The Authors

Carol M -
Cathleen M I am a high school English teacher. I love writing, especially fiction writing.
Murray Evans Murray Evans, other titles
Martine Hayes Martine Hayes, other titles
Laura M i have written one of other peice which is a song called in to deep, i like writing songs and poems in my spare t...
P M -
Tori M Student. Professional tall person, occasional star gazer.
Chuk H MacDonald Gemini
David MacDonald -
Emma MacDonald Shy, quiet and is a manga-holic!(LOL)... Loves all animals and is a believer of re-birth after death. Has ...
Alessandra Mace I am 13 years old and many people say my writing is very mature. I wish to be an author when I am older.
Maria Alessandra Mace Im 14 and always practise my writing. Im sure you will all agree how much this story has matured si...
A Mach I have been writing all my life; mainly short stories, poetry and musical lyrics.
Christy Mack -
Saraha Mack [email protected]
Paul Leighland MacLaine -
Michael MacLane -
Cheryl MacLean -
Kenneth MacLellan -
J A M A C MacQueen -
Matt Macul MFA teacher professional photographer.
Neko Madaro I'm a budding song-writer for the band SoulcandY i play as the lead guitarist and am the part-time songwrite...
Emabest Maddiebest maddieema1816best
John Madeofhope A tiger who wants to open the eyes in new directions.
Mary-Lena Madey D Female: 23 Years old
Beatriz Madrigal im a 14(turn 15 april 29) year old puerto rican student at Bodine high school of international affairs ...
Chad Alan Madson 30 Year old man, from Nebraska that has Cerebral Palsy. Wants to get notice for writing expertise.
Mayhem Mafia mayhem mafia is a new and upcoming rap group about to release their debut album the future is now
Alicia Mags After reading my screenplay, you will obviously realize that I love to skateboard, it allows me to mellow out...
A J Magy To those who've seen my old description, I'm sure you'll be pleased to see a refreshing lack of arrogance. If yo...
Celina Lee Mahalidge -
Luke Mahassol cool
Luke Mahossal Iii cool
Luke Mahossal cool
Stephen C Mai I'm 17 and have an interest in poetry and song writing.
Jenna Maiden -
Anna Maikavasa -
Daniel Kinga Maina Kenyan talented creative writer,poet, lyricist and music artist.To contact me for any deal or inquirie...
Daniel Kinga Maina Kenyan talented creative writer,poet, lyricist and music artist.To contact me for any deal or inquirie...
Jan Stephen Maizler Mr. Maizler has been writing since 1976. He has published many books, including "Dynamic Angling", "...
Partha Pratim Majumder A creative story teller of India.
Robbie Malcolm An emerging young writer with a passion for fighting for equality with moving words and an assignment from...
Cairo Malet Cairo is an 11 year old girl who likes reading, writing, swimming, netball and the Harry Potter series. She l...
Jennah M Malisiak I am a great singer. i just cant play an instruments. i can practically write a great song on demand.my...
Malisiak -
Trish Mallen Mom, writer, friend, artist, listener, teacher, learner, and seeker of all that is good.
Jay Mallick -
Sam Malone -
Super Man cool
Mandil This is the first chapter of a long story. I already have 17 chapters written down and I am steadily working on th...
Caleb Mandrake Iii cool
Rogue Manhattan -
Stevie Manhattan these are the lyrics......
Sean Mann -
Manny Col�n Iv -
Manteye & Mark Manthei Created in 1984, Manteye�s original blues and country-infused pop-rock sound continues to ride the...
Jennie Manthey -
Rick Mantilla Growing up on Star Trek and Star Wars the author loves sci-fi as well as collecting comics and is a formula...
Jasmine Manuel I am only 13, but when you read my songs. you won't even be able to tell.I sing to and I am really good. I...
Latoya Maracinno -
Rosie Marble -
Vera Marbrylouch I am a mother of a teenage boy and a 10 year old girl. I work part time with school transportation. I ...
Dawn Marcotte I have been reading science fiction/ fantasy for 20 years and writing it for only 2. As a beginning author...
Brittney Maree -
Silvia Maree SMP
Margaret Li Sixteen years old and living in New York.
Beth M Marie i like bands and things
Baylee Marie I have lived in Evansville since I was born, and I'm ready to get out. I'm 18 and ready to be free. Writin...
Jasmine Marie Jasmine Marie is the official pen name for Piper Davenport, soon to be Jasmine Marie Davenport.
Lisa Marie I'm so ironically teenage that it scares me sometimes. I'd love to get into singing and songwritting... I thin...
Marie -
Christian Marigold Young adult, born in Indianapolis.
Marigold -
S M Marion I'm a fifteen year old student, artist, and writer.
Matthew Mark Mark cool
Matthew Mark cool
Mark Nash -
Amy M Marks -
Alina Marquez Female teenager in the Southwest.
Alina Marquez Female teenager in the Southwest.
Judith Z Marrs I teach grades six through twelve at an alternative school in Hernando, Mississippi and also write for a l...
Rachel Lynn Marshall Rachel Marshall (18) is a current high school senior native to Evansville, Indiana who has always lo...
Df Mart D.F. Mart has written and published short fiction, poetry and essays. He is retired.
Leonard Martell It's just me.
Stefan Martello My name is Stefan Martello. I am a student at Cedarville University, Ohio and am currently majoring in En
Ashley Martin Name:Ashley Age: 18 Loc: Virginia, blah Fave color: Purple Music: Grateful Dead, Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Str...
