The Authors

Laurence L'abre -
Angela L -
Belinda R L First attempt at lyrics
L Diamonds -
James L -
Linda Marie Brainard Linda Marie Brainard, other titles
La Carlotta -
La Longue Carabine I am unwilling to submit any information, OK!? MWAHAHAHAHAHA
J Labarre Student at Saint Joseph's University.
George Lacroix -
Laddiee -
Lady Sashi -
Kathy Lafollett Previously published online and print author with 5 titles currently archived online, as well as 3 magazi...
Emmanuel Muhire Lakhpin Lakhpin natively called Emmanuel Muhire holds a bachelor degree of Education and Drama from the C...
Lakhpin Mwalimu LAKHPIN is a Rwandan poet, songwriter and theatre practitioner holding a Bachelor Degree of Education in ...
Ana C Lala -
Maria Lalalala -
Laurette M Lalibert� Delouise Laurette LaLibert� deLouise is a fiction writer, artist, and poet who lives in Virginia Bea...
Tara A. Lambert -
T C Lambert TC Lambert is a black belt in karate and attests that all the martial arts sequences in this book are genuine...
Rambostly Lampogna -
Carrie Landes -
Jesse Landon -
Ryan Landry I am a high school senior who has a love for writing. I love stories because everyone and everything has one.
Larry Landsperger -
Zachary Lane This is a song of...God, I can't tell you guys.
Jean Lang Freelance Writer
Mike Lang -
Maria Lapachet Born in Spain, Maria lived in Ireland and England for short periods of time. She arrived in the U.S. and ...
Cylis Lapedimore -
Alla Lapidus -
Jan Lappalainen Feedback greatly appreciated
Raine Lariza -
Larrea -
Sandra Lee Larsen I am a three-year cancer survivor, on disability for arthritis, living in San Antonio, Texas. As a publ...
Brien Larson -
LarsonPR -
Larson -
Zak Laslovich hey im 14 years old and i love to sing and write songs
LasterNM -
Andres Lastra -
Eduardo Lastra Boy, 14 years old lives in colombia like to eat and to swim. I like the color blue and I study in Colegio
Kelvin Lastsaint ... And the day lovely mama cried aloud, that is when i was on Wednesday the 9th of FEBRUARY 1977.Nature...
Late Bloomer -
Elle Latham I'm 24 and a singer/songwriter, screenwriter/actress trying to get by.
Fyona Doyle Latz -
Matt Laubenstein I'm a 16 year old guy, and I write all the time.
Casey Lauber I am 15 Years old, go to school and live in a small town in New York state that nobody has ever heard of so...
John Lauda -
Mangano Laura Laura Mangano is a Senior at Northeasern University in Boston where she is double majoring in philosophy an...
Alex Lawrence Lyrics for song
Alex M Lawrence -
Alex Lawrence I am a writer who writes to have fun
Lawson -
P J Lawton -
Gary L Laymon Singer/Songwriter with more than 500 songs written, making public debut.
Layne 15 years old, been writing since the age of 8. Perfer writing science-fiction, fantasy, and fiction in general
Lazar -
Roy Le u-BOB-n-Man "Mama Crying"
Kristina Lean My name is Kristina. I'm 13 years young. Writing songs, singing, and writing storie are my passions. I hope...
Adam Lear - There's nothing I like better than to snuggle up in bed with the duvet scrunched around me and a compilation ...
Jm Leary Glad to be here
Shannon Pypper Leary Shannon (aka) Pypper Marie Leary, a young future writer who lives through imagination, creativity an...
Keri Lebeau -
Brian C Lebron -
David W Ledger I am 36 years old and I am married. I have three sons and live in California. I am a musician and writer...
Alana Kate Lee -
Amber Lee -
Cody Lee -
Dianne Lee 40 year olf female australia new writer.
James Lee A kid that likes to write music about his own life, others lives, and things we all go through that we all have...
Lanaia Lee -
Thomas Lee I work fulltime at a large healthcare facility in Tampa, Florida. I write in my spare time.
Eleanor Leech Please consider my short stories for publishing. I am a 21 year old female writer. I have a passion for wor...
