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Nicole O'bomsawin -
Michelle O'brien -
Phil O'buster -
Jennifer L O'callaghan -
Gene O'div -
James A O'donnell -
James O'donnell -
O'donnell -
Sarah O'Farrell -
Fergus O'Ferguson I don't write enough stories. I don't have enough time. Mostly I write critical pieces, critical of cul...
Kristal O-Garrow Interesting teenage female who enjoys tapping into the mind of persons who has lived through various exp...
Bandit O'hara Bandit O'Hara is an 'accidental' author, as his first and so far only story developed, when he tried to wri...
Ciara D O'kane -
Desmond Naaten O'keeffe English Poet.
Rick O'leary Nothing needed to know
Vince O'neal a published author who has just recieved his third publishing contract with Publish America
Brion' O Neil
Julia O'neill -
Tessak O'neill Tessa O'Neill is an eighth grader at The College School in Webster Groves Missouri. She wrote her short s...
Jessica O'reilly Interested in writing screenplays, studying Television Production in Australia.
Rhiannon Taylor O'rourke Rhiannon Taylor O'Rourke has tthought of many songs in her head and sung them out loud, she is a...
O'shea -
Joy Oakey woman born in 1948 Love to write in many genres
Darren Oberhaus On October 5th, 2001, Darren Oberhaus� left hand was crushed in a work related accident, severing his lef...
Christian Obermanns -
Kennedy O Obohwemu Medical Doctor, Publisher, Editor, Novelist, Playwright, Poet Dr. Ken�s books {Book 1: Frozen, Book 2...
Kennedy O Obohwemu I am a Medical Student of DELTA STATE UNIVERSITY,Abraka,Nigeria...A PENKUP FAMILY Ambassador of Good-...
Angel Obregon The horrible result of reading a book called The Pleasures Of Probability
Ann Obrien Now I'm a stay at home mom with the ups & downs of family life.
Kayla Obrienl -
Dulcy Obrochta Dulcy Obrochta is a professional photographer in Norther California. Writing is something she does to help...
Ufoqezugipof Ocozuwucugci ufoqezugipof
Sharon Odonnell -
Sullivan Of The Sea I am a 17 year old thinker. I am too cool for school and too scared to drop out.
Bug Off Its question in my mind about health insurance
Scott Oglesby Scott Oglesby (aka Phil Phillips) surreal humor
Toluwalope Olugbenga Ogunlesi -
R Bennett Okerstrom A collection of my work from circa 1995 to the present. Some dark and deep, others bright and cheerf
Okkida -
Toris Okotie Born in 1985 into a busy African community known as the city of Warri, raised in an economically viable mobi...
Nicholas Okumu -
Dele E Oladipupoeinstein -
Samuel Dapo Olaosebikan -
Dll Old Brick -
Laura Mae Oldham-Brownell -
Oleander Myst -
Andres Olguin ...
Anabella Olivari -
Terrell Olive -
Mayara Oliveira -
Darrell N Middleton -- Oliver An old fellow who sees something funny about the very serious business of growing up.
Jamie Oliver 16 years old as I create this, so don't be too harsh on me please :3
Olivia Geraghty Just yet another writer who dreams of making it big someday.
Oscar Oljmex -
Alexandria Olson -
Jesse Olson -
Nicholas T Olson -
Gale Omstott -
Cigeudecuhowe Omwevrefj cigeudecuhowe
Shame On-You -
Onederose -
Oneshot Bk Reppa -
Karli Orchard -
Adesola Orimalade -
Clarmila Orpeza A 17 year old attempting to change herself and maybe the world.
Deborah M Ortiz -
Joshua Ortiz Young, but hopeful. Maybe talented, yet humble!
Meria Osborn Art, Music and Friends are a very big part of my life.
Benjamin Ian Osborne Very Weird.
Tyler K Osbourne I enjoy writing songs, poetry and that.. I love it... I just hope others do, this is the first time anyo...
Stephanie Ostrov I am a Junior at the state university at cortland. I am a Elementary Education major with a minor in En...
Louise Elizabeth Ostrowska I'm 17. I live near Portsmouth in England. I live for music and languages, and justification.
Olutayo K Osunsan Olutayo K. Osunsan was born in Lagos, Nigeria. He is a Christian and currently studying International B...
