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Population Out Of Control!
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Population Out Of Control!
At the rate of 94.5 million more people on the planet each year, you might wonder how much longer will there be wide open spaces and big skies in Montana.
[984 words]
Frank Dunsmore
Frank Dunsmore was born in Chicago and studied music and American Literature. He has always liked mysteries. He writes articles and short stories and is currently writing a mystery novel.
[October 2003]
[email protected]
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Population Out Of Control!
Frank Dunsmore

At the rate of 94.5 million more people on our planet each year, you might wonder how much longer there will be wide open spaces and big skies in Montana and other sparsely populated places.

According to the Museum díNational Histoire in Paris, France, the world population rate is 5 births and 2 deaths every second. In twenty-four hours, thatís 432,000 births and 172,800 deaths. This means 259,200 more humans are on the planet each day.

It wasnít always like this. Until approximately 1800 AD, the population increased slowly because the birth rate was only slightly higher than the death rate. The one billion mark wasnít reached until 1804.

As of October 10, 1999 we are at 6 billion. What happened between 1804 and 1999 to cause the population to increase so dramatically? For one thing, in the last two hundred years science and medicine have made significant progress and discoveries in eliminating or controlling many diseases.

We will always have diseases to conquer but the human race is healthier now than it has ever been. The birth rate increased because fewer infants die and the elderly live longer. This is why our population has grown so dramatically.

We might ask, "If the population is growing so rapidly, do all of these babies have to be conceived and born?" Some say that abstinence from sexual intercourse is the only answer.

According to the Museum National díHistoire Naturelle, only 57% of the couples worldwide having sex practice some type of birth control. Every day on mother earth, 200 million couples make love, 100 million billion sperm are released to fertilize 800 thousand ovules, and 259 thousand babies are born.

The United Nations believes that the worldís population will level off at 12 billion in 120 years. It believes that the people of the world will become more responsible regarding birth control. Others believe this prediction is unrealistic and will not happen.

The Museum National díHistoire predicts the world population will double every forty years unless something dramatic occurs to slow the rate. In the year 2040 the population will be 12 billion, in 2080 24 billion, and in 2120 a staggering 48 billion.

Dr. Paul Erlich, author of The Population Bomb, strives to "educate and empower" people. He says, "For the first time in the history of our planet, one species is altering the composition of the atmosphere, changing the basic weather mechanism of the planet, allowing flux of poisonous ultraviolet light to get through.. we must control population growth and consumption."

We ask, "What is the solution to the world population explosion?" The obvious answer is to control the number of births, but this will not happen over night. Others offer another solution.

Many believe that space colonization is the answer to overpopulation on earth. Marshall T. Savage, author of The Millennial Project: Colonizing the Galaxy in 8 Easy Steps, says, "We are like the yeast cells in a bottle that double every day and when they fill the bottle they will all die. The bottle will be full on the 30th day. We humans on earth are in the 29th day of our history on earth."

The idea of humans living in space, 200 to 500 miles from earth, becomes more real as the population increases. NASA says that colonies can be designed and constructed by scientists and engineers to accommodate 50 to 100 thousand people.

The building of colonies will mean creating new property without taking it from someone else. There will be no limit to the number of colonies constructed because space is almost infinite. There will be freedom of expansion for everyone without war or destruction. NASA says that eventually the population of all space colonies will exceed the world population.

Each colony will have its own atmosphere, enclosed by a protective shield. A colony will have natural vegetation such as trees, grass, plants, and flowers. Its government will be democratic, so that every colonial citizen will take part in the welfare and productivity of the colony. Each colony will have all the comforts of earth but unlike earth, its population will be controlled.

Who will want to go to a colony in outer space? Isaac Asimov spoke to NASA in October, 1983 and said that the fathers of our country were common Englishmen who were dissatisfied and unhappy with their present conditions. This is why they set sail for the New World, even though they realized that a storm at sea might drown them all, or there might be dangers and hostilities from the natives when they landed.

They were searching for a new frontier just like the Vikings, the Phoenicians, and the Polynesians before them. He went on to say that 20th century man is no different than the 17th century Englishman who sought a new frontier. We need a new frontier too, in order to survive the over-population of the world.

You and I may not see the day of space frontier colonization but maybe our grandchildren will. Mankind will solve a problem of the old world by creating a new world.

Some are skeptical about flying into space but donít forget that it was less than one hundred years ago that the Wright brothers flew Kitty Hawk. Today it is estimated that almost 500 million people fly each year. Flying to the moon took only three days and flight to a space colony will be only a few hours.

The year is 2040 and passengers are boarding the first flight to a space frontier colony. The overhead morning sky is purple and dark blue and an orange glow lights the eastern horizon. The passengersí dark silhouettes contrast the silver mammoth space ship as the passengers anxiously wait to board.

This is the first flight of the monthly immigration. Later that day across the world, twenty-three similar flights will depart. The destinations are space frontier colonies. These immigrants are leaving a very crowded world.


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