R S Leergaard An amature writer/poet/songwriter
Jennifer Leeson I'm merely an enthusiastic writer :)
Catherine Lefloy I'm 29, I like long walks on the beach. I love to read, I enjoy cooking and watching drama films.
Roger Legrand -
LeighAN -
Joshwa Leigh I'm Joshwa Leigh I'm A Musician From Australia I Have Some Songs Recorded Check Them Out (www.myspace.com/jo
Joshwa Leigh -
Nevay Leigh -
Dan Lemmond -
Kris Lemmonds -
Liam Donaghy Lemmy I am Author
Joseph Lemons -
Dr Lemuria -
Lena Glasgow -
Carey Lenehan Carey Lenehan is a poet and writer with ambitions to change this bad old world into a better one. Slowly cl...
Sarahjayne Lennon -
Matt Lenox Looking to entertain with his pen for those who are willing to listen
Matthew Lenox -
Matthew Lenox -
Lenox I try to create thought and recieve opinions not criticism or acclaim
V T Leobloom -
Craig Leonard -
Heidi Leong I'm Heidi Leong and I like to write song lyrics. I would like to be a song-writer when I grow up. I've also b...
Jonah Lepcha Famous Computer Geek Proves It To Be True: You Really Can Make Money With eBay, Adsense, and Clickbank All F...
Jonah Lepcha Famous Computer Geek Proves It To Be True: You Really Can Make Money With eBay, Adsense, and Clickbank All F...
Angela Leppard I'm an original writer and an artist. I write things as they enter my head from a different dimension into...
Isabel Lerma Isabel Lerma currently lives in Paris, France. She moved from her beloved San Francisco where she Was � succ...
Catrina J Lerner I am a female, married for 33 years, have three beautiful children which have all left the nest. My hobb...
Jeanette Lero -
Abby M Lesczynski 17 year old, senior at Hartford Union High School
Crystal Leslie My stories are inspired by dark comedy, psychological mind thrillers, parodies, and funny little observati...
Matthew Mark Gill Lesson Learned Learning that life makes us happy and when you make mistakes we are only human. Betterin
Gregory H Lester she's always been true to her beliefs and me but sometimes still she remains a mystery
Gregory H Lester she's always been true to her beliefs and me but sometimes still she remains a mystery
Elizabeth A Letourneau I am a senior at Vance High School in Charlotte, NC. I wrote this essay because our senior year e...
Matthew Lett Residing in Tulsa, OK. Love writing and reading, and thinking up new ideas to write about.
R J Levesque R.J. Levesque lives in New Brunswick, Canada. He is a fan of fictional works such as Stephen King, Clive Ba...
Robert Edward Levin -
Robert Levin -
Levinus -
Howard A Levy -
Lewd Muse Hopeless at understanding my thoughts when and if I think them.
Carl Lewis Brown hair blue eyes
Deidra R Lewis im young but very muscial
Gemmol Lewis -
Kazhmir Lewis -
Brad Lewkow Writer only experienced as college entry English.
Sarah K Lewry I am a committed Christian devoted to serving God with my writing and other gifts.
Sk Lewry I am a committed Christian who is seeking God's will for her life.
Lora Liao Lora Liao is a writer and loves to sing her songs when she can get the chance. She hopes that this song will be...
Lora Liao I am 14 years of age and this is my first published song that I've ever done in my life.
Sean Libbey -
S Lichtenstein -
Kj Liddle Senior in high school. Extremely handsome.
Matthew Mark Gill Life Whatever happens you can't let the day get you down staying positive and motivated!
Chris Light New author, just attempting to unlock some creativeness ....
Lil Kiki Cool, unique, talented, intuitive, smart.
Hans S Lillegard I am a writer/ translator who works with short stories and poetry
Lily -
Sapphire Lim Jus a normal 12 year old. wrote it when i was 11. Im jus an amatuer but love writing and reading.
Chesterton P. Limeregis I exist in a world of music and light, far beyond reality, in a land known only to mankind's deep
Lime -
Colin W Linder Canadian based author
T-Rey Lindholm I'm me
Erin Megan Lindner Writing records feelings and emotions of my life that have confronted, challenged,inspired and scared ...
