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Ben S D I'm a guy from the US, spare a moment of your time and read this story if you will. [May 2003]
D Donely *****sitting here "trying" to write.... [June 2003]
G D on a keyboard [October 2008]
J D - [January 2007]
K R-L D - [November 2006]
Kiyomi D 13 Year Old Songwriter [June 2013]
Robin D Consultant, amateur writer. [March 2010]
Daroga Daae Penniless. Mostly harmless. [February 2003]
Mandi Daddona I am 20 years old and I have been writing since before I can remember. I enjoy writing as an escape. And I often use my journals and notebooks as an inexpensive form of therapy. [April 2000]
Daddyslittlegirl - [August 2004]
Christopher Dahm - [August 2004]
Sally Dahoui - [March 2007]
Amber Amanda Daigneault Rivard - [August 2006]
Dr Surya Kumar Daimari The author is a freelance writer. [November 2016]
Lew Dallas - [April 2006]
Catherine Phillippa Susan Dally - [September 2002]
Jools Dalore 'Sup just wrote two songs now, only quick. [July 2012]
Matthew Mark Gill Dame http://myspace.com./matthewmarktalent Come join my friend list all.. [August 2006]
Zion Dani - [November 2012]
Maggie Danials I'm twenty years old, and I don't write often, but when I do, it's usually about sex :-) [March 2004]
Daniel Van Heidelberg The author is studying in Melbourne, Australia and loves travelling, ice cream, abseiling and anything that smells of risk. [February 2006]
Danielle - [March 2005]
David Daniels I am a retired New York City Corrections Officer that is currently attending Nassau Community College. I am studying creatve writing, and I hope to make my living as a writer now that I'm retired.I am 41 years old and currently divorced and living in... [April 2011]
Shannon L Daniels i go to treasure mountain international school in park city ut [March 2008]
M Rafique Danish The author is studying at MDH, Sweden. He has immense interests in research, reading and writing. He has been Assistant Director, Higher Education Commission, Government of Pakistan, Islamabad. He is also a freelance technical writer. [October 2007]
Christopher Dark Very well known and publicised author. Stunning vocab. [March 2002]
Beatrice Darmie - [September 2012]
Christina Darnell New writer needing honest critiques. [March 2007]
Debadrita Das 14 yr old girl, Class X, St.Teresa's school, 72, Diamond harbour road, calcutta-23. [March 2005]
Kishore Daswani 17 year old highschool student. [August 2000]
Upasana Datta Hi! i am sixteen year indian girl .i love to write. i will really appreciate some reviews. [October 2005]
E Daugherty - [August 2004]
Danny P Dauzat 28 year old singer/songwriter from Louisiana [December 2013]
Iron Dave - [September 2010]
Piper Davenport - [June 2009]
Bessie Davies - [July 2012]
C G L Davies I'm 17, female from the land of sheep and song (ie Wales). Likes to write short descriptive stuff and stories. First got into stories when I was a kid, about 6 or so, started writing for a hobby around 15. I need feedback, please post your opinions! [June 2002]
Rowan Davies I kick arse for the Lord. [December 2005]
Alex Edward Davis I'm just a 16 year old kid trying to make a difference in the world wth my words and hopefully get a chance to write for some talented singers/rappers in the future. [February 2011]
Albert Davis - [June 2005]
Brian C Davis - [September 2004]
Chloe Davis I am A 19 year old girl who loves to write songs [January 2012]
Cory J A Davis Student of Selkirk College in Earth Sciences Associate of Arts Degree from Okanagan College Likes nature, math, rock climbing, astronomy, kayaking, biology, canoeing, geology, hiking, physics, back country camping and reading [March 2012]
