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Well, Then Rise Up!
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Well, Then Rise Up!
For those who are looking for motivation, soul -searching, and reflection.
[475 words]
Victoria Tangan Ruiz
[July 2021]
Well, Then Rise Up!
Victoria Tangan Ruiz

Paint the world of moon with shades of the rainbow. Until the dust stop splitting like the heavy burden of tomorrow.

Then why do people still look on the horizons of bitter quip?

Life is faced with too many opposites. It is like living on a dead-end; picturing to what is future likened to. We often make things the smaller it is, the gem it can be. It is like prefering to live without the wand of a master only to adduce the reason behind and yes, it is too difficult to move by the jeer of epoch. It will be long forgotten if there�s a rainbow after the rain.

They say, �Behind the cloud, the sun still shines.� I got taken aback by this line. My world changes and laughter boom like the sun that shines on the eastern part of the world. The sparkling shadows of then sun reminds me of drowning myself with success, oppurtunities and letting me weigh the importance of things as they are. Life is taking both sides of the coin. But prefering to live with something challenging is keeping the preciousness of it.

Truly, life has two faces. The ups and the downs. I often hear this, �What am I to live now that my hopes are gone?� Some people tend to discourage themselves to accept things the way they are as if there can be no hope. Specially when there are failures, they tend not to see things on the brighter side of the view. They surrender and they quit. They reduce themselves into believing that there can be no tomorrow, no other chances, no oppurtunity. Yet, little do they know that things will soon turn out well for those who hope.

I once let go of my moon. And I too experienced living in the dark. Yet, I looked at things in a positive way. I stopped and searched. Then later, i found..that the way to the exit is rising up. For the road that follows symbolizes the path to righteousness, a way to success and lane to strength and faith. The fist of happiness is attained through standing firm and facing the many falls. It is the resolve to �rise up� that made many attain success, triumph, and victory in their lives. To go on and press onwards is a sure way to better days.

Therefore, life is like the sun. Now it shines then later it sets. Yet its rays are signs of illumination from the dim stub of pains and hardships. Life is preference of taking or not taking the road� to choose from a road often taken, the road less taken, and the road never taken. Whatever your choice is, you have your reasons. But at every failure of your walk along life�s road, never give up, never surrender. Rise up, go on and press onwards.


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July 2021

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