Hunter Lindsey i am 18, just tryin to make it big, comment please
Vincent Lini As Oscar Wilde said on his death bed while looking at the wallpaper in his dingy hotel room: "Well, one of u...
Hannah E Linkin -
Ariana Linkletter A simple girl from the midwest who likes to read and write.
La Linoue Just letting steam out.
Jack Linton Jack Linton is a Southern writer who enjoys telling stories.
Erasmus Lion -
Amy Mondure Lioncourt A balanced author who brings in the natural grace of people to make peices that will hopefully open...
Lions -
Rob Lioy I am a 21 year old Graphic Media student at the Rochester Institute of Technology. My main interests are music, ...
Sarah Lipton Sidibeh Sarah Lipton Sidibeh is an author and performer. She has written short stories, poetry, a play, a ch...
Lisa Female, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA.
Lithium -
Little A -
Maria Little-Hawk -
J A Little -
Ja Little -
Jay Little from the mind to the computer
Matthew Little -
Ariel Little Red I am a 17 year old girl who found this site as a great way to get my stuff out there so I can see if it'...
Little Red -
Samantha R Little -
Teresa Little -
Aidan Littlefield Just a guy from Pittsburgh
Matthew Mark Gill Living http://myspace.com/matthewmarktalent Everyone feels sad sometimes and dark days come..
Julia Helen Livingston -
Li -
P J Llewellyn I am seventeen years of age and this is only the second poem that I have written, I hope that the poetic me...
Archibald K Lloyd Big fan of dressing gowns and singlets with ties.
David Lloyd 21 year old male, lives in Northampton.
Elroy Jamoke Lloyd 20yrs old...student...yak yak...uk
Laura Lloyd -
LloydT -
Victoria Lmuth I am a fifteen year old girl who is going to be a junior at Fontana High School and is writing stories an
Bryant Lo Re -
Loaner -
Christian Loche -
Marcus Lochricho I am a fag. I suck any size cock. I will fuck a hot, horny guy in the ass anytime.
Duane Locke Duane Locke, Doctor of Philosophy in Renaissance Literature, Professor Emeritus of the Humanities, Poet in Re...
Lucy Lockett From fable to poetry to whatever....
Chris Lockley Chris Lockley is a 15 year-old boy who is highly creative with a passion for words.
Laura Lodemai -
Abi Lodge I'm 15 years old and live in the west midlands of England. I enjoy writing, drawing, playing guitar, singing, m...
Francine D Lofton Just another single mom
Francine Lofton -
Antoni Loignon I'M 17 years old and I just began song writting. Tell me what you think about my songs.
Loki -
Gia M Lombardi I love writing about nature and encorporating all of the senses so that the reader can almost experience w...
L M Long I am a baby boomer with a lot of ideas rolling around in my middle aged head. I enjoy writing, reading, travelin...
Longlight-Traveller -
Omar Longoria -
Stuart Eric Longridge
Matthew Mark Gill Looking Good Here we go again like a merry go round..
P L L Loomis -
Robert Lopez -
Jade-Marie Lord -
Melodie Lori This song is for my true love of 5 years who I'd do anything for an who I can't be without
Lori Lorien -
Matthew Mark Gill Loser A new day and a new career just around the corner..
Matthew Mark Gill Loserville A new beginning to a old ending.. Succeed through reverse psychology..
Bruce E Losis Jr 19 yr male.
Rita A. Lott I have three poems with International Library of Poetry to be published this fall. I've written a journal ca...
Vera Louch (The Tea Lady) -
Vera Louch My daughter is now twelve years old. My son is in high school, now. I still work part time in school transpo...
Veraelaine Louch I'm not really new, I just haven't been around for a while. But I'm back.
Antoine Louis Searching the depth's of his imagination to pen interesting story's!!
Massie Louvack -
Erynn A Louviaite Erynn A. Louviaite is an aspiring writer, a romantic, a fantasy nerd, a supernatural fanatic, an avid K...
Lex Louw Occupation: High School Student Grade: 12 Personality: Compassionate young man who loves helping people Hobbi...
