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S T A C Y I Don't Know What Pseudonym Means i've already told you!
Linnae I I like to sing..and write songs..this is a bad one..haha oh well
Ibemeforever -
Mohamed Zainelaabdin Ibrahim I have passion to write poetry in english.
Matin Ibrahim matin: writer, composer, producer, publisher and studio engineer was born matin ibrahim mai to ibrahim mai ...
Whynot Ican passionate reader and writer
Arumvowitbuj Ihaceconava arumvowitbuj
B Ij Asian. 1st class degree in Computer Science with Business Studies.
David Ilks I am 19 years old, I am into writing song lyrics and short stories.
Zach Imwalle 16/m/0h
Uxuxocuke Inaridoo uxuxocuke
Inchara -
Phil V Infinite Greetings. I'm fourteen, going on fifteen and that's my excuse for any mediocore (or goodness forbid, BAD...
Dane Ingham -
IngramAE -
Mallory Iniguez Love poem i wrote at 16.In 2003.
Innis -
Deis Innovant -
Insane Man -
Wayne Insane -
Ip' lkl
Philip Ipsan A life weary songwriter who uses art as an escape from the hard realities of living in a modern world.
Mansoor Iqbal -
Irina Tsapenko Irish -
Arthur Henry Isaacson Engineer, Businessman. Father,Husband, Friend, Lover. Hobbies; Piano, writing, photography.
Isabell -
Elimirunu Isatnasfol elimirunu
Ithilruin I am 14 years old and live in Australia. I love the english language and I love writing, although I don't finis...
Chris E Ivins
Ngade Ivo -
Ivrsn -
Peter Izdebski I'd love to describe myself however nothing comes to mind. Actaully, as a matter of fact, too much comes ...
Les Izhmoore Who can guess which is first?
Erica Irvine

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Chris E Ivins
[May 2008]
Middle Age (Poetry) A short "spoof" about accepting middle age "gracefully"! IF ONLY!! [108 words] [Humor] [May 2008] (HITS 1270, REVS. 0)
Such A Long Day (Poetry) I wrote this for my daughter Brooke on her last day of Primary School in 2006. It was a sad, but exciting time, which brought back so many memories of when she was little... [277 words] [May 2008] (HITS 1271, REVS. 0)
The Getting Of Wisdom (Poetry) A poem about how the quest for knowledge and status can lead to loneliness and isolation. [295 words] [May 2008] (HITS 1247, REVS. 0)
The Heart Of The Aussie Digger (Poetry) What I've always felt about Aussie Diggers. Have we really considered how they felt when they came back without their friends? Are they heroes because we made them so, against their will? [284 words] [History] [May 2008] (HITS 1515, REVS. 1)
The Power Of The Pen (Poetry) No rhyme, no meter. Just random thoughts. If we're all honest, wouldn't we prefer to deal with confrontations with the pen rather than face to face? I know I would! A matter of personal choice of course, but I hate being "barrelled" by someone and reacting with shifting feet and "um's" and "sorry's... [150 words] [May 2008] (HITS 1307, REVS. 0)
To Quote (Poetry) A simple case of, not so much writer's block, but the old ego getting in the way of writing for enjoyment. That old adage: "I want to write something REALLY clever before I die". Oh well. [148 words] [Humor] [May 2008] (HITS 1318, REVS. 0)


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