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Ally K - [February 2005]
Kc K I want to be a singer. A solo artist. And nothing more. I can sing my little heart out. [July 2007]
K M - [January 2009]
Vishal K A loving heart ... [February 2009]
Nijee Unique Kaashif - [November 2015]
Bradley Kabbash Mr. Kabbash is a work at home Investment Banker whos passion is writing. [September 2004]
Kabbash Retired Investment Banker who wrote while travelling [September 2007]
Usama Aa Kadri For description please visit: www.isound.com/usama_kadri www.sonicbids.com/UsamaKadri79 [February 2006]
Jenny W Kadwit - [May 2010]
Isador Kaeven Isador Kaeven is a young teenage writer, who hopes to be the author of several book titles someday soon. She also likes to write songs occasionally too, so along with a few shortstories one may find a few songs too. Most of her songs, and work are ab... [July 2006]
Kain Hates to write, but does it anyway. [January 2006]
Brady Kalt - [May 2007]
Bill Kamen - [December 2017]
Kamen - [June 2012]
Charles F Kane - [August 2006]
Jeff T Kane Jeff T. Kane is a young writer who lives in Queens with his wife and son Clark who has Down's Syndrome. He has published various comics including "Aidsner Sanders" and "Two Tone Cat" and he now writes short stories. [March 2004]
Kobi Kannibel - [August 2011]
Marjorie Kanter Ms. Kanter brings to her creative writing her extensive experience as a Bilingual Speech and Language Pathologist, Intercultural Consultant and Trainer, and her experiences and introspections while living in different cultures. She holds degrees fro... [June 2005]
Rahul Kapadiya None [June 2012]
Sovan Kapuria I AM SOVAN FROM INDIA.I AM AN ENGG. STUDENT OF 4TH YR. [November 2008]
Animesh Kar - [September 2005]
Pranai Karal Worldwide data entry operator needed.Work from the comfort of your home as a full time operator.Get paid twice a month through check or direct bank transfer. [September 2006]
Mahbubul (Sohel) Karim - [July 2001]
Tarek Karkoutly I am a senior creative writing major at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. I am plannig to attend film school as a graduate degree. [April 2007]
John Karl Short story writer with great appreciation for Ellen, Ernest, Kurt, and... Micro-Fiction. [September 2001]
Kristen Karlson My name is Kristen Karlson, I am a 17 year old Australian and i love to write. email me to chat at [email protected] [April 2006]
Alexandra C Karones - [May 2005]
Mark Karpinka Mark Karpinka was born March 23, 1972 in Edmonton, Alberta. He was graduated from the University of Alberta with a degree in Psychology. [January 2001]
Marie Karr A Journalism major in the Philippines, had been writing for four years, aspiring author and editor of local publications [April 2004]
S Karrode - [March 2001]
Kartashyan - [March 2012]
Kitty Kat - [January 2007]
Katfancy Slyfox1 [December 2009]
Katherine Marin - [February 2001]
Katmandoo someone who is really pissed off [April 2008]
Katrina - [November 2008]
Faster Katt Swedish band Faster Katt [February 2012]
Peyton Katz - [January 2012]
Terry Kaufman Born and raised in Los Angeles, California. After earning a BA in Human Development at California State University, Long Beach, I moved to Paris, France in order to marry a lovely Parisian. A proud father of two vivacious girls, I currently teach En... [April 2006]
Sarah M Kaul - [January 2005]
De Kaya De Autumn - [March 2016]
Jina Kaye I am an artist living in NYC...most of my writing is for performance/spoken word, so keep that in mind as you read my work. [April 2009]
Kclb College student [April 2010]
Jaye S Kea - [July 2010]
J. Michael Kearney I've been a firefighter in the South Bronx for the past fourteen years. I hold a M.S.Ed from L.I.U. and had worked with the handicapped before I became a firefighter. I've written mainly non-fiction articles for a number of local newspapers and small... [February 2000]
Vicky Kearney I'm a 17 year old student who aspires to be a writer of many sorts. At the moment I'm still experimenting with different Genres and have still to find a catogry which I excell at most. I have also written a novel, which I will type up and submit at... [June 2000]
Madeline Maddy Marie Keene - [September 2009]
Geneva Keith Novice Songwriter [March 2009]
Hamish J Keith The author has been living and working in Asia for ten of his thirty-something years. He has penned a series of guide books for a local publisher - Asia Horizons - and has recently taken up writing short stories. [April 2000]
