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The Visitors
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Spider's Wonderful Garden
Galaxies Undiscovered

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The Visitors
The story is about a shy new born puppy, secure in his farm world, who makes a choice that teaches him bravery and to trust the kindness of strangers.
[1,199 words]
Sandra Pirnat
I live on Cape Cod and have an interest in writing both children and adult stories.
[July 2002]
The Visitors
Sandra Pirnat

Chasing each other the younger one pounced on top of the oldest one as they tumbled down the velvet soft hill. Half way down two others joined the fun rolling body over body all the way to the bottom. Getting up the four pups playfully yipped at each other “that was fun, let’s do it again” with tails wagging they scampered over to the barn when momma called “where are you, come get ready for lunch and the visitors.” Rounding the corner the puppies slid on the damp dirt floor almost striking the open barn door, catching his breathe pup asked “Who are the visitor’s mommy,”

“Son, the visitors are people that buy you when you around eight weeks old and then you go live with them.”

What did she mean, go live with someone else Pup thought as he trembled inside vowing to never leave her. “ But…but why mommy, I don’t want to leave you…..” he cried.

“Well, we are owned by the people that live here and they make our decisions for us.”

She touched his tears with her paw, knowing his pain. “I don’t like it either, there is nothing I can do. But don’t you worry your cute little head about it; it’ll be fine you’ll see.” Pup doubted that.

She picked up her puppies by the scruff of their neck lifting them over the board that separated the nest from the rest of the stall, leaving her oldest son for last. She licked his face then gently grabbed him and put him down in the boarded off area, hopping in after him She laid down on her side and the four bounced over each taking there usual spot on her tummy. Five weeks old, her babies were almost ready to be taken from her she mused. She’d miss them of course like the others, but most of all she would miss her oldest son. He looked so much like her. Of the four born in this litter pup was the only all black one, the two girls were buff and the other son was brown like his father. It broke her heart to give them away, but pup was special because he was so attached to her, not like his siblings. The others seemed to be very independent, but not pup, he always clung to her when he was scared. Their hunger sedated, the puppies crawled over to the corner and piled on top of each other ready for their afternoon nap.

An hour later pup and his siblings awoke, stretching their backs as one by one they stood up. Running around the puppies chased each other’s tails when momma cried “here they come now.” Pup slowly backed to the corner of the cage, willing the walls to swallow him up. He didn’t want to leave his momma, life was just not fair and he squeezed his eyes wishing he could hide until they left. Hearing the sound of voices and laughter approaching rapidly his brothers and sisters obeyed their mother’s order of putting on their cute puppy faces and hung ten over the edge of the board. Pup hung back cowering in the corner behind his mother’s legs. One by one his siblings were picked up by the visitors and his mother gently prodded him out from behind her as one kind lady wanted to hold him, but what he did next surprised everyone.

He took one look at the lady and at lightening speed jumped the board separating him from freedom. He headed for the great world beyond his farm, slowing down when he teetered on the edge, unsure of what to do next. He eyed the unfriendly trees as droplets of water hung from his loose tongue. When he heard voices calling his name his little legs took off like a shot, stopping when he didn’t hear them anymore. He took a look around him and realized that nothing seemed familiar. Panicked, pup’s throat constricted, shaking he attempted to suck in air making a wheezing sound. Turning slowly around on his overly-large paws pup felt big tears cling to his cheek as he let out a string of muted yip, yip, yip hoping to alert his mother of his whereabouts. Silence filled the air.

Feeling the cool autumn air around him pup’s teeth chattered, so under the nearest bush, he dug a hole exposing the warm dirt below and curled up in a tight ball letting the warmth soak his fur. Suddenly he felt the air above him move as the biggest bird he ever saw swooped down at him barely missing him with her beak “Get away from my babies” she cawed. Pups eyes widen and he opened his mouth, but nothing came out, the crow flew down next to him, seeing his new born status and asked “Where is your mom?”

“I don’t know. I ran away to hide from the visitors until they leave and….and….I’m lost.”

Feeling her motherly instincts stir the crow gently whispered “I’ll help you find her, don’t cry” as she wiped the tears from his eyes with her wing. “I’ll fly over head and you can follow me. Do you know which direction you came from?”

“Nooooo…” sobbed the pup.

“I know there is a farm over to the west, maybe we should start there.” The crow started to walk a few feet with pup then flapped her wings flying high above the trees watching her charge as he ran to keep up with his new found friend. Stumbling along the over grown path pup heard from a distance a sweet voice calling “puppy…puppy” as the kind woman stepped careful along the trail headed in the opposite direction. Spotting the woman from high above, the crow dived bombed, cawing “turn around…turn around.” Stopping dead in her tracks she pivoted to see what the ruckus was about and spotted a little ball of black fur running towards her. She squatted down and opened her arms to pick him up as the trembling pup leaped into them nestling his head into the crock of her neck feeling the warmth of her skin. His shiny eyes locked with the crow’s who had landed on the path, understanding his gratitude, she raised her wings in flight, dipping them as if to say your welcome and flew off high above the tree tops.

Snuggling deeper into the safe arms that carried him, pup kissed the face of the kind stranger as she stroked him, gently. Is this human love he wondered, hoping her could go home with her as the barn came into view. He knew his time there was short, she wanted him, he could tell. She gently put him down near his frantic mother, who raced over to pup licked his face then screamed at him “how could you do that, do you know how worried I was about you?” Pup glanced at his mother catching her eye. He wanted to tell her that he was ready to leave, and that he’d be loved and would be well taken care of, but the kind woman leaned over patted his head and said “I’ll see you in three weeks, Skamper.”


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July 2002

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