Bryce Martin American novelist, essayist and non-fiction author.
Clifton L. Martin I have been writing as long as I can remember, however in collage I studied art and art history. Most o...
Frank L Martin The autor is a retired social worker and has been writing for the last fifteen years. Most of his publish...
Joseph Xavier Martin Political Consultant and story teller.
Maliaka R Martin -
Nathan R Martin -
Shady Martin I'M A SELF MADE MEN AND NOBODY SONG STAND'S IN MA' WAY---------------$$
Jessica M J Martinez -
Rachel Martinez mother of three. I love to write children's books
Ralph R Martinez -
Martini -
M J Martino -
Russ Martino just a song and dance man
Holly Martins a cool girl who loves josh cantillon
Eric Martyr u know him, u read his work, u love it....
Megan Marx My name is Megan. I'm just about 16 and I've never really given much thought to publishing my poetry and songs...
Mary Carol Dill Mary Carroll -
Tirikisu Masagui -
Am Mason My name is Alex, I write stories
Arlene Mason Currently employed as a Technical Support Representative, I write to stay sane.
Alex Mason -
Jimmy Mason Jimmy Mason is 29 years old. He spends his free time from being a stay at home father writting. His work has ...
Tyler Mason I am an 18 year old male from Alabama. I am attending my first year at Jefferson State Community College. ...
Amine Masror lonelyheart
Jimmy J Massa this is a song about holding on to love through lifes toughest days
James Massaro -
Intergalactic Doom Master I am 14 years old, Australian, and my name is Kim. =)
Kylan Masters Kylan has been writing for the majority of his life. After winning some literature contests in grade schoo...
Yvette Masters -
Ahmad Abang Mate A father of three, is a graduate in Public Administration and is now working with the Ministry Of Inform
Matija Mate� -
Alex Mathew Rookie, married with children and career. Stuggling to find time to make a career of my dream.
Matt Matics My last name really isn't "Matics" of course, but Matt is my real first name. I guess I'm just a guy living ...
Dawn Matley Maselli -
Kelsey Maton I like to play the piano in my free time and writing songs.
Dark Matter I'm a third-year student at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, studying English as an evolving language...
Matthewbuth Matthewbuthwf MatthewButh
N.V. Matthews -
Lantz Mattinson Born in the rolling hills of Zululand, Lantz Mattinson grew up fighting runaway cane fires and hunting bu...
Marciniak Matuz hi im 16 live in NJ have no idea about what to do with my life i just started writng maybe for close to 6...
Autumn Matz -
Peter Maughan Peter Maughan, an ex-actor, fringe theatre director and script writer, is married and lives in the Welsh M...
Anthony S Maulucci Anthony Maulucci writes fiction, poetry, and drama. After many years as an expatriate, New York City ...
Alex Mauromatis -
Alex Maurya I am a guy in teens enjoying my life.
Williamsji Maveli Williamsji Maveli (Williams George) was a Freelance writer for � Gulf News�, �Khaleej Times� and �The G...
Amanda May -
Kathleen May Kathleen May is an American living in London. She works for Pluto Press, an independent progressive publishe...
Meredith May -
Mayday -
Sepehr ( Is Silence) Mazad -
Makhosini Mbhele -
Pius N Mburu -
Cedric Mc Clester Cedric McClester is a prolific lyricist who writes in a number of voices and a variety of genres.
G McDonald -
Lizzie McAdams I am a woman who loves romance.. and so i write novels in order to express myself.. if you have any queri...
Fizzgig McArthur Fizzgig McArthur (Jesse Weinberg), other titles
McCain -
Ferris, Rashad - E. Love McCarter -
Kathleen McCarthy I enjoy humor in poetry and short stories. I also like writing non-fictional essays and musings. I live...
Paul McCarthy Full-time network engineer and aspiring writer.
Callum McCartney Age: 16 years old Location: London Amateur songwriter who would appreciate any feedback :)
Alexandria McCaskill -
M Bradley McCauley Mother, grandmother, writer, traveler, wisdom seeker. I've been writing for as long as I can remember...
Zoe McClelland Young woman writing lyrics for the first time and looking for some feedback..literally just wrote these ly
Cedric McClesrter Cedric McClester is a prolific lyricist/poet who writes in a number of voices and in a variety of genre
Cedric McClester Cedric McClester is a prolific lyricist who writes in a number of voices and in a variety of genres.
Cedric McClester Cedric McClester is a prolific lyricist who writes in a number of voices and in a variety of genres.
Cedric McClester Cedric McClester is a prolific lyricist who writes in a number of voices and a wide variety of genres.
Cedric McClester
Cedric McClester Cedric McClester is a prolific lyricist/poet who writes in number of voices and in a varierity of genre
Cedric McClester Cedric McClester is a prolific lyricist who writes in a number of voices and in a wide variety of genres
James S McClinton -
Cedric McCllester Cedric McClester is a prolific lyricist/poet who writes in a number of voices and in a variety of genre
Gwendolen McCloud Currently a resident of Atlanta, Georgia, I was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. Since the age o...
Ross McColl -
Corey J McCormick im a thirteen year old boy. I enjoy writing rap lyrics about everyday problems in the world. I want to ...
Christopher McCoy I am an amateur writer who has been writing stories since the age of nine when I discovered the joy of ...
Traci McCoy I am a working mother and wife. I enjoy writing to capture the essence of special moments that could so easi...
