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A M R F - [September 2015]
F J Gordon - [March 2001]
K. F. - [March 2000]
Barry Stevens Faeden - [September 2006]
Adesola John Fagbemi - [December 2004]
Fahim - [March 2011]
William M Faitel I am 17, and I have taken life blindly throughout my short lifetime. I never feel like I truly fit into anything. I am in search of true happiness, but I am far from it. I am not depressed, but I feel that my differences in oppinions and ideas lea... [February 2000]
William Faitel I am 20, and I am a somewhat happy man. [July 2003]
Rebekah Faith Rebekah Faith, author of �Picking up the Pieces� is the founder of RecessionFighters.org -a grass roots movement to band together to fight the recession, one project, one day, one transaction at a time. You can find samples of her other literary w... [August 2008]
Martin Faithless I live in england. And write. The rest is merely detail. Enjoy. [February 2002]
Falconcraft Raised in Texas, grew up alone, moving from family at the age of 16, yet continuing on through highschool. Marines in 1969, many different jobs throughout life, returned to college at the age of 43 to get an AAS in Drafting. Loved and lost, married... [June 2003]
Bj Fall Most of my poetry is of love vs hate situations eitherway they are both happy and yet sad in a depressed sort of way as it is the only feeling I can really express myself with poetry... [August 2001]
Penkup Family We're Ambassadors Of Goodwill... [March 2005]
Alishia A Farfaglia - [October 2006]
Aa Farfaglia waiting for love [October 2006]
R T Farris - [April 2006]
Mike L Fatal Exit i have a ton of lyrics i may post some here and there depending on feedback and demand. i will post the year the song was actually written as well. all of my posts (unless otherwise noted) are written by and propery of Fatal Exit (2004-2011) [September 2011]
Liz Erjavec K Fate I'm a young American getting my degree at a British University. I love reading, writing, movies, and going out. I'm looking for other young writers like myself to read and review stories together. [June 2002]
Galvin Faulks A very cutting edge focused, imaginative author who brings fantasy to life. [March 2006]
Mungo Faust - [June 2004]
Thomas Ta Arthur Favory - [November 2006]
Miss Fay juz a girl who enjoying her life to the fullest~~~ [May 2010]
Jeff Fazzalore - [December 2002]
D Fd Just wrote song... [January 2008]
Sean Fedrau - [August 2012]
Alayande Usman Feelma ALAYANDE USMAN. [June 2010]
Omar Fehimovic I am 42 years old from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. I have written some plays, lyrics and stories for movies. [July 2013]
Ben Feidt - [July 2011]
Patrick Fell - [February 2009]
Robert A Ferguson Poetry for the sullen. [December 2007]
Joshua Fernandes Song Writing A Hobby [October 2014]
Jamie Fernandez 20, female, college student/procrastinator [November 2005]
Stephanie M Fernandez - [July 2008]
Richard Ferrell searching, wondering child of the universe. I like to think, read, write, walk, and pray. [May 2006]
Kaitlin D Fest 17 year old female- swimmer. [April 2005]
Joel Ficelle - [April 2009]
Fiedler - [July 2007]
Fika J Just your average 20-year-old college student somewhere in Southeast Asia. [February 2012]
Michael Finch - [May 2010]
Leonie Findlay A young songwriter just starting out [July 2009]
Miranda M Findlay i wrote this, please dont steal it or rephrase it. [June 2010]
Jessie Finn As with any other poetic author, my poetry comes naturally for me. I just get a pen and a piece of paper out and start writing. I may not be as dark as some of the writers I know, but I still get my point across. [June 2002]
Earl Finzel - [September 2007]
Kat Fiore - [November 2008]
Neil D First Generation - [April 2010]
Josh And Nicole Fish 'n' Frog .... well. one smells good and one smells... not so good. [July 2002]
Susan T Fisher - [February 2004]
Tom M Fisher hmmmm, yeaaaaa [March 2006]
James C Fitzgerald Umm...I am sixteen years old from Rittman, Ohio. [December 2004]
Rebecca (Becca) Fitzgerald - [June 2000]
Micah Flack - [November 2015]
Randall Flagg I am a novice screenwriter, and this is my first script. [April 2001]
Brendan Flanery I'm an amateur writer who has never been published. Writing and drawing have been lifelong hobbies that I've shared with friends and family, but I'm curious for reactions from people who don't know me. [December 2003]