Belinda Love -
Divine Love Lover by soul...played,cheated,stabbed still worshiping love its never love that hurts but people do.
Matthew Mark Gill Love http://myspace.com/matthewmarktalent Become a friend.. Ask how to make your site cool and I'll te
Ruby-Rose Lovidge -
Still Lovingyou -
Bryn Lovitt -
Bryn Lee Lovitt I will do anything for my characters. I am at their mercy.
LoweE -
Naomi Rose Lowe Naomi Lowe is an aspiring college student who loves music and words and what they can do together to chan
Heather Loyd Heather Loyd is a copy editor for a small East Texas daily. Her hobbies are writing, photography and geneaol
Loyd -
Lode Loyens I write poems, books and songs as an amateur with hopes to become professional. Been writing on and off for ...
Aaron Er Lozier Aaron Lozier is a 16-year-old, grade 11 student located in Chetwynd BC, Canada. Currently, Aaron works at...
Teresa R Lucas -
Jeremy Lucko The path I have travelled in life has led me to many unique experiences and characters. Take a moment to vie...
Aryel Lucky -
Keivn Luk Kevin has lived in New York for the plast eleven years, he is a teacher a the local boarding school for the bli...
Lukas -
Mateja Marie Lund -
Sappho Luv I am a fulltime student, mother, employee, and wife. I love to write. I love to play music. I love every ty...
Toni Jaquay Lynch-Omer -
Richard Lynch -
Stephanie Lynch -
Toni Jaquay Lynch Toni Lynch started writing before she can even remember. Her writing has evolved from nursery rhyme lik...
Lynch -
Diane Lynn I am a college student currently majoring in English and Journalism. Writing has always been my passion and I...
Patricia Lynn I am a student full time, wife and mother, who is learning to relive again, and realizing words help everyo...
Lynn -
Free Lyrics -
Matthew Mark Gill Lyrics See life in another way in the eye of a lyracist!
Timothy A. Lyzenga College Student.
Charles Langley
Tyna Luckey
Barry Lyndon

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Stuart Eric Longridge
[October 2004]
[email protected]
2003 (Poetry) Solving a mystery. [204 words] [Adventure] [February 2003] (HITS 2104, REVS. 0)
4d (Poetry) Just something to think about.Hee!Hee! [195 words] [Mystical] [May 2003] (HITS 2332, REVS. 1)
A Human Life Too Short (Songs) A family story. [201 words] [Motivational] [May 2004] (HITS 2336, REVS. 3)
A Prayer To Gaia (Poetry) We have a lot of explaining to do. [107 words] [Nature] [February 2003] (HITS 2272, REVS. 1)
A Sigh Of Relief (Poetry) The flintstones revisited. [100 words] [Animal] [August 2002] (HITS 1993, REVS. 0)
A Test Of Faith (Poetry) Our lost chapter. [187 words] [Adventure] [February 2003] (HITS 2140, REVS. 0)
Again And Again (Songs) For my french friend I hope he doesnt top himself. [87 words] [Relationships] [May 2004] (HITS 2349, REVS. 2)
Agression Obsession (Poetry) There's always a lot more to things. [259 words] [Mind] [September 2002] (HITS 2006, REVS. 0)
Anger Pills To Polish Skills. (Songs) - [472 words] [Mind] [May 2004] (HITS 2124, REVS. 1)
Astralution (Songs) We are living in transforming times [134 words] [Health] [February 2003] (HITS 2287, REVS. 2)
Astrogenetics (Poetry) Our star signs should really be taken from conception. I think. [50 words] [Nature] [January 2003] (HITS 2225, REVS. 0)
Baseless, Information, Before, Leaving, Earth (Poetry) A realization of dangerous mistranslation. [540 words] [Self-Help] [August 2002] (HITS 2030, REVS. 1)
