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Lapine Roles
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Lapine Roles
Yay! My last English paper of 8th grade! This one's about the important roles that the Watership Down rabbits play.
[933 words]
Vianne-Marie Fortier
Growing up too fast.
Poetry in motion, verses flying past her on the highway.
And she breathes in the air.
She can smell the perfume of decaying unpublished literature.
To her, it reminds her of home
And the Pennsylvania sunshine.
[June 2004]
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Lapine Roles
Vianne-Marie Fortier

Community; a group living within the same area or having similar interests, in unity. If a community does not have something in common or if they do not work together, it will fall apart. During World War II, Jews were placed in ghettos until they were deported. These ghettos were fenced in areas of city or town that were ruled by the Nazis. While in these small communities, the Jews would create a government with a Jewish council. The other people in the ghettos had to help out in whatever way they could, sort of like roles. This is much like what the rabbits have done for their warren in the novel Watership Down by Richard Adams. All of these rabbits have important roles to play that can benefit the stability of their warren.
A leader is something that every group of beings need to help them make crucial decisions or to help them analyze something. Without one, a warren would be in total anarchy. Watership Down’s positive leader would be Hazel. He helps them when affirmation is needed. Speaking up is a quality that a worthy leader needs to have. Hazel demonstrates his by helping Fiver speak when he has his vision of the terrible horror that lies ahead in the Sandleford Warren’s future. He speaks up to Threarah when Fiver feels helpless. He told Threarah that Fiver has never been wrong before. Another trait of leadership that Hazel possesses is helping another. He helps the mouse that is about to be killed by the kestrel and allows the mouse to come back to the warren. Hazel also has control, like when he pulls himself together when Captain Holly, although they weren’t sure what it was at first, is calling Bigwig’s name.
Threarah is another leader in the novel. He rules Sandleford Warren with a nonchalant approach. He didn’t care about his people. El-ahrairah would put him to shame if he saw how Threarah ran the warren. He is, unlike Hazel, not an exemplary example of a leader.
Another important role that the warren needs is a group of followers of the leader. These rabbits provide a framework for the Watership Down community. The rabbits that serve as followers are Hawkbit, Buckthorn, Speedwell, Acorn, and Pipkin. They don’t provide physical ammunition to the warren, but just having someone to act as a lemming gives a realistic view on life itself.
Bigwig was the warrior of the community. He shows his loyalty through the way he fought for his warren. He attacked Captain Holly, when he came to arrest him, for the safety of his fellow rabbits. Bigwig is very large in size and is a strong buck. He was even a member of the Owsla, the council of tough rabbits.
The psychic of Watership Down is Fiver. He sees danger before it comes. This helps the rabbits if anything were to happen to them, then they would know about it beforehand. Men attacked the Sandleford Warren and the rabbit population was almost completely wiped out, except for Captain Holly and Bluebell. Fiver told Threarah about what his mind foretold him, but he wouldn’t listen. Fiver was right about the peril that would plague Sandleford Warren and if Threarah had been attentive to Fiver’s “gift”, then all the rabbits would have stayed alive.
A story can always spark up a child’s day. These rabbits are like children with the way they marvel in their tales of their sun god and famous rabbits. Dandelion is the storyteller of the lapine population of the warren. He keeps all the rabbits entertained and helps them with a confidence boost. These stories are much like our human fairy tales, like “Little Red Riding Hood” which teaches us not to talk to strangers. They teach lessons or explain why things are the way they are. “The Story of the Blessing of El-ahrairah” explains why the rabbit has many enemies and how they became fast like the wind. It also teaches a rabbit that Frith is almighty and should not be toyed with. This particular story helped the rabbits when they were in Cowslip’s Warren and were feeling depressed about everything and felt the lack of determination in themselves. Dandelion gave them a confidence boost with the story because it reminded them that they were indestructible, because Frith had given the gifts of fast hearing, quick feet, and cunning to El-ahrairah’s people.
Blackberry is the most intelligent of the rabbits. He has wits to come up with ideas to help the members of the warren when they need a solution to a problem in a hurry. The inventor role helps in case of a risky situation. It had been Blackberry’s idea to put Fiver and Pipkin, the two smallest rabbits who cannot swim, on a piece of flat wood to get them across the river. Blackberry also demonstrates his intellect when Bigwig is caught in a snare on Cowslip’s Warren. He tells Pipkin to dig out the peg that the wire is attached to. Pipkin is smaller and would fit in the hole better which ends up saving Bigwig’s life. For a rabbit, this is actually quite smart. A normal rabbit cannot produce such ideas.
All of these roles help a community to provide the very best of what it has to offer to each other. Watership Down has worked together to create a unity and peace between them by sticking closely to their roles. These roles are significant to the success of a group. Without a leader, followers, inventors, warriors, and psychics, the Watership Down warren would cease to exist.



"Excellent essay Vianne-Marie. I understand it better than most being a close follower of works such as that from Richard Adams and Brian Jacques. I even once tried to write a personification about human/rabbit crossbreeds in a Medieval age, though the story never did develop right." -- JA St.George.


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