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Shmuel Yacobi
Cristina Yacovone I am 8 years old. My sister is Alyssa Arteaga. My favorite band is Simple Plan. I also like to listen t...
Vivek Yadav i am a student learning things about lfe and taking down notes and sharing them with every one.
Gift Yahaya -
Gift Yahaya -
Vyacheslav Yampolsky -
Masab Yaseen Srs is a singer
Ammar Yasir im songwriter.i write about differ sitautions and anyything thats comes in mind.
Chacky Yen -
Rachel Thian Yeng -
Joseph Yenkavitch Retired Teacher. Most writing has been articles, but have published some short stories, poems and essa
John Yeohann just a basic guy writing basic poems about basically everything!
John J Yezman -
Yg younggoldie
Jqg Yibslog -
Nevermind You i kill
Erica Young I started writing songs and poems about 2 years ago, and I will admit, most of them sucked. After a while, I ...
Iain Young Very few facts are known about the author and only one known photograph. Iain Young is rumoured to have been ...
J A Young -
Jessica L Young I am 18 years old from Arkansas. I love the Lord with all my heart and hope one day to make it to heaven....
Kathrine Young -
Pj Young 36 year old man from England
Younggoldie Younggoldie yg
Natasha Youngman From carmi, Illinois
Youngpilgrim -
Young -
Matthew Mark Your Rich http://pepsithieves.blogspot.com
Yuel Yuel Boyce Myself is Yuel Boyce.
Yufli ' -
Matthew Mark Gill Yummy Baby speaking his mind and being cute like always! http://matthewmark46410.tripod.com Complimen...
Y -

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Shmuel Yacobi
60 Words about the Author:

Shmuel Yacobi MA philosophy writer and director is prayerfully looking to build a small Jewish community in a safe place by selling the 9 stories. He got talents to do other services in filmmaking. He wrote, directed and produced spot shooting screenplays for friends for free. HaShem turned his attention towards Hollywood or Englewood after the recent terrorist attacks on his community.

[August 2005]
Alternative Justice (Short Stories) Gist of the story: Two young fellows raped a girl and accidentally killed her. The police found the girlís body and secured the semen samples of the guys. Seeing that nothing happened they raped several other girls. A girl came from the angelic world and took a new course of justice and saw that the... [1,821 words] [Crime] [August 2005] (HITS 444, REVS. 1)
Dead Or Alive (Short Stories) Gist of the story: Draco is a hunter and a very big man. He went out into the forest for hunting. A group of young fellows drunk drove and hit Draco. They drove away leaving Draco to the wild dogs. The wild dogs smelled him and tore his body alive. He fought for a while and died. His soul went to th... [1,809 words] [August 2005] (HITS 396, REVS. 0)
Enemy Inside (Short Stories) Gist of the story: The US National Security Adviser Raymondís Chinese wife Joe had secretly hired Billy a Private Detective and sent him on a special mission to investigate the Chinese connection in a suspected plan to assassinate the State Governor. Billy investigated and found that she had arrange... [3,877 words] [Action] [August 2005] (HITS 418, REVS. 0)
Lost In New York (Short Stories) Gist of the story: The beach cop finds a lost girl. She is mute. Beach cop took her to Dr. Sarah who developed a device to speak for the mute. The mute girl explained Dr. Sarah about a bad cop who kidnapped her mother and took her to Mayorís forest guesthouse. The beach cop and Dr. Sarah set up a tr... [1,574 words] [Crime] [August 2005] (HITS 422, REVS. 1)
Nothing But The Truth (Short Stories) Gist of the story: Willy was on his way to Las Vegas and met with an accident. Willy slowly became deaf but he could clearly hear peopleís thoughts. He progressively entered into a new phase of life and helped a lady detective to catch the serial killer. The judiciary faced a new phenomenon. The ju... [2,071 words] [Mystery] [August 2005] (HITS 408, REVS. 0)
The Chinese Run Away Bride (Short Stories) Gist of the story: The wedding celebration started in a village in China. The community is in preparations for the wedding. The bride didnít like to marry that schmuck. The other girls helped her to run away. The bride went to a city and found her groom in a hard way. [1,351 words] [Romance] [August 2005] (HITS 1961, REVS. 1)
The Color Of Life (Short Stories) Gist of the story: An actress was kidnapped. She managed to escape into the forest area. She met the illiterate woodcutter. She learned the other side of life. The woodcutter helped her to reach Hollywood. On her wedding day she had found out that the groom was behind the kidnap drama. She finally m... [2,073 words] [Action] [August 2005] (HITS 420, REVS. 0)
The Fallen Angels (Plays) The Nathanble: The fallen angels expressed their 'original doubt'and asked the Creator whether he was the only being in the beginning or anyone else besides him. They further brought their proposals and challenged the Creator that they can prove their majority among the humans and prove that there a... [24,670 words] [Literary Fiction] [August 2005] (HITS 758, REVS. 0)
The Prince Of Whales (Novels) 60 Words about the story: Dr. Joan a marine scientist from NY developed a device to translate the sound language of the whales into human speech. A group of scientists invited her to Hawaii for a demo. In the airport she accidentally took a suitcase, which belonged to mafia gang. It contained disc-... [65,248 words] [Adventure] [August 2005] (HITS 748, REVS. 0)
What Is Love Anyway! (Short Stories) Gist of the story: Feggy and Phil became good friends through Internet chat. Feggy wanted to test Philís definition of love. She told him that she is ugly and defective in everyway. But Phil said he loved her soul. She tested his definition and found that Phil loved the ugly Feggy and not the real ... [1,975 words] [Romance] [August 2005] (HITS 484, REVS. 2)


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