Bible Code... (Poetry) Read the two books by Michael Drosnin. [198 words] [Mind] [April 2003] (HITS 2448, REVS. 0)
Birth Seed Of Death (Poetry) A very real possiblity. [103 words] [Nature] [December 2002] (HITS 2307, REVS. 2)
Birth Trauma (Poetry) Were not in the dark ages any more. [204 words] [Self-Help] [September 2002] (HITS 2098, REVS. 0)
Blind Faith (Poetry) Giving away your mind. [274 words] [Self-Help] [January 2003] (HITS 2255, REVS. 2)
Breathe (Poetry) Vibration. [113 words] [Mind] [August 2002] (HITS 2013, REVS. 0)
Call Me When Your Mind Is Clear (Songs) Call me spaced out call me mad. [169 words] [Mind] [July 2003] (HITS 2216, REVS. 4)
Can You Lend Me A Tenner Son? A What? (Poetry) Its happening now, but for the worst [267 words] [Crime] [September 2002] (HITS 2246, REVS. 1)
Cave Man Monkey Stinker (Poetry) Monkey magic not. [143 words] [History] [January 2003] (HITS 2214, REVS. 5)
Celtic Warriors (Poetry) The mess in N.Ireland. [99 words] [Horror] [January 2003] (HITS 2258, REVS. 3)
Chakras (Poetry) Wheels of light and love. [70 words] [Mind] [May 2004] (HITS 2208, REVS. 3)
Cheer Up (Poetry) It's happening now. [345 words] [Motivational] [January 2003] (HITS 3234, REVS. 1)
Cloaking Device (Poetry) We are very trusting. [202 words] [Self-Help] [August 2002] (HITS 2218, REVS. 2)
Colours For Killing (Poetry) My poor home N. Ireland. [280 words] [Crime] [August 2002] (HITS 1935, REVS. 0)
Come What May (Poetry) Easy life. [239 words] [Mind] [February 2003] (HITS 2239, REVS. 1)
Cosmic Chemotheraphy (Poetry) A follow up to Astrogenetics. [159 words] [Nature] [January 2003] (HITS 3370, REVS. 1)
Cosmic Sluice (Poetry) That great place named space. [163 words] [Adventure] [August 2002] (HITS 2287, REVS. 0)
Creation Copyright (Poetry) Over my head. [40 words] [Mind] [January 2003] (HITS 2077, REVS. 2)
Crop Crap (Poetry) I made one with my face. [95 words] [Mystery] [January 2003] (HITS 2280, REVS. 2)
Deliberate Intentions In The 4th Dimension (Poetry) Create your own reality. [244 words] [Mind] [January 2003] (HITS 2052, REVS. 0)
Designer Illusions (Poetry) Subscribing to man made fantasys... [263 words] [Crime] [September 2003] (HITS 1935, REVS. 0)
Did You Know? (Poetry) Check this it ,and it is provable. [161 words] [Crime] [June 2003] (HITS 1993, REVS. 0)
Dont Want To Sound Like Mr Ed (Poetry) - [494 words] [Comedy] [June 2004] (HITS 2168, REVS. 1)
Drastic Plastic Fantastic (Poetry) Looking out through the matrix. [66 words] [Crime] [September 2003] (HITS 2259, REVS. 1)
Dream State (Poetry) Reflection. [258 words] [Mind] [January 2003] (HITS 3028, REVS. 0)
Earth Bound (Poetry) Again more origins. [220 words] [History] [January 2003] (HITS 1975, REVS. 0)
Electric H2o (Poetry) A revival of a sticking point. [577 words] [Self-Help] [September 2003] (HITS 2072, REVS. 0)
Empowered By My Own Karma (Poetry) Personal road to knowledge [230 words] [Mind] [January 2003] (HITS 2292, REVS. 1)
End Time Rhyme (Poetry) - [81 words] [Suspense] [February 2003] (HITS 2230, REVS. 2)
Father Sun Spots (Songs) A conversation betweeen earth and the sun. [192 words] [Mind] [July 2003] (HITS 2216, REVS. 5)
Filling In The Gaps (Poetry) And they still could`nt get to the moon. [237 words] [Mind] [September 2002] (HITS 2069, REVS. 0)
Forward To The Present Past (Poetry) A never ending cycle. [189 words] [Mind] [September 2003] (HITS 2069, REVS. 0)