Larry Samuel McCrea Published author and screenplay writer
Jonathan McCullough Myself? I'm and 18 year old just starting college this year at South suburban Community College. Afte...
Caitlin M McCutcheon -
Cullen McCutcheon -
Devin M McDaniel I am a student at Noble High School. I love to write in my free time, especially fiction. I hope to one ...
Devin McDermott -
James Christopher McDermott -
Mikey McDonald Hey I'm Mikey. tell me what you think of my lyrics please : )
Sophie A McDonald -
Jonathan McDowell -
Ej McFall I'm a freelance writer with two ebooks --Eternal Cafe and Shallow Grave --available from DLSIJ Press. I've cont...
James A McGee -
Brandy McGhee -
Calley McGinley -
Caitlin Ivory Marie McGonigal -
Jessica McGough a girl exploring her emotions... through pains felt everyday. emotions brutally honestly hers.
Joseph Patrick McGrath McGrath I am a forty-two year old male. I'm married with three children. Seven years ago I was i...
Michael J McGrath Michael lives in Ireland and is learning the writing craft.
Keri McGriff -
Kimberly McGuinness An American lost in Bedfordshire, Kimberly has enjoyed a wide range of career choices from singing pr...
Anna J McGuire -
Molly McIntosh -
Clara Lee McKenzie i like writing - stories, songs and poems - i love art - drawing and painting - and just generally bei...
Ian McLachlan I'm 28 and live in North London. I studied classics at Oxford, lived and worked in Italy for three years, a...
Joy L McLaren -
Richard W McLin I have been writing for a long time, this piece has been one of my most popular pieces.
Kirsten McManus Open-minded, friendly, kind, everybody's best friend... That's what I strive to be.
Kelly McMonagle A college student.
Michala McMonagle A thirteen year old student.
McNamar -
James W McRight Jr -
Drexler McStyles Drexler McStyles is a 25 old hoping to publish his recently completed book of poems. Live on the beach i...
Stephen McTaggart spur of the moment
Mike McWade This is my first attempt at writing, something I have always dreamt of doing since I Young. Please feel free ...
Mddoc an Ophthalmologist.
Rosalyn Meadors A poem about how I fell in love, fell out of grace, and rose to shine one more time.
Kayla Meadows I'm just a girl who loves to write poetry. <3
Amanda Rae Mealer I am breath and life and soul. I am dust and earth and hole. I am reaching, stars, and free. I am nothi
Bryan Meckley Bryan Meckley is a finance professional in Tampa, Florida.
Meena The Royal Rajasthani -
Megan Meg -
Meg -
Fatima Hussain Mehdi -
Sara Mehdy
Haque Mehjabin -
Jackie Mehl i resubmited this song with my last name so no one could steel it
Joshua Meihaus -
Joshua Meihaus -
Michael Meihaus -
Dovin Melhee Dovin Melhee is the author of science fiction novel "nSpace", science fiction short stories, experimental no...
Melissa Jayne Melijayneporter Hi! I'm a radio presenter in Spain, and of course I love music. I haven't written many song...
Melloson Allen I come from South Africa and I am 19 years old. I have been writing stories and the like since I learned t...
J A Melody -
Melody I am a 14 years old girl who lives in Cali, Colombia. Here we speak as a first language Spanish, but I study at a...
Liz Mendello -
Caroline Disaster Mendez -
Jennifer Mendez -
Laura M�ndez My name is Laura M�ndez, I am 14 years old and I live in Cali. I really don't like to write much, but there ...
Anoop Menon www.conditionsapply.in
Ramkumar Menon I feel that pen and paper are the most powerful medium of expression and emotion. "A pen can draw a face...
Vineetha Menon I am a 16 year old student who loves reading and writing for two simple reasions - relaxation and pleasure
Matthew Mark Gill Mental A new world of Make believe..
Cesar Merano The short story is not done. The main event (or Initial Incident) has not begun. I am not as passionate for ...
Jaffe Rod Mercado -
B C Mercer I am a college student pursuing a career in creative writing. Short stories, poetry, songs, it doesn't matter...
Jason Richard Mercer -
Jenny Mercer This is a short, short story about a painting that has a very strange effect on its observer. The painting, ...
Matthew Mercieca 15 from Australia.
Michelle Mercier -
Meredith -
Kevin J Merfeld I am an 18-year old college student who loves reading Soren Kierkegaard and William Shakespeare.
Patti Merrill -
Meruthiel Meruthiel(not real name) is a 15 year old who has random bouts of inspiration, and appreciates any kind of feed...
George E Mesure Year 10 student, english coursework
Aphasic Metal Metal songwriter from Washington state.
Darcy K Metz -
Lissa N Metz-Gomez Currently living in Colorado with my two cats, hoping to move back to California soon.
Preston Miles Metz -
Metzger -
Brian Mey -
Deb Meyer I am a 21 year old college student in San Jose California that is studying creative writing. All you need to kn...
P Meyers -
Me -
Z Miah Z Miah England.
Dylan Michael From the sick twisted mind of myself, comes the Nights in the Asylum series. Right now the first two additi...
Michael Lowell Michael Lowell is a pseudonym for an up-and-coming writer of short stories. He is currently working on ne...
Potter Michael - Same Person as Michael Potter, [email protected] Currently finishing a science fiction story.
Vincent Michael -
Ryan Michaels A first time writer and avid fan of action and mystery literature, Michaels is interested to see if his own...
