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Katie T -
Steven T -
Carter Z Tachikawa I'm a 22 year old writer who just published their first book. I'm currently working on my second one. ...
Robert E Tadlock -
Kelly Tagaban A Day In The Life Of A wanna Be Super Mom and A Grand Old Granny.....
Michael Talbot I'm a 25 year old online editor/writer for an internet news site. Also an aspiring novelist. Enjoy experim...
Brittany Talmadge -
Edith Talmason Edith Talmason, other titles
Princess Tam Tam Just trying to make people smile and not succeeding yet!
Jan A. Tammen Your average German immigrant with an overactive imagination and a pessimistic outlook on the future. Once ...
Victoria Taginod Tangan A graduate of University of Saint Louis in Tuguegarao City, Philippines who writes at the age of ...
Tanvi Superb Raina Tantunechi -
Matthew Mark Gill Tapped http://myspace.com/matthewmarktalent Share your gift and become a friend..
Tara Bridget Moore -
Haimanti Tarafdar Hello friends, It's MoonMoon from Kolkata,India. It's my nickname & i like it most. I'm 24 & doing my p...
Shuaib Tarek Student
Kavan Tate (Not real name) teen from Louisiana.
Omotayo Tatwo a song writer and singer
Fahad Tauhid -
Taya Sommel -
Chris Michael Taylor -
Daniel Taylor -
Jason ''The Bloodman'' Taylor -
Krista Taylor -
Robin Taylor Robin Taylor is writer/director who creates his own storyboards as well as storyboarding for hire. He has di...
Sasha Taylor Avid Poetry writer, want to be published one day.
Tashae T Taylor Taylor -
Zachary Taylor -
Tcn -
Emcee Teacup I'm 22, female, born and raised in southern CA but somehow ended up in amish country Pennsylvania. I'm vegan...
Gypsey Teague -Gypsey was born and raised in the country she knows best, New Hampshire. The nights are dark, cold, and t...
Lewis Tedesco 20 yr. old college graduate, working and living in Virginia Beach. Have been writing for years, finally fe...
Ted -
Brittany Tellez Im 16 years old and I live in tonopah arizona. Thats pretty much my life story.
Teri Daard Vari Tenhai i wrote this songs because my lover missed up and in his memory i had written this songs......
Iqrar By Asif Tera Hoon abc
Terehya L Butler Terehya Butler Natea Poet/Songwriter/Writer
Nan C. Terra Hi. I enjoy reading novels of many genres, and writing poetry/short stories. I'm just a beginning to start w...
Brian Terrell Someone who writes for fun
Terry -
Brenda Terzian Actress, Screenplay writer, Book author, Artist
Tess Tess -
Tessa Haven't written in awhile, using this to express feelings and emotions on... hold. And for spur of the moments thou...
Christina Thacker im a teenager and i write music. thats all you need to know.
Winson Thai I am an aspiring author and writer from New York who is inspired from television shows, movies, books, etc.
Robin Thang Robin Thang is a singer-songwriter and an actor. He appeared in many music videos.
Spring Sophie Thaniella -
Matthew Markgill Thanks http://myspace.com/matthewmarktalent come be a friend and thanks storymania.. for your great sup
Tanisha Thanuj I'm fourteen, an aspiring writer and doodler. I drink a lot of coffee, I have firm belief in those things ...
Pratima Thapa World wide data entry operator needed. Work from the comfort of your home as a full time operator. Get paid...
Norachai Thavisin I am a writer and illustrator working from Bangkok, Thailand.
The Amateur Philosopher Just a newly grown-up interested in the old works and the future.
The Black Cloaked Poet -
Jason Taylor The Bloodman -
The Doctor's Pet Lunatic (Call Me Pet.) Well I am.... me. No two ways about it, I am me, me I am. Not so old but nothi...
Kevin The Foop Just like to write. I would love your comments.
The Good Girl -
The Hidden Bunny I write my own stories, and they are always true. I write from experience.
Julius The Jules Pro-musician who started the Juleokin Army, Julius the Jules!
The Lost Girl I am a science student with no experience with creative writing (since early highschool). This is the first...