Matt R Kellaher I'm 19 years old and live in Florida. [July 2006]
Travis Kelland - [December 2006]
Lexie J Kelly - [March 2017]
Matthew Kelly - [September 2007]
Robert Kelly - [August 2007]
Richard Kelly Richard Kelly has a Ph.D in clinical psychology. He has been a university professor and has worked in psychiatric facilities in the U. S., Canada, New Zealand and Australia. He divides his time between a home in rural Indiana and a beach house in F... [October 2009]
Emma A L Kelsall Me: Emma, a girl, living in a foreign country (I'm English but I've always lived in France), speaking two languages, often happy; I love reading, music, writing, drawing. I plan to be a psychologist. [June 2009]
Sahiya Luthien Kelsick Me and my sister randomly made up this entire song on our way to the airport, because we were passing a bunch of farm land. And I said, "Hey, we should go bankrupt buying all of this land!" And Luthien (my sister) said, "That sounds like a country so... [January 2010]
Bne Kelso - [June 2008]
Kelvin Gaz Kelvin Gaz - [September 2013]
G Kemp occasional poet [April 2004]
Jessica Kennedy young and venting out in a symbolical way [October 2010]
Harvey Kennett Wallace (We are Legion) [November 2007]
Bruce Kennington Bruce Kennington is a Mississippi high school student with absolutely no writing experience except the odd English assignment. [January 2006]
Kevin Kenny - [October 2000]
Kenny Mya - [September 2015]
Tyla B D D Kenzie - [September 2005]
Kingsley Keo Simple and straight.Shooting from the heart. [August 2016]
Irimina Keri - [February 2015]
Brandon Kerner - [July 2011]
Ryan Kerr Ryan Kerr, im 16 and live in Australia [April 2005]
Kate Kerrison I have been writing on and off for years. I hope you enjoy it [February 2007]
Bekki Kershaw - [May 2008]
Johnathan Kesler I work at McDonald's and while I work I think of songs randomly throughout the work day. [August 2010]
Kessler - [December 2009]
Rachel Kewin - [August 2000]
Johan Keylay - [November 2006]
Marina Khalil - [November 2008]
Asif Khan A university lecturer in English literature;having reading and writing as the chief sources of inspiration and consolation. [October 2001]
Farhan Khan Kisi talab ke kinare ek lomdi rehti thi us talab me ek kachua bhi rehta tha ek din un dono ki dosti ho gayi aur woh dono talab ke kinare baith kar bat chit kar rahe the ki ek sher waha aaya dono apni ghar ki aur jaan bachakar bhag rahe the lomdi apne... [February 2018]
Muhammad Nasrullah Khan Muhammad Nasrullah Khan sent this story from Pakistan. He says: "I live in a country where people are afraid of life. Their sleep has lost dreams. I want to reawaken their oppressed dreams; I want to share their woes; I want to share the suffer... [August 2001]
Nida Khan - [October 2002]
Reema Parwaiz Khan About Me? You ask.... I'm a sixteen-year-old girl going on seventeen, with a brain stuck high in the stars, and a head full of dreams, Poetry is what I do best (I think): it comes naturally to me...through it I write about how all things to me seem... [December 2005]
Samir Khan ...............samir&ayesha............... [December 2017]
Samir Khan (producer-by:akash......:directed.by-vinod......written-by:samir&ayesha.. [December 2017]
Samir Khan Hume tumse kuch kehna hai...tere hi paas ab mujhe rehna hai..paya jo tujhko sukoon hai ye..tu jo mujhme yu samaya hai...dil to ye mera..ab tera hua hai..(x2).tu jo mili ho ehsas hai ye hai..mausam bhi to kuch khash hai ye..dil to ye mera ab tera hua ... [December 2017]
Waleed Khan - [January 2013]
Zunaira Khan - [October 2012]
Shaz Khd shazkhd [March 2005]
Bhavna Khemlani Teacher and Author from Thailand. Love to write. I see the world as an upbeat source where there is so much to share. Published three fiction novels. My website: www.bhavzparadise.com , Twitter: Bhavzparadise [April 2013]
Shahid Kherro - [May 2002]
Khushi - [July 2003]
Khuu I am a teenage boy who loves and enjoys singing and being a lyricist and author in my school yr. [January 2015]
Kid Mercury kid mercury is an Indian-American novelist and songwriter currently residing in New York City. More information about him can be obtained at his web site, www.kidmercury.net. [April 2005]
Ian Kidd In twenty-two years, Ian Kidd has written over 130 short stories and novellas, including the sci-fi comedy series "Doctor Trek", his autobiographical comedy 'Bludger' series, the spoof soap opera 'Wickersley Comprehensive School' series, as well as s... [May 2009]
