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D G at a keyboard [October 2008]
Jacob A G A writer..... [December 2008]
Jessica G I am a 15 year old and enjoy reading, swimming(on a team), playing tennis, and hanging out with friends. [May 2006]
G-Marl Jamal - [October 2012]
G N - [April 2005]
Pat G'Orge-Walker Christian comedian, Pat G'Orge-Walker, author and creator of new genre of fiction - Gospel Comedy. In 1997, she set the literary community ablaze with her witty, laugh out loud, in your face comedy. G'Orge-Walker was also a member of the legendary g... [June 2000]
G S Vasu Kumar G S Vasu Kumar I have been writing short stories and poems since 1984. I am from India. [February 2006]
Steph G - [January 2005]
Kathryn J Gabrielle My name is Kathryn Gabrielle and I live in Allentown, PA. I have been writing since I was very young and I keep up my creative writing each and every day. I write on two online sites to practice my writing skills. I have one poem published called, "S... [March 2003]
Alexander Gachikus I�m from Russia. I represent Russian Party of Bolsheviks, which we found. [June 2010]
Lady Gaga - [April 2012]
Elizabeth Gage - [December 2003]
Leland Gaines - [March 2011]
B Galindo I am 24 year old female living in Miami, Fl. Born in Colombia, raised in Boston. I just started writing a few months ago to get some tension out, I haven't stopped since. I have always been more into art, but found this as a new form of being creativ... [December 2003]
Caitlin Gallacher-Turner Caitlin is a freshman at PSU. She is eighteen years old and has been writing her entire life. She loves reading science fiction novels and enjoys writing in the same genre for fun. [June 2002]
Rosa Lee Gallimore - [November 2006]
Joe Gallivan An IT manager in a UK Financial Services company. Enjoys, reading and jogging. [November 2000]
Galloway My singing name is Melodi, also my nickname because thinks I can sing really good. These are the lyrics to he second song I wrote [April 2010]
Gabriel Galvez - [July 2011]
John D Galyon Jr - [April 2002]
Justin Gar - [August 2010]
Aden Garccia Nothin really [March 2012]
Angel Garcia - [May 2014]
Adriana Garcia - [April 2000]
Juan Garcia Hi, Im Juan 40 years old. I live in Central Texas and I work as a Newspaper distributor. I enjoy competition billiards. [March 2013]
Marcela Garcia - [April 2000]
Patricia Garcia I am 13 years old. I live in Cali, Colombia, South America. I attend Bolivar School. And I am in the eigth grade. I love to write and to take pictures. My favorite sports are tennis and soccer. [April 2000]
Walter Garcia - [December 2008]
David Gardiner 53-year-old former Belfast schoolteacher, satellite TV techie, Utopian dreamer, traveler, armchair anarchist, keen amateur diver, now working in the field of mental health. Living with partner and adopted 19-year-old daughter in London, UK. One publi... [April 2012]
Jade Star Gardner The song for retards. [March 2012]
S J Gardner - [August 2011]
David C Garland Aged 75 -- presently writing third novel. Background in journalism, television. [February 2010]
John Garlinghouse - [November 2011]
Louise Garrett College sophomore, interested in becoming professional writer. Lot's of different projects, loves writing the most. [October 1999]
Bobby Gary 25 yo male who spends his time fighting for his country...A real american hero.. [April 2007]
Kelseym Garyberry Yo my name is kelsey u know im just here lettin all here some of my work u know if thers a place for reviews I want good or bad if its bad definitly do it cause im tryin to get better so just holla at me -yes sir- [February 2007]
Catrina E Garza - [April 2008]
Janeth Garza - [December 2003]
Luanne Gasilla - [May 2008]
Zach Gasior I am a Michigan lawyer, with a passion for writing. My short stories have been published around the world in The School Magazine, Bumples E-Magazine, and Imagination Cafe. I have written and published two books for the company American Master Produ... [June 2014]
Addison Gast Veteran of 42 years service in the Naval Air Transport service. A flight engineer with Air America and now retired in California. Loves flying space-A (no-cost military free travel for retired) and writing action adventure. Author of Lost in Laos, ... [November 1999]
Brenda Gate B.J. GATE, aka Brenda J. Roper Terzian, screenwriter, actress, songwriter, book author, artist [April 2010]