Bruce The Mtndewpoet -
Matthew Mark Gill The New Life Never ever giving up what we believe in and enjoying our lives to the fullest! http://mat...
David Brian The Offender -
Joey The Raven "The Raven" Joey Gallo is a seventeen year old living in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He began writing in the ...
The Sunshine -
The Wolf Right now, anything written here will be just for you.
The Workshop The Workshop is a newly formed group of novice writers, who, at the moment focus on short stories and/or po...
Stormy The Writer 8th grade
Georgia Lauren Theasby I'm 11, live in England, and would love nothing more than to sing and write.
Thejack -
Thepratmeister The Pratmeister is coming to get you!
Theresa -
Gina M Therrien I live, love, laugh from afar. If you only knew who I was.....but yet you do.
Thesuis Evilous -
Emma Michele Thomas -
E Thomas -
John T Thomas Jay Random A Hot Musician Singer and Rapper Similiar to Many Greats
Karla Thomas If you're up there Superman - Save me.
Thomas Maddener -
Nova Thomas -
Jenn Thomas-Orr Jenn is an eclectic freak who spends her days writing and creating digital art, just for the love of it.
Shantal Thomas -
Grace Thompson I love to write stories. I like to be very creative in my stories. I love getting ideas from movies and ga...
Gary Thompson I am an ambulance assistant with a private ambulance service, under contract to Metropolitan Ambulance Serv...
Joshua L Thompson -
Michael M Thompson Born and raised in Southern California. Twenty years old. Have been writing lyrics for acouple of year
John A. Thompson, Sr. -
Tatiana N Thompson Tatiana is a single mother of two young girls. She works in college advising and is training to becom...
Carla Thomson hello everyone, i hope that you like my work.. i'm a 19 year old girl who uses writing as an outlet.. some ...
Jeni S Thomson -
Sara Thomson I am 15 almost 16 I Love to play sports football basketball and Lacrosse
Dominique A. Thornton HAIR - Goldish, Brownish; EYE COLOR - Hazel; HEIGHT - 5'2. In my spare time I love to write lots of...
Patricia A. Thornton Into imagination but reality as well.
Wringlet D Thouyer -
Robert M Tidmarsh -
Mary K Tierney -
Wantana Tierney -
Tierney Um.. I like Doctor who and POTC
Pauli Tikkanen Commercial salmon fisherman on west coast of British Columbia for many decades, with stories to tell, from...
Wasted Time -
Dusty A Tincher A poet living in North Carolina, I have produced a prodigious amount of work since the September 11 attac...
Latoshae Yasmina Tischambuli I'd like the info on me to be kept private.
Abhishek Tiwari dil ko kuchh hai kehnna...
Arun Kumar Tiwari Tiwari -
Tracy Jean Amelia Tj Harrison T. J. Harrison clearly has an over-active imagination and way too much time to fritter away
Jessica L Felter Tnis Student I have to do pub subs for school, I constantly want to improve my writing all the time, alw...
Lindsay Jane Todd unique
Lindz J Todd I tend to write dark painfull poetry, and often things people are too afraid to write about. one word that i...
Christina Tolentino -
Daemon Toles I was born on the 16th of August 1952 at Illinois Masonic Hospital, Chicago, Illinois. George and Katherine ...
Tom Bomb -
Friel Tom Tom Friel has been writing poetry for personal expression for roughly 8 years now. During that time he has show...
Lynn Tomoral New Christian writer of short stories, poems and articles of a spiritual nature.
Tomphil -
Rebecca H Toner -
Derek Toney I'm a 19 year old college kid who likes to write short funny stories. I also love to draw manga. I'm laid-bac...
Kristina Tonic No one will ever know...
Tooru -
Tootiexfrootie -
Latina Torrence -
Ana Torres -
Tracy R Torress 15 year old girl who loves to write, sing, play guitar, ride horses and dancing in the rain!
Lino Torrez I like to sing silly songs for my daughter just to hear her laugh.
Norma Towner -
Charlie Townsley
Ellie Townsley Hi I am only 11 yrs old and this is my first poem on Storymania.
Jordin B Trabucco -
Matt Tracy -
Melissa A Trahan I'm a redhead figure sk8er who loves to read. I'm grounded in my room a lot so I have the perfect oportu...
