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Q Lee Q. LEE is an upstart author from the Philadelphia Metropolitan area. She hales as a Rutgers University alumnus and...
Zaid Qamar -
Tamer Qtaish I am 25 years old, male Currently living and working at Jordan, More than that you'll have to ask me
Shanaia Iced Heart Queen -
Queenorangesoda I am an Icelandic bubblegum pop (bubblegum pop is a music genre) singer-songwriter. I am of Icelandic, Ta...
Jose P Quervo -
Megan Quesenberry -
Kathleen Quigley I'm 15 years old and my interests are Drama, reading,writing, and hanging out with my friends.
Orin G Quilar This is a story about a humiliating yet humorus event that happened to me about five years ago. I remember ...
Ian Quill -
Liz Quinlan
Chris Quinn well im chris, im only 14 and in love and i love music and sports and i love writing songs.
Quinn -
Hasan Qutb Name hasan Qutb. Age 21. Living in Pakistan. Student. Well kind of computer and internet addict. I prefer net ...

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Liz Quinlan
I'm, um, well, me. I like playing the guitar (if you can call it that) and buying too many CDs on a whim. Well, someone has to. I've got light brown hair, muddy brown eyes (well I think they are, it's quite hard to see your own eyes) and a turned up nose. I intend to make a million before I'm 16 so I can get a nose job. I hate children (sorry, kids!) and I'm fairly suspicious of new people, though I'm told I'm quite nice once you know me. Really.
[May 2005]
The Phantom Hitchhiker (Short Stories) Well. It's about this dude, right... Oh who cares. Read it. Then you'll know. [485 words] [Horror] [May 2005] (HITS 6523, REVS. 5)
Unfortunate Side Effects (Short Stories) Some old English homework. It's lvl 7+, though!!! And I'm afraid its not particularly depressing, or about failed love, death or sex. Sorry bout that. [552 words] [Horror] [May 2005] (HITS 2237, REVS. 2)


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