Elizabeth K Flannery An 8th grader.. Lol [May 2006]
T Flash I love horror, thriller and mystery so beware, you're in for a scare. [January 2017]
Laura Fleeger I am a 17 year old high school student currently enrolled in creative writing, which is where most of my writing comes from. I hope you enjoy and please feel free to comment. [April 2005]
Nicholas M Fleischmann I am a poet and rookie comedy writer, very much oriented towards direct participation in web-based message boards. I am interested in using this medium as a means of stimulating thoughts and ideas for myself and others who participate. I also write... [June 2003]
Flipanmc Been a while since I've posted anything. Didn't realize that the author description is erased when you do. All of my poems are pretty much sad love poems. I have a couple of lighter ones on here from high school. Another year, another heartbreak, s... [January 2011]
Justine Bishop Flippantkzn I love writing. It makes me feel alive. Just hoping someone sees my talent :-) [April 2009]
Elizabeth Flores - [December 2005]
Woody Floria I am a 50 years old business man residing in Beaumont, Texas. I am widowed with a 28 year old son, and eleven cats. I have a strong interest in all things paranormal, and I am a member of MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network. [June 2008]
Chris Flynn - [October 2003]
Robert Flynn - [October 2001]
Scott Flynn I am just your average guy who heard the chorus of this song in my dreams, and woke up and had to write out something. It could be worked on a little. [June 2009]
Erasmus Flynt - [February 2004]
Fmk - [March 2011]
Folau - [October 2009]
Beth Foley - [November 2002]
Julie Fonda Ms. Fonda has been writing short stories and articles for the past eight years, and her work has appeared in several online publications, including Haute Mama Magazine, This Month Magazine, The Pow Wow Paper, Quietpoly Writers� Magazine, The Daily To... [June 2007]
Kurt Fondriest The author is an art therapist. Has been puiblished in art journals and health journals More recent publication is in The american Journal of art Therapy "STRETCHING A PAINTING'S TRUTH' spring 2003. he is a male living with tis painful , chronic ... [May 2003]
Kari Fontenault I am a nineth grade student taking an English 9 class with The Potters School. [March 2006]
Gary Foote - [June 2013]
Jade T Force Never really submitted anything before, hope you like my work and would appreciate any feedback you have for me [March 2012]
Caleb C C F Ford strong brave rude [May 2008]
Katie Ford - [November 2006]
Tyler A Ford - [April 2012]
Rahul Forever - [February 2006]
Paul V. Fornatar After forty years of teaching school, I thought I would spend my retirement years writing. I've published five books, two novels, a teaching memoir, and two anthologies of short stories. Also tucked away in my drawer are 8 more novels, and 325 short ... [March 2000]
Charly Forney Charly Forney is a pen name for Piper Davenport, who is a recovering writer. The last time she checked, she had a bachelor's degree in English from the University of Michigan-Dearborn. A self-proclaimed turtle, she dreams of becoming stranger over ti... [November 2009]
Shaz Forry - [June 2012]
Vianne-Marie Fortier Sixteen. Growing up too fast. Poetry in motion, verses flying past her on the highway. And she breathes in the air. She can smell the perfume of decaying unpublished literature. To her, it reminds her of home And the Pennsylvania sunshine. [June 2004]
David Duane Fortner - [June 2001]
Anne F Fosburg My name is Anne, I love to read and write and live in Park City, Utah. I love to ski, snowboard and skate ski. My favorite authors are Jodi Picoult, and Joyce Carol Oates. [September 2008]
Donna R Foster I am 35 years old and have two wonderful sons Jerry and Matthew. I work part-time as a Private Investigator I love to learn new thing's about life and people, etc... I love to write... For it allows me to dig deep within myself, where I can be honest... [April 2001]
Mike Foster I am Mike Foster and am in eighth grade. My story has been admired by many adults. I have never published anything, but I am confident in my work. [May 2006]
Francois Fouche Francois Fouche is an aspiring poet and self-confessed lasagne junkie. An ordinary Joe of simple pleasures, his favourite hobbies are late-night chats with his beloved, and wife, over a bottle of Sangiovese di Romagna and the bedtime conversation ses... [September 2006]