Benjamin Gates Benjamin Gates "Mariposa" writes creative rock songs about nature and the human condition. He also really enjoys cheese noodles. [February 2014]
Seth Gates 'Sup, I'm Seth Gates, And i wrote this song to a special person that i couldn't speak to yet. [January 2013]
Giovanni Gaurino Italian/American who wrote this true song inspired by my brother. RIP VITO [February 2008]
Melissa A Gauthier - [August 2008]
Roland E Gauthier - [August 2011]
Philomena D Gavod I am a young, artistic girl from Canada. I write, but also sew, draw, paint, design and sing. You know those people that are crazy artistic and therefore cannot understand logical or mathematical things? That's me. Please feel free to browse my work... [January 2009]
Valerie J Gawron I have a PhD from the University of Illinois and three masters degrees from New York State Schools. I have over 250 technical publications including one book, Human Performance Measures Handbook. I love to travel and have visited 69 countries of the... [April 2004]
Valerie Gawron An avid reader and writer of two previous short stories. [December 2006]
Oswy Gayle A alternative rock artist with a fusion of pop sound. An eclectic sound, very different with an international appeal. An author, motivational speaker, poet and one who beleives in the power of self to rise above ones circumstances and transforming s... [July 2016]
Carlee Gaylor A song that I wrote. [December 2008]
Alan T Geake I live in Scotland with my family and work as a freelance writer. I have written poetry since I was a child but have never seriously attempted publications because of the personal nature of poetry and my tendency at times to inhibit the exploration... [September 2002]
Geech - [November 2002]
Melanie Geeregat I am a 15 year old living in Manitoba. That's all I can really say about myself. [April 2005]
Marissa Gelardo - [February 2005]
Gelardo - [April 2006]
Lee Gemma Waldron - [May 2010]
Barcode Generator www.barcodegenerator.net is award winning and most famous company website that delivers high quality Barcode maker software to accomplish customer�s need at reasonable prices. [February 2013]
Genesis Just me writing on a whim. I write songs or a local band and Id like to see how my work would be accepted by different people. Thanks for reading. [December 1999]
Gene Gennady - [July 2005]
Anslem B Gentle - [February 2007]
Troynae George A songwriter for all kind of songs. [May 2015]
Francois Gersbach I just like to write up small collections of feelings into a single context of sentences, fuelled by past experiences, and current events. [November 2009]
B M Gerstenblith - [October 2002]
Matthew Mark Gill Get A Job http://matthewmark46410.tripod.com Paying back the people you owe.. [January 2006]
Dorothy Getchell I am a new writer, picked up a pen just a few years ago. [January 2000]
Ggg - [December 2011]
Chitrali Ghatak WRITEN BY CHITRALI GHATAK [May 2014]
Hazli Ghazali These are my short story. Hopefully you'll have a look at it, considering them for a publication. I'm a student of English Language and Literature in one of the local university in Malaysia called "International Islamic University Malaysia". I ave so... [February 2004]
GhazvehA - [March 2001]
Cristache Gheorghiu Cristache Gheorghiu is born in Brasov, Romania, in 1937. He is graduated from �Gh. Asachi� Technical University of Iasi, with a master degree in Computing Science. Working as a computer programmer in the Territorial Computing Centre of Brasov, he has... [January 2006]
Ghorpade Umeshkumar Like to study human nature and promote human values [October 2014]
Ghorpade Umesh like to study human nature and write to promote human values [October 2014]
S K V Ghost - [October 2008]
Ivano Joseph Gianni - [March 2018]
Hannah Gianotti - [June 2009]
Lou Giattino Lou Giattino graduated from SUNY Maritime College. He served in Merchant Marine and U.S. Navy. Career as an engineer in the defense industry. [June 2008]
Ambrose Gibbs Young looking. [October 2019]
Luke Giddins Ok I spose [May 2005]
Connor Gideon i live in park city [January 2007]
Gigno - [November 2013]
Kristina Gilbert - [October 2013]
Steven Gilbreath I am a gradute of the University of Missouri - Kansas City in both creative writing and multimedia. Currently I run my own film & multimedia business in the Orlando area and work on my novels and short stories in my spare time. My hope is to one da... [June 2005]
