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Brittney R - [April 2010]
Rosalyn Ann R. Chenery I feel this is the mysticism of the common woman, strong, alluring, and beautiful, while still dark and mysterious. [February 2001]
R D Partee Just another old man with delusions of grandeur. [November 2005]
James R - [June 2008]
Lori R - [August 2008]
Madeline R I'm a teenager who enjoys writing stories (mostly humor) and poetry. [April 2006]
Bob M Ra - [June 2003]
Wuzan Raa Just a song [May 2007]
Elizabeth A Raap I'm a college Freshman, majoring in journalism with a possible minor in French. Creative writing is what I want to do eventually full-time, so any criticism is greatly appreciated! [November 1999]
Jennifers Rabbit Nope, you can have it. [December 2006]
Rachel - [June 2001]
Jim Radio - [February 2007]
Ciara Rae I'm 14, and I'm mad at the world and life for being such a bitch. life sucks, and no one really cares. 50% of the earth's population consists of backstabbing bitches. To sum it all up, I'm pretty much an emo person. [May 2007]
Jae Rae - [July 2007]
Rae Scars were her poison always ugly in day ripped her own heart out as if to say: sing not to me I care not at all I am who I'll be or I'll be not at all [May 2006]
Heather Ragan I am an 11 year old female. [October 2001]
Vijay Mohan Raghavan a nineteen year old guy from southern india... just experienced my first failure... have written quiet a few SSt .... first one to submit ova the net.... hope u like it [April 2005]
M L Rahal New to writing this is my first attempt at writing a short story all critiques welcomed. [October 2009]
Afreena Rahman I am a 17 year old newbee - any constructive criticism will be appreciated! [December 2004]
Fizza Rahman Rahman - [April 2006]
Heaven Rainer I adore writing... [December 2008]
Andreas Rainmaker - [March 2006]
Rainmaker - [February 2006]
Rajeevs Rajeev Me, who thinks can be a writer but yet grappling to free myself from the nascent form. [January 2007]
Rajita I do not believe in faces. For a face is a mask hiding the soul. A soul cannot be descibed. It can only be felt. [April 2002]
Rajol - [August 2011]
David Rama First time writer from South Africa. Only been writing for a few weeks, but loved every second so far. Any feedback would be helpful. [July 2001]
Subatra Raman Author is a gratuate with a B.A. (Hons)in English from University Malaya 1977.She taught English for several years mostly college students and young adults.Writes for pleasure.She lives with her family in Ipoh,Perak,Malaysia [May 2008]
Subatra Raman I was an English Language teacher for many years. I have written a set of of poems for children,some of which have been published in youth magazines some years back. I live in Ipoh , Malaysia, with my family. [May 2008]
Adel Ramirez Just a guy with a song. [January 2009]
Joshua B Ramirez - [January 2002]
Joseph Xavier Ramirez A young enthutiastic author [September 2006]
Jennifer Ramirez A 23 year old mother of two, simply jotting down whatever comes to mind from time to time. [July 2002]
Manuela Ramirez I am 14 years old, I was born in Cali, Colombia, on march 5, 1986. I like to play soccer and volleyboll, and I would love to publish this poem in this site to make people know what love is an what it can makes you feel. [April 2000]
Sebastian Ramirez I am 14. I live in Cali, Colombia, South America. I love to write and read. My favorite sport is soccer. [April 2000]
Jose Ramos i'm a skiny guy with brown hair (used to be black but you know the sun, burns things) anyways here is my first song writen hope you all like it [July 2010]
Kourtney Ramsauer - [April 2011]
Rimsha Ramzan Rana - [September 2009]
Alyssa Rangel - [May 2006]
Ravi Ranjan Just an upcoming author, trying to write something worth reading [January 2018]
Bollimuntha Venkata Ramana Rao -mail:[email protected] Name : BOLLIMUNTHA VENKATA RAMANA RAO Educational Qualifications: �h M.A.(Sociology), Nagarjuna University, Guntur. �h B.Ed;(Annamalai University),Chennai. �h P.G.Diploma in Journalism,Hyderabad. �h P.G.Diplo... [May 2002]
Sartaj Rap King sartaj rap king has a real name Ankit mishra. he is a rapper, lyricist, composer, singer, music producer and an actor too. [April 2016]
Rapadamus Rapadamus is the alter ego and rap brand for prolific lyricist Cedric McClester. [November 2008]
Cedric Rapadamus Rapadamus is the alter ego and rap brand of prolific lyricist Cedric McClester. [December 2007]
Rapadamus Rapadamus is the rap brand of prolific lyricist Cedric McClester. [September 2007]
Rapadamus Rapadamus is Cedric McClester's rap alter-ego. [December 2020]