Geometrical Re-Birth (Poetry) The fields are a great cosmic canvas. [176 words] [Nature] [June 2003] (HITS 1922, REVS. 0)
Heartache Demolition (Poetry) What do you think of me now? [316 words] [Mind] [August 2003] (HITS 2102, REVS. 1)
History In The Making (Poetry) Do not believe the media. [186 words] [History] [May 2003] (HITS 2300, REVS. 2)
Hologramic Farm (Songs) A wee song for the changing times. [175 words] [Mind] [July 2003] (HITS 2228, REVS. 1)
I Feel Like Ive Missed Someone Ive Never Met (Songs) A song written for Mr Remo s new band. [200 words] [Mind] [January 2003] (HITS 2208, REVS. 1)
I Spy With My Many Eyes (Poetry) I am watching you. [196 words] [Crime] [May 2003] (HITS 2073, REVS. 0)
I Was Dark That Day (Songs) - [248 words] [Relationships] [June 2004] (HITS 2109, REVS. 1)
Iraq Attack (Poetry) Don't believe the hype. [209 words] [Horror] [January 2003] (HITS 2348, REVS. 19)
Iraq Attack Part 2 (Poetry) A better explanation of events. [346 words] [Horror] [January 2003] (HITS 2343, REVS. 19)
Iraq Attack Part 3 (Poetry) Just following our great world wide movie. [260 words] [Crime] [March 2003] (HITS 2330, REVS. 7)
Iraq Attack Part4 (Poetry) Another sequel to the great movie. [312 words] [Crime] [May 2004] (HITS 2446, REVS. 8)
Iraq Attack Part 5 (Poetry) The neverending saga of lies and deceit. [308 words] [Mind] [May 2004] (HITS 2411, REVS. 13)
Just A Little Bit Of History Repeating. (Poetry) Time travel must be possible.Or something very mad is happening now ,i think both. [382 words] [History] [August 2003] (HITS 2482, REVS. 3)
Know Your God (Poetry) Materialism / luciferianism. [125 words] [Crime] [January 2003] (HITS 2297, REVS. 3)
Lets All Go To The Lobby To Get Ourselves A Treat. (Songs) - [323 words] [Comedy] [May 2004] (HITS 2717, REVS. 2)
Lets Face The Music En-Trance (Poetry) - [447 words] [History] [May 2004] (HITS 2111, REVS. 1)
Lord Of The Rings (Poetry) Where it ends it has begun. [72 words] [Nature] [January 2003] (HITS 2373, REVS. 7)
Love Drug (Poetry) Transforming times. [115 words] [Mystical] [January 2003] (HITS 2220, REVS. 0)
Mans Dust (Poetry) Under the cosmic carpet. [106 words] [Mind] [January 2003] (HITS 1995, REVS. 0)
Mind Trap (Poetry) - [93 words] [Mind] [January 2003] (HITS 1900, REVS. 0)
Monkey Boy (Poetry) The transforming times we are living in [220 words] [Mind] [February 2003] (HITS 2010, REVS. 0)
My Dear (Poetry) Only time will tell. [122 words] [Motivational] [June 2003] (HITS 1988, REVS. 0)
My Young Friend (Poetry) Listen to your elders. [210 words] [Fable] [June 2003] (HITS 2005, REVS. 0)
Negative Buoyancy (Songs) Im in Egypt at the moment doing lots of scuba diving,so I thought I would include a liitle bit of terminology that ive learnt.Means to sink... [171 words] [Relationships] [June 2004] (HITS 3182, REVS. 2)
No Joke (Poetry) You must have noticed something wasnt right, or maybe not. [238 words] [Crime] [August 2002] (HITS 2018, REVS. 0)
Not Today (Songs) So dont tell me im wasting my life. [196 words] [Mind] [July 2003] (HITS 2224, REVS. 1)
Oh! What A Surprise (Poetry) If you haven't noticed already then your as bad as them. [129 words] [Crime] [October 2002] (HITS 2312, REVS. 1)
Oh! What Lovely Weather We Are Having (Poetry) Nature is God. [447 words] [Adventure] [February 2003] (HITS 2372, REVS. 5)
Our Holographic Farm (Songs) - [150 words] [Mind] [July 2003] (HITS 2274, REVS. 1)
Post World Comas Past (Songs) The second song for my mate mapes new band. [174 words] [Mind] [January 2003] (HITS 2203, REVS. 3)
