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The Lost Generation
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The Lost Generation
A short essay.
[789 words]
Julia Riffle
[May 2000]
The Lost Generation
Julia Riffle

    Why is our generation fighting so hard? We fight so hard to find out who we are, all the while trying to buy up all the goods in America. What we own is what we are worth?
    Has it really become so important to have a popular name on our shirts than a reason to be alive? We have become a materialistic society of malls and online shopping. What turned our thinking to wanting riches instead of God?
    As a society, as the youth of America, can we drop the mindset of worthlessness? Do we have the strength to achieve, while giving all we have to others?
    The answers to these questions lie in our youth, the future generation. The lack of self-worth is an issue that youth have to contend with. It has come to my attention that most youth don’t think they can make a difference today. We have too small of a voice… Most of all we don’t have to foundation of faith to build on.
    Teens feel they have little or no hope of improving the status quo, let alone the future. The attitude lingers of “I am just a kid, what could I hope to do?”

    I look around and see youth in peril, in desperate need and search for their worth. All the while they ignore the fact that there is someone who loves them for exactly who they are. But how can we help our youth become comfortable with expressing their true self?
    This is our daily struggle as we search for the true meaning of being here. This is what we, your children, think about. So now you know.

    What can we, as friends and parents of these lost souls do about it? What if we could step away from ourselves? We could see what “I” and “We” could do. This is what God sees. He cries out to have us accept our calling in this world.
    What if we could get away from our looks and search deeper into ourselves? Into the realm of our heart to where our spirit dwells… The Father has made us for the way we are inside.
    Worth. It comes back to what we are worth. As a collective unit of young people, we need to discover our worth in the Kingdom of God. We, the future presidents, pastors, teachers and parents HAVE WORTH!
    With that in mind, now what? What do we do with our power? Do we sit back and let the world go on around us and complain when it doesn’t go our way? No! We need to take the offensive position of making the world better!
    No longer can we allow ourselves to be captives of the spirit of Fear, Hate and Anger. No longer can we allow ourselves to be judged and valued for the possessions we own, but for the strength of our character and purity of spirit.
    The possibility is out there. I have seen it happen and turn the lost into people who are hungry to live for a higher purpose. A higher calling is being realized by millions of youth, but there are more, so many more. There are so many that haven’t realized their purpose, so as the rising generation, we must take responsibility of saving these lost ones. We need to nurture them and speak out their worth. All of us.
    In the book “My Generation in Need of the Fire,” by Allison and Bethany Anderson, Bethany writes; “Whose death am I paying for, for my silence?”

    Well, we’re talking!

    We are in search of the truth, instead of becoming settled into the dangerous ground of the status quo. Watch out world! The youth of today are crying out for the truth. NO one can shut us down!
    Our eyes are being uncovered in massive numbers. We are living in a time of spiritual revolution. Join in!
    I now see clearly, seeing the hurt in our generation, all the way down to their soul. It doesn’t have to be that way.
    The conscious decision to feel that one has worth is a hard one these days. But the love shown from above is the most pure and unconditional. The funny thing is, youth spend so much time trying to earn worth from the world. God gives His love to all His children!

    We do have worth! We are worth so much that someone died for each one of us. Think about that! That someone is Jesus Christ, and God sent Him so that we may experience and feel how much worth we really have.
    Watch out world, the youth are rising again!



"Your essay is well written and I do not totally disagree with your thesis. But, the youth movement you suggest simply does not exist. You pose many questions but fail to adequately answer them for the reader. Consider that the youth movement of the 1960's has resulted in the parents of today. Now examine the youth of the 1950's with those of the current generation. Would you consider the youth movement of the 1960's, which has given us the childern of today, successful? If not, which would be a reasonable conclusion when looking at the position our youth are finding themselves, why would a current youth movement be the answer? Religion has a purpose but in a society that has come to label religious people "radical zealots" and values extreme "rights" as an alternative, I believe more than saying the youth will rise is required." -- Greg Olson, New York, NY.
"Hi, I liked your essay However, you should consider leaving out religious statments because not all American youth believs in Jesus Christ. Thus, the youth might feel that your essay is not very open-minded. " -- Alex, NY, NY, usa.
"I wrote this essay with the religious componant for a purpose. No, not all youth believe in CHrist, but sometimes I wonder if we all did, whether life would settle down. In lieu of the recent events, I am very proud to put this out into the world. The meaning is this, and only this... believe in something more than yourself, and you can make a difference. Julia" -- julia, Tigard, OR, USA.


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May 2000

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