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Well, Shit
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Well, Shit
A rather... interesting essay on the worlds worst waste. Requires a unique state of mind to enjoy properly.
[1,020 words]
Crazy Clown
Proud founder and president of Crazy Clown Productions (c)
[October 2000]
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Well, Shit
Crazy Clown

     Uugh... Oh... Ow... Oomph... God, that is annoying. I strain and strain, and nothing is
produced from it. I sit here, wasting my muscles, wasting my time, wasting in general. And still nothing results from it. What's the point? Surely, man has evolved enough to forgo this particular effort. Certainly nobody wants to do it; it is forced upon us by nature's raw sense of humor. What else would force something as advanced and intelligent as man to waste so much on something so disgusting and unnecessary?
Oomph... Urg... Ahhh... That was my worst shit ever.
     It is so ridiculous to imagine that so much of man's resources are frittered away for such an idiotic purpose. Consider; we have bathrooms in practically every major meeting and definitely every living location. Think of the space that could be saved by eliminating such useless actions? Doesn't anybody else find it ridiculous that we, as a species, actually waste time, effort, and resources to make at least one room in every house, mall, or school dedicated to excreting bodily wastes? And the plumbing- every
flush uses at least one gallon of normally usable water that could easily be routed somewhere more needing. All of this adds up considering that there are, in average, 327 toilet flushes every second. There are places that are in drought that could use our crap water to nourish their crops and end up feeding ourselves in the process. A win-win situation. If only we could attain it!
     Worse: The average person spends up to five minutes just sitting on the john every setting. At the average four visits a day, seven days a week, fifty two weeks a year, eighty nine years an average lifetime... this adds up to 640800 minutes, or 10680 hours, or 445 days, or 1.236 years just sitting on the throne, dead time. Think of what you could do in your life with an extra year? That is a hell of a lot of time! Every day you get an extra 20 minutes! All just so you can read the newspaper? Horrible!
     Let us examine the root of the problem; we need to shit. Why? Cells, from the very beginning, needed to enter food and release wastes. Air exchange- easy. Breathing is actually a quite enjoyable experience, especially after not being able to for an extended time. Ion exchange? Unnoticeable; few people even know what it is, much less how it is done or allot time to it. Food intake? All of mankind, especially Americans, eat for fun, the enjoyment of eating, tasting, experiencing food. Who do you know really, truly, enjoys the time on the can except for the rest allowed by the wasting of time?
Even those who can relax and rest on the can are numbered. Hundreds of Americans alone suffer from digestive problems, diarrhea, constipation (as you may have noticed...) and other debilitating diseases that do nothing but annoy, taking advantage of the useless crapping time to inflict suffering. No other group of organs are quite so easily effected. Any wrong decision in food choice, and Bam! You are groaning on the stool for a week. Fruit salad? No long breaks from the bathroom for you. Cheesecake? Good luck getting off with less then a sore asshole. Oh, yeah, did I mention that such problems have been directly linked to increased usage of obscenities? Well, if I didn't, that is because it is not true, but it could be, don't you think? So do I.
     After naming the numerous, ridiculous, and obvious reasons why taking a shit is the worst waste of time since insane asylums, you might either be concerned for my sanity and bowel condition or looking for a proposed solution. Well, since the first questions are to be left for the bold of heart to decide (They're coming to take me away, ha ha! They're coming to take me away!), I will attempt to answer the latter. Ever since that famous sheep, Dolly, we have known that genetic reconstruction and manipulation
are reachable goals, up for the taking. Beyond sheep and extra large breasts (oops... how'd that get in there?), genetics might just be able to solve our problem.
     My proposal is to genetically construct in every newborn child a combination compactor/condenser and disposal unit. The result would be a tiny pellet of odorless,
space-saving crap ejected through a new opening in the neck or arm region, somewhere more accessible in compliance with today's style of clothing then the ass, which is, more often then not, fortunately, covered up. This could easily be disposed of in a more conventional method, such as chucking it at your local congressman. Yes, you may be thinking that this may seem a bit unusual, odd, or the completely insane ramblings of a mentally imbalanced person, and you would be right; it would be a bit unusual, at least at
first, until more and more of the obsolete waste of technology, resources, time, and effort, bathrooms, would be torn down and replaced with something far more useful, like, say, the noble and ever-so-useful closets.
Well, that is what I say. What do you think? Oh, yes, keep in mind that I am holding a genetic crap-compactor/ejector prototype to the back of your skull, and that the number for comments and questions is 1-800-IMA-FREAK. Thank you for your time, and please endorse my idea to your local garbagemen. Well, that's it. Good-bye now. Ok, go away. Shoo. Buzz off.
... Are you still here? What, are you stalking me or something? (laughs nervously). You are, aren't you? Well, aren't you?!?!?! Answer me, God dammit! Oh... I know... Yes it is all clear, now... You want to assassinate me for my ideas! You are from the Shitting Sect of Albania, aren't you? I knew it! Well, I'd die before giving you the secret ingredient! Yes! I'll do it! I really will! I- Pop! ...Thud.