Steph Kidd hey. im steph kidd. 14 years old. i live in kentucky. um...i love to write music and play guitar. music is like...my life...my only goal in life is for people to hear it...IF you would like to hear any of my songs just email me or u can go to www.mys... [June 2005]
Stephen S Kilbourne My name is Stephen Kilbourne. Uhh well that's about it. [April 2006]
Hannibal Kildare - [March 2007]
Justin Kile High School student who enjoys writing about love and life. [November 2001]
Andy Kim - [February 2005]
Krista R Kimball - [November 2008]
Kimball - [February 2007]
G S Kimbro High School Student, 18. [August 2001]
John D. Kimbrough - [June 2001]
Kimberly Vequizo Braulio Kimkim i originally composed this song. i love to write .. [March 2012]
Drakeman Robert Kincaide Drakeman Robert Kincaide has a unique way of tapping his creative reserves: his dreams are hauntingly real. He has only begun to strip-mine the surface; perhaps what lies below, in the deepest shadows of the most primitive part of the brain, are best... [October 2002]
Bryan King I'm 14 [June 2005]
Diamond King - [December 2002]
Gazza King Gazza King has sold dozens of short stories to Australian magazines, and the screenplay 'Zappy' was a quarter finalist in 'The Big Australian International Screenwriting Contest, 2004' [March 2005]
Simon King Frustrated Storyteller Seeks Salvation From Mind-Numbing Day-Job! [March 2002]
Tom King - [July 2003]
Trey King - [December 2009]
Victoria King Victoria King is 6' 7" and blindingly beautiful. She has worked extensively as a director on Greek TV (kind of like Mexican TV only not as good). She has written twelve movie scripts for the local market. Five of them have received development gran... [February 2000]
Kaitlin Kingdon - [October 2006]
Sidney Kinney I am writing this poem to reveal my true feeling about my first real love. [December 2005]
Bk Kinsel I'm a kid who loves to write, so here it is. [September 2006]
Allington Kinsley I've written a few inspirational books and cookbooks, but was surprised to see this sad-looking teen at the park. I'd seen this website in her poetry book. Abbie, I hope you're the same little girl! [July 2004]
Jeremym Kipp - [May 2006]
Thomas Kirchenheiter - [November 2003]
Nand Kishore This is my first story [December 2003]
Kurt Kitasaki - [December 2005]
S M Kivela I'm a young, creative writer just wanting some honest feedback. Love to talk and meet people, also love humour! Will edit your work, definitely. I love reading new things by aspiring authors such as myself :) [January 2010]
Wajiha Kk i am 14 yrs old asian girl.i am basically an indian but a mixture...i usually work on death-curse,fiction-press and fanfiction.it's my first work on this website.i like reading,skating and writing stories o'course.anyone's got ideas?suggestion?or com... [February 2005]
H Klecel - [August 2006]
Sarah Kletz Hundreds of people with there bags and suit cases rushed around a short Melanie Marzo. Some were tall , skinny, fat, round, and any other shape and size you could imagine. She stood on the cobble stone side walk next to a light post in a sea o... [November 2008]
Kevin Kling Kevin Kling is an American commentator for National Public Radio and acclaimed storyteller. Kevin Kling grew up in Osseo, Minnesota and graduated from Gustavus Adolphus College in 1979 with a B. A. in Theatre. He built his reputation in the Twin Cit... [February 2012]
C Klink - [March 2002]
Colleen Klose - [November 2002]
Oksana Klym Lyricist, looking for talented composers/musicians who can give a beat to the lyrics. No boundaries attached! Looking forward to your reviews! P.S. Writing lyrics is a therapy for me � whenever I�m sad, I write and it consoles me, whenever I�m broke... [June 2010]
Kathrine Knickrehm I am a college student now and I am majoring in communications. Hopefully someday I can reah more people with my thoughts and ideas about life, and help people build a more meaningful lifestyle. I enjoy wakeboarding, surfing, rock climbing, and any ... [December 2004]
Aurora Knight I'm fifteen years old, and I enjoy writing mostly fantasy genres. [July 2002]
Stephen C Knight me [February 2009]
Shinning Knight - [March 2005]
Kimberly Nicole Knipper I'm sixteen and this is the first song I have ever written. I don't have that much experience. [February 2009]
Barrener Knit-Onto - [November 2010]
Mojalefa Reddy Veejay Knoxman - [May 2014]
Shiloh A Knudsen I'm 17 and this song was written by myself and my best friend Ashli Fairbank. [July 2009]
Kobra - [October 2007]
Matthew Mark Gill Kodak Moment Hey see the real picture and get a life! [May 2006]