Tony Trakowski a sophmore in highschool
Tri Tran poet
E M Trastat Coolest people on earth
Willie Travis Jr I am an aspiring sci fi screen writer from Baton Rouge La.
Trax -
Erin D. Traynum Erin is a person obsessed with writing. She has finally come to enjoy the passion that has been with her ...
James Tregonning I don't write much but this is one of my weirder hence more interesting stories, hope you enjoy it (if e...
Rebecca Tremblay -
Interview Trendsetter News Trendsetter News Interview mit Seiner Hoheit Waldemar Prinz zu Schaumburg-Lippe, Cousin Ihrer ...
Shannon Treucker -
Emma Trew I enjoy reading writing and acting. I am still in school and do not look for a profesion in writing as yet thou...
Rose Trimovski I have brown hair and hazel eyes, I'm 5'9" tall and I'm skinny.
Taylor Triste -
Jason Trocki -
Ian Tronco a.k.a. Florian Tronco, Jr.
Mary Tronti I'm a published writer, who's working on a book of a serious matter... but I love poetry and have over one hu...
Luke T Trouwborst Luke is an 18 year old homeschool student living in Schenectady, New York. Next school year he plans to...
Chrismore Trowers i'm just someone who loves writing songs ..it helps relieve me of any kind of stress i have ..i love it
Antoni A Tsiolas Im 18 years of age and wanted to give song writing a chance.
Katie P Tsymbalist -
Sidney Tucker Sidney is a computer operator from Nashville, TN, who has loved to write since the 5th grade. He has the a...
Byron Tuckett -
Tulip -
Guntasha Tulsi I m currently pursuing graduation in English literature from Hindu College (New Delhi) and am working on a...
Matthew Mark Gill Tunes The feeling of success after you create a master piece! Even though you'll always be you!
Bo Turner Seventy odd year old Retired Salesman, reflecting from "the corners of his mind", offers up some history about ...
Charles Turner -
Deron Turner -Deron Turner, The Idiosyncratic modern American playwright from the deep south has written over 35 plays an...
Erika Turner Full time contributor and editor at a special essay writing and research website. Interested with E-design a...
John Hugh Turner -
Jackson Turner -
Milani L Turner I'm a proud mother of 3 Gorgeous children. My dream is to be a song writer and author.
Redell Turner 'i have this palpable, absolute sense that i'm cracking up, that there's really no good reason why, and tha...
Trevor Turner -
Tweez 23. Male. English. Unmotivated.
Charles Bishop Twisted Bishop -
Alice Tyler -
Konstantinos Tzikas -
Tzu -
Heather Taylor
Jimmy Toscano
Diana Thompson
David Trotman
Edith Talmason

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Charlie Townsley
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Hard To Let Go (Songs) - [62 words] [January 2018] (HITS 531, REVS. 0)
Heaven Wait For Me (Songs) - [68 words] [September 2019] (HITS 268, REVS. 0)
Hey My Love (Songs) A Reassuring Song. [56 words] [May 2015] (HITS 885, REVS. 0)
I Cant Leave Your Love (Songs) - [138 words] [August 2016] (HITS 771, REVS. 0)
I Hope Angels Are Waiting For You In Heaven (Songs) - [139 words] [June 2015] (HITS 890, REVS. 0)
I Just Couldn't Turn Away (Songs) - [95 words] [March 2017] (HITS 689, REVS. 0)
I Lost My Way (Songs) - [126 words] [January 2018] (HITS 527, REVS. 0)
I Miss You Here (Songs) - [121 words] [September 2016] (HITS 748, REVS. 0)
I Stole Your Heart Away (Songs) - [76 words] [October 2017] (HITS 547, REVS. 0)
I Will Always Love You - The Same (Songs) - [107 words] [June 2015] (HITS 902, REVS. 0)