"... In local news, today, a man committed suicide with a device that fired a projectile of
what appears to be compacted... um... excrement... On to other news..."

     Your humble servant who will one day overthrow you,
Crazy Clown



"Um... I don't know if I am supposed to review my own works or not, but I just read this thing over, and... well, damn, I must have been high on something when I wrote that." -- Crazy Clown.
"Crazy Clown-- that has got to be one of the funniest essays I have ever read!! You may not have meant for it to be so cool, but your style and voice just make it even better, not to mention your great timing for humor. Keep it up! Maybe you could write another one like this when you're sitting on the john. Crap crap and awaaaaay!!" -- Samantha Carter, USA.
"... I am speechless. As a new author, I am utterly speechless at the sight of my first true review. I can't say thank you enough. I know you may have just meant to congratulate me for making you laugh, but I want to congratulate you for encouraging me more than anything I could have ever done. Thank you!" -- Crazy Clown.
"Crazy, you give a whole new meaning to the word shit, Have you ever thought about being a comic. That was funny, funny, funny. Now whenever I go to the bathroom I will laugh, laugh, laugh. Keep it up, and God bless freedom of speech" -- Janae D. Anthony, Huntsville, Alabama.
"Aw, I love you guys. Thank you so very much for your generous reviews. This was my first work here, although "The Test" was really my first story, but this is the work I got the most positive response from. Thank you!" -- Crazy Clown.
"This guy is insane! who would think of such a thing as having your poop come out of your arm, why would you even want that? Crazy wrote a good essay but the choice of topic was a little shaky." -- Nick Gentles, Normal, IL, US.
"I really thought you essay was very funny. I never knew people spent all that time on the toilet. Keep up the good (funny) work." -- Ora S. Sawyer, Chicago, Illinois, USA.
"Crazy Clown~ This was one funny essay that you wrote. I don't think I have ever read an essay on shit. But I love your sense of humor that you use and you keep the story interesting and something that you want to keep reading because it is so funny. You should definetely be a comic of some sort. Keep up the good work." -- Paige Siemion.
"Your essay was very interesting! How did you get the idea to write about something so strange. It was written well and made the reader laugh. The next time I go to the bathroom I will probably think about your crazy little essay." -- Sarah.
"They love me, they really love me! Honestly, thank you all for the praise. I really like this story, as it was my first one published, and I hope you all do too. I am pleased to have made you laugh. Anyway, I got the idea from my Health teacher in 9th grade; when he asked us what the worst waste of time was, to get to know us, he imparted upon us that unique answer, and an essay was born from it after years of forgetfulness. I just like to write about stuff that was never written about before, or at least not popularly. Finally, I just think that that would be hilarious as hell if it were to go into action. Don't you think? Consider all of the advantages!" -- Crazy Clown.
"When I was younger, I didn't comprehend that eating was linked to pooping. I thought it was just something that you had to do. It was gross and it smelled kinda funny. Your Essay was extremely amusing and wonderful to read I never thought that reading about shit would enduce to much laughter. Poop has always been a gross subject, but you have made it into a topic of humor and that envoke further discussion. Bravo! " -- Lessa, Normal, IL.
"Uh, ya. Sounds good. Where do you get your grass? I want some!" -- hairball82.
"Heeheehee... I like poo... Heeheehee... Woah... Where the hell did that come from? Anyway, I am really happy to hear so many great reviews. I love hearing feedback, and I hope to release some more liturature soon. Oh, and I get all of my weed from my 9th grade Health teacher." -- Crazy Clown.
"Haha! You're hilarious. I love all your stuff" -- Wolfa.


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