Michelle -
Lucy Midnight -
Ai Miina -
Mike Schiller -
Mila Strictzer I am a writing, living in Las Vegas. The primary subject I write about is insanity.
Ivana Milakovic Born 1976 in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. Spent my whole life here -- not a bad place to live in, it's never bor...
L J Milakovic I write for an escape from life ... and homework. I am just about to start year 10 and the dreaded GCSE's. ...
Jeff William Milburn -
Rebeccah D Milburn i was born in tenessee.And i am 14 years od
Andrej Milec Anything that I write is made up. Sure, events and people led to me writing it, but it's all feelings being ...
Saphrn Miles-Smith -
Caroline M Miller -
Kasey Ann Miller i love manson!!and most punk music,not a fan of NOFX and Pennywise and Good ridence though...
Kevin J. Miller Over forty of KEVIN JAMES MILLER's stories, reviews and poems have appeared in over twenty on-line public...
Kevin Miller Just a college student who enjoys writing.
Karen Miller I was born in London, England where I still live and work today. My writing tends to be very erratic as does...
Michael W Miller 18 years old.
Marques Miller I'm Marques.
Nathaniel A Miller I am a long time Information Technology Major, and a former Navy Protected Veteran but I have a stron...
Nathaniel A Miller I am a long time Information Technology Major, and a former Navy Protected Veteran but I have a strong...
Nathaniel Miller I am a long time Information Technology Major, and a former Navy Protected Veteran but I have a strong ...
Maureen G Mills I am in 8th grade and I have been working on this for a trimester!
Mills -
Martin Milner I've been writing poetry and songs since the earliest times that I can remember. The current submission is...
Melissa Milonopoulos -
Samantha Amanda Milotn pop sounding
Samantha Amanda Milton r&b it sohuld be
Mimi -
Ezh Mimsyboro -
Minamino Itari -
Mindy -
Mine Able No-thing.
Able Mine What's to like bout me?
Cheech M Minniear -
Meagan R Minor (Meagan Minor,Age 18) I wrote this story not knowing how it was going to turn out, but I had fun trying ou...
Meagan Minor My name is Meagan Minor. I'm a student at the University of Southern Indiana. I love to write stories where ...
Richard L Minton I am a gothic style author, one that can work with most things. I most do dark poems, but I can manage a...
Ashley Miranda -
Gina M Mirza Small town girl with big city dreams.
Misery Hi everyone. I love to write about love, but occasionally dip into other subject matters, I write mainly lyrics bu...
Mavash Khan Mishi -
Daniel L Mishkin Daniel L. Mishkin is an English major at the University of Southern Maine. He has had work published in ...
Rahul Missionary -
Mistress -
Thomas J Misuraca Tom is the author of over 25 short stories published in various literary magazines all over the county.
Charlie Mitchell middle aged country poet/songwriter
Holly Mitchell -
Paul Mitchell -
Steven K Mitchell Adirondack Mountains born and raised...44 yrs. old... avid athlete... created five interlocking, symbio...
Trevon B Mitchell imma rapper and a singer
Teresa Mizgala Mom of 4, knowing in life things like these cannot be made up.
M J K Mjk -
Cedric Mkcclester Cedric McClester is a prolific lyricist/poet who writes in a number of voices and in a variety of genre
Mk A sad lonely girl looking for love
Chris Mlot -
MohammadzadehH -
Amir Mohammed I have been writing for some time now. I started off writing poetry and am now applying writing style to sh...
Matthew Mohan Matthew Mohan is a young author currently studying under a unnamed professor at the University of Southern
Unmesh Mohitkar My motto of life is to live life fully. Happiness and miseries will come and go , but what is important ...
Mokk -
Rose Molina -
Santiago Molina
Nick Molinari Molinari First crack at it.
Darin R Molnar Darin owns Shady Pie Farm in Boring, Oregon - home of many goats and other creatures; he is neither strugg...
John Paul Monaco Songwriter, guitar player
Brian Money Im Brian, im currently 16, soon 17 and like writing creatively about fantasy! I hope to write several novels
Matthew Mark Gill Money Telling step by step how to be famous and offering help to the lost ones..
Young Money YOUNG MONEY BABY MEMBERS:1. Lil Wayne 2. Drake 3. Mack Maine 4. Gudda Gudda 5. T Streets 6. Jae Millz ...
Katherine Mongone Just looking for someone to share my love of drama with me
Monique female high school student that loves poetry
D L B Monk -
Dramatic Monologues When I was trying to find my HSC monologue, I had the hardest time, until I wrote it. But seeing my c...
Thomas M Monseur I was born brain damaged and I consider myself lucky to be alive.
Nikki Mont Louis -
Dom Montana -
Joseph Montego A budding blossom of irony and stenchful smockery from Berkeley a stalwart new beam of ethereal aura from ...
Silas Montgomery New writer with a passion for science fiction, but enjoys most genre who desires to mix enjoyable, ficti...
Doctor Moo I am Dr Mu, I'm a Reality Host its true, watch your thoughts and your intentions as we climb the 5th dimension
Corey Moon -
Farzana Moon Poet teacher and playwright.
Prymed Moon -
Adam Moore -
Alec Moore -
Charlie Raye Moore i would love this song to get noticed the only problem is i have no music to go with it.
Cynara Moore -
Emma Moore -
Johnny Moore I live in south Alabama with my wife, four daughters, and four grandchildren. For 12 years, I worked in Flo...
Nathan Moore Same as Description above
Nathan Moore I've been writing songs since I was 12 and I love it!