OverYouT -
Ben Overby -
Be A Owusu -
Ozee -
James Outlaw
Angel Obregon

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Brion' O Neil
[November 2005]
A Recipe Of Pretend (Songs) A parting couple prepares their last meal. [237 words] [August 2004] (HITS 2533, REVS. 4)
After All Those Years (Songs) For once ...a part of my real story. [225 words] [September 2004] (HITS 2413, REVS. 3)
All Night Cafe (Songs) You never know where you will find your love! [254 words] [April 2004] (HITS 2443, REVS. 2)
Always Someone Else (Songs) They never really get over the one they had before or the one they're with now. [278 words] [September 2004] (HITS 2228, REVS. 2)
Another Distant Day (Songs) from one to another, we've run outta things to say, we can't go through, another distant day. [317 words] [October 2004] (HITS 2222, REVS. 2)
Burnin' Down On Me (Songs) You've burned down all your bridges, don't be burnin' down on me. [285 words] [July 2004] (HITS 2286, REVS. 5)
By God Me (Songs) If ya read this one it's from...by god me! [280 words] [May 2004] (HITS 2626, REVS. 1)
Can You Smell The Rain (Songs) Friends on a dessert trip in the heat of August, during the monsoon season. [276 words] [November 2004] (HITS 2359, REVS. 2)
Clickin' Up Our Heels (Songs) Come on in to my fantasy world...it's free. [184 words] [May 2004] (HITS 2098, REVS. 0)
Critics Masquerade (Songs) We do see through the mask. [265 words] [June 2004] (HITS 2363, REVS. 1)
Critics Masquerade: The Poem (Poetry) Same as the song, but a little different. [244 words] [June 2004] (HITS 1927, REVS. 0)
Dancing On Rainbows (Songs) A daydream, dancing on rainbows. [277 words] [August 2004] (HITS 2360, REVS. 3)
Dat's All I Got (Back Off Baby) (Songs) Ya always wanna know,who, why or what. back off baby,dat's all I got. (my first Rap lyric) [176 words] [July 2004] (HITS 2166, REVS. 1)
Destiny Is Calling (Songs) Destiny is calling...now what? [284 words] [October 2004] (HITS 2646, REVS. 3)
Don't Be Tellin' Me ( R& B Rap ) (Songs) I love you, but don't be tellin' me. R&B/Rap [242 words] [August 2004] (HITS 2447, REVS. 1)
Each Sound Seems To Fit A Place (Songs) The different sounds remind me of the places we have been before. [201 words] [May 2004] (HITS 2281, REVS. 1)
Emotion In Your Eyes (Songs) When we wonder about our future,I'll ask you to visualize,then wait for you to answer, with emotion in your eyes. [282 words] [November 2004] (HITS 2303, REVS. 4)
Every Once In A While (Songs) I have the urge to fall in love... every once in a while. [250 words] [April 2004] (HITS 2257, REVS. 1)
For Lonely Eyes To Say (Songs) I want to save the frightened one I love. [240 words] [May 2004] (HITS 2222, REVS. 1)
Free Lane Ta Fly (Children) Somthing to do as a child at play, inside, alone on a rainy day. [106 words] [March 2004] (HITS 2535, REVS. 0)
Freedom Ride (Poetry) Emancipated,young, American Indian; after leaving the reservation, returns home after some time gone; goes to his Grandfather asking about his ancestral roots. He then goes on a magical journey on a white winged stallion to view history. [188 words] [Adventure] [March 2004] (HITS 2429, REVS. 2)
Her Empty Chair Beside Me (Revised) (Songs) All that she has left, is her empty chair. [303 words] [July 2004] (HITS 2330, REVS. 3)
Honey From The Tree (Songs) Praise song: Gods' love is sweeter than honey from the tree. [164 words] [August 2004] (HITS 3711, REVS. 1)
I Keep On Falling (Songs) I keep trying to fall in love and I keep on falling. [294 words] [September 2004] (HITS 2523, REVS. 1)
I Loved You As A Child (Songs) You were my childhood love turned into the love of my life. I loved you as a child as I love you for my wife. [266 words] [November 2004] (HITS 2496, REVS. 5)
I'm Not Your Number One (Songs) Don't be giving me a number, I'm not your number one. [350 words] [July 2004] (HITS 2579, REVS. 2)
In The Midst Of It All (Songs) - [284 words] [Romance] [November 2004] (HITS 2158, REVS. 0)
It's Hard To Move A Mountain (Songs) This is Life... [328 words] [February 2005] (HITS 2319, REVS. 4)
It's Passin' Me By (Songs) a view of the city [235 words] [March 2004] (HITS 1989, REVS. 0)
I've Gambled On Love (Songs) Love is like an old west poker game. [231 words] [April 2004] (HITS 2303, REVS. 3)
Jellybean Dreams (Songs) We will never forget you Ronnie. [272 words] [June 2004] (HITS 2525, REVS. 1)
Lavender Field (Songs) Man returns home searching for his childhood dreams and his first love. [241 words] [April 2004] (HITS 2304, REVS. 3)
Like It Was Tomorrow (Songs) Dream your dreams and live your life, like it was tomorrow. [264 words] [June 2004] (HITS 2223, REVS. 3)