Stan A Fowler I was born in the Northeast of England in 1953 and I've recently married my fiance in America. I'm an artist favouring realism and a prolific writer of short stories, or novelettes more like. Although I've sold many paintings and drawings, I have nev... [March 2002]
Sean Fowler - [May 2006]
Christine Fox - [January 2006]
Monique Nicole Fox - [April 2000]
Rik Framan ^^ [March 2010]
Erika Francesca An ordinary girl In a superordinary world With lots of unordinary skills..haha ^^ Dun mind 2 drop sum revs..wkwk ^^ [September 2008]
Francesca - [September 2008]
Celene Francis - [March 2010]
David W Francis - [March 2009]
Isobel Francis - [April 2006]
P J Francis Just an aspiring horror writer from the UK [August 2004]
Elvira Frankenheim - [November 2011]
Danielle Franks I'm a writer who has been writing since i was ten. [February 2008]
Eri Fransiska expressing feelings spontaneously is a must [November 2009]
Ambif Frantzich 16 years-old an aspiring artist and writer a musician a performer [July 2006]
John Frazee John Frazee 260 A High Point Court Boynton Beach, FL 33435 (561)732-3118 [email protected] www.frazeefinearts.com John Frazee resides in Boynton Beach, FL, USA (temporarily) I also reside under the impression, that like the infinite numbe... [July 2012]
Teresa Ann Frazee Teresa Ann Frazee 260 High Point Ct. A Boynton Beach, Fl .33435 (561) 732-3... [July 2012]
Howard Freedman I write for a hobby. I have had two articles published but no short stories yet. [April 2000]
Freelancer What can I say? I'm just another lowly writer who escapes into the worlds I create to escape (or describe) the squalors of this one. I like James Bond, astronomy, martial arts, and eighties cartoons. Feel free to write to me with comments and sugg... [October 2002]
Clara Freeman Classy, sassy, midlife mother, nurse, songwriter,poet/freelance author. [October 2006]
Jacob Freer - [February 2013]
Emily Freeth - [August 2009]
Lily Freiberg - [September 2017]
French - [April 2008]
Andrew French - [February 2002]
French French - [April 2007]
French - [February 2007]
Louise Friedman Louise Friedman, other titles [November 1999]
Susan Friedman - [May 2005]
Freedom Fries - [June 2003]
Karra Fritson I am 18 and from the NE. I have lost people in my life just like everyone else, but I thought I would write about someone who lost their true love. [December 2005]
Carl Anthony Frost Related to the abortion of my child. [March 2007]
Jack Frost - [September 2004]
Todd Fry sharemylyrics.com is a place to find more great artists.look me up leave a comment. [January 2008]
Finding Saturday Fs - [April 2005]
Randy W Fuchs Ii - [May 2011]
Karina Fuentes Let's make a list, shall we? Name: I ain't telling ya. But you can call me kaz if you must insist. Age: am finally turning 15 this October! Nationality: Chinese-Filipino [no comment on this one, though] The bitchiest people to have ever crossed my ... [June 2004]
Danielle Melissa Hannah Fuller I have been writing plays for a while now. This is first time, however, that I have submitted one online. I hope to have my play performed at one point in time. Any feedback is appreciated. [May 2003]
Katie Fuller My name is Katie Fuller and I am currently a creative writing major at Cal State Long Beach. I decided to write this story after recently running into the bully from my childhood which brought back memories of this day of my childhood. Besides writ... [December 2006]
Tia R Fuller - [June 2012]
Rebekah J Fuly - [July 2007]
Matthew Mark Gill Fun See anything ya like by me make your price. I write to write and because it's fun! Living life to the fullest rich and or poor! [April 2006]
James Fund I'm a regular 22 year old guy, struggling with my decision to pursue my career as a writer. [February 2007]
Alan Funkle - [December 2011]
Scott Furlong I've been writing lyrics for a year or two, it was just somehting to do at first but it developed into a habit and I know try to make my lyrics as interesting and brilliant as possible [June 2007]
Dave Furniss - [June 2002]
Grace Fynn Grace Fynn is a freelance writer [August 2010]
Margaret M Frank
Louise Friedman
Ellen Fowler

There are 136 author entries under F.

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