Nathan Moore -
Paul James Moore I'M 40 married with 2 children. I was born on the banks of the river Mersey near Liverpool in England. I...
Tara Bridget Moore Life is a journey, cherish those who make a difference in yours.
Ana Lucia Mora -
Alaycia Morale -
Ryan Morales -
Kelly Moran I'm a 30 year old woman who works in a television station. My other interests include acting, drawing, and a
Fermin Moreno Gonzalez Fan writer having published at the Eldritch Dark and Poetry DownUnder, among other magazines.
Roberto J Moreno -
E M K S Moresteel Hi I'm Moore. . . I started entering stories because I really love writing, but never really wanted ...
Tyler Moretz Just a normal guy.
Cassia Morgan I'm a teenage girl who just loves writing sons and poems!
MacKenzie Morgan I heard about the site through a friend. I'm REALLY looking for some feedback for my writing. Thanks.
Natalie Morgan -
Tamryn Morgan isolde
J C Morigawa Male, professional, 45 years old.
Spencer A Morin My name is Spencer. I'm 10 -almost 11- years old. I LOVE to write and read!
Andrew Mornahr A striving poet.
Bee Duere Morris Im just an average teenage girl. I live with my dad in the crappy town of Lawrence, Kanas, and believe m...
Davianna Morris 27 y.o. Puerto Rican woman, student, wife
Nicole Morris -
R W Morris I wrote "Homeboy" ten years ago when I was a young man of 52. I submitted it six times without success, altho...
Liilia Morrison Writer and artist living in South Florida
Morris Guy that likes singing, and likes writing rock songs. :P
Christopher Moss I live in Prattville, Alabama. I'm married and have a two-year-old son. In my free time, I watch movies ...
Tony Mossor Tony Mossor is an aspiring author with two comedy screenplays; An Island Unto Himself and Secret Asian Man pu...
Valencia Motta Valencia Motta is a 12 year old writer/poet who is a student of Success Academy Charter School.
Stuart Mould -
Luis Felipe Moura -
Mousie -
Ashley Mowery I am a 20 year old woman who loves to write. When I am not spending time with my boyfriend, working, or goi...
Nicole Mowery Name: Nicole Age: Twenty One Marital Status: Engaged To Gary Job: Burger King Crew Leader I love writing s...
Vanessa Moya I am 18 years old and I love to write. I have a lot of unfinished stories and a lot of poems. I am a high sc...
Michele L Moyer -
Chimezie Bi Mr Ben Writer, poet, playwright, author
Mr Big B The author writes a weekly internet column about real life harness horse racing. And he has been lucky enough t...
Steve Mroz David Vernon is an accomplished writer who has written for the many studios including Disney.
Mrpurple -
Gordon Msginamarie I usually write sad songs so i thought id write a mad fun calm one
Dr Mu A Reality Host from an un-manifested time
James Mudge Student
Karen Mueller Karen Mueller is an American playwright and actress living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Her short play The ...
Ranay Mueller -
Mueller -
Alif Muhammad I have been writing amateur stories for quite some time during college, and I have very high regard for th...
M Mujtaba I am a story teller
Somdev Mukherjee -
Mulan I'm a 16-going-on-17 year old Indian (from India) girl. I love writing and reading. My favourite books include the ...
Mikal P Mullaly -
Bryan D Mullins Lyric submitter.
Aujaye Mulmi -
Jaaffar Munasip Hi,I am 35 yr old male from Singapore. I am used to write sories in my mother tongue that is Malay. This ...
Queen A Munn A Queen to die for.
Steven Munro -
Brandon Daniels Murphy Murphy i live at 214 garifled avenue trenton nj 08629.
Jason Murphy New songwriter
Letitia Murphy I am a young mum suffering from mental instability of two beautiful children, seeking the meaning of life...
Scott Murphy I write stories like this often; it's catharsis.
Curtis Murray -
Colleen Murray -i am a 14 year old who loves all animals and loves to write. i am in a band so if you have any ideas e-mi
S M Murray 12 turning 13 years old. In year 7. Lives in Australia in Sydney. Reads Matthew Reilly books.
Sean P Murray 534
Sinead Murray - my names sinead and im fourteen, i just feel like musics just in me, i dont know how it just is. i love t...
MurryT -
Panangipalli S Murthy Practicing Chartered Accountant. Reading and writing. I am a freelance writer who has contributed a...
Musau -
Musaum MUSAU a graduate of Tufts University and the University of Ibadan. Major, Drama-Philosophy. 1972 (B.A.) MUSAU (...
Michael J Musto young author who writes supensful or mystery stories. I enjoy reading anything poe or poe like.
Mutterhals -
Tendai Mwanaka -
Bancy Mwihaki Young unpublished casual writer.
My Hyde You remember me.
Dy Myers D.Y. Myers is a 13 year old boy who has always been very close to his cousin Cassie. He enjoys rollerblading and...
Rita Myers I am a stay at home mother who enjoys writing.... of course, & anything that has to do with being in the great
Theresa A Myers -
Myriam Ojazz Myriam O Artist, singer and shy composer Myriam O was born chilean and this is a song from her new album.
Kevin Myrick I'm currently a College Student enrolled at Auburn University in Auburn, AL. I'm studying Political Science...
W Rasheed Mzwritebyme I am am children's writer, specializing in writing short stories. I live in Washington DC with my h...