Propaganda Bait (Poetry) The great media movie, we are all finally famous. Yee-ha. [170 words] [Drama] [February 2003] (HITS 2011, REVS. 0)
Remember The Wee Dog (Poetry) A very real nightmare. [221 words] [Suspense] [September 2002] (HITS 2334, REVS. 2)
Rising Angel (Poetry) Its not a being its a consciousness/materialism. [114 words] [Psychology] [June 2004] (HITS 2315, REVS. 3)
Shadow Play (Poetry) Look beyond official references to discover the truth. [152 words] [Mystical] [June 2003] (HITS 2214, REVS. 0)
Silent Killers (Poetry) If we only knew what goes on. [317 words] [Crime] [May 2004] (HITS 2415, REVS. 1)
Slaughter House Merry Go Round. (Poetry) Story time [669 words] [Adventure] [July 2003] (HITS 2683, REVS. 6)
Soaked In Deja-Vu (Poetry) I was just wondering. [130 words] [Mind] [February 2003] (HITS 2270, REVS. 2)
Some Day (Poetry) A sad situation. [179 words] [Crime] [August 2002] (HITS 1958, REVS. 0)
Soul Mate (Poetry) The search for your higher self. [676 words] [Biography] [May 2004] (HITS 2301, REVS. 2)
Spain Joins The Pain (Poetry) A disgusting distraction of the worst kind. [166 words] [Crime] [March 2004] (HITS 1942, REVS. 0)
Spirit Guide (Poetry) There is something looking after everyone. [84 words] [Mind] [September 2003] (HITS 2234, REVS. 2)
Subliminal Messages (Poetry) Don't talk crap. [114 words] [Fantasy] [January 2003] (HITS 2493, REVS. 2)
Supa Computa (Poetry) A scary realistic tale. [140 words] [Crime] [February 2003] (HITS 2255, REVS. 2)
Super Conscious Pilgrimage (Poetry) The end of the old systems. [135 words] [Mind] [September 2003] (HITS 2086, REVS. 0)
Thats Entertainment (Poetry) - [105 words] [Comedy] [January 2003] (HITS 2197, REVS. 3)
The Ancient Gods Of Religion (Songs) Sing along to this dangerous song. [237 words] [Mind] [July 2003] (HITS 2239, REVS. 2)
The Church Of Decimation. (Songs) I suggest you look into the (real) history of the crusades. [383 words] [Crime] [May 2004] (HITS 2134, REVS. 1)
The Darkest Show On Earth (Poetry) Dark! Dark! [257 words] [Horror] [September 2003] (HITS 2328, REVS. 1)
The Darwin Dilemma (Poetry) We were only hunter gatherers because the globe was so devestated by the passing of a huge piece of an exploded super nova. [165 words] [History] [May 2003] (HITS 2062, REVS. 0)
The Flood (Poetry) A bit wet. [220 words] [January 2003] (HITS 1888, REVS. 0)
The Great Pyramid Decoded A Bit.The Principal Facination Part 2 (Poetry) Just trying to show that the ancients had technology higher than ours ,which we have lost somehow.Or was it hidden? [400 words] [Architecture] [February 2003] (HITS 2232, REVS. 1)
The High Tides Of Hell (Songs) Just another wake up call. [221 words] [Mind] [February 2003] (HITS 2272, REVS. 2)
The Hollow Theory. (Poetry) There many ledgends about this. [104 words] [Mystery] [May 2003] (HITS 1991, REVS. 0)
The Lake Of Life (Poetry) Another spacy little number,a bit wet though. [76 words] [Mystical] [September 2003] (HITS 1983, REVS. 0)
The Lizards Of Cause. (Poetry) If someone made this into a film it wouldnt be believed.As usual. [271 words] [Horror] [May 2003] (HITS 2068, REVS. 0)
The Maya (Poetry) Lost but not forgotten. [221 words] [History] [January 2003] (HITS 2114, REVS. 0)
The Most Powerful The Most Terrible. (Songs) Its all happening now . [355 words] [Horror] [May 2004] (HITS 2342, REVS. 1)
