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Jeffrey Dahmers In Suits
The truth about the corporate creeps who are promoting war for oil and personal profit.
[923 words]
Mike Schilller
The author is a member of Citizens For Legitimate Government, and the author of the book "Sentences I Freed From The Ropes They Tried To Weave Around Me".
[October 2002]
Jeffrey Dahmers In Suits
Mike Schilller

Jeffrey Dahmers In Suits

By Mike Schiller

Today's business leaders are currently divided
into two categories... those who have retained
their humanity, and those who have relinquished
it. While I commend those who still have a heart
and remain true to the principles of human
freedom, democracy, and love, this article is not
about them. The good guys already know who they

This article is about the bad guys: the ones
whose pressure is responsible for convincing the
leaders of our nation to send the people of
America to their deaths in Iraq for no other
reason than personal profit. Our citizens who
unwittingly signed up for military service
during peacetime are being asked to die so that
oil companies and weapons manufacturers can make
more money. Actually let me rephrase that, so
that the top executives at oil companies and
weapons manufacturers can make more money, and
possibly some of their investors.

What is profit... money... used for? Money is
used to by consumable goods, including but not
limited to food. A person who seeks to accumulate
money by causing another person's death (i.e.,
sending them to war) will use their money for
what? To buy consumable goods, including food.
That person is then no different from the
cannibals of centuries past. They are inflicting
death upon their fellow man and deriving
sustenance from their fellow man's death. Just
as cannibals inflict death upon their fellow man
and derive sustenance from their fellow man's
death. My point is that corporate America is
overflowing with "Jeffrey Dahmers In Suits".

These people are sick, deranged, sociopaths with
no capability for compassion or remorse. They are,
through their decisions and so-called strategies,
sentencing thousands of American youths to death.
As it has been established that Saddam Hussein
probably does have chemical weapons, is it not
obvious that he is more likely to use them if he
knows he will not be permitted to live? Who will
he use these weapons on? Lower income children
who were naive enough to sign up for military
service because they needed the tuition
reimbursement and didn't think there would ever
be a war.

Does this concern the Jeffrey Dahmers in Suits?
Not one bit. They don't care who dies, how they
die, or what pain is inflicted upon whom. They
only care that they will have the personal
enjoyment of getting what they want. These
so-called business people, if not for their
economic advantages, would otherwise have turned
out to be those crazy men who drive by public
schools at 4pm. You know which ones I'm talking
about, the ones who try to persuade little boys
to get into their car promising "I have a nice
lollipop for you", only to have the boy's bones
discovered in their refrigerator years later.
In earlier centuries, this breed of human was
the exact breed which openly cannibalized their
own wives and children and called it a "delicacy".

The fact that these individuals have become so
detached from humanity that death gives them so
much pleasure should be of great concern to our
society. Deranged maniacs are not only on the
loose, they are in powerful positions where they
can do the MOST, not least, harm. They are not
deterred by the prospect of being caught, they
are invigorated by it. They do not have a
conscience; they prey on those who do. They are
the single greatest threat to the people of
America, and especially threatening to our
children, for our children are the ones they
intend to sacrifice like lambs to their oil gods.

I believe that the SEC should include in its
corporate reform plan that executives within all
companies be required to pass mental health
examinations, at least once a year, in order to
retain their positions. I also believe the same
should be required of elected officials.
Additionally, the mental health professionals of
this country should exercise vigilance in
detecting these sicknesses and responding to them
before people's lives are placed in jeopardy.
These murderous cannibals walk freely among us,
even as they prey upon our neighbours and our
neighbours' children.

All of our national security problems would be
solved if these people could be admitted into
psychiatric care, and given the help they need so
that they can re-enter society as normal human
beings. While in psychiatric care, it is essential
that they be required to attend group therapy
sessions so they may learn to interact and relate
with other humans in a positive, constructive manner.

When anyone says they support war because it will
boost a "profit margin", what they are really
saying is they would like to kill people so they
can consume what they obtain by causing that
person's death. Concerned citizens who overhear
any such comments should phone their local
hospital, and tell the doctors that someone is
having thoughts of hurting themselves or others.
That is the criteria by which they can be
involuntary admitted into psychiatric care, and
that is the only way they will get the care
they need. If someone you know falls into this
category, make the call and you'll be saving
countless lives. Just because he or she wears
a suit, or has a high level position, does not
make them any less mentally ill, nor does it make
them any less dangerous to the world in which
they live. Oh, and whatever you do, do not vote
for the ones who run for elected office either.
That's even more dangerous than inviting them
into your home. I'm not kidding, this is a
serious problem.