Cedric McCleste Cedric McClester is a prolific poet/lyricist who writes in a number of voices and in a variety of genres,
Cedric McClewster Cedric McClester is a prolific lyricist/poet who writes in a number of voices and in a variety of genre
Kelly McManis Graduate of Annenberg School of Communications at University of Southern California in 2001
Miss E Miss E. is a young woman who writes in order to sort out her conflicting thoughts and emotions.
Ali Massa
Alessandro Menegazzo
Andrew Moroz
Patricia A Mixson
Fred McMillan
Sal Morano
Fizzgig McArthur
Carolyn Mills

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Cedric McClester
Cedric McClester is a prolific lyricist who writes in a number of voices and in a variety of genres.
[May 2008]
A Good Girl Gone Bad (Songs) A Good Girl Gone Bad is a classic story of a woman scorned. [204 words] [November 2007] (HITS 3414, REVS. 2)
A Let It Go Move On Kind Of Girl (Songs) A Let It Go Move On Kind Of Girl was inspired by a country music singer Carrie Underwood interview. [197 words] [April 2008] (HITS 1526, REVS. 0)
A Tangled Web (Songs) A Tangle Wed is a country song lyric about a well-known baseball pitcher and a troubled country singer. [271 words] [April 2008] (HITS 1510, REVS. 0)
A Woman�S Intuition (Songs) A Woman's Intuition is a song that is written from a woman's perspective. [190 words] [March 2008] (HITS 1554, REVS. 0)
Al-Qaeda, Dictator, Terrorists (Songs) Al-Qaeda, Dictator, Terrorists is a song of lament relative to our failed Iraq war policy. [195 words] [April 2008] (HITS 1456, REVS. 0)
Another Tale Of Woe Is Me (Songs) Another Tale Of Woe Is Me is country western song that is self-exclamatory. [312 words] [March 2008] (HITS 1505, REVS. 0)
Baby Baby Baby (What Are We Gonna Do?) (Songs) Baby Baby Baby (What Are We Gonna Do?) is a song that is from a female and male's perspective. It addresses a relationship that has change over time. [222 words] [April 2008] (HITS 1448, REVS. 0)
Baby- Ee (Songs) Baby-EE is a heart breaking love song the is written from a female's perspective, which as often is the case, required me to tap my female side. [242 words] [April 2008] (HITS 1565, REVS. 0)
Come On Baby (Dance With Me) (Songs) Come On Baby (Dance With Me) is a dance hall number with lots of synths, etc.. It's written for a female singer [356 words] [April 2008] (HITS 1587, REVS. 0)
Divorcee (Songs) Divorcee tells the story of a well known soon to be divorced celebrity. [199 words] [April 2008] (HITS 1525, REVS. 0)
Don�T Place Limits On Yourself (Songs) Don't Place Limits On Yourself is inspired by platinum selling R&B artist Keyshia Cole's life. It's written in her voice. [185 words] [October 2007] (HITS 1704, REVS. 0)
Father, Father (Songs) FATHER, FATHER addresses the pedophilia issue within the Catholic Church. [196 words] [April 2008] (HITS 1593, REVS. 0)
Four Hundred Years (Songs) Four Hundred Years addresses the oppression that African-Americans have experienced in America. [190 words] [September 2007] (HITS 1981, REVS. 3)
Friends With Benefits (Songs) Friends With Benefits is a song about friends with benefits, but one desires a more serious relationship. [302 words] [April 2008] (HITS 2216, REVS. 0)
Good To The Last Drop (Songs) Good To The Last Drop, guess what I'm talking about. It is written from a female's perspective. [278 words] [April 2008] (HITS 2408, REVS. 4)
Gunslinger (Songs) Gunslinger is my response to R&B singer and alleged pedephile R. Kelly's dis record I'ma Beast. [368 words] [March 2008] (HITS 1467, REVS. 0)
Handle Your Scandal (Songs) Handle Your Scandal is an up-tempo R&B song that is written from a female' perspective. [197 words] [April 2008] (HITS 1617, REVS. 0)
He Waits Patiently (Songs) He Waits Patiently is a song that is inspired by people I know. [131 words] [March 2008] (HITS 1458, REVS. 0)
He�S Coming Again (Songs) He's Coming Again speaks of the return of Jesus. [241 words] [October 2007] (HITS 1674, REVS. 0)
He's Merciful (Songs) He's Merciful is a song that speaks to the fact that God is merciful. This is particularly true when one seeks his mercy. [122 words] [March 2008] (HITS 1456, REVS. 0)
Holier Than Thou (Songs) Holier Than Thou addresses the unreasonable demands being placed on Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama. [215 words] [April 2008] (HITS 1501, REVS. 0)
How Many Hoops? (Poetry) How Many Hoops? poses a rhetorical question. [46 words] [April 2008] (HITS 1643, REVS. 0)
How Much Does It Cost? (Songs) HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? was inspired by a popular minister who was seriously pumping a boat ride complete with catered buffet and gospel choir for an exorbitant price. [240 words] [September 2007] (HITS 1669, REVS. 0)
I Apologize (What Else Can I Say?) (Songs) I Apologize(What Else Can I Say?) is a Miley Cyrus mea culpa for recent controversial photos. [346 words] [April 2008] (HITS 2022, REVS. 0)