Yevgeniy Kogosov - [August 2007]
R C Kohl Long time musician, first time author. [November 2012]
Audrey Kohout - [May 2007]
Angel's Love Korak The author is an Electronics and Instrumentation-Engineering student and hail from Kolkata, India.It was 1st of January 2000 when this poem was written.The author was in standard XII then. The author says "it was perhaps the excitement of a new mille... [January 2004]
Matt Kornatz - [April 2009]
Richard Koss Richard Koss, other titles [November 2001]
Jonathon Koudelka I am 14 and am a student at the Potters School. [April 2006]
Kournikova - [December 2005]
Danielle Kov - [May 2014]
Yana Kovynenko I am a young author who uses word to express past memories and future hopes. I have a huge thirst for knowledge and traveling. The world is an open book, and those who dont travel only read the first page. [August 2012]
Sophie Kowalsky - [October 2010]
Kp - [September 2011]
Georgia Kraff I'm a freelancer currently living in North Carolina. Prior to relocating, I wrote a book review column for "Southeast Florida Lifestyles" [March 2001]
John Kraft John is a writer living and working in San Francisco, deep within the belly of the California Beast. He cleans up real nice and, if you invite him over, he promises to behave himself. [January 2002]
Katherine E Krahl i am an aspiring author/poet... please reveiw my work...thank you [February 2005]
Paul B Kramer - [May 2008]
Jostlin N Krause - [July 2006]
Violet E Krause - [March 2014]
Steven R. Kravsow I have been writing for the past 10 years. I have written short stories, essays, Op-Ed pieces, magazine length articles, and 3 novels entitled, "The Acorn Academy," "Boneman," and "Puppet Boy." I am presently at work on my 4th novel entitled, "Square... [February 2000]
Elena Kravtsova A university teacher finds her real satisfaction in associating with different people calling them TRUE PEOPLE,and wants them being known by means of her stories... [January 2008]
Beata A Krawiecka A Polish born Mexican from Chiuhaha. [December 2010]
Kreo - [March 2010]
Kate Kreutzer-Spath I am a hard working woman, who loves to read and write. I have many stories in my head, but no courage to let others read them, until now. I feel I have found an outlet. I hope I can get some good constructive criticism of my work. Thank you. [May 2000]
Tay Krew (A. Muir, J. Gibson, S.C. Manning) [November 2012]
Anuradha Krishna Anuradha Krishna grew up in India and experienced the diverse yet vibrant cultures of North and South India. She also widely travelled across the North America and Europe, took keen interest in culture and religion which broadened her thinking and ho... [December 2012]
Pramod Krishna - [April 2015]
Kronaj - [April 2007]
Krupska Miranda Krupay is a 19 year old brat from the other side of the world. She exists not only in the world wide web but also in the peaceful island of Mindanao. She loves to deal with the paradoxes of life and accepts every hard and light moment as natural as r... [June 2006]
Mike Krywanio - [April 2006]
Kevin Ksg over 40 and loving life, life goes on within you and without you..remember that... [February 2011]
Samar Kshitiz - [January 2018]
Philip Kuchar I'm a 24 year old male, and recently received a BA in philosophy, which is why not so surprisingly I'm currently (and hopefully temporarily) a construction worker. [February 2000]
Neeraj Kumar - [October 2008]
Pankaj Kumar I write poems and songs on situations and demands.If someone interested can contact me. [October 2010]
Ravi Kumar Bro B.Heart is a western music artist [December 2016]
KumarR - [March 2001]
Vishnu Kumar Kumar i am vishnu kumar from jhalawar (raj.) ! now i am during to my graduation ! my much more interest in about lyrisist than else! [April 2019]
Adam Kunde Adam Kunde: I'm a 20 year old aspiring lyricist, and have been writing song lyrics for only a few months now. This is one I'm most proud of. I write about any and all genre's, and think I'm capable of writing a lyric about almost anything. I hope you... [June 2012]
Anubhav Kushwaha I am what I am, a shadow, a ghost from dark, Silence across the wall, the sound that makes a mark - A fickle figment of imagination of a mind caught off-guard. "Across The Wall" is all about a mind's travels beyond the seen world. [November 2005]
Pankaj Kwatra I m 18m Ludhiana..doing BCA in PCTE (BAddowal)College. [August 2008]
Yasen Kyanov - [August 2002]
James Kay
Belkis Kambach
Michel Khan
Tara Kirwan
Richard Koss
Raihan A Khan

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