definition of the noun ‘precipice’. I’m sure you’ll find it. Also, if you feel the need, keep it coming as you’re beginning to remind me of myself at your age, or take it with a grain of salt and pour yourself into your own work, disregarding anything I or anyone else might say. And, not to “dirty” your story pages, but give scotch a try, preferably single malt, it helps soothe the vociferous intellect of us so-called writers. Good luck!" -- STORM, TEXAS, USA.
"The truth hurts, but it will ultimately set you free. Nice work, Branson." -- TWG, New York, NY, USA.
"WRITE ON! You and 'TWG' have it nailed." -- Bill Jones, FL, USA.
"Ehmm..m. Sehr gut Seite! Ich sage innig..!:) bmw" -- BMW, ..., ..., ....
"Well done Branson. I'm encouraged to see that there are some men under forty who share my views. Sometimes, there is only one way to get your point across. In this piece, you have succeeded in spades. To your British critic, maninthecrack (or whatever he calls himself) regarding his comment that he may be naive, but "is that really a way for a thoughtful, intelligent human to get his point across?" After reading that part of his review, I'm reminded of something an older Sicilian man once said to me. "Sometimes you have to slap someone in the face in order to get their attention." Too bad Hitler didn't slap Neville Chamberlain in the face during their meetings in 1938. Maybe, just maybe, that would've given him a clue that appeasement wasn't going to work. Anyway, nice work." -- Richard.


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