I Didn't Believe In Love At First Sight (Songs) Love At First Sight is about a guy who didn't believe in love at first sight but had his mind changed. [226 words] [October 2007] (HITS 1678, REVS. 0)
I Don�T Like To Talk About It (Songs) I Don't Like To Talk About It was inspired by an Eric Clapton interview where he discussed his son Conor's tragic death. [231 words] [October 2007] (HITS 1750, REVS. 0)
I Don�T Like To Talk About It (Songs) I Don't Like To Talk About It was inspired by an interview given by gutarist/singer Eric Clapton, who recounted his son Conor's death. [228 words] [October 2007] (HITS 1750, REVS. 0)
I Like How You Do It (Sugar Pie I Do) (Songs) I Like How You Do It... is written from a female's perspective. It serves to complement a partner on how he makes love. [215 words] [April 2008] (HITS 1542, REVS. 0)
I Like The Feel (Songs) I Like The Feel speaks about the good feeling that another gives to one's lover. [146 words] [April 2008] (HITS 1538, REVS. 0)
I Must Have Been Crazy (Songs) I Must Have Been Crazy is a song of after the fact regret. [173 words] [April 2008] (HITS 1528, REVS. 0)
I Need More (Songs) I Need More is written from a woman's perspective. [256 words] [April 2008] (HITS 1458, REVS. 0)
I Only Wish I Knew (Songs) I Only Wish I knew is a song about a woman who is indescreet. [317 words] [November 2007] (HITS 1651, REVS. 0)
I Talk About Cha (Songs) I Talk About Cha is a spiritual song. [287 words] [April 2008] (HITS 1495, REVS. 0)
I Wouldn�T Dot An I (Songs) I Wouldn't Dot An I is about a man who tries to change his woman. [277 words] [October 2007] (HITS 1725, REVS. 0)
If It Were Mariah (Songs) If It Were Mariah is my response to the sexcapades of a once popular R&B singer/ TV star's less famous brother. [280 words] [April 2008] (HITS 1547, REVS. 0)
If Ya Wanna Ride Shotty (Songs) If Ya Wanna Ride Shotty is a song of seduction. [270 words] [March 2008] (HITS 1542, REVS. 0)
If You Were My Girl (Songs) If You Were My Girl is a song that suggest the outsider looking in could treat the girl better than the person she is with. [290 words] [October 2007] (HITS 1740, REVS. 0)
If You�Re Gonna Cheat (Songs) If You're Gonna Cheat is a song that strongly discourages cheating. [179 words] [April 2008] (HITS 1485, REVS. 0)
I'm Feeling You (Songs) Feeling You is a medium tempo song written from a teenaged female's perspective. I'm thinking Miley Cyrus or Tiffany Evans. [287 words] [April 2008] (HITS 1567, REVS. 0)
I�M Laying Down My Weapons (Songs) I'm Laying Down My Weapons is a song of acquiesence. [260 words] [April 2008] (HITS 1522, REVS. 0)
I�M So Over You (Songs) I'm So Over You is a song that is written from a female's perspective. [204 words] [April 2008] (HITS 1546, REVS. 0)
It Hurts Too Doggone Much (Songs) It Hurts Too Doggone Much is written from a woman's perspective who is in an adulterous relationship. [266 words] [October 2007] (HITS 1619, REVS. 0)
It�S Been A Long Time Coming (Songs) IT'S BEEN A LONG TIME COMING is a love song. [211 words] [March 2008] (HITS 2076, REVS. 0)
It�S Time That You Let Go (Songs) Simply put, It's Time That You Let Go is a song about letting go. [260 words] [October 2007] (HITS 1705, REVS. 0)
Let�S Bring The Magic Back (Songs) Let's Bring The Magic Back is about reinvigorating a romance. [203 words] [April 2008] (HITS 1497, REVS. 0)
Makin Love To You (Songs) Makin Love To You celebrates love making between committed lovers. [221 words] [April 2008] (HITS 1693, REVS. 0)
Maybe It�S Not Me (She Now Prefers) (Songs) Maybe It's Not Me (She Now Prefers) are country western song lyrics that says it all. [173 words] [April 2008] (HITS 1438, REVS. 0)
Nights Like This (Songs) Nights Like This suggests making love is better than fighting. [214 words] [April 2008] (HITS 1506, REVS. 0)
Nobody Cries For Bob (Songs) Nobody Cries For Bob is a lament against downsizing as a consequence of corporate greed. [316 words] [April 2008] (HITS 1728, REVS. 3)
Now I Lay Me Down (Songs) Now I Lay Me Down is a love song that can be done as a duet. [373 words] [April 2008] (HITS 1658, REVS. 0)
Ok Ray J (Songs) OK Ray J is an answer to the Ray j Yung Berg song Sexy Can I. [327 words] [March 2008] (HITS 1523, REVS. 0)
Only One Emotion (Songs) Only One Emotion suggests love is that emotion. [231 words] [April 2008] (HITS 1774, REVS. 1)
Part Of You (Songs) Part Of You is a love song. [289 words] [April 2008] (HITS 1487, REVS. 0)
Raise The Flag (Sube La Bandera) (Songs) Raise The Flag (Sube La Bandera) is an anthem that was inspired by Boricuas (Puerto Ricans) who are proud of their island/nation's flag. [180 words] [March 2008] (HITS 1508, REVS. 0)
Rumor Has It That� (Songs) Rumor Has It That is inspired by a rumor that a certain attractive West Coast based R&B singer is now engaged in an affair with a certain female rap star who has long been rumored to prefer sea food over beef, if you know what I mean. [266 words] [May 2008] (HITS 1570, REVS. 0)