Rapadamus Rapadamus is the rap brand and alter ego of prolific lyricist Cedric McClester. [February 2008]
Franklin Rapheal - [April 2005]
Franklin Rapheal Okeke just dribbbing on my jot book [November 2008]
RaposoN - [March 2001]
Rose Raposo I like to write.. [November 2003]
Andrew Allyn Rasmussen Andrew Allyn Rasmussen is born and from Rochester, Michigan. He is 15 years old, born on july 14, 1986. Andrew is nicknamed "RAZ", he is 6' tall, brown hair/eye, caucasian skin color, and very understanding. [March 2002]
Morgan T Rattray - [February 2016]
Mike Raudenbush - [May 2006]
Julissa Gayle Raven I'm using a talent I had since I was little. [December 2002]
Night Raven - [February 2007]
Rowen Ravera The auth[or] is a mute who is attempting to communicate by means of exageration and extremity. Although the author is known to suffer from a Grandiose Complex-X, this should be taken with a pinch of salt. [January 2002]
Remya Ravindran I am a physician who has a penchant for poetry, photography and philosophy. I take a daily dose of words to keep my passion for life alive. [April 2018]
Ateen Raw Raw indian,atindra sarma [April 2015]
Thomas M Ray In my day Job I am an Environmental Scientist. I hold BS and MS Degrees in Geology. I am also an artist and Writer. I have been writing Sci-Fi short stories since 1976. I have only recently begun to write screenplays. "100/10" is my third. I set... [February 2002]
Rayce Rayce - [October 2008]
Jennifer Nobile Raymond I'm a 27 year-old aspiring writer living and working in New York City. I have dreams of being paid to write (which is what I love), but right now I make a living as an advertising production manager. I would appreciate any and all comments regardin... [September 2000]
Ray - [June 2010]
Rckmusician - [November 2008]
Dawson Reaves - [January 2010]
Darrin Anthony Reay - [October 2012]
Darrin Reay - [September 2012]
Jeani Rector Jeani Rector grew up reading Stephen King novels. Halloween is her favorite holiday. Her two children sing �The Rector Family� to the tune of The Addams Family. It is all in good fun and actually, most people who know Jeani personally are of the opin... [July 2006]
Matthew Mark Gill Red Rum Murder, Suicide, and killing solve nothing just add to the pain. My story is deep and meaningful read it carefully.. [August 2006]
Ricardo W Redd WWW.MYSPACE.COM/RICARDOREDD [August 2007]
Ricardo Redd - [May 2007]
Redfish I'm a songwriter...I write some raps...some rock...some gospel even...but mainly our band just makes parodies. Yeah kind of like Weird Al. [February 2007]
Redzin Just a Writer [April 2009]
Nikki Reed - [August 2005]
Stephen A Reed New author. Have never submitted anything before. Curious about level of talent. [June 2010]
Reed Stuart A reclusive individual with no life but music. [November 2000]
Rachel Elaine Reeves I am a 26 year old from Texas. I am an office manager for a physician. My goal is to eventually publish a novel (at least one!). [December 1999]
T Regajed ..................................................... [November 2007]
Regardless Devon Victory Harry Devon Johnson is 28 years old, his birth day is 7-9-1983. He was born at Miami Valley Hospital In Dayton Ohio. Harry Devon Johnson, grew up in Trotwood Ohio Suburbs; Summit Square Apartment. Where He went to school @ Olive Hill Elementary : Tro... [June 2012]
Peter Rego - [March 2015]
Ammar Rehmani A journey about self-awareness [June 2012]
Charles Reid - [May 2013]
Naomi Reid I'm an 18 year old high school senior who just found a love of writing. Currently, I am attempting to start my first novel. It hasn't been going well so far. But one can only hope it gets better. [November 2001]
Yolanda Reid Writer---www.geocities.com/yareid2003/ [June 2005]
Rose Reitman Rose Reitman has survived 3 hellish years of highschool and is pushing for another. This is a rough world to discover yourelf in... tough times don't last, tough people do. ~God grant me the serenity, to accept the things I cannot change, the courage... [May 2006]
Mike Rembis - [April 2007]
Naya Renee I am a young African American female that is trying to seek a career as an author. I have been writing for about four years or so and I am very proud of my work. I am a student attending Norfolk State University with the major in Journalism. [February 2005]
Lotte Rennie 29, new to poetry, "giving it a go", [October 2005]
David Reo David Reo is a singer/songwriter/music producer with a fine catalog of songs released on many major on line music distributors. [February 2014]
Req - [January 2007]