"I agree wholeheartedly with this little analysis. Something has to be done. Stop this madness. I like the case for "leaders" being cannibals, it works really well. Have you read "A Modest Proposal" by Johnathan Swift? Pretty similar and also very funny, I'm sure you could find it on the web somewhere. Have a look. " -- Fergus O'Ferguson.
"This is a well written article. I think that those corporate execs who are willing to sacrifice thousands of American soldiers for their own interests in the war against Iraq are intelligent people but their actions are just insane. I think that President Bush is about to cause more harm than good to American citizens if he sends U.S. troops against Saddam Hussein and his military forces. The "Jeffrey Dahmers in suits" are definitely sociopaths with no capability for remorse or compassion. I enjoyed your article very much." -- Alberta .
"It's quite a leap between cannibals and shady business men. You are drawing an incorrect comparison, which is similar to saying God and Satan are exactly the same because they both change people's lives. I'm not defending cannibals nor shady businessmen, but you do make a major leap to connect the two. Here's a couple of facts that more people, especially Americans should be made more aware of. Fact: A majority of illicit drugs are a major source of decay in the US, but drug money doesn't fund terrorist operations. Fact: Oil money does fund terrorist operations, but since no one, Democrat or Republican likes to admit this much, we call very bad people, like the Saudi Arabians our "friends." Fact: George Bush isn't Satan personified, vying for the downfall of all mankind. He's a good man making the best out of a bad situation. Fact: Iraq is a case of herpes being treated like cancer, but that case of herpes is all too willing to drop a nuke right on you. " -- Anonymous.
"Saddam Hussein is blessed man by Allah. He not hurt anyone Armerica or ohterwise. I do not beleive he would till I see bomb falling out of sky. only then will I bleive." -- al mussafa.
"And then you'll be dead, you stupid jerk. This is the same line I keep getting from Arabs and liberals alike. They won't believe that Iraq will launch nuclear weapons at innocent men, women, and children, until one of them lands on their dumb ass." -- Anonymous.
"you spaek of innocents dying. what of my people, who you infedels drop bomb on day nad night. what of suffering of my women and children? you so called innoncent americans deserve to die!" -- al mussafa.
"Typically the conversation has descended into complete rubbish. One side slanging the other, God, Allah, my way, your way, this way, that way. I'm right. You are wrong. Is there any hope when this is where discussion gets us? If, according to the somewhat unconvincing and most likely bogus al mussafa, Americans deserve to die, then surely by an extention of the same logic Americans may draw their own conclusion that innocent arabs deserve to die. This line of argument is obviously unfit fodder for even microbes. I'd like to know what the difference between an innocent arab and an innocent westerner is really constituted by, and in the unlikely event that someone can actually come up with something plausible, I'd like to know on what basis the validity of one over the other is maintained. If anyone mentions god or allah or even the devil I will be very unhappy. This is a very serious problem and it concerns everyone - and perhaps everthing - on the planet, so this descent into mere insults looks like a joke we can all cry at in the future. I don't think you exist al mussafa. Unfortunately I'm sure anonymous is all too real, ignorant - not his/her (but this kind of bile and vitriol is usually the mark of an accomplished man) fault I am certain, angry, misdirected and impotent. This kind of yelling will take us, as human beings, far into the future where all our children can be safe and happy." -- Fergus O'Ferguson.
"The difference between us and them, as you can obviously see is that they believe we should die, we on the other hand do not believe in killing their innocent men, women and children." -- Anonymous.
"You're a dumbass Anonymous, Fergus is right about that. You're doing this to suit your own political ends, and I know you gotta be one of the high-ups in the Republican party, just coming here to piss people off. The Arabs teach peace and love. And they show there message through their practices." -- Tim.
"Oh yea, you mean like blowing up buses, cafes, and high rise buildings. Gotcha. I've had enough of this. This is my final post in this review. I just hope the liberals on this board will be very sorry when they find themselves very wrong. Of course then it will be too damn late." -- Anonymous.
"I wonder if al mussafa and Anonymous are the same person? I wonder if Mike Schiller, Tim, and Fergus O'Ferguson are the same person? If you're reading this too Mr. Advisor do you know. Contact me if you do, I'm curious." -- Catherine P., Tolstoy, VT.
"Does it really matter Catherine? Each of these opinions by these "individuals" seems legitimate and honest and helps to further support each's cause. I think we should take it at face value. By the way I saw all the number count on this title so it made me want to take a look. I think it is a good piece of writing, though one-sided and partisan as the political gurus say, and keep in mind I'm voting Democratic tomorrow. And Catherine P. if you're reading this, I think you have the best work on the site, it is inspiring." -- Ashley Williams.
"I agree Ashley. But might I add that I am just me and not Mike or Tim." -- Fergus O'Ferguson.
"Mike Schiller is a weak imitation of the Tom Haydens, Abbie Hoffmans, Gore Vidals of another generation. Ignorance, vitriol, impotence, bile, as Fergus labels the words of conservative Republicans, is found in abundance in everything written by Schiller. This is not even good fiction. And you deserve each other, the rest of you little undereducated, uninformed, inexperienced fools, who call yourself liberals because it's hip and chic to be liberal - everybody knows that. Most of you never made enough money to afford a suit. But that's okay because we all know that only bad quys wear suits. Right? " -- Richard.
"So how do you make heads or tail out this. Will I hate war I guess your saying the millary makes people mential ill Jeffrey Dahmer was total insane. Sad part they waitted until he killed some people." -- Jeanette H.


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October 2002

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