Matthew Mark Gill Gill Bring It http://artistceo.tripod.com [August 2006]
Gill - [August 2012]
Matthew Mark Gill Crying Eh http://myspace.com/matthewmarktalent [October 2006]
Matthew Gill Fashion http://myspace.com/matthewmarktalent Come be a friend all.. learn entertainment secrets [September 2006]
Matthew Gill Homerun man your easy to beat.. [September 2006]
Matthew Mark Gill Lawyer Shack http://MatthewMark46410.tripod.com Great marketing. [September 2006]
Matthew Mark Gill I own a .com and I am a professional Poet and songwriter. Looking to sell some of my songs and poems. I am dedicated to my craft. [November 2005]
Matthew Mark Gill Think What Ya Wish Regret all the stuff you have done and said. [September 2006]
Matthew Mark Gill With God All Things Are Possiable I love your writing.. [October 2006]
Ruth Gillis Ruth is a retired Administrative Assistant, a mother and a grandmother. She writes mostly poetry and has had numerous poems published in various Small Press publications. Occasionally, she writes articles and short stories. [April 2000]
Gill Bread [May 2009]
J Gilmour 35, Male, UK, First steps [January 2006]
Ally Girl - [December 2009]
Giroux - [August 2007]
Wesley Githens - [May 2006]
Matthew Mark Gill Give Me A Push The lesson of cheating and not being faithful is deep and stays in ones head forever.. [January 2006]
G�rard Leblou Gl I am from Paris, France Pardon my lack of english intellect. [December 2008]
Alvin Gladstone From India, Pune. [April 2006]
Charmaine L. Glass Author of over a dozen short stories for young adults. In addition to writing, enjoys computers and reading. Studying for a degree in Information Technology. Submits work infrequently to various magazine markets. [December 1999]
Spencer Glassford - [July 2012]
R S Gleeson not a song writer at all. Just a drunk. [October 2006]
Martin Glenpool Brilliant, blonde. [May 2003]
Glitterberry - [December 2010]
Jayme Lynne Gloria March 12, 2007, 10:51 am [March 2007]
Kortney Goble Just a small town girl hoping to get recognized [May 2007]
Matthew Mark Gill God Is Awesome A man finds his way through the life he needs to live, and get's home to his beliefs.. With God we are never Lost! [March 2006]
David Godden David Godden is 39 and lives in Geneva, Switzerland where he struggles to make a living and write at the same time. He wishes one day to be able to sit down and write a novel, but then don't we all? For the time being he is content ot write short st... [February 2001]
Georgina Jennifer Godden this is a song written by me ( Georgina Jennifer Godden ) hope you all enjoy my lyrics as much as i enjoy writing them ... feedback would be much appreciated thank you [November 2012]
Hannah Godfrey I am 11, so don't expect my song to be great... [July 2009]
Jamie Goetz Jamie Goetz is a 19 year old sophomore at University of Maryland Baltimore County. Most of his writings are short stories from the horror genre. [June 2007]
Judith Goff Dark imagination, things that slither in the night, the dark side of existence ... Fascinating. I imagine, I write, I dream ... [February 2003]
Tony Goff - [February 2012]
Elvis D Goins 5'11 black long hair 25, and love writing [April 2010]
Brett Goldberg - [November 2006]
Bobby Golden A SMILE SAYS SO MUCH TO THE HEART. [July 2007]
Arf Goldie - [January 2009]
Sam Goldman teen chasing there dream [February 2011]
Shaun Michael Goldsmith - [October 1999]
Shaun Goldsmith - [May 2004]
Gomathy This is my first story..comments welcome.. [May 2006]
Stephanie Gomez - [April 2000]
Angela Gonsalves - [March 2008]
Anabelle Gonzales Anabelle is an artist and a writer. Check out her website at www.artworksbyanabelle.co.cc [September 2011]
Jorge L Gonzalez I'm 14 and I love music. [July 2010]
Maria Antonia Gonzalez She lives in Cali, Colombia and is fourteen years old. [April 2000]
Ian Goodall I am a person who likes to write stories about different worlds. I love reading and writing, especially Sci-Fi and Fantasy. I love learning about different worlds that don't really exist. [May 2003]
Steven Goodrich Born in the city raised in the city and living life to the fullest. I like to write in my free time and encourage others to do the same. [November 2009]
Kaitlyn Goodwine Kaitlyn Goodwine is a Senior at Eaton High School. She is very passioante about volleyball, family, and freinds. She also loves kids and is going to study to become an Elementary School teacher. [December 2007]