Matthew Resendez I like to write stories in my spare time. Well I'm not in class. I really enjoy writing and telling others of my ideas and my imagination. [November 2006]
Amy Ressler This is a song i wrote about the one time love of my life and want to know if any singer wants to make it into a hit song. I want no credit [January 2010]
Ophir Restfulpeace - [September 2006]
Maria Mercedes Restrepo I am 13 years old, I like English, and everything that deals with greek mythology, I hate science and I do not like Geometry. I was born in Cali, Colombia in 1986. [April 2000]
Alex Reuille - [March 2006]
Reverend Dr Lance THE REVEREND DR. LANCE is an Ordained Minister and a Christian. His ministry is Light of Christ Internet Ministries. The practice of laying-on of hands (to include Reiki) is part of his religious ministry and spirituality. He is a world-renowned Spir... [September 2013]
Gary L Reynolds (Aka) Drtigger 48/M/US Living in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas and I enjoy writing as a passtime. [September 2004]
Graham Reynolds Park City Utah Student [January 2008]
Hildebrande K Reynolds I love writing for its own sake, whether I publish or not. To write gives me great pleasure; it is a wonderful sense of achievement if my work should give others pleasure too. [July 2000]
Jamie Reynolds Part-time writer seeking feedback. More writing at jafprrr.blogspot.com. [January 2008]
Larenda Kay Reynolds Female, 27 years old, married, mother of five. [February 2000]
Snazi Reynolds - [October 2008]
Laura Reznick - [May 2009]
Rhianna - [December 2006]
Rhi i love reading, I love animals, an I love writing. [January 2007]
Dustin Rhodes A young author from the North Carolina coast, he has had a passion for reading, writing and history since a small child. [November 2002]
Rocky Rhodes - [August 2004]
Sarah Ricard Writing is my passionate. I am based in the American Midwest, and write fiction and poetry, as well as freelance nonfiction. My poetry helps me to feel my way through the world. With my fiction, I'm experimenting with all kinds of genres. I just try ... [April 2015]
John William Rice Retired widower [August 2009]
Sean Rich An aspiring poet and author. the most wonderful and powerful form of communication.... the written word. Glad to share my thoughts. [May 2001]
Eric Richards I'm 22. I'm a grad student at the University of Florida. I play guitar and have been writing songs for the last 6 years. I recently have tried my hand at poetry and short stories. Any feedback is really appreciated. Thanks guys. :-) [August 2003]
T J Richards I'm a 22 year old woman in the process of travelling the world to see what I can see and do what I can do. I write my stories on trains, planes, subways, and resturants while seeing all the world has to offer. [July 2002]
Luke Richardson 20 years old from Seattle. First entry, didn't really write this for any reason, but after showing it to friends and family, I got a good response so I thought I'd share. [October 2009]
Richards N/A [November 2009]
Cody Ricker I am a teenager in high school who leads a somewhat average life. [April 2007]
Glendora Rider - [October 2004]
Nancy Rider - [September 2004]
Julia Riffle - [May 2000]
Ramona L Rigby Ramona L. Rigby is a thoughtful young woman trying to understand the world through song and beat. One of her pastimes is playing Clarinet in her high school band. She resides in Ohio. [September 2011]
J E T Riley - [September 2007]
Dream Rinsed Non-Conformist livin' in this thing called Life! [November 2011]
T J Rintoull PLEASE READ AND REVIEW MY WORKS! ------------------------------------------------- T J Rintoull, born 1983, currently residing on the Gold Coast in Australia, grew up in a combination of city housing, winnebago travelling and bush shacks, before ente... [May 2006]
Elena Rios - [January 2002]
Riot I write as often as I can make myself. Hopefully, it will lead me somewhere someday. [April 2007]
Susan Rippe - [May 2004]
Phoenix Rises - [May 2001]
T Ritchie - [May 2012]
Kristen Gail Diana Ritthaler 5"3, blue/green/silver eyes, love to write things and party. love sports. [December 2003]
Peter Rivendell Who me? Born in 1962. Wrote prolifically as a teenager, heavily influenced by books & the music of the time. Stopped writing for 20 years more or less. But started again... Some of the work here dates from the "early period" - 1979-1982. The rest is ... [December 2006]
Tom River I like LSD... a lot! [April 2002]
Ashley Rivera I'm a 19 year old attending junior college and working. Not really going away where in life but I am just fine with that. I live at home and enjoy writing to let my soul fly. [June 2001]