Fantasia L Davis My name is Fantasia. I like to write a lot of songs about the world and things people can relate to. I think you will find that my songs are relatable to everyone no matter the age or the person. I usually write a lot of romance and relationship song... [May 2009]
Glenn Davis Glenn Davis Doctor G born as: Glenn Scott Davis. Year of birth: 1962. Royal Welsh Family. International Artist – Warner Bros. Inventor, author, filmmaker and developer. Guinness, Gold and Platinum Record Awards. Member of Mensa. Infinity Project Cont... [November 2012]
Hillary Davis hi [May 2006]
Jinndal Davis Just Jinn, Mother, Grandmother, Phenomenal Woman! [June 2010]
Mark A Davis I'm a male. I feel in love a little early i think but i love every moment of it. Im about ur typical teenager boy i wear american egale clothes. I do pretty good in school. i honstly dont know much about me. [September 2005]
Ryly A Davis i'm your average girl...well, mostly... i've been writing since i was only nine years old- songs, poems, books-you name it, i wrote it! if you have any ideas for me to write on, just let me know- i'm always open to new ideas! l8r :) [June 2009]
Robert Davis - [October 2005]
Courteney L Davison Not much about me. I hate school and writing I play the bass guitar and tenor saxophone.That's it. [October 2004]
G A Davo Creative when I want to be, love to write and sketch, enjoy! [May 2018]
Dawei - [December 2007]
Dawnday - [December 2011]
Jayson D Day - [March 2014]
M Joseph Day - [December 2009]
W N Dayley Husband, father and writer forging ahead with his crazy dream of seeing his name in print. College grad, amateur historian, artist and American football fanatic. [June 2008]
Jenelle Marie Dayton I am fairly young and am an aspiring writer....I think it's all you need to know. [December 2006]
David De'ath 18 years of age, i play the guitar (preferably the acoustic) and i have a vast taste in music but my ultimate favorite to play and sing to is Johnny Cash. [July 2013]
Gregory De Feo - [February 2006]
Blu De Golyer Blu de Golyer is a produced screenwriter and published author. [October 2009]
T De Jager errgh [October 2005]
Martin De Leon Alive. [October 2000]
Tony De Lima - [January 2006]
Luis Miguel De Los Rios - [April 2000]
Rhonda De Pietto Ocasio I'm 42 years old and live in Long Island, New York. I have 4 children and one granddaughter. I write poems, children's books and lyric's. I have one published poem in the January issue of beginnings magazine called (beginnings) it has taken me a life... [January 2000]
Deadjerry - [March 2004]
Alicia Marlene Dean-Hunter Well I don't know. [June 2002]
Matthew Dean Currently I live in Tampa, FL and work in the software industry. I have a Bachelors of Science degreee from Purdue University and have lived and worked in Syracuse New York, Charlotte North Carolina, Cleveland Ohio, Columbia South Carolina, Toronto ... [August 2000]
Mason Mhd Deane Same as normal description [September 2010]
Mason Deane - [February 2011]
Seth Dearmas I am 16 year old from mid missouri, I play paintball grade paintball and I skateboard. I like music alot-play the guitar- and listen to bands that most have never heard of. [April 2005]
Deava To all who know me, love, to all who dont, possibilities [August 2005]
Paolo Debernardi I was born in Casale Monferrato in province of Alessandria Italy on 03 July 1973 and had lived since 1997 in Mortara (province of Pavia). Since I was a child, I started to gain medals in school sport events and others in painting competitions in a hi... [November 2003]
Paul Debrino Personal Bio: Paul DeBrino never took any lessons - playing or singing - but, in his early 20's, discovered that he could do both. He never claimed to possess American Idol talent but still enjoyed writing and performing whenever the opportunity pr... [October 2010]