Goosebumps Goosebumps - [November 2013]
Ann Gordon - [June 2007]
Ms Gina Marie Gordon Ms Gina Marie Gordon ( Lyrics) Wayne Edwards (Original Melody) David Baretto ( Music and Producer) publishing Who Is It ? Records & Db HEARD publishing. Album Photo- Gina Marie Gordon, with permissions from Elizabeth Easler, [February 2012]
Shani Gordon - [March 2012]
Tim Gorichanaz A student at Hartford Union High School in southeastern Wisconsin; enjoys reading, writing, and drawing. [January 2005]
John G Gorman Undiscovered writer at www.artandmind.com John has recently published "Worth A Hug" at www.MWPJournal.net. Former Journalist at the Queens Ledger and the Glendale Register. This summer in Prague he will start writing his second novel. [April 2001]
Muhammad Umer Gorsi Author is the student of Bachelors of Information Technology(hons)at BIIT,University of Arid Agriculture,Rawalpindi,Pakistan.he had his prior studies from a renowned Cadet Colllege of country. He has always been inclined towards arts,creativity and c... [February 2003]
Ive Gotstigas - [November 2009]
Elizabeth Anastasia Gotstigass - [November 2009]
Brandon Gottman none. [May 2009]
Michael Goulish Michael Goulish is not a fictional character. He is a science fiction writer living in the Republic of Ann Arbor, masquerading as a programmer and sometime machine vision researcher. He does, in fact, live near a graveyard which also happens to be ... [November 1999]
Alec Gourley Irish,29, and a lricist for anybody who wants to amke music to these [March 2009]
Rosalyn Ann Gover This is what is left of a motherless child. This is a loving dedication to a mother who is lost, by a child who is lost. [September 2002]
Sreenivasa Murthy Govindaraju Retired Bank officer. Written more than one hundred short stories in vernacular magazines in India and two anthologies were published. Visited length and breadth of India and also Malaysia, Singapore and United States and spent quite some time in Las... [July 2001]
Tammi Goyns A simple minded yet deep teenager trying to find her way too, nah just kidding, I'm fun loving and full of jokes! I love writing and hope that people can identify with it! [October 2002]
Christopher Grady - [July 2001]
GrahamCP - [March 2001]
Cari Graham After much bugging by friends, family and co-workers I finally caved and took the big step to submit some of my work. I write little short stories that reflect life during good times and bad. Hopefully you will enjoy! [February 2012]
Jamar Graham - [February 2008]
Grandsummon - [March 2007]
Chris Grant - [May 2008]
Jenine Marie Graschuk A Mom with a passion for poetry... [April 2000]
Sharon J Grata - [February 2001]
Sharon Grata Married, mother of two, who just writes for the fun of it. [April 2001]
Toby Grated 70 years old retired geophysicist. [November 2016]
Barry Gray Born 1953, Canada. Teacher, musician, caregiver. [November 1999]
Sinead C Gray i'm 15 and i've always been intrested in music. I love to write songs and music. I play piano, guitar and drums. [January 2009]
Richard Grayson Richard Grayson, other titles [March 2000]
Matthew Mark Gill Great Life The government job of our dreams and he's living it! Making the world a better place! [January 2006]
Camille Green - [April 2007]
Moya Green - [April 2002]
Nick Green Nick Green lives near London, England. He earns a living of sorts as a marketing copywriter, but amazingly found the time to complete a novel, Cat Kin, which is out now. [December 2005]
Terrance A Green - [September 2011]
Tony Green I am a new writer who loves to write movies, as well as watching them. [October 2001]
Joe Greenthumb Creative writing student at ohio state university. [March 2000]
Tyler E Greenwood My name is Tyler Greenwood, I was born and raised in the southern part of Montana. I began writing as a venting mechanism for the difficult situations that not only I but many others have to deal with in their day to day lives. If my lyrics can help ... [May 2012]
Jeremiah J Greer - [September 2015]
Enter The Gregor I enjoy writing, but don't consider myself serious enough to keep my thoughts in a book. Anyway, life changes, and so does art. I'm 25 and live in Omaha, NE. I'm really a cheerful, happy person, although my writing would cause most doctors to pres... [May 2001]