Federico Rivera Burrowes - [April 2000]
Illianna Jolie Rivera Hello my fellow readers! [January 2011]
John C Rivers I like to eat snacks in the trailer with the AC on cold and I keep a pitcher or kool aid near within reach of the couch. [June 2001]
Samuel Rivier Student. [July 2004]
Ali Rizvi Ali Rizvi will pick up or write-down any alien and random topic that comes to his mind. He will write a story whose literal meaning is a mystery to him. He will write it in a manner never intended or imagined by the reader, but he will write it never... [March 2005]
Becka Roach Becka currently resided in Tampa, FL. She is a 25 year old freelance writer who has a passion for the written word and the emotions that it can create in people. Her main passion in life is her activist work with young men and women in regards to tee... [May 2001]
Nicholas Robb Amateur writer looking for an outlet for his works. [July 2007]
Eli Robbins - [May 2005]
David Roberts Retired police forensic identification specialist, portrait photographer, photojournalist. http-//cuffsandcamera.hypermart.net. [December 1999]
Emma Roberts I'm only 14 and am considering having a future in writing. [July 2003]
Hamish Roberts - [April 2002]
John Roberts John Roberts is currently a freelance training Consultant and Director of JayrConsulting Ltd in the UK. Writing short stories for his grandchildren and miscellaneous poetry is considered as a stress relieving hobby. [July 2005]
Kelendria T Roberts the frist song i wrote [August 2011]
Lewis Roberts - [May 2011]
Corrina Robertson - [January 2010]
Sarah Robertson - [December 2007]
Adam Robinson Me [March 2007]
S A Robinson 44 Yr. old Male from Seattle, Wa. - Writer, musician, miscreant. Posting things that I write keeps me out of trouble. [January 2002]
Adam W Robison - [July 2009]
Emma Jean Robson i'm 14... turn 15 in December 2009.... i've been writing songs since i was in year 2 (am currently in year nine 2009) love music and poems and writing my iwn songs... music is my escape and writing songs is how i express myself.... xx [October 2009]
Eric Rock A standard person in life, with his own experiences and understandings of the world. [September 2013]
Rockfan Rockfan - [March 2009]
J. Rodegheri Professor de ingl�s. [August 2000]
Haley B Rodgers I am just your average fifteen year old girl. I have the ability to write more than any other. Writting is a passion of mine, from deep down. I am very active at my school and I do sports such as cheerleading and track. I am in some clubs and I love... [April 2009]
William Rodgers Upcoming writer who wishes feedback on his work. Sorry folks, thats all you get. [October 2001]
Amanda Rodriguez Me [November 2008]
Ashley Rodriguez My name is Ashley, I'm 17 years old, and I am a cheerleader. I currently have been living in Mexico but am a true American through and through. I love guys and great stories! [December 2004]
Isabella Rodriguez I'm a girl living in the united states who loves to write, especially songs [February 2011]
Tony R Rodriguez Tony Richard Rodriguez was born in Fremont, California on August 22, 1977. With a degree in Liberal Studies, he graduated from San Francisco State University in 2002. "The Disappearance and the Slow Awakening" is the title of his first novel. [October 2004]
Tomi Rodriguez - [March 2006]
Cr Rogers Sond [January 2009]
Derek Rogers - [October 2003]
Mo Rogers [April 2000]
Rosalie Rogers I am not a song-writer, I just needed a way to express my feelings but I do have a passion for music. [November 2009]
Whitney Sarah Rogers - [December 2004]
Sara Roggy I'm 13 years old and I've been writing poetry for about 3 years. All of it comes for life experiences [June 2003]
Ananya Rohini Indian female. My favorite quote: "LIFE IS NOT A HAVING OR A GETTING BUT A BEING AND A BECOMING" [August 2003]
Jack Roland Butter A pretty cool and crazy guy!!! [February 2004]
Jason Roland I am a 36yo african american male living in the united states after recently migrating from a university in Africa. My recent exposure to the American culture has led me to write these poems. [August 2006]
Jason Roland I am a student at Fullerton College in Orange County, California. I am a journalism major as well as an aspiring anthropologist. I am seeking to discover the hidden cultures of the mind and all the strange entanglements that link us all as human. [March 2002]
Alexandra Roldan I am 14 years old. I live in Cali, Colombia. [April 2000]
Ashleigh E Rolen - [February 2005]
Rollin Dope Ft Crol Rollin Dope Ft Crol codyanderson as crol9 james as rollin dope [December 2010]
