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I Am Special Because......
[1,478 words]
Saranekha Saravanan
[October 2018]
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I Am Special Because......
Saranekha Saravanan

�I am special because�..� that is something you might want to wonder. Who am I and why am I here, what do I do and where am I going, when am I leaving and how do I live, am I right? Well, don�t hesitate because Super Sara is here to help you unlock your true identity. Look at the mirror. Look at yourself; do you think you�re pretty? Well, I am pretty even though my friends call me a pig. You have to love yourself no matter what you look like. Even if your friends call you a bull. Remember to love how you look and don�t do some silly plastic surgery to change how you look. You have to forget it and continue your way of living and don�t depend on other�s to live. Many people are now stereotypes and don�t see what is the truth and what is their situation. You should never be a stereotype. Instead of judging, see other peoples� truth and situation before judging. It is like judging a book by its cover and that it WRONG! Next, what color do you like? Own up. If you are a boy and like pink, well that�s ok. I know people will always bully you if you like certain color, but, for me, that is ok for you to like the colors you love. We should follow our heart instead of following other peoples� heart. Many people have followed others instead of themselves so, it should stop. There is no right or wrong in choosing what you like at all. There is no such thing as boy color or girl color at all. Many people like to call it like that. I don�t know why. What are you good at? Like, which sport? Is it one sport or two sports? Well, I have two sports. It is badminton and basketball, I love them and they�re my favorite sports. I won bronze in the last tournament in my school. It was hard but I manage to win in the girls aged group. Out of five girls I won bronze and the next school tournament is on 7th of June and this time hope I win silver or gold. In basketball I rock. I am in the school team and I my school won a lot of schools before. I have a passion in both of these sports and never gave up on them at all. I know you have a talent or something you are very good at. It could be anything. Even drawing or coloring can be one. I am good at some stuff too, but nobody sees it. Not even my mum or dad at all. The only teacher that sees it is my math teacher and I love her. She is my favorite teacher but my most favorite of all is my last year teacher Miss Irene Soo. She is the best teacher of all and I can never forget her and all. My second one is Miss Elaine Yap. She is a good teacher and I love her a lot. Miss Elaine teaches me math, and math the subject which I am worst at and I can�t do it at all. My dad and mum always scold me because of my mathematics marks and I am scared to show them my marks all the time. I sometimes even think that I am stupid and shouldn�t exist but my math teacher told me to try and try and to never give up. I admire that teacher a lot and she is like my best friend even though I don�t have any friends at all. All my friends show interest at playing and jumping around. I am interested in going to the library or doing my homework. I also can whistle, but I don�t do that a lot and I love animals. I have 24 dogs and parrot. Three rabbits and 50 gold fish. Five hamsters and I am also asking for a horse, but my dad doesn�t allow me to have farm animals in the house so yeah. It is a big and a lot of responsibility to take care for all them but I am use to it. I get puppies every year and it is all thanks to my dogs. Which mate each other and birth out knew puppies and they are so cute. I can squeeze them but of course I can�t or that might count as animal abusing. I know it is hard work feeding them, cleaning them and a lot of things to do like give my dogs a walk. I know that I can cook dishes and the dishes taste great. I can cook eggs, sandwiches, pizza, chicken with ketchup and a lot more of dishes and my dad say that they all taste great. I love dumpling soup but I don�t know how to make that. I tried it once but it wasn�t cooked and it tasted like grass. My dad vomited and I felt sorry for him. I even tried to cook Wan Tan noodles but failed. It tasted so plain. I even added extra chicken but it still tasted very plain. I even tried baking cake but it ended up not cooked. I used expired flour to do that and it was all an accident. It was horrifying and I even added expired sprinkled which was bad. I wanted to cry and give up but I can�t. I need to try and I am going to it again and I hope it is a success and then I can bake one for my mum birthday which is on 16 of May. My birthday is on fifth of June and my younger brother�s birthday is on 1st of July but my dad is on 17th of January. I also know a lot about science and science is the only subject I have passion on. Other subjects are subject to me but science is like a magnet pulling me over to the textbook. If I failed a science test or science exam I am going to kill myself. Science is the core subject and you must pass that subject if not you will die. My parents will kill me if I fail science and I never did but I still have to continue to study even if I am an adult. I want to study and prove to my parents that I can be the best in the world. What I am trying to tell you is that there is always something inside you but that you can�t see it at all. I have a hidden talent and I don�t know what it is at all. I think it is folding my tongue and no one in my school can do that I can count that special. I am also good at writing and also good at giving idea. When it comes to fiction, my mind goes everywhere. It can give crazy ideas which sometimes are confusing. My teacher told me that I am good and listening but I don�t think so. My friends always say that I am brave and up for anything but it is not true but half it is true. I am kind of brave but not for everything. Walking into a graveyard is not for me. Jumping down from high diving board is a yes to me. I sometimes get praised for being brave. Deep down inside me I have a butterfly in my stomach waiting to do something wrong. Like scaring me or tickling me. I am afraid of exams and tests and stuff like that. But I know that it is something to prove whether I am sleeping in class or whether I am studying or not. I know that many of you are special in your own way and I am special in my own too. It is always good to be different and special. You should never follow others and should only follow your heart. Here is a quote I want to tell you �If it is wrong then it is wrong even though everyone is doing it. If is right then it is right even though only one person is doing it.� After that quote I hope you learnt lesson. Loving yourself no matter who you are, what you are, where you are, why you are, when you are and how you are. A right is a right and a wrong is a wrong no matter how many doing it. If it is wrong to steal then it is wrong. Even if half of the class is doing it. If saying good morning to your mum or dad is right. It is right even though one person the class is doing this so love yourself and hope to see you in my next essay. Bye, bye!


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