The Netherworld (Poetry) The real world, before the smothering of education. [103 words] [Mystical] [February 2003] (HITS 2333, REVS. 3)
The Ones From In-Between (Poetry) Now you see them now you don't. [97 words] [Mystery] [August 2002] (HITS 1963, REVS. 0)
The Principal Fascination (Poetry) They were not tombs. [227 words] [Architecture] [February 2003] (HITS 1979, REVS. 0)
The Prodical Fathers (Poetry) So how did they know then? [148 words] [History] [September 2002] (HITS 2027, REVS. 0)
The Real World (Poetry) I wrote this for my dad,whose last older relative passed on. [80 words] [Spiritual] [February 2003] (HITS 2276, REVS. 3)
The Second Comings (Poetry) You have only to look outside the illusion. [466 words] [History] [March 2003] (HITS 2236, REVS. 5)
The Slaughterhouse Electric H2o (Short Stories) A walk in my reality. [1,312 words] [Mystical] [May 2004] (HITS 2136, REVS. 0)
The Symbolic Cycles Of Zep-Tepi.Part 1.Mother Earth (Novels) - [4,170 words] [Mind] [October 2004] (HITS 454, REVS. 2)
The Symbolic Cycles Of Zep-Tepi-The Introduction. (Novels) This is my finished book which I have put together from all my songs ,poems and rhyming rants that I have posted on story mania.This should make my work a lot more understandable,(or maybe not) and finally put to rest the question of where I am really coming from.As all the information can be looked... [3,527 words] [Mind] [October 2004] (HITS 438, REVS. 4)
The Two Evils (Poetry) There is something wrong with the law,criminals protecting criminals. [119 words] [Crime] [January 2003] (HITS 2108, REVS. 2)
The War Of Gods Serpent Princes (Songs) Its wake up time. [246 words] [March 2004] (HITS 2169, REVS. 2)
The Wests Misconception Of Islam (Poetry) They don't want war either. [237 words] [Psychology] [February 2003] (HITS 3168, REVS. 2)
Think For Yourself (Songs) Make what you want of it. [491 words] [Mind] [May 2004] (HITS 2347, REVS. 1)
Vultures (Poetry) Money grabbing bastards. [183 words] [Crime] [September 2002] (HITS 2053, REVS. 0)
Wake Up Sleepy Dead (Poetry) Dont fall asleep at the wheel. [175 words] [Humor] [January 2003] (HITS 2301, REVS. 3)
We Come In Pieces (Poetry) A near miss. [147 words] [Adventure] [August 2002] (HITS 2241, REVS. 1)
What A Surprise (Novels) A cheery little rant. [110 words] [Mind] [February 2003] (HITS 2488, REVS. 1)
What Is It Really? (Poetry) I dont know what it is. [87 words] [Mystery] [September 2003] (HITS 2028, REVS. 0)
What Whales Dream (Poetry) A 500 million year old reincarnated whale day dreaming what it was like when he was a stupid human. [124 words] [History] [January 2003] (HITS 2438, REVS. 7)
Whats On The Box? (Poetry) Our friendly time waster. [178 words] [February 2003] (HITS 2307, REVS. 0)
Who Knows (Poetry) Just thinking too much as usual. [207 words] [Mind] [July 2003] (HITS 2357, REVS. 3)
Why To Kill A Princess (Poetry) Not an accident. [194 words] [Mystery] [August 2002] (HITS 2860, REVS. 2)
Yeah Yeah (Poetry) Symbolic, nothing more. [430 words] [Fantasy] [September 2002] (HITS 2342, REVS. 2)
Yer Mans A Bit Weird, He Has Strange Eyelids. (Poetry) We know fuck all about our biggest ancestors, fuck all. [238 words] [History] [June 2003] (HITS 2276, REVS. 6)
Yin And Yang (Poetry) The secret of peace. [127 words] [Mind] [August 2002] (HITS 2262, REVS. 2)
Your Missing The Piont (Poetry) So much taken out. [140 words] [Fantasy] [June 2003] (HITS 2197, REVS. 1)


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