Alex Romano Just a person who has been given the ability to write, whether it be songs or poetry. [January 2018]
Yana D Romoser - [April 2008]
Brian N Rosado Im 27 years old from tucson az, I started my interest in writing at a very young age. From poems to songs then to short stories.writing is something I enjoy and take very seriously.passionate in every aspect of writing, the creativity and uniqueness ... [May 2016]
Rosales - [February 2005]
Alexandra Rose - [January 2006]
Kelley Rose I'm a ten year old girl. I love to write stories a lot. I have an over one year old golden Retriever puppy called Olly. I love dogs. That's why I typed this story. You'll love it! [September 2001]
Leo Rose I am fourteen, I live in Perkinston, Mississippi 67 magnolia Dr. Zip code 39573 [April 2005]
Michael Allen Rosendo - [January 2003]
Rosenthal - [July 2006]
A J Ross tryin to get some of my thoughts out to others to see if they can relate. This is one of hundreds ive jotted. [October 2006]
Ted Ross - [March 2013]
Ellen Rosser Ecumenical writer/peace activist [May 2010]
Reagan Rothe I consider my writing to be a younger, new style of writing that I created through reading Hitchcock, Puzo, and King, that emphasizes heavily on certain parts and lightly on other events comparitive to David Lynch's films. [February 2004]
Nicky Rothschild I live in Pheonix, Arizona and out going type of a person. So far, my intrests in for a carrer are either music or interior desgining; or if I am lucky acting. I love to dance and will mainly dance to any song that has a great beat to it. I listen to... [September 2006]
Andrew L Rouse Rouse Just thought I start writing music to see how I can do [September 2015]
Emma Jane Rowley - [February 2013]
Mike Rox He hates when people sing to usic [August 2005]
Roxanne Kendrick Avid European football fan who loves Juventus, Real Madrid, Italy, Spain, Holland, Alex Del Piero and Raul Gonzalez (and other things included) [May 2001]
Arindam Roy Bio info: Arindam roy Date of birth : 22 / 10 / 1986 Sex : male Father :Dr . Ranjit kumar roy Mother : Laxmi roy Address : B - 4 / 242, kalyani , nadia , west bengal .pin : 74123... [February 2013]
Aaron P Royer - [June 2008]
Aaron P Royer - [June 2008]
Rube - [December 2013]
Norman A Rubin Correspondent (Israel) for the Continental News Service writing under the headline "Dateline - Middle East". Free-lance writer for the past sixteen years writing on various subjects - Near East culture and crafts, archaeology, history and politics; r... [August 2003]
Adarsh N R Rudresh Hi this is Adarsh n r from bangalore..currently working as private employee in a MNC. [March 2018]
Kriti Ruia - [May 2012]
Victoria Tangan Ruiz PEN. PASSION. PURE INTENTIONS. [July 2021]
Kierstin Kelsi Runkel Martens - [February 2017]
Hank Runkle - [May 2014]
Klangman Rupert I'm gay and enjoy interaction with monkeys and Michael Jackson. [March 2003]
Claytone Rush Retired Senior Veteran - served internationally [March 2015]
Naadira Rushing - [March 2011]
Naadira Shante Rushing My name is Naadira rushing and I am a 17yr old high school student from Newark, New Jersey. I enjoy reading books and writing poetry in my spare time. [April 2000]
Arianna Miranda Russel Nehrig - [February 2016]
Lexi P Russell i really hope someone will enjoy these inspirational lyrics :) [May 2008]
Leah Russell I am excited to share that I will finally be a camp counselor this summer. I've (sub)consciously waited for this for four years. [May 2005]
Gino Russo - [April 2007]
Rusty - [June 2005]
Jane Ruth i love to write songs and sing for fun...it is due to extreme pressure from family and friends.....that I come to share my words with you...i truly hope you can feel some of them...warm love and hugs...jane ruth x.x.x [April 2005]
Martin Rutley Twenty-six years old, live and work in London, England. Have been writing poetry for several years, and have gradually become more interested in a more experimental approach. [August 2000]
B G Ryan - [July 2020]
Bg Ryan - [September 2006]
Tim D Ryan - [August 2004]
J Rychwa -Amateur writer. Not a huge passion for this particular piece, just responding to an exercise in a book by a very popular author--who, subsequently, became so overwhelmend with responses that he no longer accepts submissions--so I figured I would ap... [February 2006]
Ben Rymer - [June 2002]
Logan De Ryphez Young and depresssed [September 2009]
Ryuichi Minamino - [November 2009]
Rzemieniecki - [January 2007]
Mechae Ines Reyes Teacher III at DepEd Manila-Emilio Jacnto Elem. School [September 2022]

There are 223 author entries under R.

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