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Q Lee Q. LEE is an upstart author from the Philadelphia Metropolitan area. She hales as a Rutgers University alumnus and...
Zaid Qamar -
Tamer Qtaish I am 25 years old, male Currently living and working at Jordan, More than that you'll have to ask me
Shanaia Iced Heart Queen -
Jose P Quervo -
Megan Quesenberry -
Kathleen Quigley I'm 15 years old and my interests are Drama, reading,writing, and hanging out with my friends.
Orin G Quilar This is a story about a humiliating yet humorus event that happened to me about five years ago. I remember ...
Ian Quill -
Liz Quinlan I'm, um, well, me. I like playing the guitar (if you can call it that) and buying too many CDs on a whim. Wel...
Chris Quinn well im chris, im only 14 and in love and i love music and sports and i love writing songs.
Quinn -
Hasan Qutb Name hasan Qutb. Age 21. Living in Pakistan. Student. Well kind of computer and internet addict. I prefer net ...

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I am an Icelandic bubblegum pop (bubblegum pop is a music genre) singer-songwriter. I am of Icelandic, Taiwanese, Italian, Swedish, German, English, and Welsh descent. I know how to play vocals, piano, guitar, synthesizer, recorder, keyboard, sampler, and keytar. Normally, bubblegum pop is supposed to be happy and upbeat, but this is one of my more sad ones.
[December 2010]
[email protected]
What Happened To Me? (Songs) This song is about when I was little, and people would make fun of me, and I was sad. But I went a day without people making fun of me, and I felt so out of place. [184 words] [December 2010] (HITS 993, REVS. 0)


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