Sexy You Know That I Wanna (Songs) Sexy You Know That I Wanna is a mid tempo R&B song that speaks for itself. [289 words] [May 2008] (HITS 1438, REVS. 0)
She�S Your Baby�S Momma (Songs) She's Your Baby's Moma is a song about baby's momma drama. [240 words] [April 2008] (HITS 1584, REVS. 0)
Size Matters (Songs) Size Matters is written from a certain female perspective and speaks for itself. [243 words] [April 2008] (HITS 1882, REVS. 9)
Somebody Pray For Me (Songs) Somebody Pray For Me speaks for itself. [194 words] [March 2008] (HITS 1577, REVS. 0)
State Of Affairs (Songs) State Of Affairs talks about the current state of affairs in America. [184 words] [March 2008] (HITS 1463, REVS. 0)
Strength Enough To Handle (Songs) Strength Enough To Handle is a prayer. [396 words] [April 2008] (HITS 2132, REVS. 0)
Take Love Where You Find It (Songs) Take Love Where You Find It is self-exclamatory. [233 words] [March 2008] (HITS 1475, REVS. 0)
Take Your Sox Off (Songs) Take Your Sox Off is written from a female perspective as a commentary on men who make love with their sox on. [238 words] [March 2008] (HITS 1451, REVS. 0)
That Same God (Songs) That Same God is a spiritual song celebrating God. [170 words] [October 2007] (HITS 1751, REVS. 0)
The Best Thing That I Did ... (Songs) The song speaks for itself [448 words] [April 2008] (HITS 1479, REVS. 0)
The Court (Songs) The Court is about the conservative Supreme Court [283 words] [May 2008] (HITS 1540, REVS. 0)
The Life You Lead (Songs) The Life You Lead in the final analysis is the one you choose. [197 words] [October 2007] (HITS 2195, REVS. 0)
The Straw That Broke The Camel�S Back (Songs) The Straw That Broke The Camel's Back is written from a female's perspective and is based on a true case study. [353 words] [April 2008] (HITS 1477, REVS. 0)
This Could Be An Interesting Night (Songs) This Could Be An Interesting Night is about a young man on the prowl. [207 words] [April 2008] (HITS 1550, REVS. 0)
This Is For All Of Y�All (Songs) This Is For All Of Y'all was inspired by a Hillary Clinton victory speech/ [360 words] [March 2008] (HITS 1696, REVS. 4)
Three Weeks Late (Songs) Three Weeks Late is a song that is obviously written from a woman's perspective. [351 words] [April 2008] (HITS 1483, REVS. 0)
Tmz.Com (Songs) TMZ.COM is a commentary on young performers who are addicted to being fodder for the tabloids. [204 words] [April 2008] (HITS 1592, REVS. 0)
Too Young To Be In Love (Songs) Too Young To Be In Love is a song about young love. [210 words] [April 2008] (HITS 1505, REVS. 0)
Very Sexy (Songs) Very Sexy is a song about a very sexy girl. Can you guess who she is? [231 words] [April 2008] (HITS 1527, REVS. 0)
We Can Do It (Songs) We can do it on the bed We can do it on the floor We can do it anywhere That you haven�t before... This song was written from the female perspective [329 words] [March 2008] (HITS 1538, REVS. 0)
We Don�T Haveta Be Afraid (Songs) We Don't Haveta Be Afraid is a song about commitment, that is written from a female's perspective. [319 words] [April 2008] (HITS 1433, REVS. 0)
What Are They Doing? (Songs) What Are They Doing? is yet another song lyric that chronicals the Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana bruhaha. [285 words] [April 2008] (HITS 1531, REVS. 0)
What Cha Gonna Do? (Songs) What Cha Gonna Do? is yet another song from a female's perspective. It challenges her man. [350 words] [April 2008] (HITS 1499, REVS. 0)
Whatever It Takes (Songs) Whatever It Takes is about asking for a second chance. [237 words] [October 2007] (HITS 1656, REVS. 0)
Whatever, Whatever (Songs) Whatever, Whatever speaks for itself. [169 words] [March 2008] (HITS 1634, REVS. 0)
What�S All The Fuss Huh? (Songs) What's All The Fuss is my reponse to the bruhaha over some semi-revealing pictures that Hanah Montana actress/singer Miley Cyrus recently took. [402 words] [April 2008] (HITS 1497, REVS. 0)
Wish That I Were (Songs) Wish that I were clever I�d write you a rhyme My love is forever It won�t fade with time [207 words] [April 2008] (HITS 1564, REVS. 0)
With Broken Wings (Songs) With Broken Wings is a sad love song. [214 words] [April 2008] (HITS 1535, REVS. 0)
You Can Call Me Nasty (Songs) You Can Call Me Nasty is a song that questions what's is where the naked eye can't see? [213 words] [October 2007] (HITS 1981, REVS. 0)
You Deserve The Best (Songs) You Deserve The Best is self exclamatory. [236 words] [November 2007] (HITS 1794, REVS. 0)
You Have No Idea (Why I Feel How I Feel) (Songs) You Have No Idea (Why I Feel How I Feel) speaks for itself. [226 words] [March 2008] (HITS 1639, REVS. 0)
You May Not Like What I Have To Say (Songs) You May Not Like What I Have To Say deals with the delicate issue of homosexuality from a Scriptural perspective. [215 words] [November 2007] (HITS 2129, REVS. 1)
You May Rule Today (Songs) My country right or wrong some people say/ but terror often is the price they pay... [331 words] [May 2008] (HITS 1572, REVS. 0)


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