Jenae Decampo I'm 14 years old and I love to write. It took me a week to get this perfect! [April 2006]
Ruby Decenilla - [April 2021]
Peter De Dee Strange? [April 2001]
Deedumz I'm 17.I write about things that I've experienced or things that happened to people around me.I live in New York but I was raised in the Philippines by my mom.I moved to California when I was 14,then moved to NY 2 years ago. [June 2006]
William W. Degravelles Quite frankly-i'm me. [January 2001]
Innovant Deis ... an author with many dreams one of my dreams is to be an author... [March 2006]
Janette Dejesus . [October 2006]
James Delacenserie - [September 2008]
W Delaney - [March 2001]
Paul D Deleon 31 year old male, born in Ohio. Have had life long desire to write. Currently pursuing this dream. [February 2007]
Sarah Delise - [January 2011]
Mary Ann Delk I am a married, 35-year-old Christian mother of two sons. I live in North Carolina, where I have lived all my life. I am a substitute school teacher. I have been writing for as long as I can remember. My hobbies are working in my flower gardens, pain... [February 2001]
Hayley Dell - [December 2009]
Dorra Della - [July 2002]
Tre Delvon Tre Delvon, as I renamed myself, is my chosen pen Pseudonym, and I have a deep passion for writing. I began writing as an outlet in eighth grade and it soon became a favored hobby. My influences come from anime, video games, martial arts, and sci-fi. [February 2010]
T Demarest - [October 2007]
Vica Demici - [May 2014]
Donna Leigh Dennison Greetings Y'all...my submissions on here come from South Alabama, so anything you read of mine on this site you can pretty much relate it to country..... [October 2004]
Adam G Denson I am 27 years old and I love music, singing, & writing lyrics to songs. [July 2008]
Brayden Dent I'm a funny teen that enjoys poetry and short funny stories [March 2009]
Patrick Dent Patrick Dent is author of the new covert ops thriller, Execution of Justice, the short story The Decision, plus numerous articles on the craft of writing and internet marketing. [May 2006]
Laura Depriest Laura is a High School senior planning on studying English and art at Northwestern Univerisy in Chicago, IL next year. [April 2004]
Joe Desanto - [May 2012]
Desdemonda I love to write, even thought admittedly I'm not very good. Well at least practice makes perfect. Please review everything guys :D [December 2003]
Lucas M Desilva The new biggest writer in the fantasy community [August 2015]
Songwriter Songwryter Desiree Dawn - [August 2008]
Sarah Desmedt - [January 2012]
Gianna Desponale I'm a 10 year old girl... I like writing songs.... Idk [July 2011]
Destiny - [October 2003]
Andrew Detar - [June 2007]
Steve Deutsch I like write things. [February 2005]
Devin Meekhof Devin is a fourteen-year-old who love to write poetry, even if she's not the best of the best. She really wants feedback, so please review her work! [May 2006]
Sharon L Devine - [November 2003]
Glenn G Deweese After 21 years on the Tulsa Police Department, the author has decided to return to his roots and use the English Comp degree he earned 32 years ago. [June 2003]
Nan Deyo I've waited 30 years too long to be a writer. Now, it's just about all that I do. I'd say I long for success, but I guess I already have it. Nan [July 2000]
Dg Williford Dg Williford Don't hate me because I'm crazy! [April 2007]
Joseph Di Lullo - [March 2010]
Tom Di Roma Spaceman is my nickname, writing is my game. At least it has been since 1966 when I wrote my first young adult novel about a doomed love affair. Since then, nearly all my output has been in the areas of adult short fiction and children's literature, ... [December 1999]
Matthew Diamond Matthew Diamond is an aspiring writer from a small town in New Jersey. He has written numerous poems and two short plays. [August 2002]
