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Shmuel Yacobi 60 Words about the Author: Shmuel Yacobi MA philosophy writer and director is prayerfully looking to build a small Jewish community in a safe place by selling the 9 stories. He got talents to do other services in filmmaking. He wrote, directed and p... [August 2005]
Cristina Yacovone I am 8 years old. My sister is Alyssa Arteaga. My favorite band is Simple Plan. I also like to listen to Good Charlotte. My favorite food is pizza. I dont like my other 9 year old sister. She acts like a brat. [December 2003]
Vivek Yadav i am a student learning things about lfe and taking down notes and sharing them with every one. [May 2005]
Gift Yahaya - [October 2018]
Gift Yahaya - [October 2018]
Vyacheslav Yampolsky - [January 2003]
Masab Yaseen Srs is a singer [June 2015]
Ammar Yasir im songwriter.i write about differ sitautions and anyything thats comes in mind. [October 2009]
Chacky Yen - [August 2015]
Rachel Thian Yeng - [April 2001]
Joseph Yenkavitch Retired Teacher. Most writing has been articles, but have published some short stories, poems and essays. [June 2000]
John Yeohann just a basic guy writing basic poems about basically everything! [November 2007]
John J Yezman - [September 2002]
Yg younggoldie [February 2010]
Jqg Yibslog - [April 2009]
Nevermind You i kill [March 2011]
Erica Young I started writing songs and poems about 2 years ago, and I will admit, most of them sucked. After a while, I lost inspiration and had so much going on and just stopped writing. I have finally recently gotten back to writing, and at first, what inspir... [September 2010]
Iain Young Very few facts are known about the author and only one known photograph. Iain Young is rumoured to have been born in London, England in 1961, although this has not ever been independently verified. Records show that he spent his life there until his... [July 2012]
J A Young - [March 2001]
Jessica L Young I am 18 years old from Arkansas. I love the Lord with all my heart and hope one day to make it to heaven. I like to play the drums/piano/tambourine, and hope to one day have a band and go live. If you want you can email me... [November 2006]
Kathrine Young - [November 2005]
Pj Young 36 year old man from England [June 2015]
Younggoldie Younggoldie yg [January 2010]
Natasha Youngman From carmi, Illinois [November 2013]
Youngpilgrim - [April 2005]
Young - [June 2004]
Matthew Mark Your Rich http://pepsithieves.blogspot.com [August 2006]
Yuel Yuel Boyce Myself is Yuel Boyce. [September 2013]
Yufli ' - [August 2004]
Matthew Mark Gill Yummy Baby speaking his mind and being cute like always! http://matthewmark46410.tripod.com Compliments of Matthew Mark@ Gill Like it speak your mind Curious tell me who ya are thanks.. From Join Society Poem.. [February 2006]
Y - [November 2012]

There are 31 author entries under Y.

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