Paul Simon Gregory I am a 31 year old married father of one who had been writing for many years but have only just got a PC so am trying to get feedback on samples of my work as I would love to have my novel "Pop is Dead" published someone when it is completed. [September 2004]
Logan Greyy I'm 13 and I like to write and sing songs? [July 2006]
Sylvia Grgas Sylvia Grgas -I write simply because I love to write, I write travel articles and song lyrics http://www.myjennarose.com/lyrics.html http://www.sylvias-island-dreams.com [March 2006]
Jacob Gries Jacob is growing up in Katy, Texas, he is five foot tall, and he has blue eyes with light-brown hair. He began to write in 2007 from an inspiration from his grandmother's novel, Before You Miss Me. He also hopes to continue writing, finishing thousa... [July 2007]
Jake Gries His brownish blonde hair only reaches the top of his forhead, his gray and blue, and green eyes change constantly, he lives a normal life of art, writing, and reading, he is..... to be continued. [February 2008]
April Griffin April Griffin resides in Edmonton Canada with her children. She is currantly taking Fine Arts at Grant MacEwan College. www.aprilgriffin.com [May 2012]
Emory L Griffin - [January 2009]
Larry D. Griffin Larry D. Griffin lives in Dyersburg, Tennessee. [October 1999]
Saskia Griffith Poetry is my life. I yearn it, breathe it and searches for it each day. I am however, being stagnated by publishing through rejection or their high publication fees. My only wish in life is to be the best poet I can be and to open my own publishing c... [January 2017]
Juanita Grillo Diez I am a 14 year old girl. I live with my parents and my brother in a big house. I love my friends and spending time with them. My favorite sport is soccer and I work out all the time. [April 2000]
Bradley Grimes Lives in Pennsylvania. [September 2005]
Brandon Grimmett 6'1", blonde hair, greenish blue eyes, plays the drums and guitar.. [December 2005]
Jj Grinvalds I am a senior in high school and I enjoy writing short stories, especially suspense. [May 2006]
Ana (Kennedy) Grip I am a regulatory church goer with my family. im young and am very into my life. Singing, Dancing, and writing the songs i dance and sing to are so great! [April 2009]
Penny Groh Full-time college student and wife and mother. [July 2003]
Robert Gronewold - [July 2007]
Simon Grubb 32 year old australian [April 2008]
Grace Gruendel - [May 2011]
Randy Guess I'm a slowly but surely aging hippie, about 44 years in the race, living in NW Houston and near Lake Conroe, and missing the Mountains; writing a novel and poetry and short stories and searching for a cure for writer's block which I think may be a ge... [November 2000]
Cassidy Guethe Begining author [November 2005]
Adina G Guidry ADINA GUIDRY 1716 JADE AVE # C BATON ROUGE, LA 70810 [July 2010]
A R A Guitarhawk 17 year old dude [October 2008]
Arlene Gunn An American storyteller and poetess with an unamerican sensibility and poetic imagination. [July 2001]
Amit Gupta 1977 born, Amit Gupta is sub-editor of Dainik Bhaskar, Chandigarh. He has written five books including three of them on childern and a novel in Hindi "Apna Apna Akash" and a play "Tottee Kariya". He has written hundreds of articles that have appeared... [October 2001]
Deepak Gupta A 33 year old MBA from XLRI, Jamshedpur. A Delhi middle class upbringing. A person who likes to dream of an India unleashed and as beautiful sa it should be. [February 2007]
Saurabh Gupta Upon completion of my Bachelor's from IIT-Kharagpur, India in 2000 I went to Texas A&M University, USA for my Master's. Currently, I am employed in India. Two of my recent publications are: 1. "Freedom as seen in America", appearance forthcoming ... [June 2005]
H E Gurlitt - [April 2000]
Robert Guskind Robert Guskind is an award-winning reporter and globe-trotting adventurer who is currently at work on a book about his travels and tribulations. He is a regular contributor at www.cherrybleeds.com and www.undergroundvoices.com. [February 2004]
GutierrezJ - [March 2001]
David Guy - [January 2013]
Hippy Guy i go to tmis [September 2008]
Child Guyana from guyana [October 2008]
Guyp 19 year old seeking some degree of human kindness, in whatever measures that are available... [February 2009]
G - [November 2013]
Corey Goldberg
Dawn Garland
Zachary Glass
Richard Grayson

There are 210 author entries under G.

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