I Will Love You Always (Songs) A love song [74 words] [June 2011] (HITS 1088, REVS. 0)
I Wish You Could (Songs) - [97 words] [May 2018] (HITS 773, REVS. 0)
I Would Give It All Up (Songs) - [89 words] [August 2017] (HITS 594, REVS. 0)
If Only I Could Turn Back Time (Songs) - [86 words] [July 2011] (HITS 1319, REVS. 0)
I'll Catch You If You Should Ever Fall (Songs) - [122 words] [June 2018] (HITS 416, REVS. 0)
I'm Losing -You (Songs) - [57 words] [December 2016] (HITS 748, REVS. 0)
Im Still Missing You (Songs) - [111 words] [July 2016] (HITS 777, REVS. 0)
In My Life (Songs) A song I wrote on a rainy day [132 words] [May 2018] (HITS 1081, REVS. 0)
In The Rain I Cry I'm Missing You (Songs) - [49 words] [December 2016] (HITS 736, REVS. 0)
Is It Because Of Me (Songs) - [119 words] [August 2017] (HITS 638, REVS. 0)
Its A Love Song (Songs) For you [109 words] [August 2015] (HITS 904, REVS. 0)
Its Crazy (Songs) - [82 words] [May 2017] (HITS 616, REVS. 0)
I've Been Waiting For You (Songs) - [88 words] [February 2017] (HITS 755, REVS. 0)
Let Us Remember The Night (Songs) - [82 words] [August 2015] (HITS 910, REVS. 0)
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Money And Greed (Songs) - [86 words] [January 2017] (HITS 715, REVS. 0)
My Broken Heart (Songs) - [54 words] [June 2018] (HITS 767, REVS. 0)
Neighborhood Sin (Songs) - [153 words] [June 2011] (HITS 1074, REVS. 0)
Never (Songs) - [65 words] [January 2018] (HITS 554, REVS. 0)
No-Body Ever Wins (Songs) - [86 words] [Relationships] [August 2017] (HITS 608, REVS. 0)
Now Close The Door (Songs) - [52 words] [April 2016] (HITS 754, REVS. 0)
Only A Lonely Boy (Songs) - [95 words] [April 2018] (HITS 476, REVS. 0)
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Spider Spider (Children) Wrote for my children [30 words] [August 2011] (HITS 1809, REVS. 0)
Spread My Wings And Fly (Songs) Its about freedom. [103 words] [November 2014] (HITS 1286, REVS. 0)
Take Me Back To You (Songs) - [74 words] [January 2018] (HITS 543, REVS. 0)
Take Me Back With You (Songs) - [111 words] [April 2018] (HITS 466, REVS. 0)
This Time I Found Love (Songs) FOR YOU [96 words] [November 2014] (HITS 1048, REVS. 0)
What Went Wrong (Songs) - [90 words] [July 2015] (HITS 1032, REVS. 2)
What Will Tomorrow Bring (Songs) - [76 words] [January 2017] (HITS 733, REVS. 0)
When I Noticed You (Songs) Song to someone [165 words] [March 2015] (HITS 994, REVS. 0)
When I Was Young (Songs) - [120 words] [May 2016] (HITS 836, REVS. 0)
Why Do You (Songs) A Country Tune. [127 words] [June 2011] (HITS 1128, REVS. 0)
Why Me Lord (Songs) - [77 words] [May 2018] (HITS 478, REVS. 0)
Why You Love Me Like You Do (Songs) - [95 words] [June 2011] (HITS 1199, REVS. 0)
With These Chords (Songs) An uptempo little song [78 words] [May 2015] (HITS 1139, REVS. 0)
You Once Told Me (Songs) - [73 words] [March 2015] (HITS 948, REVS. 0)
You Shine (Songs) For those who need support. [118 words] [July 2015] (HITS 1122, REVS. 0)
Your Dancing Here With Me (Songs) - [59 words] [July 2016] (HITS 777, REVS. 0)
Your Making Me High (Songs) - [107 words] [March 2015] (HITS 950, REVS. 0)
Your No Longer (Songs) A Country Song [95 words] [June 2017] (HITS 708, REVS. 0)
Your The Only One (Songs) - [40 words] [July 2017] (HITS 659, REVS. 0)
You're Here With Me (Songs) - [87 words] [January 2019] (HITS 326, REVS. 0)
''I Can't Believe'' (Songs) - [57 words] [May 2018] (HITS 406, REVS. 0)


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