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Juleokin Syndrome: When Multiple Mental Illnesses Combine
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Juleokin Syndrome: When Multiple Mental Illnesses Combine
Juleokin Syndrome is a type of genetic patterns, whereby two or more mental illnesses combine to form a new mental illness.
[216 words]
Rev Joseph D Smith
Rev. Joseph D. Smith is a researcher, whose focus is on ending stigmas against mental illnesses, as he suffers from Schizoaffective Disorder and Psychotic Disorder, along with Asperger's Syndrome.
[December 2018]
[email protected]
Juleokin Syndrome: When Multiple Mental Illnesses Combine
Rev Joseph D Smith

For a lack of a better name, I coined the term, Juleokin Syndrome to mean a genetic pattern, in-which the sufferer inherits different mental illnesses; one from the mom and one from the dad. The two can and do combine to form a new, unknown disorder, much like how my dad has a family history of manic-depressive bipolar, and my mom came from a family of schizophrenics, so then I was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, which is even worse than either one by themselves! I have both symptoms of schizophrenia and bipolar, but it didn't become apparent until I was 10 years old, while I kept hallucinating!

My point is, mental disorders can and do combine to form a whole, new mental illness. And it's not just the new formation. Nooooo, not by farrrr! Perhaps you're known for being schizophrenic, but you later find out that you are also autistic? Imagine knowing for the first time that you were already diagnosed with autism, but everybody hid it from you most of your life! And now, you already knew you were schizophrenic. Wouldn't that be shocking?! You may not be schizophrenic after all! You are probably schizoaffective. Heck, you may even have fibromyalgia! Autism and fibromyalgia have been known to go together, thus what I call Juleokin Syndrome.


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