Lisa Diaz-Meyer - [October 2012]
John Stan Dickey - [May 2007]
Laura Dickey - [July 2006]
Mark Timothy Dickson A British writer, who writes fresh comedy and horror screenplays. [January 2003]
May Kay Difference I am married with a son and daughter. I work part time as a monitor for school transportation. My husband is the house parent and one of the inspirations for this story. After losing friends and family members to drug addiction, it is our wish tha... [December 2005]
Jaymie N Dillon - [July 2008]
Sean Dimech - [September 2010]
Sean Dimech - [March 2010]
Lindsey R S Dingo - [August 2006]
Patti Dinneen The youngest of six girls, I learned early that the only way to survive was to see the humor in life! [July 2001]
Greg Dinunzio Looking for work, a sturdy woman who spoils, a great cup of coffee, and friends who are incredibly funny (not necessarily in that order)..live an hour north of NYC, enjoy gnoshing and listening, love, love, love to write [March 2007]
Josh Diodispazio Josh is a young writer never really good a writing but things are finally formulating in his brain. He loves his job in the Military and loves his wife Kim, and son Ty. [June 2004]
Judith Ogechi Diolu I'm a 3rd year medical student of Delta State University, Abraka.I love writing, singing and dancing. Call me the "Pink Lady", I love everything pink. And poetry is as beautiful as pink! [April 2010]
Emma Dix - [March 2003]
Diya - [June 2000]
Brent Dmitruk (Brazilman) - [August 2013]
Lisa Doane - [April 2006]
Doc Boyer - [March 2007]
Boyer Doc A very nice and normal guy who just happens to be a horror/scifi freak! [February 2007]
Glenn Davis Doctor G Glenn Davis Doctor G Author [March 2011]
Doc - [February 2007]
Saskia Dodd - [April 2000]
Tim Doherty - [May 2006]
Wallace Doig I am widowed man in his late seventies. I retired from my job as an Engineering Draughtsman many years ago. My main hobby is writing fiction - alas with limited success. [July 2006]
Noel Dolan I'm a freshman majoring in creative writing and minoring in journalism at Colorado State Univeristy. I'd appreciate any feedback (positive or negative) you could give. [January 2000]
Doll House - [September 2008]
Nicholas Allan Domasio - [May 2011]
Aj Domingo im just an ordinary man trying to share my music [May 2008]
Mafer Dominguez I always feel that I've suffered too much but at least I feel much more that average. [March 2002]
Matthew Mark Gill Don't Care Got it get it good! [May 2006]
Maria C Donado - [July 2008]
C D Donaldson - [October 2012]
DonnJ - [March 2001]
Sara Bella Donna - [April 2005]
Gary Donnelly Details to come... [February 2000]
James Donner - [April 2003]
Katherine Gehl Donovan - [November 2002]
Red Doors - [March 2007]
Christine Dorothea-Maris - [October 1999]
Simone L Dorsey I am a young girl of 13 who loves to write things and use imaginaton. [November 2005]
Dougie Dosha - [January 2006]
M H Doty - [March 2001]
Kay Doucoure - [November 2010]
Kyle J Douglas I'm a nerdy nineteen-year-old college guy who enjoys making his literary works unusual. [December 2006]
S B Douglass - [February 2011]
Kim Dow - [April 2001]
Kirsten Reva-Louise Dowell - [March 2006]
Lindsey M Downer I am a 16 year old junior student from Hartford High School. [January 2002]
Erica N Dozier - [February 2008]
Martin John Devecka Dr. Z - [January 2001]
Richard Dragon Richard Dragon is a PI living in a northwestern Ohio city. [December 2004]
Dramaticpuzzlemaker Hey. [March 2010]
Dranrae An insubstantial alter ego. [September 2006]
Dmytie Drapper - [October 2014]
Lacey F Dream I love life and what it has to offer. I enjoy writing down my personal feelings and making it into something I can read later and remember exactly how I felt when I wrote it.