Love Is Just A Word (Songs) Love for the asking, seems so absurd, love is not an emotion, love is just a word. [306 words] [November 2004] (HITS 2275, REVS. 5)
Mother Nature Why (Songs) - [248 words] [November 2005] (HITS 2303, REVS. 4)
On My Stickhorse I Ride (Poetry) Something that is vanishing... childhood pretend play; with a bit of nostalgia thrown in. [119 words] [March 2004] (HITS 2309, REVS. 1)
Once, Twice, Sold (Songs) An auction for ladies only. [197 words] [March 2004] (HITS 2229, REVS. 2)
One Potato Two (Songs) Black book's about to be tossed out! [202 words] [April 2004] (HITS 2282, REVS. 2)
Other Place (Poetry) Is it Heaven? [132 words] [March 2004] (HITS 2315, REVS. 2)
Raise The Curtain (Songs) Young aspiring actress trying to make it when everyone says she won't...familiar? [213 words] [March 2004] (HITS 2059, REVS. 0)
Recipe Of Time (Poetry) It is a fiction piece only to ponder the condition not to compare. [102 words] [July 2004] (HITS 2296, REVS. 1)
Runaway Wheels' 'a Turning (Songs) He's dropping out of society and riding the rail. [173 words] [March 2004] (HITS 2019, REVS. 0)
Send Her Down To Me (Songs) Send me down an Angel, send her down to me. [282 words] [June 2004] (HITS 2202, REVS. 1)
Shadow As My Friend (Songs) Death row inmate plays ball with his shadow (his only friend); waiting for the final call. [251 words] [March 2004] (HITS 2360, REVS. 2)
Shout ,Jesus To The World (Songs) Don't let HIM dye again! [128 words] [May 2004] (HITS 2228, REVS. 1)
Sweet Daydreams And Candy Hearts (Songs) A sweet fantacy retreat. [170 words] [March 2004] (HITS 2227, REVS. 1)
Sweethearts Lullaby (Songs) I sing to my sweetheart ...a lullaby. [103 words] [May 2004] (HITS 2241, REVS. 3)
Tattered And Torn (Songs) A story of one sided love. [215 words] [May 2004] (HITS 2269, REVS. 3)
Teacher For The Night (Songs) Lift me past the highest plain of your delight, teach me, oh be my teacher for the night. [285 words] [September 2004] (HITS 2317, REVS. 1)
Ten Times Sweeter (Songs) So, I give gack the kind of love you've given me a love that's ten times sweeter than honey from the bee. [264 words] [August 2004] (HITS 2273, REVS. 5)
That's All I Got (Songs) You always want to know the who, why or what, ya can't get any more, that's all I got. (country version) [258 words] [September 2004] (HITS 2012, REVS. 0)
The Dawn Is You (Songs) The most that it can be in love...at anytime. [231 words] [April 2004] (HITS 2229, REVS. 1)
The Natural Part Of You (Songs) I fell in love with the natural part of you. [285 words] [July 2004] (HITS 2153, REVS. 2)
The Only Gods (Poetry) This piece will change daily, watch for it!..... How can The Only Gods keep track of all the prayers that they recieve daily? [55 words] [October 2004] (HITS 2676, REVS. 6)
The Other Side Of The Mirror (Songs) We never look in the mirror at who we really are. [227 words] [May 2004] (HITS 2184, REVS. 2)
The Right To Twinkle (Songs) The life of Marilyn, then and now. [232 words] [April 2004] (HITS 2277, REVS. 6)
The Shame's On You (Songs) "country" boy done wrong, by his gal leavin'. [299 words] [August 2004] (HITS 2097, REVS. 0)
The Suns' Gonna Shine (Poetry) The sun always shines! [119 words] [March 2004] (HITS 2236, REVS. 1)
The Whole World's Going Crazy (Poetry) TODAY! [172 words] [March 2004] (HITS 2254, REVS. 3)
These Broken Wings (Songs) I've found an angel with broken wings, and I love her. [239 words] [April 2004] (HITS 2317, REVS. 4)
Wait For The Ones That Are Thrown Away (Songs) The best way to find a mate. [228 words] [April 2004] (HITS 2237, REVS. 3)
Warm Pillow (Songs) It's the only thing I have left of hers. [241 words] [April 2004] (HITS 2246, REVS. 2)
We Need To Love You More (Songs) Jesus, we need to love you more (worship song) [162 words] [August 2004] (HITS 2360, REVS. 1)
Whispers In The Dark (Songs) this desert war we are in. [204 words] [May 2004] (HITS 2374, REVS. 1)
Will You Say You're Sorry (When I'm Gone) (Songs) after I have gone...will you say you're sorry? [310 words] [July 2004] (HITS 2550, REVS. 5)
Wind Blowing Through My Heart (Songs) My dedicated love endures the pain of the wind blowing through the hole (she or he) left in my heart. [303 words] [August 2004] (HITS 2433, REVS. 1)
Won't Take Me Down (Songs) Walking in New Orleans after dark. [297 words] [July 2004] (HITS 1940, REVS. 0)
You Can't Fool Me Anymore (Songs) I've been a fool for the longest time, you can't fool me anymore. [306 words] [July 2004] (HITS 2310, REVS. 4)


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