Random Dreamer Crazy girl, Crazy writer, really loves reading, a big romantic with a dry sense of humour. Seen one too many jack nicholson films :) [April 2009]
Norman Dreiser Writer of short fiction for young people [March 2017]
Dremoor - [May 2010]
Skyler Drevan I am Jeff, writer, dreamer, realist. [July 2006]
Drevan - [June 2002]
Dana Drew I enjoy passing the time by jotting down my random ideas onto paper. Getting published would be nice but finishing a story always feels so much better. [November 1999]
Dri Cook My name is Adriana, and though I have a nickname, an American friend has told me I have a beautiful name, and uses only my full name. I am a woman, a dreamer who has a passion for life, and loves writing, and I must say, that I breathe words in and... [May 2008]
Will E Drillit A casual observer of elemental forms of society. [September 2001]
Dri My name is Adriana, and though I have a nickname, an American friend has told me I have a beautiful name, and uses only my full name. I am a woman, a dreamer who has a passion for life, and loves writing, and I must say, that I breathe words in and... [May 2008]
Wesley B Rose Drley 44 year old Disabled Veteran. I write to heal. [March 2003]
Grant Towey Droopy - [June 2010]
Nikki Drosos Learning to live life and enjoying the relationship of Life! [June 2006]
Steve Drost - [February 2007]
Robert Drye Poem, Song in any key. [July 2008]
Leoni Dsouza - [April 2010]
Joseph Dubaskas Jr I am a 19 year old muscian. [September 2008]
Tamara Dubberke Writing has been a way of life for me since my early teens. It started out to be a release of the stresses that made their way into my life. I felt a need to find some sense through all the despair. That was over 20 years ago and I still use writi... [October 1999]
Gérard Ducasse An artist [ poetry, plays, short stories, painting and sculpture]. [June 2014]
H A H Ducasse - [August 2012]
Yashi Duckie DO I HAVE TOOO? [January 2007]
Duck A young college student waiting for her A in English. [November 2001]
Matthew Mark Gill Dude http://MatthewMark46410.tripod.com [August 2006]
Ed Dudleston - [October 2007]
Suzannah Duff I wrote this because I was in a bad relationship where I eventually realized I didn't have to deal with the pain. [August 2005]
Duluoz 19 year old-English-Male. [February 2002]
Louisa Duncan - [June 2004]
Rikki Duncan I live in Glasgow Scotland U.K. [November 2001]
R Duncan - [November 2012]
Ma Sabrina Racelle M Dungcatinkerbell i'm only seveteen years old. i'm a 1/4 american because my mom is half american half filipina. i'm in first year college in University of Sto. Tomas and my course in Conservatory of Music major in voice. i love writing poems and short stories. [November 2007]
Gena Dunlap Fantastic blonde in Los Angeles [March 2005]
Jeremy Ray Dunlap Lyricist, poet, humor writer, and vocalist from Boulder, Colorado. Now living in LA. My influences include Leonard Cohen, Metallica, GNR, Paul Robeson, Louis Armstrong, Buddy Holly and Roy Orbison. [February 2005]
Andrew Dunn - [September 2008]
Jimmy Dunn Im a 19 year old guy living in South Africa. :) [September 2012]
Frank Dunsmore Frank Dunsmore was born in Chicago and studied music and American Literature. He has always liked mysteries. He writes articles and short stories and is currently writing a mystery novel. [October 2003]
Neil Dunsmore - [December 2012]
Vanlal Duoma Duoma WHITECROSS [September 2009]
Juan Jose Duran - [April 2000]
Ann Durden - [November 2000]
Durfee's Student - [October 2006]
John A Durler I am a retired 64 year old verile male, living in New Port Richey Fl. Married, with 6 adult children. I write short stories and poetry almost all my life. I am an award winning poet, benn published in The Long Island Quarterly, an various anthologies... [June 2005]
Swarnabha Dutta - [March 2018]
Alon Calinao Dy Alon Calinao Dy is a Filipino Registered Nurse in Countries of Philippines, USA, Saudi, and Kuwait. Currently, he is working as a Cath Lab Nurse in Chest Diseases Hospital in Al Sabah Region, Ministry of Health, Kuwait. In the near future, he plans t... [May 2013]
Danielle Dyer I'm a daughter,a sister, a wife, and a mother. In College to become an elementary teacher. I absolutely love kids they are what makes this world go round. Love to spend time with my son and husband. [January 2010]
W L Dz Just call me DZ. I like music (Specifically rock) and writing (Obviously). I mainly write short stories as I don't have the necessary dedication to write something larger (Read: Extreme procrastination) [May 2008]
V J Diamond
Hilda Ducasse
Gérard Ducasse
Arden Davidson
Louise Dunn
Garrett Diamond
John Andrew Durler
Noel Dolan

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